Library Holdings Surname Index

The NWMGS maintains and regularly updates their database of library holdings, and their index of the surnames to be found in them. Currently, this database contains a listing of 1,638 items in the library collection, 63,835 names, and was last updated on Wednesday, 16 May 2018. This work is done by volunteers. If you would like to help, contact Kelly.

For copies or additional information about the items in which these names appear, please contact our research librarian. Be sure to mention that the entry you're interested in is in the Holdings database and include the identification numbers.

Name Name ID# Holding Type Pub Year Holding ID#
G, 67276Map681
Gaa, Joseph 17876Abstract242
Gaa, Donald 53786Index324
Gaa, Donald F 50209Index1994371
Gabbert, J T 22226Index235
Gabbert, Harry 22227Index235
Gabbert, James 22228Index235
Gabbert, Louis C 22229Index235
Gabbert, Louis C 22230Index235
Gabbert, Oscar 22231Index235
Gabbert, (m) 5257Index250
Gabbert, James 5258Index250
Gabbert, Jefferson M 5259Index250
Gabbert, Margaret 5260Index250
Gabbert, Robert E 5261Index250
Gabbert, Ira 39332Index365
Gabbert, Ira Hardin 39371Index365
Gabbert, William 49587Index370
Gabbert, Kate 64177Index9999
Gaber, Harry 5262Index250
Gabert, Jeff 22232Index235
Gabreil, David 16764Index926
Gabreil, Mary (Carroll)16765Index926
Gabrel, France 5263Index250
Gabriel, Arthur C 22233Index235
Gabriel, August 22234Index235
Gabriel, Otto 22235Index235
Gabriel, William 22236Index235
Gabriel, Joseph P 17877Abstract242
Gabriel, Anna 5264Index250
Gabriel, Christina 5265Index250
Gabriel, Frank 5266Index250
Gabriel, Kenneth 54483Index323
Gabriel, Lawrence 54628Index323
Gabriel, Jesse O 32386Index363
Gabriel, B K 45648Index1998369
Gach, Antoine 5267Index250
Gach, Bernard 53352Index324
Gach, Bernard Joseph 42103Index366
Gach, Bernard Joseph 45786Index1998369
Gach, J G 46666Index1998369
Gach, Victor S 49632Index370
Gacker, Caroline Sophia 57793Index1100
Gadberry, Eldon 48828Index370
Gaddie, Charles 42714Index366
Gaddie, Charles R 42850Index366
Gaddie, Charles Ray 46331Index1998369
Gaddie, C R 46380Index1998369
Gaddis, Mabel 5268Index250
Gaddy, Glen F 39241Index365
Gade, Edward H H 32196Index363
Gadol, Peter 5269Index250
Gaeckler, Herman F 22237Index235
Gaede, Emma 5270Index250
Gaede, Oscar 65721Abstract682
Gaede, Richard 65722Abstract682
Gaede, 65723Abstract682
Gaede, R 65724Abstract682
Gaffney, William 67277Map681
Gaffney, Marie 64985Abstract1106
Gafford, J C 67278Map681
Gage, Thomas 22238Index235
Gage, William S 22239Index235
Gage, Anna M 5271Index250
Gage, George 5272Index250
Gage, H. V 5273Index250
Gage, Clyde L 40390Index365
Gage, Clyde Leonard 40419Index365
Gage, Bonnie 49514Index370
Gage, William 57945Index1100
Gageby, William F 64501Abstract1105
Gagen, William 17878Abstract242
Gagstead, Julia 5274Index250
GaHagan, John 22240Index235
Gahagen, Mary 5275Index250
Gahogan, John 22241Index235
Gahringer, 62568Abstract1104
Gahringer, 64502Abstract1105
Gainer, George 5276Index250
Gaines, Delbert 22242Index235
Gaines, Thomas C 22243Index235
Gaines, Briscoe 5277Index250
Gaines, Jeanette C 5278Index250
Gaines, Loie 5279Index250
Gaines, Claude 49285Index370
Gaines, Floy 64284Index9999
Gainneal, 65725Abstract682
Gainneal, 65726Abstract682
Gainneal, M 65727Abstract682
Gairsch, Wm 22244Index235
Gaither, Donald 53753Index324
Gaithley, George 22245Index235
Gaithley, L J 22246Index235
Galbert, Louis C 22247Index235
Galbraith, W B 22248Index235
Galbraith, Edward 53508Index324
Galbraith, William K 53825Index324
Galbreth, Joseph L 60179Index1101
Galenda, Yaroslaw 44977Index2000368
Galenda, Jaroslaw 45087Index2000368
Galenda, Yardslow 50387Index1994371
Galenda, J 50406Index1994371
Galgane, Stephen 5280Index250
Galgatro, Susanna (Muniz)17879Abstract242
Galimore, Atta M 5281Index250
Galka, Edward 49772Index370
Gall, Fred Ralph 39000Index365
Gallagher, John 54654Index323
Gallagher, Eldon 53658Index324
Gallagher, William 40486Index366
Gallagher, R H 43378Index2000368
Gallagher, W F 46546Index1998369
Gallagher, Tom 48991Index370
Gallagher, T P 49062Index370
Gallagher, John 51466Index1997372
Gallaher, Patrick 22249Index235
Gallaher, Antoinette 5282Index250
Gallaher, Birdie 5283Index250
Gallaher, Mary 5284Index250
Gallaher, Sarah 5285Index250
Gallaher, Vive 64060Index9999
Gallant, George F 22250Index235
Gallant, Frank 5286Index250
Gallant, Thomas S 45058Index2000368
Gallant, Thomas 45139Index2000368
Gallape, Martin 5287Index250
Gallar, Jennie 5288Index250
Gallemore, Mary 5289Index250
Gallemore, Mrs. 5290Index250
Gallemore, William 5291Index250
Gallentine, E. 5292Index250
Gallentine, T C 48099Index370
Gallimore, John 22251Index235
Gallimore, Henry 5293Index250
Gallion, H B 68223Book18711253
Gallo, G S 47141Index1998369
Galloher, John R 5294Index250
Gallop, George T 17013Index926
Gallop, Elizabeth (Williamson)17014Index926
Gallop, George 62569Abstract1104
