Library Holdings Surname Index

The NWMGS maintains and regularly updates their database of library holdings, and their index of the surnames to be found in them. Currently, this database contains a listing of 1,771 items in the library collection, 63,835 names, and was last updated on Wednesday, 16 May 2018. This work is done by volunteers. If you would like to help, contact Kelly.

For copies or additional information about the items in which these names appear, please contact our research librarian. Be sure to mention that the entry you're interested in is in the Holdings database and include the identification numbers.

Name Name ID# Holding Type Pub Year Holding ID#
Aahel, Anton 299Index250
Aaron, H H 18018Index235
Aaron, Sean Michael 55178File Card1080
Abbert, H 18019Index235
Abbey, A L 18020Index235
Abbot, Hellen J 59653Index1101
Abbott, Charles 300Index250
Abbott, David P 301Index250
Abbott, J. P 302Index250
Abbott, L. V 303Index250
Abbott, Thomas 304Index250
Abbott, Verlin 54277Index323
Abbott, Ernest 53751Index324
Abbott, Frank William 41752Index366
Abbott, William J 44031Index2000368
Abbott, G W 47707Index1998369
Abbott, Verlin 49007Index370
Abbott, W J 49963Index1994371
Abbott, George 51079Index1997372
Abbott, J S 66553Map681
Abbott, Myrtle 62444Abstract1104
Abbott, Hiram 63332Index9999
Abbott, Hiram 63342Index9999
Abel, William 51171Index1997372
Abel, Caroline 56147Abstract1102
Abel, John D 56148Abstract1102
Abelee, Frank 18021Index235
Abelo, W T 46904Index1998369
Abels, William T 40854Index366
Abels, W T 44733Index2000368
Abels, William 51172Index1997372
Abelson, Sarah 305Index250
Aberanthy, G R 44667Index2000368
Abercrombe, B. R 306Index250
Abercrombie, James 102Book1
Abercrombie, Roderick M 103Book1
Abercrombie, J 18022Index235
Abercrombie, R 18023Index235
Abercrombie, James 65239Abstract248
Abercrombie, Agnes 307Index250
Abercrombie, James 308Index250
Abercrombie, Myra 309Index250
Abercrombie, Roderick 310Index250
Aberle, John 53418Index324
Aberle, Balser 69876Book19081255
Abernathy, C E 18024Index235
Abernathy, George Ray 38443Index365
Abernathy, Billy J 48920Index370
Abernethy, B J 48960Index370
Abersold, Fred 18025Index235
Abiljon, Isaac 18026Index235
Abington, Edgar 18027Index235
Abington, Edgar 18028Index235
Abington, Leland 18029Index235
Able, Parker 68327Book18711253
Able, Parker 68364Book18711253
Able, Parker 68485Book18711253
Able, Parker 68535Book18711253
Able, Parker 68581Book18711253
Able, Parker 68674Book18711253
Able, Parker 68734Book18711253
Ablen, Loretta 311Index250
Abler, (inf) 312Index250
Abler, Maria 313Index250
Abney, Martha Mary (Bulczak)16607Abstract242
Abongo, Joseph M J O 55180File Card1080
Aborilla, Story 58676Index1100
Aborn, Oren 44078Index2000368
Aborn, D F 44106Index2000368
Aborn, Christopher Scott 55181File Card1080
Abplanalp, Dylanie Jade 55182File Card1080
Abrams, Adolphus B 31955Index363
Abrams, Adolph B 33302Index363
Abrams, Kaiston Dylan 55183File Card1080
Abrams, Michael LeRoy 55184File Card1080
Abrams, Zachary Dean 55185File Card1080
Abramson, William 33042Index363
Abramson, William 33058Index363
Abramson, John 40680Index366
Abramson, John 46870Index1998369
Abshar, Willie 68228Book18711253
Absher, William 50262Index1994371
Absher, Sarah 68178Book18711253
Absolom, Josephine (Hoffman)38351Index926
Accord, Don 40655Index366
Accord, Donald Leroy 40693Index366
Accord, Jerry 41951Index366
Accord, Jerry Ronald 42008Index366
Accord, Sallna (Armstrong)16502Index920
Achoid, Charles 18030Index235
Achold, Thomas 18031Index235
Achten, Frank M 65331Abstract1233
Achten, Sarah (Nilson)65332Abstract1233
Achtenberg, A 18032Index235
Achtenberg, Cusil 314Index250
Achterhoff, Ethan James 55186File Card1080
Acker, Charles P 315Index250
Acker, Elizabeth 316Index250
Acker, John P 317Index250
Ackerman, J L 18033Index235
Ackerman, John 18034Index235
Ackerman, Jennie 318Index250
Ackerman, (f) 319Index250
Ackerman, (m) 320Index250
Ackerman, Henry 321Index250
Ackerman, Alexander Paul 55187File Card1080
Ackerman, Andrew Douglas 55188File Card1080
Ackers, George W 18035Index235
Ackey, Herbert 65333Abstract1233
Ackey, Elcie A (Vanderberg)65334Abstract1233
Acklenberg, C. 322Index250
Ackley, Geo. M 323Index250
Ackley, C E 66554Map681
Ackley, 55321Index1990841
Ackley, Katie Michelle 55189File Card1080
Ackley, Triston Wayne 55190File Card1080
Acklin, Robert W 54615Index323
Acklin, Amanda Nichole 55191File Card1080
Acklin, Casey Dale 55192File Card1080
Acklin, Dalanie Nichole 55193File Card1080
Acklin, Evan Scott 55194File Card1080
Acklin, Megan Brittany 55195File Card1080
Acklin, Shaun Tyler 55196File Card1080
Ackman, Alison Paige 55197File Card1080
Ackman, Gabriel Zachariah Levi 55198File Card1080
Acopolis, Teige Pettlon 55199File Card1080
Acord, Jerry 38886Index365
Acord, Jerry Ronald 38923Index365
Acord, J R 46388Index1998369
Acord, D L 48494Index370
Action, Richard 56149Abstract1102
Action, Nancy A (Kunkel)64811Abstract1106
Acton, Austin Reed 55200File Card1080
Acton, Weyn Jolyn 55201File Card1080
Acton, Henry 57232Index1100
Acton, Margaret 57401Index1100
Acton, Rebecca 58698Index1100
Acton, David W 59544Index1101
Acton, John H 59546Index1101
Acton, Dpra 61411Index1101
Acton, 56150Abstract1102
Acton, Orilla May 61758Abstract1103
Adainson, Henry 69425Book18711253
Adair, Robert 324Index250
Adair, Udois 39561Index365
Adair, Edoris James 39574Index365
Adair, Udoris James 43990Index2000368
Adair, Cody Alan 55202File Card1080
Adam, Alice Lee 325Index250
Adam, Walter Samuel 40914Index366
Adam, Brayde Diane 55203File Card1080
Adam, Britney Faye 55204File Card1080
Adam, Brooklyn Irene Frances 55205File Card1080
Adam, Matthew 57234Index1100
Adamack, John 326Index250
Adamock, Mary 327Index250
Adams, Buford 18037Index235
Adams, Charles 18038Index235
Adams, E R 18039Index235
Adams, E R 18040Index235
Adams, George 18041Index235
Adams, George W 18042Index235
Adams, Harlan 18043Index235
Adams, Harlan 18044Index235
Adams, James 18045Index235
Adams, James A 18046Index235
Adams, James M 18047Index235
Adams, John 18048Index235
Adams, Joseph 18049Index235
Adams, Oliver 18050Index235
Adams, Oscar 18051Index235
Adams, Otto 18052Index235
Adams, Robt J 18053Index235
Adams, Samuel 18054Index235
Adams, Samuel H 18055Index235
Adams, William 18056Index235
Adams, Ella 16608Abstract242
Adams, 65240Abstract248
Adams, Almyra 328Index250
Adams, Catherine 329Index250
Adams, Christina 330Index250
Adams, Elizabeth 331Index250
Adams, Elizabeth 332Index250
Adams, Elizabeth C 333Index250
Adams, Francis 334Index250
Adams, Frank 335Index250
Adams, Grace 336Index250
Adams, Harry 337Index250
Adams, Infant 338Index250
Adams, Infant 339Index250
Adams, Jennie 340Index250
Adams, Joseph 341Index250
Adams, Joseph G 342Index250
Adams, Lillie M 343Index250
Adams, Lucinda 344Index250
Adams, Mabel 345Index250
Adams, Margaret A 346Index250
Adams, Mary J 347Index250
Adams, Mattie 348Index250
Adams, S. M 349Index250
Adams, W. Alva 350Index250
Adams, William 351Index250
Adams, William H 352Index250
Adams, Wm. W 353Index250
Adams, Gene 54222Index323
Adams, Lorenze 54259Index323
Adams, Lloyd 54630Index323
Adams, Billy 53991Index324
Adams, Raymond 32898Index363
Adams, Lester T 33212Index363
Adams, H E 33223Index363
Adams, De Willis 39132Index365
Adams, Lorenzo 39175Index365
Adams, Lorenzo Raymond 39209Index365
Adams, Bill 39739Index365
Adams, Billy Parman 39774Index365
Adams, Bobbie Lee 41005Index366
Adams, Richard 41635Index366
Adams, Richard Leroy 41692Index366
Adams, Paul 43318Index2000368
Adams, Roy H 43326Index2000368
Adams, P K 43363Index2000368
Adams, Roland A 43550Index2000368
Adams, R B 43571Index2000368
Adams, Wesley 43984Index2000368
Adams, James Wesley 44022Index2000368
Adams, Walter S 47623Index1998369
Adams, W S 47657Index1998369
Adams, Roland 47780Index1998369
Adams, R H 47854Index370
Adams, J W 48812Index370
Adams, J C 48885Index370
Adams, Kenneth 49269Index370
Adams, K D 49302Index370
Adams, F D 49530Index370
Adams, Harold 49584Index370
Adams, Paul 49617Index370
Adams, James 50395Index1994371
Adams, John 51044Index1997372
Adams, Arthur 51049Index1997372
Adams, Allice 66555Map681
Adams, Esther A 66556Map681
Adams, Esther 66557Map681
Adams, N H 65330Abstract682
Adams, 55320Index1990841
Adams, Andrew F 17003Index926
Adams, Catharine (Stout)17004Index926
Adams, James 17133Index926
Adams, Sarah Ann (Hubbard)17134Index926
