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Donations Wanted

The persons below are interested in obtaining the items below. If you are willing to copy, donate or otherwise GIVE these items to the person, please contact them directly.

Item Contact
Noyes school artifacts from 1900 - 1980, such as yearbooks, class photos, etc. Kelly
Noyes Norman Shoe Co artifacts such as catalogs, promotional materials, etc. Kelly

Items for Sale

These items are for sale by the person listed below. Contact them directly to discuss pricing and condition.

Item Contact
Falling Leaves: A history of the Holmes Family and Allied Lines Connie
INDEX to "Vital Records extracted from Elmo Register 1899 - 1965, on CD, $10 Jo

Items Wanted

The persons below are searching for these items and are willing to purchase them. If you have the item and are willing to sell it at a reasonable price, please contact the person below.

Item Contact
Krug Park: The Crown Jewel of St. Joseph Kelly
Photo of 811 Prospect, St. Joseph - torn down to make I229 Peggy
Photo of 823 S 11th, St. Joseph (original duplex was torn down) Peggy
Photo of 1410 N 4th, St. Joseph - torn down Peggy
Photo of 2110 S 13th St. Joseph Peggy
1965 West Nodaway school annual Jo

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