Gallope, J D 47767Index1998369
Galloway, Maney 5295Index250
Galloway, John C 49193Index370
Galloway, J D 49239Index370
Galloway, 55616Index1990841
Galloway, Robert 62079Abstract1103
Gallu, George 51123Index1997372
Galluly, Peter 68200Book18711253
Gallup, Cynthia 5296Index250
Gallus, Frank 5297Index250
Gallus, Izidor P 5298Index250
Gallus, Robert 54390Index323
Galmore, John 5299Index250
Galpin, David 5300Index250
Galpin, Bud 53761Index324
Galrien, James 60181Index1101
Galthaney, John W 22252Index235
Galvez, Dosa Garica 17880Abstract242
Galvin, William 22253Index235
Galvin, Addie 5301Index250
Galvin, Caroline 5302Index250
Galvin, Henry 5303Index250
Galvin, James 5304Index250
Galvin, Louis 5305Index250
Galvin, Mary 5306Index250
Galvin, Nora 5307Index250
Gambel, Annie K 5308Index250
Gambel, Emma 58357Index1100
Gamble, Joseph H 22254Index235
Gamble, Jesse 5309Index250
Gamble, John 5310Index250
Gamble, W J 45212Index2000368
Gamble, W F 46350Index1998369
Gamble, Phebe 61015Index1101
Gamble, Martha 61427Index1101
Gambler, Catherine 5311Index250
Gambrell, Emma C 59645Index1101
Gamer, Sarah Ann 58008Index1100
Gamerl, Martin 5312Index250
Gampper, Fred K 51222Index1997372
Gander, A B 58684Index1100
Gander, Amanda 60698Index1101
Gandy, M E 67279Map681
Gandy, Isaac 60183Index1101
Ganey, John 5313Index250
Ganmeg, S. 5314Index250
Gann, A M 22255Index235
Gann, Charles F 22256Index235
Gann, H D 22257Index235
Gann, James W 22258Index235
Gann, S W 22259Index235
Gann, Walter 22260Index235
Gann, Walter Lee 22261Index235
Gann, Wesley 22262Index235
Gann, Albert S 5315Index250
Gann, Samuel A 5316Index250
Gann, Theodore 32694Index363
Gann, Virgil S 33335Index363
Gann, Theodore 38474Index365
Gann, Dale 38857Index365
Gann, Dale Lawrence 38965Index365
Gann, Dale L 41536Index366
Gann, James W 45059Index2000368
Gann, J W 45125Index2000368
Gann, Dale 49588Index370
Gannaway, Howard 48376Index370
Gannaway, H F 48389Index370
Gannon, Petroval L 5317Index250
Ganote, Joseph C 32405Index363
Ganote, W L 33641Index363
Ganpp, Harry 22263Index235
Gansh, Mary 5318Index250
Gant, Frank 22264Index235
Gant, Jesse 22265Index235
Gant, Joseph D 22266Index235
Gants, Jesse 22267Index235
Garard, David 5319Index250
Garbe, C H 22268Index235
Garbe, W J 48210Index370
Garbe, Dale 49642Index370
Garber, Glenn 48823Index370
Garbowski, Rasael 41803Index366
Garchidi, Joseph 5320Index250
Garchner, L. 5321Index250
Garcia, Guadalupe 41809Index366
Garcia, Guadalupe George 41883Index366
Garcia, G G 47492Index1998369
Gard, Charles 22269Index235
Gard, Charles 22270Index235
Gard, Floyd 5322Index250
Gard, Wayne 53588Index324
Garden, Charles 22271Index235
Gardener, John S 22272Index235
Gardiner, William A 60185Index1101
Gardiner, Mary 68756Book18711253
Gardner, Albert 22273Index235
Gardner, D R 22274Index235
Gardner, David 22275Index235
Gardner, David F? 22276Index235
Gardner, David R 22277Index235
Gardner, J F 22278Index235
Gardner, W O 22279Index235
Gardner, W O 22280Index235
Gardner, (f) 5323Index250
Gardner, (m) 5324Index250
Gardner, Charles 5325Index250
Gardner, Eddie 5326Index250
Gardner, Fred T 5327Index250
Gardner, George 5328Index250
Gardner, Jennie M 5329Index250
Gardner, John C 5330Index250
Gardner, Ruth 5331Index250
Gardner, Sarah 5332Index250
Gardner, Tantha 5333Index250
Gardner, W. B 5334Index250
Gardner, William P 54080Index323
Gardner, Wilbur 54085Index323
Gardner, Eugene 32652Index363
Gardner, Eugene W 32668Index363
Gardner, Willie 39274Index365
Gardner, Charles Marvin 40059Index365
Gardner, Chester Staton 40773Index366
Gardner, William Shirleye 41576Index366
Gardner, Wiley Howard 41652Index366
Gardner, Kenneth Alvin 42328Index366
Gardner, Henry 44265Index2000368
Gardner, Henry 44328Index2000368
Gardner, Will 44465Index2000368
Gardner, W S 45378Index1998369
Gardner, F W 46215Index1998369
Gardner, K A 47659Index1998369
Gardner, Charles 48605Index370
Gardner, C M 48641Index370
Gardner, F W 48862Index370
Gardner, Wiley 49852Index1994371
Gardner, William S 50496Index1994371
Gardner, William 50517Index1994371
Gardner, Melvin 50869Index1997372
Gardner, W H 50890Index1997372
Gardner, Sarah E (Swaim)64986Abstract1106
Gardner, John 68765Book18711253
Gardner, Kate 68797Book18711253
Gardner, Kate 68813Book18711253
Gardner, Rose Mary 68852Book18711253
Gardner, Eliza J 69495Book18711253
Gardner, Marjorie Dwade 70146Newsletter19341319
Gareschp, John 32816Index363
Garett, Jane 59153Index1100
Garetts, Thad 22281Index235
Garey, John 67280Map681
Garfield, Mattie 22282Index235
Garfield, Abigail 60905Index1101
Garish, William 22283Index235
Garish, William 22284Index235
Garland, Nancy 5335Index250
Garland, H E 45223Index2000368
Garland, William H 57947Index1100
Garley, James 68231Book18711253
Garlich, Robert 22285Index235
Garlich, Robert 22286Index235
Garlich, (inf) 5336Index250
Garlich, Robert 5337Index250
Garlichs, Fred A h 71Book1
Garlichs, Warren E 22287Index235
Garlichs, Herman 5338Index250