Adams, William G 59453Index926
Adams, Rachel (McWilliams)59454Index926
Adams, Alyessa Beth 55206File Card1080
Adams, Ashley Ann 55207File Card1080
Adams, Cassie Renee 55208File Card1080
Adams, Corey Jay 55209File Card1080
Adams, Eryn Juleighanne 55210File Card1080
Adams, Floyd ansel 55211File Card1080
Adams, Jesse Wyatt 55212File Card1080
Adams, Kaitlin Rene 55213File Card1080
Adams, Kelsey Danae 55214File Card1080
Adams, Michael Dean 55215File Card1080
Adams, Preston James Auther 55216File Card1080
Adams, Salisha Elise 55217File Card1080
Adams, Vivian Ardus 55218File Card1080
Adams, Dancilla 58526Index1100
Adams, Charles C 59548Index1101
Adams, William 59550Index1101
Adams, Wilson C 59553Index1101
Adams, Elizabeth 61112Index1101
Adams, Bessie May 62445Abstract1104
Adams, Jane 63013Abstract1105
Adams, William R 63014Abstract1105
Adams, Walter J 65335Abstract1233
Adams, Anna B (Olson)65336Abstract1233
Adams, William W 65337Abstract1233
Adams, Elise (Adams)65338Abstract1233
Adams, Margaret 68229Book18711253
Adams, 68238Book18711253
Adams, John C 68781Book18711253
Adams, Saml M 69273Book18711253
Adams, George 69553Book19041254
Adams, Arthur 69559Book19041254
Adams, Vina 69560Book19041254
Adams, Bernice 69897Book19081255
Adamson, Frank 18057Index235
Adamson, Esther 354Index250
Adamson, James Devin 55219File Card1080
Adamson, Enoch 57236Index1100
Adarri, George W 18058Index235
Adas, John 18059Index235
Adcock, Edward 63588Index9999
Addams, Mary 60413Index1101
Addams, 68739Book18711253
Addington, Ambrose L 65357Abstract682
Addington, Mary 65358Abstract682
Addington, Sabird 65359Abstract682
Addison, J 18060Index235
Addison, Anna 355Index250
Addison, Jacob Warren 55220File Card1080
Addison, Micheal Seth 55221File Card1080
Addison, Katelyn Jo 55222File Card1080
Addison, Vincent K 65339Abstract1233
Addison, May (Gehrett)65340Abstract1233
Addison, Nute 68432Book18711253
Adean, Akin 68445Book18711253
Adean, Akin 68519Book18711253
Adel, Maurice 46612Index1998369
Adel, M A 46651Index1998369
Adelis, Thomas 18061Index235
Adell, Isaac 356Index250
Adins, Charles 49008Index370
Adist, Addy 58133Index1100
Adkins, Charles 18062Index235
Adkins, Charles 18063Index235
Adkins, Thomas 18064Index235
Adkins, D. C 357Index250
Adkins, Granville 358Index250
Adkins, Martha 359Index250
Adkins, Robert 54647Index323
Adkins, Wilton 53910Index324
Adkins, Raymond 32325Index363
Adkins, Charles Gregg 39338Index365
Adkins, Edward M 40371Index365
Adkins, Charles 42114Index366
Adkins, Charles Gregory 42176Index366
Adkins, Glenn F 43295Index2000368
Adkins, G F 43359Index2000368
Adkins, R E 43583Index2000368
Adkins, E E 44717Index2000368
Adkins, Elmer 47603Index1998369
Adkins, E J 47712Index1998369
Adkins, K D 48116Index370
Adkins, C G 49044Index370
Adkins, Edward M 49157Index370
Adkins, Glenn 50767Index1997372
Adkins, Charles 51197Index1997372
Adkins, Christopher Lynn 55223File Card1080
Adkins, Faith Salee 55224File Card1080
Adkins, Grant Christian 55225File Card1080
Adkins, Jaclyn Anne 55226File Card1080
Adkins, Laura Nicole 55227File Card1080
Adkins, Tanner Luke 55228File Card1080
Adkins, James 63015Abstract1105
Adkins, William C 65341Abstract1233
Adkins, Luella 65342Abstract1233
Adkinson, Howard 360Index250
Adkinson, Mary F 361Index250
Adkison, Lawrence 39955Index365
Adle, Harry 18036Index235
Adle, Harry 18065Index235
Adler, William 18066Index235
Adler, Calvin 40855Index366
Adley, Wm 18067Index235
Adley, Helen 362Index250
Adley, John 363Index250
Admire, Luther Dale 40747Index366
Admire, W K 46403Index1998369
Admire, William 50256Index1994371
Admonson, Robert 40069Index365
Adoins, Martin 18068Index235
Adolph, Emma 62447Abstract1104
Adolph, George 63016Abstract1105
Adrain, Annie 69432Book18711253
Adrain, Annie 69545Book18711253
Adrian, Mary Frances 59558Index1101
Adset, Samuel 18069Index235
Aduba, Donald C 55229File Card1080
Adw, Kerrigan Marie 55237File Card1080
Adwell, Brittney LeAnn 55230File Card1080
Adwell, Bryce James 55231File Card1080
Adwell, Caleb Dean 55232File Card1080
Adwell, Ethan Joseph 55233File Card1080
Adwell, Faith Marie 55234File Card1080
Adwell, Hunter Alan 55235File Card1080
Adwell, Kami Elizabeth Rose 55236File Card1080
Adwell, Korey Allen 55238File Card1080
Adwell, Lexi Renee 55239File Card1080
Adwell, Mason Lee 55240File Card1080
Adwell, Sagan Levi 55241File Card1080
Adwell, Shalena Elaine 55242File Card1080
Adwell, Taylor Renee 55243File Card1080
Aebersold, Walter 33518Index363
Aebersold, Walter F 33519Index363
Aerison, T R 18070Index235
Aery, Buelah J 364Index250
Aeschbacher, Louisa 16553Abstract236
Aeschbacher, Albert 16554Abstract236
Affholter, F 18071Index235
Affholter, Frank 18072Index235
Affholter, Frank 18073Index235
Afford, Arminto A 61419Index1101
Affrett, Selah E 59133Index1100
Agard, William G 18074Index235
Agee, Dan 18075Index235
Agee, Oliver L 18076Index235
Agee, Dewey 54251Index323
Agee, Dewey F 32948Index363
Agee, Hugh H 33143Index363
Agee, Hugh H 33174Index363
Agee, Dewey 41800Index366
Agee, Dewey 41816Index366
Agee, Benjamin 65343Abstract1233
Agee, Sarah (Haman)65344Abstract1233
Agen, Ann 58285Index1100
Agin, Wallace 18077Index235
Agnew, David 18078Index235
Agnew, David 18079Index235
Agnew, Allen Scott 55244File Card1080
Agron, Jule 32870Index363
Agronofski, J 18080Index235
Agronsky, L 18081Index235
Aguilar, Fred 41038Index366
Aguilar, Fred O 49158Index370
Ahef, Anna E 365Index250
Ahern, Fred P 18082Index235
Ahern, Fred P 18083Index235
Ahern, (m) 366Index250
Ahern, John 367Index250
Ahern, Rose 368Index250
Aherns, Lawrence M 48510Index370
Ahlborn, Emily 369Index250
Ahrens, Lawrence B 42099Index366
Ahrens, L B 48535Index370
Ahrens, John 57238Index1100
Ahrens, Johann 59555Index1101
Aiery, Nathan H 18084Index235
Aikin, William 18085Index235
Aikins, John H 18086Index235
Aikins, R E 48334Index370
Ainlay, Ben Junior 42650Index366
Airy, D W 66558Map681
Airy, May 65360Abstract682
Airy, Will 65361Abstract682
Airy, Tommie 65362Abstract682
Airy, D W 65363Abstract682
Airy, (Pierson)65388Abstract682
Aitchison, D T 18087Index235
Aitchison, George 18088Index235
Aitchison, (m) 370Index250
Aitchison, George K 371Index250
Aithchison, Wm 18089Index235
Aitkens, Fred 50285Index1994371
Akers, Beulah M 55354Index189
Akers, Charles F 18090Index235
Akers, Chas 18091Index235
Akers, George W 18092Index235
Akers, James A 18093Index235
Akers, Peter 18094Index235
Akers, Susan 372Index250
Akers, Thomas 17121Index926
Akers, Catharine (Kanoy)17122Index926
Akers, Bailey Jo 55245File Card1080
Akers, Cailyn Paige 55246File Card1080
Akers, Keaton Lynn 55247File Card1080
Akers, L F 65345Abstract1233
Akers, Jessie (Goff)65346Abstract1233
Akes, William H 18095Index235
Akes, (m) 373Index250
Akes, Iva 374Index250
Akes, Joel 375Index250
Akes, Pearl 376Index250
Akes, Sadie Ann 377Index250
Akes, James W 47474Index1998369
Akes, J W 47531Index1998369
Akey, Gertrude 378Index250
Akey, 55322Index1990841
Akins, Clifford 18096Index235
Akins, Wm 18097Index235
Akins, Hattie 379Index250
Akins, Sarah 380Index250
Akins, James 54297Index323
Akins, James 53843Index324
Akins, Eugene O 31839Index363
Akins, William F 32487Index363
Akins, Leo 41018Index366
Akins, Byron 50269Index1994371
Akles, Florence 64812Abstract1106
Akles, Floyd 64813Abstract1106
Alan, Emily M 58580Index1100
Albach, Peter 18098Index235
Albee, John 38707Index365
Alber, David Lee 50047Index1994371
Albers, Herbert 44744Index2000368
Albers, H W 44857Index2000368
Albers, C A 47239Index1998369
Albers, A W 47825Index370
Albers, Byron 49921Index1994371
Albers, B A 49956Index1994371
Albert, Frederick 18099Index235
Albert, John 18100Index235
Albert, (f) 381Index250
Albert, Joseph 382Index250
Albert, Katherine 383Index250
Albert, George E 32109Index363
Albert, N J 48630Index370
Albert, Herbert 69561Book19041254
Alberts, John 18101Index235
Alberts, Frank 384Index250
Alberts, Marvin 54233Index323
Alberts, Wallace 41011Index366
Alberts, Burton 50572Index1994371
Albertson, Elizabeth 385Index250
Albertson, L H 43399Index2000368
Albertson, Devin Lynn 55248File Card1080
Albey, I. 386Index250
Albin, William E 387Index250
Albin, William M 388Index250
Albin, John T 31967Index363
Albin, J M 46041Index1998369
Albin, William M 61759Abstract1103
Albison, Hariet 389Index250
Albon, Adolph 390Index250
Albrecht, Wm C 18102Index235
Albrecht, John B 391Index250
Albrecht, Marie 392Index250
Albright, John C 18103Index235
Albright, John C 18104Index235
