50/50 Program for Microfilm

50/50 Program - the NWMGS apportions a certain dollar amount each year to purchase microfilm and books to increase our collection. Did you know that if there is a specific roll of microfilm that would be beneficial to your research, and we don't have it, that we will split the cost of obtaining that roll with you? You get first chance at the records, and we keep the roll at the library for future researchers - a win/win situation!

Here is the link for the records available through the State of Missouri.

County Records on Microfilm

These include school, tax, deaths, births, marriages, etc. It is organized by each county, so you can scan through what is available quite easily. These particular rolls are $15, so only $7.50 out-of-pocket expense for you. The program is not limited to ONLY these, this is just an example of some that are available. Many historic newspapers are available on microfilm as well.

The 50/50 Program is limited to the 9 counties the NWMGS serves, however, if you purchase a roll from another county, you are always welcome to view it on our microfilm machines at the library.

If you are interested in purchasing a roll of the microfilm under the 50/50 Program, please send an email to discuss the details.

Attention All Treasure Seekers!

Do you love to comb through garage sales? Does your heart skip a beat when you see that little sign that says "Estate Sale"? As any committed bargain hunter will tell you, some of the best treasures are found in these unexpected places!

Cleaning out the kids' room after they've left for college? Downsizing and need to get rid of some old memorabilia? Grandparents moving to a retirement community? These can all be a treasure trove for old items of interest.

So it is with genealogical treasures! What to do with old yearbooks? Old church directories? Hmmm . . . that burning desire to NOT throw them away but to do SOMEthing with them keeping you awake at night? Which pile to put them is a quandary we all face.

Here is your solution! These old books may no longer hold any value to you but they will for someone else. And they don't have to be old! Even current year items will be old and useful at some time in the future. We'll be glad to hold on to it until it IS old!!!

Please consider donating them to the NWMGS!

Cash Donations

As with most organizations that are non-profit, we can always use donations of cash to help defray the normal operating expenses. Cash donations may be made at the library, mailed, or enclosed along with your normal yearly dues. Please remember that all contributions to the NWMGS are tax deductible. If you would prefer to make a donation via PayPal, please contact Connie.

Family History

Have you finished your family tree? Why not share it with all to see? We would love to have a copy of your family tree or published book. The NWMGS has hundreds of surnames and is always looking for more. Even if you started it and put it aside, it is a starting place for someone else and may prove to be of use. Please consider sharing what you have accomplished with us!

Going Green!

We have two new initiatives at the NWMGS, both are aimed at helping defray costs as well as helping our planet.

The first involves recycling metal cans. If you are in the area and would like to drop off your cans to us, we will be happy to combine them with those of others and take them to the recycling center. The money we raise will be used to purchase new materials for the library, such as books and microfilm.

The second involves ink cartridges from your printer. We can recycle these as well and receive money towards our office supplies.

We hope you will help us, and Mother Earth, at the same time! These items can be dropped off during our regular open hours. The small ink cartridges will fit through the mail slot on the front door, if you'd like to drop them off at your convenience.

Series of Fortunate Events

Recently it came to light, through a series of rather fortunate events, that the New York City Public Library has a pristine copy of the 1865-66 St. Joseph Missouri City Directory!

The man who stumbled across it told somebody here, who told somebody else, who managed to obtain a copy from the NYC library, and so we now have a copy at the NWMGS.

We appreciate anybody who keeps an eye out for such wonderful things!

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