Garlichs, Josephine 5339Index250
Garlichs, Ruby 5340Index250
Garlichs, Richard W 41198Index366
Garlicks, Fred 22288Index235
Garlisch, Alma O 5341Index250
Garmel, James 17799Index926
Garmel, Elisabeth (Allen)17800Index926
Garner, E S 22289Index235
Garner, Charles 5342Index250
Garner, Edwards 5343Index250
Garner, George 5344Index250
Garner, Gertrude J 5345Index250
Garner, H. C 5346Index250
Garner, Josephine 5347Index250
Garner, Sarah 5348Index250
Garner, J Marvin 42627Index366
Garner, C T 55617Index1990841
Garner, 55618Index1990841
Garner, Daniel W 57949Index1100
Garner, 62081Abstract1103
Garner, Walter 63500Index9999
Garner, Edwin 63706Index9999
Garnett, Eugenia 5349Index250
Garnett, Jennie 5350Index250
Garnett, Martha 57829Index1100
Garnett, Mary Emily 58536Index1100
Garnier, E D 22290Index235
Garnier, E D 22291Index235
Garnier, (inf) 5351Index250
Garnier, Edward 5352Index250
Garnier, Fred 5353Index250
Garoute, Harvey L 48377Index370
Garoutt, Harvey 43942Index2000368
Garoutte, Harvey 54228Index323
Garoutte, H L 44194Index2000368
Garoutte, H L 48431Index370
Garr, Jordan 5354Index250
Garren, Thomas D 48499Index370
Garren, T D 48566Index370
Garret, William 57951Index1100
Garreth, Mary 5355Index250
Garreth, Zachariah 5356Index250
Garreth, Bob 53389Index324
Garrets, Theo 22292Index235
Garretson, Gilbert 5357Index250
Garrett, George 22293Index235
Garrett, Roy 22294Index235
Garrett, Hugh 17882Abstract242
Garrett, Ann 5358Index250
Garrett, Golden 5359Index250
Garrett, Iba 5360Index250
Garrett, James C 5361Index250
Garrett, Malvin 5362Index250
Garrett, Retta 5363Index250
Garrett, Samuel 5364Index250
Garrett, B W 40341Index365
Garrett, Barney Watson 40366Index365
Garrett, 67281Map681
Garrett, E F 65728Abstract682
Garrett, T 55619Index1990841
Garrett, Amanda E 58442Index1100
Garrett, Delia E 59011Index1100
Garrett, Thomas B 60187Index1101
Garrett, Sarah A 61256Index1101
Garrett, Mary Emeline (Wiggins)56453Abstract1102
Garrett, Jane (Skillicorn)64987Abstract1106
Garrett, Mary Lou 70072Newsletter19321309
Garrett, Hollis J 70127Newsletter19331315
Garrett, Hollis J (Blake)70128Newsletter19331315
Garrick, Ray 38475Index365
Garrick, Lawrence 44000Index2000368
Garrick, R R 45302Index2000368
Garrish, William 22295Index235
Garrish, Frank 5365Index250
Garrish, Frank 5366Index250
Garrish, Margaret 5367Index250
Garrison, Elizabeth 5368Index250
Garrison, Jasper 5369Index250
Garrison, Oliver 17746Index926
Garrison, Margaret E (Hunter)17747Index926
Garrison, Benjamin F 54993Index926
Garrison, Lydia (Henry)54994Index926
Garrod, R 22296Index235
Garrod, Roy 22297Index235
Garrod, Roy 22298Index235
Garrod, Edith L 5370Index250
Garst, 67282Map681
Garst, 67283Map681
Garst, C 67284Map681
Garst, C M 67285Map681
Garst, F 67286Map681
Garst, Fred 67287Map681
Garst, G 67288Map681
Garst, G W 67289Map681
Garst, George 67290Map681
Garst, Geo W 67291Map681
Garst, John 67292Map681
Garst, P 67293Map681
Garst, R A 67294Map681
Garst, R A 67295Map681
Garst, Fannie 65729Abstract682
Garst, Peter 65730Abstract682
Garst, Delia 65731Abstract682
Garst, Irby Ray 65732Abstract682
Garst, John 65733Abstract682
Garst, Fannie 65734Abstract682
Garst, Arnold 64988Abstract1106
Garsting, Della 5371Index250
Garten, E. C 5372Index250
Garth, J J 22299Index235
Garth, J J 22300Index235
Garth, James J 22301Index235
Garth, Samuel A 5373Index250
Gartlan, John 22302Index235
Gartland, John 22303Index235
Gartland, Owen J 22304Index235
Gartland, Johannes 5374Index250
Gartland, Kate 5375Index250
Gartland, Margarite 5376Index250
Gartland, Margret 5377Index250
Gartland, James F 32467Index363
Garton, Robert 32339Index363
Garton, Lester Robert 39745Index365
Garver, D R 43799Index2000368
Garver, Donald 51298Index1997372
Garver, Jacob A 60189Index1101
Garver, William I 60191Index1101
Garver, Ella 60546Index1101
Garvey, ? 22305Index235
Garvey, M 22306Index235
Garvey, M J 22307Index235
Garvey, Michael 22308Index235
Garvey, Richard 22309Index235
Garvey, Richard J 22310Index235
Garvey, Agnes F 5378Index250
Garvey, E. 5379Index250
Garvey, James 5380Index250
Garvey, Richard 5381Index250
Garvey, Lawrence Joseph 41658Index366
Garvey, R M 49572Index370
Garvey, Richard 50903Index1997372
Garvin, John 54400Index323
Garvis, John 41206Index366
Garvis, Jon Cornelius 41274Index366
Gasaway, A A 22311Index235
Gasaway, A A 22312Index235
Gasaway, Albert 22313Index235
Gasaway, W 22314Index235
Gasaway, Lydia 5382Index250
Gash, L. M 5383Index250
Gasjean, Thomas 22315Index235
Gaskell, 67296Map681
Gaskill, William E 5384Index250
Gaskur, Fred 5385Index250
Gasper, Raymond 5386Index250
Gasper, D D 43485Index2000368
Gasper, Harold 43816Index2000368
Gasper, H E 43914Index2000368
Gasper, Robert 51396Index1997372
Gasphard, 67297Map681
Gass, Emiline 5387Index250
Gassaway, Eliza 5388Index250
Gassen, Joseph 32572Index363
Gassen, William 38430Index365
Gassen, William Herman 38491Index365
Gassen, Herbert 42341Index366
Gassman, Jacob W 5389Index250