Albright, Wm. H 393Index250
Albright, George 55323Index1990841
Albright, Alex 61594Index926
Albright, Eddy (Gates)61595Index926
Albright, Keaton Derek-Wallace 55249File Card1080
Albright, Karl 65347Abstract1233
Albright, Frances (Olenich)65348Abstract1233
Alburn, Raymond 45810Index1998369
Alburn, R E 45909Index1998369
Alburn, Raymond 51139Index1997372
Alburs, Charles 47169Index1998369
Albus, John 31Book1
Albus, John 18105Index235
Albus, John 18106Index235
Albus, Joseph 18107Index235
Albus, Joseph 18108Index235
Albus, Mrs 18109Index235
Albus, Elizabeth 394Index250
Albus, John Sr 395Index250
Albus, Joseph 48273Index370
Albus, Joseph 64814Abstract1106
Albus, Joseph 63552Index9999
Alcakal, Charles 65349Abstract1233
Alcakal, Anna (Coons)65350Abstract1233
Alconis, Andy 396Index250
Alcott, Newton R 61647Index926
Alcott, Lucinda A (Sherman)61650Index926
Alcott, Kathleen Marisol 55250File Card1080
Alden, Edward 397Index250
Alden, J. R 398Index250
Alden, Victor 399Index250
Alder, T N 18110Index235
Alder, E. 400Index250
Alder, James 31963Index363
Alder, J W 43379Index2000368
Alderman, Charles 18111Index235
Alderman, A. M 401Index250
Alderman, David 402Index250
Alderman, Margaret 403Index250
Alderman, A G 61760Abstract1103
Alderman, June 69556Book19041254
Alderman, June 69562Book19041254
Alderman, A D 69880Book19081255
Alderman, W W 69885Book19081255
Alderman, Josie 69886Book19081255
Alderman, 69887Book19081255
Alders, G 18112Index235
Alders, J 18113Index235
Alders, Joseph F 18114Index235
Alders, Joseph T 18115Index235
Alders, Theodore 18116Index235
Alders, Y H 18117Index235
Alders, Rosena 16609Abstract242
Alders, Gerhard 65241Abstract248
Alders, Josephine K (Vaith)65242Abstract248
Alders, Catherine 404Index250
Alders, Frankie 405Index250
Alders, Henry 406Index250
Alders, Katherine 407Index250
Alders, Katherine 408Index250
Alders, Katie R 409Index250
Alders, Robert Lee 53893Index324
Alders, Lee 42048Index366
Alders, James 43347Index2000368
Alders, Robert L 48203Index370
Alders, R L 48245Index370
Alders, Robert 50857Index1997372
Alderson, Emily 410Index250
Alderson, Laura 411Index250
Aldrich, Lemon Levin 65351Abstract1233
Aldrich, Catherine (Killian)65352Abstract1233
Aldridge, Samuel S 57240Index1100
Alec, George B 18118Index235
Alec, George B 18119Index235
Alexander, Claude 18120Index235
Alexander, Conrad 18121Index235
Alexander, Conrad 18122Index235
Alexander, John 18123Index235
Alexander, John 18124Index235
Alexander, John M 18125Index235
Alexander, W C 18126Index235
Alexander, Walter 18127Index235
Alexander, William 18128Index235
Alexander, Mary 16555Abstract236
Alexander, Conrad 412Index250
Alexander, George 413Index250
Alexander, Margurete 414Index250
Alexander, Mary 415Index250
Alexander, Thomas 416Index250
Alexander, Eugene 54428Index323
Alexander, Lawrence W 32504Index363
Alexander, Lawrence 40868Index366
Alexander, Anthony 43239Index2000368
Alexander, A J 43322Index2000368
Alexander, M C 65364Abstract682
Alexander, Ashlyn Nicole 55251File Card1080
Alexander, Emily Ann 55254File Card1080
Alexander, Nancy 58915Index1100
Alexander, Sarah C 59554Index1101
Alexander, Henderson 59557Index1101
Alexander, William 59559Index1101
Alexander, Dora L (Munger)65353Abstract1233
Alexander, Charles B 65354Abstract1233
Alexander, Joseph 69902Abstract1233
Alexander, Lizzie (Green)69904Abstract1233
Alexander, J D 69890Book19081255
Alexander, D M 63315Index9999
Alexander, Emma 63316Index9999
Alexander, Dora (Alexander)63317Index9999
Alexandra, Santa 18129Index235
Alfers, Bernard 417Index250
Alfers, Harold 38856Index365
Alfers, Harold Edward 38881Index365
Alfers, Harold Alfers 40945Index366
Alford, Robert 18130Index235
Alford, Robert W 18131Index235
Alford, Robert 48877Index370
Alford, Louisana 57391Index1100
Alford, Jennie 59913Index1101
Alger, 62448Abstract1104
Algo, Heirs 66559Map681
Alhen, Adolph 18132Index235
Alien, Charles F 18133Index235
Alien, L D 18134Index235
Alinut, J W 18135Index235
Alitz, Adam Wesley 55253File Card1080
Alivas, Courtney Kae 56212File Card1080
Alkair, G W 56151Abstract1102
Alkier, V N 48691Index370
Alkire, Timothy J 44312Index2000368
Alkire, T J 44359Index2000368
Alkire, Virgil 48682Index370
Alkire, Virgil 50089Index1994371
Alkire, Nancy J 57895Index1100
Alkire, Makula 58716Index1100
Alkire, Cynitha 58742Index1100
Alkire, Henry 59561Index1101
Alkire, Henry Tibbs 59563Index1101
Alkire, Margaret 59564Index1101
Alkire, William J 59565Index1101
Alkire, Charles M 59567Index1101
Alkire, Susan A 60953Index1101
Alkire, John S 61761Abstract1103
Alkire, Luke 61762Abstract1103
Alkire, Harriett Josephine (Wilkinson)62449Abstract1104
All, Wm 18136Index235
Allain, James 54526Index323
Allain, James J 51463Index1997372
Allan, G 18137Index235
Allan, S D 18138Index235
Allan, J. K 418Index250
Allan, W H 61763Abstract1103
Allart, Jaunathan Charles 56213File Card1080
Allart, Scyuyler Collin 56214File Card1080
Allbright, Thos D 18139Index235
Alldredge, Ernest 40706Index366
Allee, Lilian 419Index250
Allee, Mrs. J 420Index250
Allee, Susan 421Index250
Allee, G W 46479Index1998369
Allee, Nicholas Christopher 56215File Card1080
Allee, Spencer Thomas 56216File Card1080
Allee, Veronica Glee 56217File Card1080
Alleen, William P 422Index250
Allen, Leck 183List103
Allen, Charles 18140Index235
Allen, Essex 18141Index235
Allen, F 18142Index235
Allen, Frank 18143Index235
Allen, James B 18144Index235
Allen, John 18145Index235
Allen, L D 18146Index235
Allen, Lee 18147Index235
Allen, Louis D 18148Index235
Allen, Thos B 18149Index235
Allen, William 18150Index235
Allen, Wm A 18151Index235
Allen, Wm B 18152Index235
Allen, Wm B 18153Index235
Allen, Wm B 18154Index235
Allen, Wm W 18155Index235
Allen, John 18156Index235
Allen, Emaline 16610Abstract242
Allen, Thomas B 16611Abstract242
Allen, (inf) 423Index250
Allen, (m) 424Index250
Allen, Alex. J 425Index250
Allen, Alfred 426Index250
Allen, Alice 427Index250
Allen, Catherine 428Index250
Allen, Charles 429Index250
Allen, Corine V 430Index250
Allen, E. B 431Index250
Allen, E. K 432Index250
Allen, Emma 433Index250
Allen, Ephniam 434Index250
Allen, Fannie F 435Index250
Allen, Faye 436Index250
Allen, Frank 437Index250
Allen, Geo. 438Index250
Allen, Harold 439Index250
Allen, Harry 440Index250
Allen, Henry C 441Index250
Allen, Josephine 442Index250
Allen, Josie 443Index250
Allen, L. M 444Index250
Allen, Margaret 445Index250
Allen, Marie A 446Index250
Allen, Mary C 447Index250
Allen, Mrs. 448Index250
Allen, Olive 449Index250
Allen, R. K 450Index250
Allen, Richard 451Index250
Allen, Ruth A 452Index250
Allen, S. A 453Index250
Allen, Sarah 454Index250
Allen, Thos. W 455Index250
Allen, W. H 456Index250
Allen, Wm. Thomas 457Index250
Allen, Thurman 53696Index324
Allen, Manford 53941Index324
Allen, Harry T 32437Index363
Allen, Guy T 33055Index363
Allen, William B 33150Index363
Allen, John E 39711Index365
Allen, Leonard Earl 39798Index365
Allen, William 41048Index366
Allen, William Racine 41094Index366
Allen, Russell 42313Index366
Allen, Russell Ray 42399Index366
Allen, Herman 42960Index2000368
Allen, W G 43389Index2000368
Allen, C D 43913Index2000368
Allen, Robert W 44883Index2000368
Allen, R W 44922Index2000368
Allen, H G 45198Index2000368
Allen, Loren 45751Index1998369
Allen, L C 45851Index1998369
Allen, R L 46775Index1998369
Allen, William 47028Index1998369
Allen, W R 47101Index1998369
Allen, Russell Ray 49560Index370
Allen, Robert 50313Index1994371
Allen, Annie 66560Map681
Allen, George H 66561Map681
Allen, J E 66562Map681
Allen, A P 66563Map681
Allen, Tom 66564Map681
Allen, James L 65365Abstract682
Allen, Maggie 65367Abstract682
Allen, Infant 16503Index920
Allen , Eve Ann (Folk (s))16504Index920
Allen , Lenora 16505Index920
Allen, Daniel C m 17495Index926
Allen, Cynthia Ann (Craig)17496Index926
Allen, Joseph N 54742Index926
Allen, Artisha (Ledbetter)54743Index926
Allen, Audrey Ilene 56218File Card1080
Allen, Brennan Dale 56219File Card1080
Allen, Bryson Wayne 56220File Card1080
Allen, Brittney Lauren 56221File Card1080
Allen, Chance Lure 56222File Card1080
Allen, Dakota Nicole 56223File Card1080
Allen, Dustin Wayne 56224File Card1080
Allen, Emmett Colton Reese 56225File Card1080
Allen, Jacob Danial 56226File Card1080
Allen, Jacob Ryan 56227File Card1080
Allen, Jessica Nicole 56228File Card1080
Allen, Lacey Dawn 56229File Card1080
Allen, Landon Franklin 56230File Card1080
Allen, Nickala Ann 56231File Card1080
