Library Holdings Surname Index

The NWMGS maintains and regularly updates their database of library holdings, and their index of the surnames to be found in them. Currently, this database contains a listing of 1,638 items in the library collection, 63,835 names, and was last updated on Wednesday, 16 May 2018. This work is done by volunteers. If you would like to help, contact Kelly.

For copies or additional information about the items in which these names appear, please contact our research librarian. Be sure to mention that the entry you're interested in is in the Holdings database and include the identification numbers.

Name Name ID# Holding Type Pub Year Holding ID#
Iba, Clavendon Freemont 55712Index1990841
Iddings, Serena 58361Index1100
Iddings, Siegle 60430Index1101
Iddings, Sarah Ann (Burnett)56672Abstract1102
Ide, William 24074Index235
Ide, Freddie 7393Index250
Ide, Rosa 7394Index250
Ide, William 40272Index365
Ide, William Burton 40363Index365
Ide, L W 43683Index2000368
Ide, F L 45155Index2000368
Ide, M 69670Book19041254
Ideker, William 62632Abstract1104
Idel, (inf) 7395Index250
Idelbrock, Anthony A 24075Index235
Iden, Roy 7396Index250
Iden, Nancy Lee (Yocum)65041Abstract1106
Ides, M A 24076Index235
Idlet, Walter B 24077Index235
Ido, Milo A 24078Index235
Idol, Edna 55713Index1990841
Idonius, Brother 18012Abstract242
Idur, Francis M 58208Index1100
Igoe, Michael 24079Index235
Ihrig, Frank 7397Index250
Ijams, S l 69668Book19041254
Ikeholt, Wm 67591Map681
Ilers, H H 67592Map681
Iles, Bruce 7398Index250
Illson, Edgar 24080Index235
Ilsley, James 53582Index324
Ilsley, William 67593Map681
Iman, (m) 7399Index250
Iman, Daniel 58210Index1100
Imbender, David 24081Index235
Imberry, Joseph 7400Index250
Imboden, Fred 24082Index235
Imboden, C. 7401Index250
Imboden, Zella 7402Index250
Imboden, 56673Abstract1102
Imboden, Alex 69669Book19041254
Imbody, 67594Map681
Imbree, H S 24083Index235
Imbrie, Harold 24084Index235
Imbrie, Frances 7403Index250
Imbrie, John T 7404Index250
Imbrie, R G 48399Index370
Imel, John 24085Index235
Imel, Catherine 7405Index250
Imhof, Matlin 63997Index9999
Imhoff, Mina 7406Index250
Imlay, Ralph 33322Index363
Imlay, B W 43061Index2000368
Imlay, Charles 44068Index2000368
Imlay, C W 44141Index2000368
Imm, Louis 38575Index365
Imm, Louis Frederick 38641Index365
Imus, William 24086Index235
Imus, Elsie L 7407Index250
Imus, Mortimer 7408Index250
Indient, Maggie 65910Abstract682
Indient, Jefferson 65911Abstract682
Indient, Jefferson 65912Abstract682
Ingalls, John D 63375Index9999
Ingels, Joseph 24087Index235
Ingeman, Frank 41497Index366
Ingersoll, Charles W 7409Index250
Ingersoll, John 7410Index250
Ingle, J E 43263Index2000368
Inglis, George F 7411Index250
Ingold, Louis 42152Index366
Ingraham, Alice 7412Index250
Ingram, R F 24088Index235
Ingram, Theodore 24089Index235
Ingram, May 7413Index250
Ingram, Eugene 49691Index370
Ingram, Richard 51039Index1997372
Ingram, John 58212Index1100
Ingram, Hannah (Cottier)65043Abstract1106
Ingrim, Junior F 47843Index370
Ingrim, J F 47919Index370
Ink, James B 56674Abstract1102
Inks, Irvine C 58214Index1100
Inlay, Ralph T 33343Index363
Inman, Alfred 24090Index235
Inman, John 24091Index235
Inman, John W 24092Index235
Inman, William 24093Index235
Inman, Charlotte 7414Index250
Inman, Evert 7415Index250
Inman, Jacob 7416Index250