Gassman, Frank 38778Index365
Gassman, William 39242Index365
Gassman, F A 44722Index2000368
Gassman, Frank A 50676Index1997372
Gassmyer, Richard 55620Index1990841
Gassoway, A A 22316Index235
Gassoway, Thomas 22317Index235
Gaston, Alex 22318Index235
Gaston, K M 22319Index235
Gaston, Edith 5390Index250
Gaston, Ellen Gertrude 5391Index250
Gaston, John 5392Index250
Gaston, Mary J 5393Index250
Gaston, Roy 5394Index250
Gaston, Alexander 64244Index9999
Gatch, E S 22320Index235
Gatch, Elizo 22321Index235
Gatenby, Lyle 41432Index366
Gatenby, Lyle Laverne 41460Index366
Gates, Charles 22322Index235
Gates, David F 22323Index235
Gates, Franklin 22324Index235
Gates, James 22325Index235
Gates, James William 22326Index235
Gates, Charles D 17886Abstract242
Gates, (m) 5395Index250
Gates, Doris C 5396Index250
Gates, Emma 5397Index250
Gates, Gideon 5398Index250
Gates, Ida 5399Index250
Gates, John H 5400Index250
Gates, Maria 5401Index250
Gates, William 5402Index250
Gates, Alexander 39153Index365
Gates, Alexander Jonathan 39192Index365
Gates, G W 67298Map681
Gates, Mary Elizabeth (Casebolt)56455Abstract1102
Gates, James 69258Book18711253
Gates, G W 63946Index9999
Gates, Eva 64135Index9999
Gates, G W 64199Index9999
Gatewood, Timothy 5403Index250
Gatling, Richard Jordan 62082Abstract1103
Gatlon, William J 32728Index363
Gatton, Frank C 55375Index189
Gatton, William 43034Index2000368
Gatton, W J 43066Index2000368
Gatts, James 22327Index235
Gatts, Elizabeth 5404Index250
Gatts, Herbert 5405Index250
Gaudee, Joseph 57953Index1100
Gaudee, Uriah 57955Index1100
Gaugh, C. C 5406Index250
Gaugh, Richard 5407Index250
Gaughran, Thomas 22328Index235
Gauilado, Joseph 17887Abstract242
Gault, Liza 5408Index250
Gault, Thomas 5409Index250
Gauml, F 22329Index235
Gaunce, H 67299Map681
Gaunce, Mary S 65735Abstract682
Gaunt, Robert 63330Index9999
Gavin, John 17888Abstract242
Gavin, James 5410Index250
Gavin, Patrick 5411Index250
Gawatz, Alors 5412Index250
Gawatz, H E 46180Index1998369
Gay, H L 22330Index235
Gay, Wm H 22331Index235
Gay, Mrs. Leroy 5413Index250
Gay, John C 32172Index363
Gay, Bernard 44266Index2000368
Gay, Will R 65519Abstract682
Gaylon, David B 57957Index1100
Gaynor, Thomas W 22332Index235
Gaytan, Alberto 17883Abstract242
Gazin, Joseph W 5414Index250
Gear, William 64321Index9999
Gearhar, R L 67300Map681
Gearheart, Edmond B 5415Index250
Gearick, A 22333Index235
Gearick, A H 22334Index235
Gears, Retta 5416Index250
Geary, Mary 62570Abstract1104
Geatheart, R L 67301Map681
Gebani, (inf) 5417Index250
Gebber, Joseph 22335Index235
Gebhards, B 67302Map681
Gebhards, F 67303Map681
Gebhardt, F 22336Index235
Gebhart, William F D 45718Index1998369
Gebhart, 67304Map681
Gebhart, H 67305Map681
Gechter, Francis J 5418Index250
Geddes, Charles 22337Index235
Gedultig, Thomas W 22338Index235
Gedultig, Susie H 5419Index250
Gee, James W 60193Index1101
Geer, Anna 5420Index250
Geesey, Frank 60195Index1101
Geha, William Joseph 42594Index366
Geha, William Joseph 45740Index1998369
Geha, W J 49297Index370
Gehling, John 5421Index250
Gehling, Susan 5422Index250
Gehrepp, Mable 5423Index250
Gehres, Catherine 5424Index250
Gehrett, Charles S 5425Index250
Gehrett, Elebous 5426Index250
Gehrs, H 22339Index235
Gehrs, Herman 22340Index235
Gehrs, Herman 22341Index235
Gehrs, Henry R 17889Abstract242
Geiber, Archie B 33083Index363
Geiger, Jacob 57Book1
Geiger, Charles G 122Book1
Geiger, Bern 22342Index235
Geiger, John G 22343Index235
Geiger, John S 22344Index235
Geiger, Joseph 22345Index235
Geiger, Joseph 22346Index235
Geiger, A. O 5427Index250
Geiger, Bernard 5428Index250
Geiger, W. H 5429Index250
Geiger, Galen D 54598Index323
Geigerr, Irene 5430Index250
Geil, Adam 5431Index250
Geiler, Arthur 22347Index235
Geiler, Arthur 22348Index235
Geiler, Robert 54234Index323
Geiler, Edward H 32995Index363
Geiler, Robert Milton 38852Index365
Geiler, Herbert Sylvester 39079Index365
Geiler, Robert Milton 42427Index366
Geis, Albert 22349Index235
Geis, S 22350Index235
Geis, Steve 22351Index235
Geisler, F 22352Index235
Geisler, Earnest 5432Index250
Geisler, Mary J 5433Index250
Geisner, Peter J 22353Index235
Geisner, Anna 5434Index250
Geisner, May 69628Book19041254
Geiss, Gust 22354Index235
Geitinger, Chas 22355Index235
Geitz, Frank L 22356Index235
Geiwitz, C F 22357Index235
Geiwitz, Charles F 22358Index235
Geiwitz, Edward 22359Index235
Geiwitz, Oscar 22360Index235
Geiwitz, Gottleib 5435Index250
Gekelar, Carie S 63991Index9999
Gekeler, Dora 22361Index235
Gekeler, John 5436Index250
Gekeler, Mary S 5437Index250
Gelbert, John 22362Index235
Geler, Max 22363Index235
Gell, Elton Thomas 39081Index365
Geller, A 22364Index235
Geller, Joseph 22365Index235
Geller, Joseph 22366Index235
Geller, Joseph 22367Index235
Geller, Joseph 22368Index235
Geller, Mont 22369Index235
Geller, Esther 5438Index250
Geller, Isidor 5439Index250
Geller, Willie 5440Index250
Geller, Robert 38821Index365
Geller, Robert 42377Index366
Geller, R M 44710Index2000368