Allen, Paige Ann 56232File Card1080
Allen, Takyan Curtis 56233File Card1080
Allen, Traven Mark 56234File Card1080
Allen, Trustin Andrew 56235File Card1080
Allen, Victoria Ann 56236File Card1080
Allen, Herman L 57242Index1100
Allen, James 57244Index1100
Allen, Louisa 57245Index1100
Allen, Annie 57375Index1100
Allen, Charles M 59569Index1101
Allen, Henry F 59570Index1101
Allen, Eliza 56152Abstract1102
Allen, Henry E 56153Abstract1102
Allen, Mattie 56154Abstract1102
Allen, Freddie 56155Abstract1102
Allen, James 56156Abstract1102
Allen, Ab 61764Abstract1103
Allen, Herman L 61766Abstract1103
Allen, Lafe 61767Abstract1103
Allen, Rufus 61768Abstract1103
Allen, Sarah Ellen 62450Abstract1103
Allen, Sarah Ellen 62451Abstract1104
Allen, 63017Abstract1105
Allen, George R 65355Abstract1233
Allen, Eva (Underwood)65356Abstract1233
Allen, Hamer 69900Abstract1233
Allen, Ada (Alexander)69901Abstract1233
Allen, James 69905Abstract1233
Allen, Julia (Beck)69906Abstract1233
Allen, James W 69907Abstract1233
Allen, Nellie H (Kline)69908Abstract1233
Allen, William 69909Abstract1233
Allen, Amy (Phelps)69910Abstract1233
Allen, Elizabeth 68555Book18711253
Allen, John 68556Book18711253
Allen, Wm 69205Book18711253
Allen, Jane 69337Book18711253
Allen, Annie 69338Book18711253
Allen, Jane 69402Book18711253
Allen, W B 69539Book18711253
Allen, D 69554Book19041254
Allen, F 69555Book19041254
Allen, David 69878Book19081255
Allen, Amanda Ann (Montgomery)70136Newsletter19341317
Allen, David L 63823Index9999
Allen, T B 64259Index9999
Allen, E H 64382Index9999
Allen, William 64922Index9999
Allenbrand, Brook Elizabeth 56237File Card1080
Allenbrand, Megan Nicole 56238File Card1080
Allender, Charles Raymond 40018Index365
Allender, Charles R 49498Index370
Allenman, Samuel 69911Abstract1233
Allenman, Luisa 69912Abstract1233
Allens, John Sr 458Index250
Aller, H M 55324Index1990841
Alley, Jeanette 459Index250
Alley, Lee 44992Index2000368
Alley, S T 49702Index370
Alley, Amanda Louise 56239File Card1080
Alley, Courtney Frances 56240File Card1080
Alley, Jacob Tyler 56241File Card1080
Alley, William R 64225Index9999
Allgain, Michael 460Index250
Allgeier, David 39564Index365
Allie, Ephniam 461Index250
Allison, Henry D 172Newspaper Clipping or Art2003105
Allison, C S 18157Index235
Allison, Chas 18158Index235
Allison, James R 18159Index235
Allison, Robert ??? 18160Index235
Allison, Robert C 18161Index235
Allison, Robert L 18162Index235
Allison, William H 18163Index235
Allison, Harvey 18164Index235
Allison, (m) 462Index250
Allison, Clara L 463Index250
Allison, Edith 464Index250
Allison, Frank D 465Index250
Allison, Holt 466Index250
Allison, James R 467Index250
Allison, Marion 468Index250
Allison, Maude L 469Index250
Allison, Sara J 470Index250
Allison, Sarah A 471Index250
Allison, Wm. H 472Index250
Allison, J H 31835Index363
Allison, B P 49065Index370
Allison, Benjamin 50337Index1994371
Allison, J W 50455Index1994371
Allison, D 66565Map681
Allison, John 65368Abstract682
Allison, David 65369Abstract682
Allison, Jack 16506Index920
Allison, Sarah J 16507Index920
Allison, Lander 57246Index1100
Allison, Leauder 57248Index1100
Allison, Joseph 59572Index1101
Allison, Lomira (Herron)61769Abstract1103
Allison, Henry M 68832Book18711253
Allison, Henry M 68836Book18711253
Alliston, David 66566Map681
Allkire, Elijah 57250Index1100
Allman, Jane 68253Book18711253
Allmaras, Noah Timothy 56242File Card1080
Allmet, J A 18165Index235
Allnut, J W 18166Index235
Allnut, Margaret 473Index250
Alloway, 65382Abstract682
Alloway, Cole Brendon 56243File Card1080
Allredge, Ernest D 40874Index366
Allsbury, Henry 31886Index363
Allsbury, E L 32528Index363
Allsbury, N E 44520Index2000368
Allsbury, N E 48193Index370
Almanza, Fred 54529Index323
Almera, Mary 63018Abstract1105
Almond, Thomas 59574Index1101
Almond, Eugene Freeman 69915Abstract1233
Almond, Anna May (McCleary)69916Abstract1233
Almonza, Martin 32395Index363
Almuttar, Ruquya 56244File Card1080
Almuttar, Sameera 56245File Card1080
Alnard, Anna 474Index250
Alos, (inf) 475Index250
Aloy, Don Doyle 39300Index365
Alper, Charles R 54006Index324
Alperin, Seymour 54309Index323
Alphin, Charles R 32387Index363
Alsbury, R H 44193Index2000368
Alson, Marion 53952Index324
Alsup, James Fred 51152Index1997372
Alt, Mikaela Leah 56246File Card1080
Altachuler, Martha Ellen 61770Abstract1103
Altchison, Anna 64083Index9999
Altemeyer, Amanda Marie 56356File Card1080
Altena, Caitlin Hannah 56357File Card1080
Altermatt, A V 44755Index2000368
Altis, George F 69913Abstract1233
Altis, Mary E (Graham)69914Abstract1233
Altman, William G 476Index250
Alts, Artie 54252Index323
Altwein, Christina M 16559Abstract236
Altwein, Louis E 16560Abstract236
Altwein, Charles 65243Abstract248
Altwein, Albert 477Index250
Altwein, Charles 478Index250
Altwine, Robt. 479Index250
Alvares, Ralph J 42642Index366
Alvarez, Ralph Joseph 39234Index365
Alvarez, Ralph Joseph 42682Index366
Alyen, (inf) 480Index250
Amann, Louis 69917Abstract1233
Amann, Nettie (Langston)69918Abstract1233
Amble, Edwin 57252Index1100
Ambrose, F 18167Index235
Ambrose, Dora E 16564Abstract236
Ambrose, James W 65244Abstract248
Ambrose, James W 481Index250
Ambrosia, Don S 64815Abstract1106
Ambroske, Billy 49942Index1994371
Ambuschon, Dennis 18168Index235
Ameleuxen, H 18169Index235
Amelunxen, (m) 482Index250
Amelunxen, John 483Index250
Amen, J J 66567Map681
Amerine, George W 18170Index235
Ames, David 18171Index235
Ames, David 18172Index235
Ames, W H 47601Index1998369
Ames, Perry L 59586Index1101
Amick, W K 18173Index235
Amick, Rachel F 66568Map681
Amlong, Niki Ann 56358File Card1080
Ammon, B F 18174Index235
Ammon, Ray N 42940Index2000368
Ammon, John 69919Abstract1233
Ammon, Jenne (Bibbs)69920Abstract1233
Amons, Wm. A 484Index250
Amor, William M 69921Abstract1233
Amor, Grace (Pittman)69922Abstract1233
Amos, Caroline 485Index250
Amos, Lizzie 486Index250
Amos, Richard 53619Index324
Amos, Melvin 31879Index363
Amos, William P 33323Index363
Amos, C W 46852Index1998369
Amos, Henry 46988Index1998369
Amos, H G 47055Index1998369
Amos, C W 50405Index1994371
Amos, Melvin 50558Index1994371
Amos, Charles Edward 50591Index1994371
Amos, Charles 61771Abstract1103
Amparano, Felix 54497Index323
Amparano, Felix 49608Index370
Amrine, Mary 487Index250
Amstad, Albert 16569Abstract236
Amthor, Clayton Ray 56359File Card1080
Amthor, Cory Douglas 56360File Card1080
Amthor, Matthew Blake 56361File Card1080
Anbuchon, Dennis 18175Index235
Anbuchon, Clyde 488Index250
And, Frank 18176Index235
Anderman, Fritz 65371Abstract682
Anderrson, H D 47060Index1998369
Anders, Susan J 489Index250
Anders, Harold 40430Index365
Anders, Dale Eugene 40465Index366
Anders, 66569Map681
Anders, Henry 59576Index1101
Anderson, ?? 18177Index235
Anderson, Chas 18178Index235
Anderson, Chas 18179Index235
Anderson, E J 18180Index235
Anderson, E S 18181Index235
Anderson, Emil 18182Index235
Anderson, Frank 18183Index235
Anderson, George 18184Index235
Anderson, George 18185Index235
Anderson, H 18186Index235
Anderson, J H 18187Index235
Anderson, j V 18188Index235
Anderson, James 18189Index235
Anderson, James 18190Index235
Anderson, James 18191Index235
Anderson, John 18192Index235
Anderson, John H 18193Index235
Anderson, Joseph 18194Index235
Anderson, L 18195Index235
Anderson, L 18196Index235
Anderson, L G 18197Index235
Anderson, Louis 18198Index235
Anderson, Louis 18199Index235
Anderson, R C 18200Index235
Anderson, Thos 18201Index235
Anderson, Thos 18202Index235
Anderson, W 18203Index235
Anderson, W A 18204Index235
Anderson, W H 18205Index235
Anderson, William 18206Index235
Anderson, Wm 18207Index235
Anderson, Wm 18208Index235
Anderson, Wm A 18209Index235
Anderson, Wm A 18210Index235
Anderson, Chas 18211Index235
Anderson, Charles 16612Abstract242
Anderson, (f) 490Index250
Anderson, (f) 491Index250
Anderson, (inf) 492Index250
Anderson, (inf) 493Index250
Anderson, (inf) 494Index250
Anderson, (inf) 495Index250
Anderson, (inf) 496Index250
Anderson, (m) 497Index250
Anderson, (m) 498Index250
Anderson, A. B 499Index250
Anderson, Albert W 500Index250
Anderson, Alfred 501Index250
Anderson, Ann 502Index250
Anderson, Anna 503Index250
Anderson, Charles A 504Index250
Anderson, Clarence 505Index250
Anderson, Cleve 506Index250
Anderson, Daniel M 507Index250
Anderson, Delia 508Index250
Anderson, Deloris 509Index250
Anderson, G. W 510Index250
Anderson, Henry 511Index250
Anderson, Herman 512Index250