Inman, John R 7417Index250
Inman, Mary Barbara 7418Index250
Inman, Jerry Lee 43801Index2000368
Inman, J L 43863Index2000368
Innet, (inf) 7419Index250
Innis, C F 24094Index235
Innis, C F 24095Index235
Innis, Fred A 24096Index235
Innis, Fred G 24097Index235
Innis, Virginia Harper 24098Index235
Inscho, W E 24099Index235
Inscho, Edwin 7420Index250
Inskup, Bert 7421Index250
Inslee, Eliza R 7422Index250
Intermill, Mary M 7423Index250
Intermill, 62147Abstract1103
Intermill, John Simon 65044Abstract1106
Inyart, George W 70441Newsletter19351306
Iracum, Martha 60516Index1101
Irby, James T 7424Index250
Irby, G W 60432Index1101
Ireland, Sarah L 7425Index250
Ireland, Dudley Ross 53398Index324
Ireland, Sarah E 58520Index1100
Ireton, John Thomas 40839Index366
Irey, Mary 38292Abstract242
Irminger, Robert L 44830Index2000368
Irminger, R L 44901Index2000368
Irons, Fred 24100Index235
Irons, T L 48544Index370
Irvie, Wm 67595Map681
Irvin, James B 24101Index235
Irvin, William 24102Index235
Irvin, William 24103Index235
Irvin, (inf) 7426Index250
Irvin, Charles 7427Index250
Irvin, James 7428Index250
Irvin, Pearl 7429Index250
Irvin, Ruth 7430Index250
Irvin, Howard 64548Abstract1105
Irvin, William 64889Index9999
Irvine, James 24104Index235
Irvine, James M 24105Index235
Irvine, H A 67596Map681
Irvine, John 67597Map681
Irvine, John 67598Map681
Irvine, Robert 67599Map681
Irvine, Mary A 59837Index1101
Irvine, Clark 64549Abstract1105
Irvine, M B 64451Index9999
Irving, Andrew 7431Index250
Irving, Jennie 7432Index250
Irwin, Mark B 114Book1
Irwin, Thomas J 24106Index235
Irwin, William 24107Index235
Irwin, William 24108Index235
Irwin, William 24109Index235
Irwin, William 24110Index235
Irwin, William L 24111Index235
Irwin, William T 24112Index235
Irwin, Charles S 7433Index250
Irwin, George 7434Index250
Irwin, J. D 7435Index250
Irwin, John J 7436Index250
Irwin, Lenana 7437Index250
Irwin, Mamie 7438Index250
Irwin, Mariah 7439Index250
Irwin, Nancy 7440Index250
Irwin, Ruth A 7441Index250
Irwin, William J 7442Index250
Irwin, Larry D 53425Index324
Irwin, William 33663Index363
Irwin, William O'Neill 38944Index365
Irwin, Robert 43240Index2000368
Irwin, R D 43308Index2000368
Irwin, William 44292Index2000368
Irwin, W O 44427Index2000368
Irwin, W W 47383Index1998369
Irwin, J D 48890Index370
Irwin, J E 67600Map681
Irwin, Ione 57873Index1100
Irwin, Hugh 58216Index1100
Irwin, James K 58218Index1100
Irwin, Napolion 58220Index1100
Irwin, William H 58222Index1100
Irwin, Charlotte (Kelly)56675Abstract1102
Irwin, Ida M 63283Index9999
Isaacs, Ida 7443Index250
Isaacs, Marion 40160Index365
Isaacson, L 24113Index235
Isaacson, Andrew M 7444Index250
Isaacson, Ruby 7445Index250
Isebert, Nochmen 7446Index250
Isely, William 65042Abstract1106
Isenhart, Robert 24114Index235
Isgrig, Sarah 58756Index1100
Isgrigg, Henry 58224Index1100
Isick, John 7447Index250
Iske, Samuel D A 38596Index365
Islaub, Albert 24115Index235
Islaub, (inf) 7448Index250
Islaub, Barbara 7449Index250
Isleib, Rollins 24116Index235
Isley, William 67601Map681
Islieb, Harry H 7450Index250
Isom, H M 58081Index1100
Isreal, Edward 24117Index235
Isrigg, R A 49463Index370
Isum, Sarah 59647Index1101
Iuerd, Margaret E 7451Index250
Iveres, Lucy 59957Index1101
Ivey, G W 24118Index235
Ivey, Lewis E 32490Index363
Izer, W M 44998Index2000368

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