Gelley, Oscar V 22370Index235
Gelley, Edward G 5441Index250
Gelvin, David A 60198Index1101
Gelvin, James Black 60200Index1101
Gelvin, Sherwood McElroy 62083Abstract1103
Gelvin, George A 64503Abstract1105
Gelvin, Matthew 64989Abstract1106
Gelwicks, John C 22371Index235
Gelwitz, Edward 22372Index235
Gemecher, Mary 58839Index1100
Gemmer, Charles 22373Index235
Gemmer, Herman Charles 22374Index235
Gemmer, (f) 5442Index250
Gemmer, Harry 5443Index250
Gemmer, Harry 46073Index1998369
Gemmer, H W 46106Index1998369
Gemmer, H J 48915Index370
Gemmer, H W 49006Index370
Gemmer, Herman 50657Index1994371
Gemmer, Herman J 50658Index1994371
Gemner, George 22375Index235
Gench, Marvin Frederick 42704Index366
Gendrean, C A 22376Index235
Gener, George 22377Index235
Genette, Charles 62571Abstract1104
Gengelbach, Richard Gordon 41453Index366
Genkinger, Fred 5444Index250
Gensheer, Charles F 5445Index250
Gensheer, James R 32281Index363
Gensler, Louis 22378Index235
Gentles, Samuel 51295Index1997372
Gentry, J H 22379Index235
Gentry, John H 22380Index235
Gentry, William H 22381Index235
Gentry, A. (rev ) 5446Index250
Gentry, John 5447Index250
Gentry, Milton 5448Index250
Gentry, Bennie 54067Index323
Gentry, Kenneth 54584Index323
Gentry, Bennie 53540Index324
Gentry, Raymond F 32940Index363
Gentry, Kenneth 41353Index366
Gentry, Kenneth Edward 41378Index366
Gentry, Freeman 50183Index1994371
Gentry, Thomas L 50982Index1997372
Gentry, J T (Cozine)65736Abstract682
Gentry, Andrew J 16794Index926
Gentry, Mary J (Cowan)16795Index926
Gentry, Elizabeth 57581Index1100
Gentry, Sarah 60993Index1101
Gentry, Alfred 64990Abstract1106
Gentry, James 68834Book18711253
Gentry, Wm Henry 68835Book18711253
Gentry, James 68837Book18711253
Gentry, Old Man 68982Book18711253
Gentsell, Clifford 44531Index2000368
Genttler, Geo 69189Book18711253
Gentzell, E C 22382Index235
Gentzell, Glen 5449Index250
Gentzell, C C 44593Index2000368
Gentzell, Clifford 50754Index1997372
Geoluet, Frank 22383Index235
George, Austin 22384Index235
George, Austin F 22385Index235
George, Bishop 22386Index235
George, G B 22387Index235
George, Harry L 22388Index235
George, Leon 22389Index235
George, O C 22390Index235
George, Harry L 17890Abstract242
George, Adolph 5450Index250
George, Emma 5451Index250
George, James 5452Index250
George, John 5453Index250
George, Jospeh H 5454Index250
George, M. K 5455Index250
George, M. M 5456Index250
George, Nannie 5457Index250
George, Nellie 5458Index250
George, Nellie B 5459Index250
George, Rufus L 5460Index250
George, Sarah 5461Index250
George, Stella 5462Index250
George, Thomas 5463Index250
George, Thomas M 5464Index250
George, Willie 5465Index250
George, Floyd 54120Index323
George, Harlan 54334Index323
George, Walter 53576Index324
George, James W 32531Index363
George, M 32541Index363
George, Orville 33657Index363
George, Howard Eugene 40989Index366
George, E H 44707Index2000368
George, Vernon 47605Index1998369
George, Vernon 47633Index1998369
George, O E 48232Index370
George, G D 48844Index370
George, Ben 50257Index1994371
George, Lucy E (Duncan)55621Index1990841
George, Bazzie 16710Index926
George, Bazzie 16711Index926
George, Nancy (England)16712Index926
George, James 62865Index926
George, Thos 68369Book18711253
George, Thos 68395Book18711253
George, Goodloe 68448Book18711253
George, Jor 69387Book18711253
Gerard, M C 22391Index235
Gerard, Emma 5466Index250
Gerard, Lillian R 64113Index9999
Gerber, E Curtis 22392Index235
Gerber, Emil 22393Index235
Gerber, Anna 5467Index250
Gerber, Christian 5468Index250
Gerber, John 5469Index250
Gerber, Donald 54364Index323
Gerber, Jacob Frank 38466Index365
Gerber, Guy Frederick 39294Index365
Gerber, Fred L 48160Index370
Gerber, F L 48391Index370
Gerdes, ?? 45412Index1998369
Gerding, August 22394Index235
Gerding, Edith L 5470Index250
Gerding, O. E 5471Index250
Gerding, Harry N 32512Index363
Gere, Robert 5472Index250
Gereck, Joseph 5473Index250
Gereck, Maria A 5474Index250
Geren, Belle 5475Index250
Gergardt, George C 17892Abstract242
Gergeni, Wendell 41481Index366
Gergeni, Wendell Steve 41502Index366
Gerhardt, Antone 22395Index235
Gerhardt, John 22396Index235
Gerhardt, John 22397Index235
Gerhardt, Henry M 17891Abstract242
Gerhardt, Emil 5476Index250
Gerhardt, Joseph A 5477Index250
Gerhardt, Julia 5478Index250
Gerhardt, Jacob Bernard 49188Index370
Gerhardt, J B 49233Index370
Gerhardt, Nicholas 50677Index1997372
Gerhart, Nicholas 50682Index1997372
Gerik, Lucy 5479Index250
Gerke, Otto 5480Index250
Gerkin, Richard 17893Abstract242
Gerling, Frederick Junior 41303Index366
Gerling, Frederick 49545Index370
Germain, Mary 69441Book18711253
Germain, Mary 69460Book18711253
Germaine, Julius 68614Book18711253
German, Isaac 62084Abstract1103
German, William 62572Abstract1104
German, John 69473Book18711253
Germer, G 22398Index235
Germmer, Charles 22399Index235
Gernamdt, (twins) 5481Index250
Gernandt, Wm 22400Index235
Gernandt, William 5482Index250