Anderson, Ida M 513Index250
Anderson, James E 514Index250
Anderson, Jennie 515Index250
Anderson, Joseph 516Index250
Anderson, Joseph 517Index250
Anderson, Lewis 518Index250
Anderson, Lola 519Index250
Anderson, Loren 520Index250
Anderson, Loren E 521Index250
Anderson, Louis W 522Index250
Anderson, Lucinda 523Index250
Anderson, Mary 524Index250
Anderson, Mrs. E 525Index250
Anderson, Nellie 526Index250
Anderson, Oscar 527Index250
Anderson, Peter 528Index250
Anderson, Ray 529Index250
Anderson, Robert 530Index250
Anderson, Robert 531Index250
Anderson, Robert 532Index250
Anderson, Sarah 533Index250
Anderson, Savina 534Index250
Anderson, Swan J 535Index250
Anderson, Vernice 536Index250
Anderson, Victor 537Index250
Anderson, John C 54073Index323
Anderson, Doyle 54326Index323
Anderson, Robert E 54486Index323
Anderson, Daryl 53651Index324
Anderson, Charles 53726Index324
Anderson, Cleo 53728Index324
Anderson, Wilmer 31948Index363
Anderson, Charles P 32161Index363
Anderson, Louis 32660Index363
Anderson, John H 32672Index363
Anderson, Louis H 32689Index363
Anderson, Marvin L 33201Index363
Anderson, W C 38512Index365
Anderson, Donald Earnest 38538Index365
Anderson, William 39171Index365
Anderson, William Daniel 39193Index365
Anderson, Lee Wadsworth 39969Index365
Anderson, Lewis 40199Index365
Anderson, Lewis Speaker 40215Index365
Anderson, Daryl 40217Index365
Anderson, Elmer Lucian 40321Index365
Anderson, John 41149Index366
Anderson, John Lyle 41211Index366
Anderson, Rodney Vincent 41255Index366
Anderson, William 41767Index366
Anderson, George 41801Index366
Anderson, Lee Wadsworth 42512Index366
Anderson, J C 44261Index2000368
Anderson, E L 44567Index2000368
Anderson, A L 44720Index2000368
Anderson, L S 45166Index2000368
Anderson, D E 45195Index2000368
Anderson, Eldon 45364Index1998369
Anderson, R J 45416Index1998369
Anderson, L H 45501Index1998369
Anderson, Robert D 45752Index1998369
Anderson, Robert Dwain 45777Index1998369
Anderson, G E 45894Index1998369
Anderson, Morris 46615Index1998369
Anderson, M L 46701Index1998369
Anderson, Homer 46879Index1998369
Anderson, J C 47154Index1998369
Anderson, Clyde M 47467Index1998369
Anderson, Daryl 47595Index1998369
Anderson, C M 47613Index1998369
Anderson, D D 47630Index1998369
Anderson, Lloyd 47773Index1998369
Anderson, L H 47795Index1998369
Anderson, Lowell 48873Index370
Anderson, L E 48924Index370
Anderson, Lewis S 48992Index370
Anderson, L S 49046Index370
Anderson, Bruce 49869Index1994371
Anderson, Dale 50380Index1994371
Anderson, John 50563Index1994371
Anderson, Aubrey 50583Index1994371
Anderson, Eanice 66570Map681
Anderson, H 66571Map681
Anderson, F L 66572Map681
Anderson, L E 66573Map681
Anderson, W 66574Map681
Anderson, Wm 66575Map681
Anderson, Aga 65372Abstract682
Anderson, John M 65373Abstract682
Anderson, Nancy 65374Abstract682
Anderson, John 65375Abstract682
Anderson, Robert 65701Abstract682
Anderson, Ernest 16508Index920
Anderson, William 16509Index920
Anderson, James W 61880Index926
Anderson, Mary F (Stephens)61881Index926
Anderson, Abby Taylor 56362File Card1080
Anderson, Angelea Caroline 56363File Card1080
Anderson, Anthony Tyler 56364File Card1080
Anderson, Bailey Aurel 56365File Card1080
Anderson, Brenda Marie 56366File Card1080
Anderson, Brian 56367File Card1080
Anderson, Bronson Lane 56368File Card1080
Anderson, Emma Grace 56370File Card1080
Anderson, Gracie Lynne 56371File Card1080
Anderson, Gunnar Ryan Wright 56372File Card1080
Anderson, Jacklyn 56373File Card1080
Anderson, Jaxon Maxwell 56374File Card1080
Anderson, Jordyn Kay 56375File Card1080
Anderson, Kelsey Paige 56376File Card1080
Anderson, Michael Peter 56377File Card1080
Anderson, Morgan Nichole 56378File Card1080
Anderson, Novaly RaVon 56379File Card1080
Anderson, Rachel Lynne 56380File Card1080
Anderson, Rebecca Michelle 56381File Card1080
Anderson, Robert Gregory 56382File Card1080
Anderson, Sterling Maxwell 56383File Card1080
Anderson, William 57254Index1100
Anderson, John 59578Index1101
Anderson, Susan 59905Index1101
Anderson, Sarah Jane 60028Index1101
Anderson, Sarah J 60389Index1101
Anderson, William 56157Abstract1102
Anderson, Charles Lyle 61773Abstract1103
Anderson, Joseph 61775Abstract1103
Anderson, Permelia 63020Abstract1105
Anderson, Charles 69923Abstract1233
Anderson, Charlotte (Graham)69924Abstract1233
Anderson, George Rufus 69925Abstract1233
Anderson, Lucy A (Sterling)69926Abstract1233
Anderson, Robert 68172Book18711253
Anderson, Robt 68234Book18711253
Anderson, Robert 68352Book18711253
Anderson, Robt 68362Book18711253
Anderson, Rouk 68426Book18711253
Anderson, Robert 68443Book18711253
Anderson, Robert 68490Book18711253
Anderson, Robert 68539Book18711253
Anderson, John 69877Book19081255
Anderson, Arthur J 69884Book19081255
Anderson, Wm 69892Book19081255
Anderson, John M 70484Newsletter19481286
Anderson, Ada 64061Index9999
Anderson, Fred 64414Index9999
Anderson II, Charles Joseph 56369File Card1080
Andes, 66576Map681
Andes, Jacob Hunter 56384File Card1080
Andes, Sarah 58034Index1100
Andes, Lizzie 58578Index1100
Andes, James W 59580Index1101
Andes, Anna M 59659Index1101
Andes, Susan V 60506Index1101
Andes, Frances 60857Index1101
Andes, William G 64307Index9999
Andler, Jay 53829Index324
Andler, J E 40317Index365
Andold, john 18212Index235
Andre, John C 538Index250
Andre, John 41955Index366
Andreano, M F 18213Index235
Andres, A S 18214Index235
Andres, Emil 18215Index235
Andres, Robert W 42356Index366
Andres, Robert William 42401Index366
Andres, Elizabeth 64306Index9999
Andresen, Broady John 56385File Card1080
Andresen, Sawyer Lee 56405File Card1080
Andrew, Chas R 18216Index235
Andrew, Ellen 539Index250
Andrew, Pauline 540Index250
Andrew, William J 32589Index363
Andrew, William J 32602Index363
Andrew, W J 43048Index2000368
Andrew, Unknown 62885Index926
Andrew, Sarah 60480Index1101
Andrew, Andrus M 69927Abstract1233
Andrew, Lizzie E (Roloff)69928Abstract1233
Andrews, John 18217Index235
Andrews, John H 18218Index235
Andrews, John H 18219Index235
Andrews, Joshua 541Index250
Andrews, James 54333Index323
Andrews, Kenneth 54413Index323
Andrews, Harold Stanton 38825Index365
Andrews, Kenneth 39271Index365
Andrews, Kenneth Jean 39290Index365
Andrews, Aaron Legrand 39764Index365
Andrews, Aaron 50290Index1994371
Andrews, Harold 50552Index1994371
Andrews, C W 66577Map681
Andrews , Mary 16510Index920
Andrews, Augustus Clayton 56406File Card1080
Andrews, Claire Elizabeth 56407File Card1080
Andrews, Kristen Ellyn 56408File Card1080
Andrews, Luke Allen 56409File Card1080
Andrews, Mitchell Allen 56410File Card1080
Andrews, Tess Renae 56411File Card1080
Andrews, Isaac C 57256Index1100
Andrews, William 57258Index1100
Andrews, Clara E 57803Index1100
Andrews, H I 69929Abstract1233
Andrews, Emma (Graves)69930Abstract1233
Andrews, Irwin 69931Abstract1233
Andrews, Maggie (Barnett)69932Abstract1233
Andrews, James 69933Abstract1233
Andrews, Melinda (Reinhard)69934Abstract1233
Andrews, John W 69935Abstract1233
Andrews, Gertrude (Bailey)69936Abstract1233
Andrews, Prude 69883Book19081255
Andrews, James 69888Book19081255
Andriane, Antoine 65245Abstract248
Andriano, May 18220Index235
Andriano, Wm E 18221Index235
Andriano, Max 16570Abstract236
Andriano, Albert 542Index250
Andriano, Victor 543Index250
Andrie, John 18222Index235
Andriss, Leo 544Index250
Andrus, Kenneth A 38892Index365
Andrus, Chancey 50067Index1994371
Aneiser, Charles 545Index250
Anesswald, Benj O 18223Index235
Anfilo, Mary Lucille 16614Abstract242
Angel, Eugenie (Robidoux)65246Abstract248
Angel, Henry R 546Index250
Angel, John 547Index250
Angel, A 66578Map681
Angel, E 66579Map681
Angel, Eugene 66580Map681
Angel, H E 66581Map681
Angel, J D 66582Map681
Angel, Thos 66583Map681
Angel, Thomas 65376Abstract682
Angelbeck, H S 18224Index235
Angelbeck, Herman 69937Abstract1233
Angelbeck, Bettie P (Allison)69939Abstract1233
Angelo, (inf) 548Index250
Angle, Ashley Dawn 56412File Card1080
Angle, Austin Reed 56413File Card1080
Angle, Phillip James 56414File Card1080
Angold, John 18225Index235
Angold, John 18226Index235
Angold, (f) 549Index250
Angold, Mary E 550Index250
Angold, Ralph E 43237Index2000368
Angold, R E 45828Index1998369
Angralt, Max 57260Index1100
Angst, Jacob 551Index250
Angst, A L 44672Index2000368
Angst, Ernest 46868Index1998369
Angst, Jacob 63147Index9999
Angsten, John 18227Index235
Angsten, John j 18228Index235
Angsten, John 38472Index365
