Area Maps

Below are several maps of the area that can be very helpful in your genealogical research. While they are not plat maps that show land ownership, they do show geographical features, such as streams, rivers, roads, towns, schools and (in some cases) cemeteries.

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Olive Branch Cemetery, White Cloud, Kansas

Here is a map of the Olive Branch cemetery - it was done circa 1917, and shows lot owners only, not individual plot locations. It's been rolled up and was in pretty bad shape, but this is the best scan we could get!

This cemetery lies just outside (to the west) of White Cloud, KS. The cemetery will be on the north side of the road. When coming from the west, it is a bit hard to find until you are right next to it, but going west it is very visible and easy to locate. The sign for the cemetery sits back off the road a good 25 yards. Hope this helps someone!

Our many thanks to Lois Elrod for sharing this map with us.

Sunbridge Cemetery Map, St. Joseph, Missouri

Sunbridge, or City Cemetery, is located in the northwest part of St. Joseph. This was the city's "pauper" cemetery. There are over 6,000 burials there, with about 150 of them being marked. Very few records were ever kept, and even fewer remain. In 1977 the City of St. Joseph turned this over to the Missouri Department of Conservation (MoDOC). No burials have taken place since then, and the MoDOC has no records of any interments. The City of St. Joseph also claims to not have any records.

In an article from January 1, 1878, the newspaper printed the names and locations of all those who had died in the previous year, 1877. Interestingly enough, even at that time the caretaker couldn't tell who had been buried within the cemetery. All he could say was there were 14 interments. This lack of record keeping explains why there is so little to be found today.

However, we do have a map, which has some of the sections marked, and a very few plot locations. There are no names on this map, however, if you look at, you will note there are several memorials for people within these areas. A lucky few hundred, of the thousands, have the chance of being located and remembered.

Our many thanks to Phil Sifers for providing this copy.

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