Gernardt, George 22401Index235
Gernardt, George O 22402Index235
Gernardt, Marvin K 5483Index250
Gero, Paul 41540Index366
Gero, Paul William 41612Index366
Gero, P W 44256Index2000368
Geromg, Sjer 22403Index235
Gerrard, Justus 5484Index250
Gerrod, Roy 22404Index235
Gersh, Charles 51331Index1997372
Gerst, Rose 5485Index250
Gerstner, Gustav C 55395Index189
Gerstner, Gustav C 32173Index363
Gerwatosky, F 22405Index235
Gerwatosky, F 22406Index235
Gerwitz, (f) 5486Index250
Geso, Thomas B 61664Index926
Geso, Anna Mariah (Hudson)61665Index926
Getchel, Nancy 5487Index250
Gettinger, Chester 5488Index250
Gewitz, (inf) 5489Index250
Geyer, Adolph 22407Index235
Geyer, Anna 16563Abstract236
Geyer, Annie 5490Index250
Geyer, Charles 40312Index365
Geyer, Christina 64991Abstract1106
Geyets, Ment 67306Map681
Ghean, William T 22408Index235
Ghean, William T 22409Index235
Gherett, E 22410Index235
Ghering, Louisa 57668Index1100
Giannattasio, Daniel 44431Index2000368
Giannetta, Vincent A 53847Index324
Gibbany, J R 55622Index1990841
Gibbert, Samuel 22411Index235
Gibbins, Marion 32785Index363
Gibbons, H E J 22412Index235
Gibbons, Patrick Henry 17894Abstract242
Gibbons, Alfred 5491Index250
Gibbons, Marion Loise 5492Index250
Gibbs, Ralph 32358Index363
Gibbs, Eldon Eugene 43982Index2000368
Gibbs, Eldon Eugene 44019Index2000368
Gibbs, Elden 47881Index370
Gibbs, C S 67307Map681
Gibbs, 65738Abstract682
Gibbs, 65739Abstract682
Gibbs, Royal Clinton 56465Abstract1102
Gibbs, Homer Franklin 64504Abstract1105
Gibbs, Wm 69623Book19041254
Gibe, Kenneth Eugene 5493Index250
Gibe, William A 5494Index250
Giben, Edward 22413Index235
Gibes, William 22414Index235
Gibham, James Edward 54317Index323
Gibs, William A 22415Index235
Gibson, E S 22416Index235
Gibson, Edwin 22417Index235
Gibson, Edwin 22418Index235
Gibson, Ernest 22419Index235
Gibson, F? M 22420Index235
Gibson, James A 22421Index235
Gibson, James T 22422Index235
Gibson, John 22423Index235
Gibson, John 22424Index235
Gibson, John L 22425Index235
Gibson, William H 22426Index235
Gibson, William P 22427Index235
Gibson, Wm P 22428Index235
Gibson, (inf) 5495Index250
Gibson, (m) 5496Index250
Gibson, Alex 5497Index250
Gibson, Amanda 5498Index250
Gibson, Elizabeth 5499Index250
Gibson, Enid 5500Index250
Gibson, Frances 5501Index250
Gibson, Henry E 5502Index250
Gibson, James E 5503Index250
Gibson, John 5504Index250
Gibson, John W 5505Index250
Gibson, Katherine 5506Index250
Gibson, Margaret 5507Index250
Gibson, Mary (mrs ) 5508Index250
Gibson, Robert E 5509Index250
Gibson, Rollin B 5510Index250
Gibson, Thomas J 5511Index250
Gibson, William E 5512Index250
Gibson, Billy 54480Index323
Gibson, A L 53473Index324
Gibson, Charles Melvin 31818Index363
Gibson, Elwyn S 31987Index363
Gibson, James 39145Index365
Gibson, James Howitt 39191Index365
Gibson, Wallace 40158Index365
Gibson, Edward Leon 40229Index365
Gibson, William Wallace 40250Index365
Gibson, Lloyd C 40593Index366
Gibson, Lloyd Charles 40650Index366
Gibson, Kenneth E 43446Index2000368
Gibson, E L 44211Index2000368
Gibson, E L 47129Index1998369
Gibson, F L 47209Index1998369
Gibson, William 49067Index370
Gibson, E L 49547Index370
Gibson, Donald 50518Index1994371
Gibson, Edward 50760Index1997372
Gibson, Robert 51278Index1997372
Gibson, I 67308Map681
Gibson, J B 67309Map681
Gibson, J S 67310Map681
Gibson, Wm 65740Abstract682
Gibson, Isaac 65741Abstract682
Gibson, William 59196Index926
Gibson, Tempa (Sanders)59197Index926
Gibson, Martha A 57451Index1100
Gibson, Elizabeth 57567Index1100
Gibson, John 57959Index1100
Gibson, Theodore 57961Index1100
Gibson, John D 60202Index1101
Gibson, Presley 60204Index1101
Gibson, Robert 56466Abstract1102
Gibson, Elvira (Sipes)62573Abstract1104
Gibson, Presley 62574Abstract1104
Gibson, Barnetta E (Walker)64505Abstract1105
Gibson, John C 64506Abstract1105
Gibson, Willie 68992Book18711253
Gibson, Helen V 64101Index9999
Giddens, May 5513Index250
Giddens, Robert E 32619Index363
Giddens, Norman 32730Index363
Giddens, Norman 32746Index363
Giddens, Stanley E 33344Index363
Giddings, H 22429Index235
Giddings, Nap 22430Index235
Giddings, Hampton 5514Index250
Giddings, N T 63579Index9999
Giddings, Hamilton 63580Index9999
Giddings, Ann Evelyn 63581Index9999
Giddins, Mary A 64401Index9999
Giddons, Edward 55623Index1990841
Giebens, Christ 5515Index250
Gier, George Washington 60206Index1101
Giesburt, C E 43902Index2000368
Giesecke, Carl W 5516Index250
Giesecke, Otto W 5517Index250
Giesie, Wantellin 22431Index235
Giessebier, Rudolph W 44082Index2000368
Gifford, G Keith 55409Index189
Gifford, D F 22432Index235
Gifford, George 22433Index235
Gifford, Minnie 5518Index250
Gifford, George K 32062Index363
Gifford, Jack 46274Index1998369
Gifford, 62085Abstract1103
Gift, Earnest 22434Index235
Giguere, R J 48841Index370
Giguere, James R 50437Index1994371
Gihes, William M 22435Index235
Gilbert, Clarence 22436Index235
Gilbert, Edward 22437Index235
Gilbert, Edward 22438Index235