Angston, William 18229Index235
Angus, J J 18230Index235
Anhiser, Catherine 552Index250
Anibal, Phoebe Jane (Hinkle)61777Abstract1103
Anibel, Ed 63021Abstract1105
Anisden, J E 42881Index2000368
Aniser, Joseph 18231Index235
Aniser, Charles 65247Abstract248
Aniser, Anton 553Index250
Aniser, Otto 554Index250
Aniser, Maximillian 17123Index926
Aniser, Barbara (Simms ?)17124Index926
Aniser, Joseph 17744Index926
Aniser, Rebecca C (Henry)17745Index926
Anlinder, David 18232Index235
Ann, Betsy 65890Abstract682
Annan, Jennie 555Index250
Annis, William D 556Index250
Anno, Chas 18233Index235
Anno, William 59582Index1101
Anno, Jennie 59673Index1101
Anosten, John O 18234Index235
Ansbury, William C 18235Index235
Anscomb, Jerrmiah 18236Index235
Anseaume, Robert 54563Index323
Anseaume, R P 48238Index370
Anselment, Seidda 58329Index1100
Anselment, Amanda 60514Index1101
Anselmont, Charles 57262Index1100
Ansley, J L 18237Index235
Ansmus, Phillip 16511Index920
Anson, C 18238Index235
Anstery, E. 557Index250
Anten, Volney E 32155Index363
Antermeyer, Mary Catherine 16613Abstract242
Antermeyer, (inf) 558Index250
Antermeyer, Chas. 559Index250
Anthony, Joseph A 140Newspaper Clipping or Art2003105
Anthony, A L 18239Index235
Anthony, Alb M 18240Index235
Anthony, Albert M 18241Index235
Anthony, George 18242Index235
Anthony, Henry 18243Index235
Anthony, Joseph 18244Index235
Anthony, Anniee 560Index250
Anthony, Frederic 561Index250
Anthony, Gladys 562Index250
Anthony, M. 563Index250
Anthony, Marion 564Index250
Anthony, R. E 565Index250
Anthony, H E 44984Index2000368
Anthony, John 50466Index1994371
Anthony, Jordanne Nigh 56415File Card1080
Anthony, Trey Joseph 56416File Card1080
Anthor, R 66584Map681
Antinger, Joe 18245Index235
Antle, Richard F 69940Abstract1233
Antle, Millie (Seybold)69941Abstract1233
Antrim, E L 18246Index235
Antrim, G W 18247Index235
Antrim, L J 18248Index235
Antrim, L j 18249Index235
Antrim, Wm J 18250Index235
Antrim, (inf) 566Index250
Antrim, (m) 567Index250
Antrim, Codi Kaye 56417File Card1080
Antrim, Michelle Beth 56418File Card1080
Anville, E F M 18251Index235
Anwiss, Frances 568Index250
Apel, Fred Wm 18252Index235
Appalby, Elgaine 18253Index235
Apperson, John Jacob 69942Abstract1233
Apperson, Ruth E (McCormick)69943Abstract1233
Applebury, C W 42911Index2000368
Appleby, Nellie 569Index250
Appleby, Raymond Harry 41077Index366
Appleby, Forrest 41785Index366
Appleby, Forrest E 41836Index366
Appleby, D E 46715Index1998369
Appleby, Delbert E 49499Index370
Applegate, Ida 570Index250
Applegate, T F 43610Index2000368
Applegate, John W 57264Index1100
Applegate, John T 59584Index1101
Applegate, William 64217Index9999
Appleman, Glenn B 40809Index366
Appleman, Glenn 44565Index2000368
Appleman, G B 44626Index2000368
Appleman, John 66585Map681
Appleton, F R 18254Index235
Apt, Ruth F 571Index250
Arango, John 53948Index324
Arbs, Fred 18255Index235
Arbuckle, H R 18256Index235
Arbuckle, George Louis 38423Index365
Arbuckle, H W 47233Index1998369
Arbuthnot, George 61779Abstract1103
Archdekin, Dale R 54194Index323
Archdekin, Francis M 33547Index363
Archdekin, Dale 43451Index2000368
Archdekin, D R 43487Index2000368
Archdekin, Ray 43843Index2000368
Archdekin, R A 43922Index2000368
Archdekin, Dale 46937Index1998369
Archdekin, R A 47647Index1998369
Archdekin, Ray 50443Index1994371
Archdekin, James 51056Index1997372
Archeball, Robert 69557Book19041254
Archer, F W 18257Index235
Archer, Fred 18258Index235
Archer, Fred 18259Index235
Archer, Fred 572Index250
Archer, Henry 573Index250
Archer, J. C 574Index250
Archer, Jennie 575Index250
Archer, Leon F 44051Index2000368
Archer, L F 44097Index2000368
Archer, H L 47455Index1998369
Archer, Harry 51053Index1997372
Archer, Leon 51062Index1997372
Archer, Andrew Paul 56419File Card1080
Archer, Bradley Marvin 56420File Card1080
Archer, Brett Ryan 56421File Card1080
Archer, Brittany Marie 56422File Card1080
Archer, Douglas Gerard 56423File Card1080
Archer, Ian Anthony 56424File Card1080
Archer, Katharine Ann 56425File Card1080
Archer, Lyndsey Kay 56426File Card1080
Archer, Melissa Elizabeth 56427File Card1080
Archer, Tanner Joseph 56428File Card1080
Archer, John F 57266Index1100
Archer, William 57268Index1100
Archer, William 57270Index1100
Archer, William B 57272Index1100
Archer, J C 61781Abstract1103
Archibald, C 18260Index235
Archibald, C 18261Index235
Archibald, Coventry 18262Index235
Archibald, Coventry 18263Index235
Archibald, Darluke 576Index250
Archibald, James B 33002Index363
Archibald, Kenneth 38683Index365
Archibald, C C 44954Index2000368
Archold, Colvin 61835Index926
Archold, Phoebe L (Strong)61836Index926
Arcuelio, Chas 18264Index235
Arculeo, Chas 18265Index235
Arculeo, Anna 16571Abstract236
Arculeo, Savatora 577Index250
Arculis, Charles 18266Index235
Ardery, Chas 18267Index235
Ardery, Sarah 17360Abstract236
Ardery, (inf) 578Index250
Arena, A 18268Index235
Arena, Antonio 18269Index235
Arena, Antonio 18270Index235
Arena, Vincent Mathias 18271Index235
Arena, August 16572Abstract236
Arena, Marie 579Index250
Arendt, Leonard 33392Index363
Arensberg, William H 69944Abstract1233
Arensberg, Elizabeth (Bless)69945Abstract1233
Arensbergen, Theodore 69946Abstract1233
Arensbergen, Mary P (Schaap)69947Abstract1233
Argabright, C E 39940Index365
Argo, Lizzie 65377Abstract682
Argo, A G 65378Abstract682
Argo, Chelsea Laree 56429File Card1080
Argo, Gabrielle Paige 56430File Card1080
Argo, Adrain 69948Abstract1233
Argo, Edith (Johnson)69949Abstract1233
Argon, Jule 32841Index363
Argyle, Frederick J 580Index250
Arighi, Marshall 18272Index235
Armack, Henry S 56158Abstract1102
Armack, Augusta Henry 62452Abstract1104
Armagost, Morris 53367Index324
Armentrout, Zachery Eugene 56431File Card1080
Armes, Rudolph 40675Index366
Armour, Keith 53737Index324
Armour, K C 43418Index2000368
Armstrong, John A 42Book1
Armstrong, Clyde 18273Index235
Armstrong, Edward 18274Index235
Armstrong, Edward G 18275Index235
Armstrong, H H 18276Index235
Armstrong, Howard 18277Index235
Armstrong, Howard 18278Index235
Armstrong, Wm O 18279Index235
Armstrong, Harold 16686Abstract242
Armstrong, Mary Jane (Brownlee)16687Abstract242
Armstrong, William 16688Abstract242
Armstrong, (inf) 581Index250
Armstrong, Cora Opal 582Index250
Armstrong, E. A 583Index250
Armstrong, Elizabeth W 584Index250
Armstrong, Ellen 585Index250
Armstrong, Emma 586Index250
Armstrong, Henry 587Index250
Armstrong, John M 588Index250
Armstrong, Lucindy 589Index250
Armstrong, Simon 590Index250
Armstrong, James John 38815Index365
Armstrong, Bennie Joe 40066Index365
Armstrong, James 41715Index366
Armstrong, James John 41753Index366
Armstrong, W G 45250Index2000368
Armstrong, Berry 49851Index1994371
Armstrong, Bill 50516Index1994371
Armstrong, 66586Map681
Armstrong, J 66587Map681
Armstrong, M 66588Map681
Armstrong, Sarah M 65379Abstract682
Armstrong, Joseph 65380Abstract682
Armstrong, Dee 16512Index920
Armstrong, Joshua 16513Index920
Armstrong, Jasper 54989Index926
Armstrong, Mary (Bledsoe)54990Index926
Armstrong, John M 59466Index926
Armstrong, Nancy Jane (Stout)59467Index926
Armstrong, David Isaac 56432File Card1080
Armstrong, Jacob Denny 56433File Card1080
Armstrong, Jacob Wesley 56434File Card1080
Armstrong, Ryan Clinton 56435File Card1080
Armstrong, Tameyra Marie 56436File Card1080
Armstrong, Margaret C 57557Index1100
Armstrong, Mary 57827Index1100
Armstrong, Kate M 60933Index1101
Armstrong, 61782Abstract1103
Armstrong, Lucinda 63022Abstract1105
Armstrong, 63023Abstract1105
Armstrong, Housner 69950Abstract1233
Armstrong, Lorena (Rogers)69951Abstract1233
Armstrong, Thomas P 69952Abstract1233
Armstrong, Estella M (Draper)69953Abstract1233
Armstrong, Mary 68610Book18711253
Armstrong, John 69894Book19081255
Armstrong, John 69899Book19081255
Armstrong, John M 63426Index9999
Armstrong, E S 63505Index9999
Armstrong, C B 64435Index9999
Arn, Walter 39340Index365
Arn, Walter Armen 39366Index365
Arn, Calvin 39634Index365
Arn, Calvin Buford 39670Index365
Arn, Calvin B 42863Index2000368
Arn, C B 42938Index2000368
Arn, Calvin 46024Index1998369
Arn, C B 46097Index1998369
Arn, Carl 49011Index370
Arn, C A 49035Index370
Arnald, Heather Edna Jo 56437File Card1080
Arndr, Peter 18280Index235
Arndt, Fred Wm 18281Index235
Arnell, M 18282Index235
Arnell, Elizabeth 16574Abstract236
Arnell, Andrew E 16576Abstract236
Arnell, Andrew 591Index250
Arnell, E. 592Index250
Arnell, George H 593Index250
Arnell, Helen 594Index250