Gilbert, William E 22439Index235
Gilbert, B. F 5519Index250
Gilbert, Charles 5520Index250
Gilbert, Hasel 5521Index250
Gilbert, Lorain 5522Index250
Gilbert, William Edward 5523Index250
Gilbert, Willie 5524Index250
Gilbert, Lee 32120Index363
Gilbert, Frank 32479Index363
Gilbert, Harold J 32795Index363
Gilbert, Martin Lee 38760Index365
Gilbert, Lester Howard 40890Index366
Gilbert, M L 46481Index1998369
Gilbert, Cleo 48713Index370
Gilbert, John 48777Index370
Gilbert, C D 48780Index370
Gilbert, Ruben 17143Index926
Gilbert, Hannah (Middaugh)17144Index926
Gilbert, C A 60208Index1101
Gilbert, John F 60210Index1101
Gilbert, Nelia (Elder)56467Abstract1102
Gilbert, Amos 68258Book18711253
Gilbert, Marion 64108Index9999
Gilborne, John 5525Index250
Gilbourn, Robert J 22440Index235
Gilbreath, John 69624Book19041254
Gilchrist, Charles H 22441Index235
Gilchrist, Patrick 5526Index250
Gilcrist, Henry T 60212Index1101
Gilday, (m) 5527Index250
Gilday, Alice 5528Index250
Gilderoy, Geo E (Sallee)70325Newsletter19351304
Gildizen, William Edward 41997Index366
Gile, Marion 22442Index235
Giles, arry 22443Index235
Giles, H D 22444Index235
Giles, James M 22445Index235
Giles, Edward H 5529Index250
Giles, Herbert T 5530Index250
Giles, Jane 5531Index250
Giles, Jane 5532Index250
Giles, Ruben 5533Index250
Giles, Sallie 5534Index250
Giles, Orville 33361Index363
Gilespie, Kenneth 43725Index2000368
Gilfin, Geo 69873Book19081255
Gilgest, Harry 22446Index235
Gilgour, C F 46412Index1998369
Gilkerson, U. A 5535Index250
Gilkey, James 54157Index323
Gilkey, James 53625Index324
Gilkey, James B 45244Index2000368
Gilkey, James B 50347Index1994371
Gill, Charles 22447Index235
Gill, Charles 22448Index235
Gill, Charles W 22449Index235
Gill, Fountain 22450Index235
Gill, Fountain 22451Index235
Gill, Fountain 22452Index235
Gill, Michael 22453Index235
Gill, Arthur J 5536Index250
Gill, B. 5537Index250
Gill, Clifton 5538Index250
Gill, Fauntaine 5539Index250
Gill, Maria 5540Index250
Gill, Martin 5541Index250
Gill, Michael F 5542Index250
Gill, Donald 54272Index323
Gill, C W 32569Index363
Gill, R D 33103Index363
Gill, Jack 41821Index366
Gill, Jack Leslie 41885Index366
Gill, Gerald 42539Index366
Gill, Gerald Dean 42606Index366
Gill, R D 43293Index2000368
Gill, Gordon 44619Index2000368
Gill, G L 44697Index2000368
Gill, J L 46150Index1998369
Gill, W R 47775Index1998369
Gill, George W 60214Index1101
Gill, Frank 69870Book19081255
Gillaspie, Ellis 53445Index324
Gillaspie, E W 47924Index370
Gilled, John 60216Index1101
Gillen, William 22454Index235
Gillen, William 22455Index235
Gillen, (m) 5543Index250
Gillen, Daniel 5544Index250
Gillen, Harry 5545Index250
Gillenn, Louis E 22456Index235
Gillenwater, R L 45611Index1998369
Gillenwater, Anna 62575Abstract1104
Giller, D G 22457Index235
Giller, David J 22458Index235
Giller, (inf) 5546Index250
Giller, John 5547Index250
Giller, Theresa 5548Index250
Giller, William J 5549Index250
Giller, Willie 5550Index250
Gillespie, J M 22459Index235
Gillespie, John 22460Index235
Gillespie, John 22461Index235
Gillespie, John 22462Index235
Gillespie, John M 22463Index235
Gillespie, Rupert 22464Index235
Gillespie, W A 22465Index235
Gillespie, Clara 5551Index250
Gillespie, Louise 5552Index250
Gillespie, Bill 53800Index324
Gillespie, Lloyd W 32797Index363
Gillespie, Floyd Delbert 42776Index366
Gillespie, Francis 43319Index2000368
Gillespie, Eldon 45365Index1998369
Gillespie, M E 45418Index1998369
Gillespie, W L 47556Index1998369
Gillespie, Eldon 51033Index1997372
Gillespie, Corner ? 61752Index926
Gillespie, Lucy A (Lancaster)61753Index926
Gillett, Frank E 5553Index250
Gillett, Clifford 43452Index2000368
Gillett, C W 43478Index2000368
Gillette, E 22466Index235
Gillette, John 22467Index235
Gillette, M A 67311Map681
Gillette, Myron A 62086Abstract1103
Gillettte, Frank 22468Index235
Gilley, J 22469Index235
Gilley, Oscar 22470Index235
Gilley, Oscar 22471Index235
Gilley, Oscar V 22472Index235
Gilley, Harriet 5554Index250
Gilley, Henry 5555Index250
Gilley, Ida 5556Index250
Gilley, Jennie 5557Index250
Gilley, F A 44668Index2000368
Gilliam, M L 67312Map681
Gilliam, W M 67313Map681
Gilliam, Fayette 65742Abstract682
Gilliam, M L 65743Abstract682
Gillian, Gereal 5558Index250
Gilliham, J S 64507Abstract1105
Gillihan, Edna 5559Index250
Gillihan, James 5560Index250
Gilliland, Giles 5561Index250
Gilliland, A Glenwood 32166Index363
Gilliland, 55624Index1990841
Gilliland, Lillie (Morris)64508Abstract1105
Gilliland, 64992Abstract1106
Gillim, Ernest G 5562Index250
Gillingham, J 22473Index235
Gillip, Odie F 22474Index235
Gillip, J L 46247Index1998369
Gillis, George Harold 40776Index366
Gillis, Laurany 57709Index1100
Gillis, Polly A 57711Index1100
Gillis, Edward 57963Index1100
Gillis, Levi 57965Index1100
Gillis, Wayne 60218Index1101
Gillis, Emma 60401Index1101
Gillis, George 56468Abstract1102
Gillis, Edward 62087Abstract1103
Gillis, Addie (Hill)64993Abstract1106
Gillis, George W 64994Abstract1106