Arnell, Lawrence 595Index250
Arnes, Anna Mae 596Index250
Arneson, Ashley LeAnn 56440File Card1080
Arnett, Oscar 18283Index235
Arnett, Oscar 18284Index235
Arnett, Edna 597Index250
Arnett, Robert J 43355Index2000368
Arnett, R J 43394Index2000368
Arnett, James 62453Abstract1104
Arnhold, Ben 18285Index235
Arnhold, C. (mrs ) 598Index250
Arnhold, Carl 599Index250
Arnhold, Frank 600Index250
Arnhold, P. 601Index250
Arnhold, Petronella 602Index250
Arnhold, Mollie 69879Book19081255
Arnhold, Xavier 63918Index9999
Arnholt, Edith A 64071Index9999
ArnoId, W S 18286Index235
Arnold, Chas T 18287Index235
Arnold, Clyde 18288Index235
Arnold, Clyde C 18289Index235
Arnold, Clyde Mar 18290Index235
Arnold, Floy 18291Index235
Arnold, Fred 18292Index235
Arnold, Fred 18293Index235
Arnold, George 18294Index235
Arnold, H S 18295Index235
Arnold, J F 18296Index235
Arnold, James T 18297Index235
Arnold, John 18298Index235
Arnold, John 18299Index235
Arnold, Lee Roy 18300Index235
Arnold, N S 18301Index235
Arnold, Sol F 18302Index235
Arnold, U S 18303Index235
Arnold, Usher 18304Index235
Arnold, Walter 18305Index235
Arnold, X 18306Index235
Arnold, Usher Sherman 16577Abstract236
Arnold, Edythe (Arnold)16578Abstract236
Arnold, William L 16581Abstract236
Arnold, Katherine 16689Abstract242
Arnold, (f) 603Index250
Arnold, (inf) 604Index250
Arnold, (m) 605Index250
Arnold, A. P 606Index250
Arnold, Benadine 607Index250
Arnold, Charles 608Index250
Arnold, Cleo 609Index250
Arnold, Cora M 610Index250
Arnold, E. 611Index250
Arnold, Eldon 612Index250
Arnold, Ethel 613Index250
Arnold, Jas. H 614Index250
Arnold, John P 615Index250
Arnold, Lorey 616Index250
Arnold, Louis 617Index250
Arnold, Lucy 618Index250
Arnold, M. 619Index250
Arnold, Mary 620Index250
Arnold, Maurice 621Index250
Arnold, Minnie 622Index250
Arnold, Montene 623Index250
Arnold, Pearl 624Index250
Arnold, Thomas 625Index250
Arnold, W. A 626Index250
Arnold, Robert 54361Index323
Arnold, James 54583Index323
Arnold, Ronald R 38568Index365
Arnold, Ronald Roy 38597Index365
Arnold, Chester Utah 38955Index365
Arnold, John Arthur 41321Index366
Arnold, Ronald Ray 42004Index366
Arnold, R F 46182Index1998369
Arnold, A E 46807Index1998369
Arnold, Paul 50389Index1994371
Arnold, Robert 51063Index1997372
Arnold, William 51373Index1997372
Arnold, Jonathan 16514Index920
Arnold, Oscar 16515Index920
Arnold, Colin Brady 56442File Card1080
Arnold, Garet Michael 56446File Card1080
Arnold, Tyson Reece 56450File Card1080
Arnold, Mary 59023Index1100
Arnold, Mary F 60158Index1101
Arnold, Martha 61017Index1101
Arnold, Sarah Frances 61417Index1101
Arnold, Julia Jane (Williams)61784Abstract1103
Arnold, J P 62454Abstract1104
Arnold, Daniel W 69954Abstract1233
Arnold, Catherine B. (Still)69955Abstract1233
Arnold, John T 69956Abstract1233
Arnold, Maggie M (VANDERSLICE)69957Abstract1233
Arnold, William 69052Book18711253
Arnold, Tom 69213Book18711253
Arnold, W D 69558Book19041254
Arnold, W D 69893Book19081255
Arnold, W D 69898Book19081255
Arnold, J P 63453Index9999
Arnott, 66589Map681
Arnott, George 66590Map681
Arns, Mary Elizabeth 60030Index1101
Arrowsmith, H V 63965Index9999
Arterburn, ? 18307Index235
Arterburn, A H 18308Index235
Arterburn, C. 627Index250
Arterburn, Daisy 628Index250
Arthur, Ira W 18309Index235
Arthur, Ira W 18310Index235
Arthur, J W 18311Index235
Arthur, Lee 18312Index235
Arthur, Lee 18313Index235
Arthur, Agnes 629Index250
Arthur, Elizabeth 630Index250
Arthur, Frank 631Index250
Arthur, Leora 632Index250
Arthur, Matilda 633Index250
Arthur, Rufus 634Index250
Arthur, Paul E 32771Index363
Arthur, F E 45256Index2000368
Arthur, (Owen)66144Abstract682
ARTHUR, WALTER 69958Abstract1233
ARTHUR, LOTTIE (BROWN)69959Abstract1233
Artis, James E 18314Index235
Artis, Francis M 635Index250
Artlip, James A 636Index250
Artlip, Nellie 637Index250
Artz, Josephine 638Index250
Artz, Edwin 55325Index1990841
Asbeck, Henry 639Index250
Asbel, Antone 640Index250
Asberry, George 59588Index1101
Asburn, Thomas 641Index250
Asbury, Henry C 642Index250
Asbury, Katherne 643Index250
Asbury, Thos. 644Index250
Asbury, Joseph W 16516Index920
Asbury, Perline Jane 59713Index1101
Asbury, Henry 64245Index9999
Ascendor, O 18315Index235
Asendorf, Anna E 57833Index1100
Asendorf, Albert 59590Index1101
Asendorg, Metta 61238Index1101
Ash, Mary E 57849Index1100
Ash, John 70421Newsletter19351305
Ash, Eugene E 70432Newsletter19351305
Ashba, R C 66591Map681
Ashbaugh, Callie Diane 56454File Card1080
Ashbrook, M. D 645Index250
Ashbrook, Mary 646Index250
Ashbrook, Mahlon 63221Index9999
Ashbrooke, Nana 647Index250
Ashburn, E W 18316Index235
Ashbury, John 648Index250
Ashby, Claude 18317Index235
Ashby, E 18318Index235
Ashby, Victoria 649Index250
Ashby, Richard 41362Index366
Ashby, R R 44534Index2000368
Ashby, Richard 48930Index370
Ashby , Roy Eugene III 56456File Card1080
Ashby, 63024Abstract1105
Ashcraft, Franklin C 49420Index370
Ashcraft, C 50214Index1994371
Ashe, G C 47371Index1998369
Ashenfelter, F. 650Index250
Asher, Truman 41757Index366
Asher, Truman Eugene 41768Index366
Asher, Jimmy 43348Index2000368
Asher, J A 43425Index2000368
Asher, Vancil 44165Index2000368
Asher, V R 44210Index2000368
Asher, James 62870Index926
Asher, Josie Jill 56457File Card1080
Asher, Kassie Khrystyne 56458File Card1080
Asher, Katie Angela 56459File Card1080
Asher, Kellan Keith 56460File Card1080
Asher, Shelby Virgina 56461File Card1080
Asher, Elizabeth A 58059Index1100
Asher, Mary Jane 58831Index1100
Asher, Robert H 59592Index1101
Asher, William B 59594Index1101
Asher, Sarah M 60867Index1101
Asher, Eliza 60873Index1101
Ashford, Louis S 18319Index235
Ashford, P K 18320Index235
Ashford, Peter 18321Index235
Ashford, E. N 651Index250
Ashford, Frank E 652Index250
Ashford, Lewis S 653Index250
Ashford, Mattie 654Index250
Ashford, Dustin Dale 56462File Card1080
Ashford, Kaisten Brenan 56463File Card1080
Ashford, Kenzie Ann 56464File Card1080
Ashford, Hattie E 61277Index1101
Ashford, John 62455Abstract1104
Ashford, 64816Abstract1106
Ashida, Paul 655Index250
Ashler, Clarence F 54291Index323
Ashler, John 44331Index2000368
Ashley, Charlie 656Index250
Ashley, Victoria 657Index250
Ashley, Mary 60064Index1101
Ashlin, J C 66592Map681
Ashlin, John 66593Map681
Ashlock, Charles 18322Index235
Ashlock, Chas 18323Index235
Ashlock, Jesse 18324Index235
Ashlock, M D 18325Index235
Ashlock, S 18326Index235
Ashlock, S J 18327Index235
Ashlock, Sam 18328Index235
Ashlock, (f) 658Index250
Ashlock, Hubert 659Index250
Ashlock, Monroe 660Index250
Ashlock, Monroe 661Index250
Ashlock, C N 44504Index2000368
Ashlock, Waldo F 47878Index370
Ashlock, W F 47950Index370
Ashly, Ronald Richard 41379Index366
Ashmon, Walter 18329Index235
Ashmon, Young 18330Index235
Ashmore, John F 18331Index235
Ashmore, Walter S 18332Index235
Ashmore, (f) 662Index250
Ashmore, Earl R 663Index250
Ashmore, Minnie 664Index250
Ashor, Harry N 665Index250
Ashor, James L 666Index250
Ashor, Marg. Francis 667Index250
Ashton, Edward 18333Index235
Ashton, Charles 668Index250
Ashton, Thomas 669Index250
Ashworth, L E 38361Index365
Ashworth, Leonard Edwin 38569Index365
Ashworth, O M 44638Index2000368
Ashworth, W E 45532Index1998369
Ashworth, N M 45652Index1998369
Ashworth, Otis 45811Index1998369
Ashworth, O S 45856Index1998369
Ashworth, Otis 49500Index370
Ashworth, Wayne 49679Index370
Ashworth, Christopher 57274Index1100
Ashworth, D F 57276Index1100
Ashworth, George W 57278Index1100
Ashworth, William 57280Index1100
Ashworth, Sucinda 58195Index1100
Ashworth, Katie 59825Index1101
Ashworth, Mary 60840Index1101
Ashworth, Earl 63025Abstract1105
Ashworth, Russell Bryan 63026Abstract1105
Ashworth, 64817Abstract1106
Askew, Alfred B 18334Index235
Askins, Wm. 670Index250
Askren, Charles 53760Index324
Askren, John Chester 69960Abstract1233
Askren, Annie Nettie (Bilimack)69961Abstract1233
Asmussen, Robert 53567Index324
Aspey, Flora 671Index250
Aspey, John 672Index250
Aspey, Mary A 673Index250
Assel, Emma Renea 56485File Card1080
Assel, Wyatt Henery 56486File Card1080
Atchison, Lenard 18335Index235
Atchison, Wm 18336Index235
Atchison, James 674Index250
Atchison, James 675Index250
Atchison, Mary H 676Index250
Atchison, Rose 677Index250
Atchison, Bill 46282Index1998369
Atchison, 66594Map681
Atchison, William A (Watkins)55326Index1990841
Atchison, A C 69895Book19081255
Aten, Wilbur 678Index250
Atha, George W 18337Index235
Atha, George 18338Index235
Atha, Jessie 679Index250
Atha, Charles 41120Index366
Atha, Charles Scott 41200Index366
Atha, R A 47281Index1998369
Atha, G W 69863Book19041254
Athen, J S 66595Map681
Athen, O T 66596Map681
Athens, G 42876Index2000368
Athens, George 49665Index370
Ather, L. 680Index250
Athur, B W 18339Index235
Atkin, Earl 40548Index366
Atkin, Paul 69962Abstract1233
Atkin, Addie M (Heming)69963Abstract1233
Atkins, Jay H 18340Index235
Atkins, Richard 18341Index235
Atkins, Richard 18342Index235
Atkins, Sheldon 681Index250
Atkins, Jerry Marvin 54396Index323
Atkins, Gary 54550Index323
Atkins, Darrell Raymond 32038Index363
Atkins, Earl 32080Index363
Atkins, Norval 33654Index363
Atkins, Wayne E 39253Index365
Atkins, Maelborn 40339Index365
Atkins, Berl 41315Index366
Atkins, Verl Franklin 41384Index366
Atkins, B J 43049Index2000368
Atkins, Roland 43556Index2000368
Atkins, R J 43602Index2000368
Atkins, G D 44870Index2000368
Atkins, L W 46871Index1998369
Atkins, B J 47380Index1998369
Atkins, E D 48742Index370
Atkins, Jimmy V 49169Index370
Atkins, Lloyd 50324Index1994371
Atkins, Billy Joe 50392Index1994371
Atkins, B J 50408Index1994371
Atkins, Chase Eugene 56487File Card1080
Atkins, Courtnie Linn 56488File Card1080
Atkins, Daniel Aaron 56489File Card1080
Atkins, Kenneth Andrew 56490File Card1080
Atkins, Faith Renee 56491File Card1080
Atkins, Kylie Marie 56492File Card1080
Atkins, Latricia Mae 56493File Card1080
Atkins, Laura Daisy 56494File Card1080
Atkins, Joseph Hewitt 56159Abstract1102
Atkins, Mary 56160Abstract1102
Atkins, 64818Abstract1106
Atkins, Otis 69964Abstract1233
Atkins, Lydia (Heald)69965Abstract1233
Atkins, Francis M 64233Index9999
Atkinson, Marian C 55358Index189
Atkinson, (inf) 682Index250
Atkinson, (m) 683Index250
Atkinson, (m) 684Index250
Atkinson, Anna 685Index250
Atkinson, Ernest 686Index250
Atkinson, Jane 687Index250
Atkinson, S. A 688Index250
Atkinson, C R 49117Index370
Atkinson, Jerry H 50058Index1994371
Atkinson, Jack 50708Index1997372
Atkinson, Margaret 55327Index1990841
Atkinson, R H 64857Index9999
Atkison, J H 48695Index370
Atkison, Austin Joe 56495File Card1080
Attebeary, J D 69882Book19081255
Attebeary, Irvan D 69889Book19081255
Atteberry, Green R 16788Index926
Atteberry, Mary Emilie (Agee)16789Index926
Atteberry, Shelton 16999Index926
Atteberry, Mary (Porter)17000Index926
Atteberry, Jesse W 17041Index926
Atteberry, Mary Frances (Coffey)17042Index926
Atteberry, Greenberry 17525Index926
Atteberry, Elizabeth (Dalton)17526Index926
Atteberry, Louis 54981Index926
Atteberry, Louisa (Silvers)54982Index926
Attebury, Willis 53743Index324
Attebury, Richard 42690Index366
Attebury, C M 46530Index1998369
Attebury, N R 48320Index370
Attebury, Claude 50880Index1997372
Attema, Alece DeJong 56496File Card1080
Attema, Alexander Powell 56497File Card1080
Attema, Harrison Menne 56498File Card1080
Attema, Joseph Espey 56499File Card1080
Attenbury, Uriah 61851Index926
Attenbury, Nancy (McClintock)61852Index926
Atterbury, Elmer 18343Index235
Atterbury, Green B 689Index250
Atterbury, Richard Doyle 42712Index366
Atterbury, R D 48674Index370
Atterbury, Green B 16517Index920
Atterbury, Laura May 16518Index920
Atterbury, Mathias 61606Index926
Atterbury, Jane (Todd)61607Index926
Atterbury, Milt 64819Abstract1106
Atterbury, Irvin 69891Book19081255
Atterbury, Irvin 69896Book19081255
Atwater, S E 18344Index235
Atwater, Lee R 690Index250
Atwell, Malon 691Index250
Atwell, Elizabeth 64283Index9999
Atwill, J W 63788Index9999
Atwood, R F 87Book1
Atwood, Ralph 692Index250
Atwood, Don 54697Index323
Atwood, Henry 32130Index363
Atwood, Orville 32784Index363
Atwood, Walter E 69966Abstract1233
Atwood, Rebecca A (Vansell)69967Abstract1233
Atzenweiler, John 69968Abstract1233
Atzenweiler, Salina (Meyer)69969Abstract1233
Aubram, Frank 18345Index235
Auchmuty, H C 18346Index235
Aucks, Susan 60770Index1101
Audrey, James 18347Index235
Auffert, Adam Eugene 56500File Card1080
Auffert, Amberlea Jean Elizabeth 56501File Card1080
Auffert, Andrew William 56502File Card1080
Auffert, Anna Marlee 56503File Card1080
Auffert, Brandon 56504File Card1080
Auffert, Brett Shelton 56505File Card1080
Auffert, Brandon Leo 56506File Card1080
Auffert, Dakota John 56507File Card1080
Auffert, Dalton Michael 56508File Card1080
Auffert, Emily Clair 56509File Card1080
Auffert, Heather Nicole 56510File Card1080
Auffert, Jason Keith 56511File Card1080
Auffert, Josie BethAnn 56512File Card1080
Auffert, Kayla Marie 56513File Card1080
Auffert, Kyle Brandon 56514File Card1080
Auffert, Mallory Justine 56515File Card1080
Auffert, Matthew Ryan 56516File Card1080
Auffert, Meghan Nichole 56517File Card1080
Auffert, Nathan Patrick 56518File Card1080
Auffert, Rachel JoAnn 56519File Card1080
Auffert, Samanatha Jo 56520File Card1080
Auffert, Tabitha LeeAnn 56521File Card1080
Auffert, Timothy Dean 56522File Card1080
Aughinbaugh, John J 693Index250
Aughinbaugh, Forest 32707Index363
Aughinbaugh, Forest B 32721Index363
Aughinbaugh, Forest Dale 40034Index365
Aughinbaugh, F D 43192Index2000368
Aughinbaugh, F D 47580Index1998369
Aughinbaugh, F D 49685Index370
Aughinbaugh, Catherine (Julius)16519Index920
Augler, S C 63753Index9999
August, (inf) 694Index250
August, A J 69860Book19041254
Augustine, Charles 18348Index235
Augustine, Charles C 695Index250
Augustine, Edward 696Index250
Augustine, John 697Index250
Augustine, Raymond 698Index250
Augustine, Albert 53799Index324
Augustine, Bernard 39172Index365
Augustine, Bernard Lawrence 39194Index365
Augustine, B L 45142Index2000368
Augustine, B L 45159Index2000368
Augustine, Albert 49931Index1994371
Augustine, A H 49966Index1994371
Augustine, Bernard 50415Index1994371
Augustine, Valentine 68880Book18711253
Auguston, Aug 18349Index235
Auguston, Carl 18350Index235
Aulbright, J. W 699Index250
Auld, Ellsworth 18351Index235
Auld, John 18352Index235
Auld, (inf) 700Index250
Auldt, Mary 57537Index1100
Ault, E. 701Index250
Ault, W E 46786Index1998369
Aultman, Lotti E 66597Map681
Auney, Rudolph 69881Book19081255
Aurbach, Milton 702Index250
Aurelia, Mary 55103Abstract242
Ausley, George 57282Index1100
Ausnlirm, Patrick 703Index250
Austill, Caroline 704Index250
Austin, D F 18353Index235
Austin, E 18354Index235
Austin, James 18355Index235
Austin, Joseph 18356Index235
Austin, John 17361Abstract236
Austin, Edward 16691Abstract242
Austin, (f) 705Index250
Austin, (inf) 706Index250
Austin, Alice M 707Index250
Austin, Andrew 708Index250
Austin, C. D 709Index250
Austin, Mason G 32586Index363
Austin, R A 66598Map681
Austin, W G 66599Map681
Austin, Charley 65381Abstract682
Austin, Andrew 16872Index926
Austin, Margaret (Shannan)16873Index926
Austin, Elijah 17078Index926
Austin, Elizabeth (Ireland)17079Index926
Austin, Moses 54983Index926
Austin, Amanda (Leach)54984Index926
Austin, Bobbi Dawn 56523File Card1080
Austin, Harriet J 59577Index1101
Austin, William 59596Index1101
Austin, Josephine 61258Index1101
Austin, Samuel 61786Abstract1103
Austin, 62456Abstract1104
Austin, Anna L 62457Abstract1104
Austin, Thomas 63027Abstract1105
Austin, Earnest 63028Abstract1105
Austin, D R 69970Abstract1233
Austin, Mina (Rogers)69971Abstract1233
Austin, Ell 63199Index9999
Auten, Kenneth E 51305Index1997372
Auten, Aaron James 56524File Card1080
Auxiar, James 53620Index324
Auxier, Jack D 54592Index323
Auxier, James 33000Index363
Auxier, Floyd 39230Index365
Auxier, Earl 47637Index1998369
Auxier, E W 47764Index1998369
Auxier, J D 47951Index370
Auxier, J W 48792Index370
Avelson, C. J 710Index250
Avender, Peter 18357Index235
Averswold, Benjamin 711Index250
Avery, Gus 18358Index235
Avery, J G 18359Index235
Avery, Watson 18360Index235
Avery, Howard S 712Index250
Avery, George Hollis 41861Index366
Avery, Seth Alexander 56525File Card1080
Awbray, James M 18361Index235
Awdrey, J M 18362Index235
Awtry, J H 18363Index235
Ax, John 713Index250
Axelson, Amelia 714Index250
Axesbury, Charles 18364Index235
Aye, Emily 715Index250
Ayers, Diana 716Index250
Ayers, James R 41808Index366
Ayers, John C 43480Index2000368
Ayers, J C 43543Index2000368
Ayers, Daniel 69972Abstract1233
Ayers, Laura B (Torrant)69973Abstract1233
Ayies, Julius 18365Index235
Aylesbury, Tom 18366Index235
Aylesbury, Thomas 717Index250
Aylesbury, Thomas 64181Index9999
Ayleson, Nick 68286Book18711253
Aylor, A J 18367Index235
Aylwood, H 69389Book18711253
Ayres, Isabelle 718Index250
Azier, Josie 61088Index1101
Azynasky, Frank 18368Index235

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