Gillis, Thelma Theresa 64995Abstract1106
Gillison, Ellen Jane 58871Index1100
Gillispie, Clayborn 42280Index366
Gillispie, Paul 42952Index2000368
Gillispie, P D 42991Index2000368
Gillispie, F D 43371Index2000368
Gillispie, W W 46845Index1998369
Gillispie, C C 47299Index1998369
Gillispie, Henry 69227Book18711253
Gillispie, Susannah E 64236Index9999
Gillman, Harry F 22475Index235
Gillmaster, Robert 45566Index1998369
Gillmore, J S 22476Index235
Gillmore, Y 22477Index235
Gillmore, (inf) 5563Index250
Gillmore, James 57967Index1100
Gillmore, Sarah J 59119Index1100
Gillmore, Agnes 68902Book18711253
Gillswater, Anna 5564Index250
Gillum, Laurence 32548Index363
Gilman, Tillie 5565Index250
Gilman, Fred 48105Index370
Gilman, F L 48168Index370
Gilmer, F 22478Index235
Gilmer, F E 22479Index235
Gilmer, F E 22480Index235
Gilmer, Fred 22481Index235
Gilmer, Fred 22482Index235
Gilmer, Fred 22483Index235
Gilmer, Fred 22484Index235
Gilmer, Marge 5566Index250
Gilmer, Rebecca 5567Index250
Gilmere, Fred E 22485Index235
Gilmore, A H 22486Index235
Gilmore, Arch 22487Index235
Gilmore, Chester 22488Index235
Gilmore, J S 22489Index235
Gilmore, John N 22490Index235
Gilmore, John C 17895Abstract242
Gilmore, Mildred 5568Index250
Gilmore, S. A 5569Index250
Gilmore, Charles 54324Index323
Gilmore, Gene 53861Index324
Gilmore, Donald L 32274Index363
Gilmore, Willis 38650Index365
Gilmore, Charles 41961Index366
Gilmore, Charles Dean 41996Index366
Gilmore, Lowry M 43021Index2000368
Gilmore, D M 43906Index2000368
Gilmore, Chester June 45720Index1998369
Gilmore, Chester 49170Index370
Gilmore, John 55625Index1990841
Gilmore, John 57969Index1100
Gilmore, Ellen 68901Book18711253
Gilmore, F W 63211Index9999
Gilpatrick, Andrew Charles 39463Index365
Gilpatrick, Lloyd Dale 40745Index366
Gilpin, David A 5570Index250
Gilpin, Eilza C 5571Index250
Gilpin, Ida B 5572Index250
Gilpin, Wallace L 32350Index363
Gilpin, B V 43103Index2000368
Gilpin, B V 47189Index1998369
Gilpin, Joseph G 50745Index1997372
Gilpin, William H 51124Index1997372
Gilson, Wm 22491Index235
Gilter, M H 22492Index235
Ginan, Edward 22493Index235
Ginane, John 69149Book18711253
Ginder, Wallace 22494Index235
Gingery, Rhoda 68950Book18711253
Gingery, Walter 68952Book18711253
Gingrich, D E 44792Index2000368
Gingsky, F C 22495Index235
Ginn, John 22496Index235
Ginn, Josei 22497Index235
Ginn, Willis Emmett 39439Index365
Ginn, Richard 41804Index366
Ginn, Richard Matthew 41839Index366
Ginn, R M 44928Index2000368
Gins, Richard M 44886Index2000368
Ginter, Daniel 22498Index235
Ginter, Beulah M 5573Index250
Ginter, Milton 5574Index250
Ginter, Earnesteen 65744Abstract682
Ginzkey, Robert 45685Index1998369
Ginzkey, Robert Edgar 45728Index1998369
Ginzky, Robert Edgar 39876Index365
Giovanni, Riccio 5575Index250
Girard, Mary 5576Index250
Girard, Roger 53779Index324
Girding, Aug 22499Index235
Girding, Aug 22500Index235
Girding, G 22501Index235
Girdner, Charles 5577Index250
Girrier, 67314Map681
Girter, G 43975Index2000368
Gisbert, Oscar 22502Index235
Gisburt, George F 5578Index250
Gisburt, J C 47365Index1998369
Giseburg, D M 22503Index235
Giseburst, Leonard 46341Index1998369
Giseburt, Virgil O 32909Index363
Giseburt, Owen 40639Index366
Giseburt, Owen Roberts 40672Index366
Giseburt, Leonard D 43173Index2000368
Giseburt, L D 46399Index1998369
Giseburt, D E 47797Index1998369
Gish, James H 22504Index235
Gish, James H O 22505Index235
Gish, James Jr 5579Index250
Gist, Carl 22506Index235
Gist, F R 22507Index235
Gist, Githens 22508Index235
Gist, John A 17805Index926
Gist, Eveline (Wilson)17806Index926
Githens, Robert L 22509Index235
Githens, Robert L 22510Index235
Githens, Joseph 5580Index250
Githens, Kenneth 5581Index250
Githens, Robert Gerald 5582Index250
Githens, Henry 68946Book18711253
Githers, (m) 5583Index250
Gittenger, Roy 22511Index235
Gittenger, Belle 5584Index250
Gittenger, Lester 5585Index250
Gitthens, William 50789Index1997372
Gittings, Mary 5586Index250
Gittins, E. E 5587Index250
Gitus, Albert 57971Index1100
Gitz, George 22512Index235
Gitz, George 22513Index235
Gitz, George H 22514Index235
Gitz, Mary A (Zimmerman)17896Abstract242
Gitz, Frederick 5588Index250
Gitz, M 5589Index250
Given, Henry 22515Index235
Given, Ben 5590Index250
Given, Charles A 5591Index250
Given, Cora 5592Index250
Given, Henry 5593Index250
Given, Julia 5594Index250
Given, Floyd John Thomas 41188Index366
Givens, Oscar 5595Index250
Givson, R D 44338Index2000368
Givvins, Anna Catherine (Roup)70435Newsletter19351305
Gladden, Jay 22516Index235
Gladden, John 22517Index235
Gladden, (inf) 5596Index250
Gladden, E. J 5597Index250
Gladden, Elisha 5598Index250
Gladden, George C 5599Index250
Gladden, Zola Ethel 5600Index250
Gladden, James 57973Index1100
Gladden, Joseph Madison 64996Abstract1106
Gladish, Fanny 5601Index250
Gladman, Charles 5602Index250
Gladman, Nora 5603Index250
Gladston, Louis 5604Index250
Gladstone, W G 46179Index1998369
Glaison, Joseph N 22518Index235
Glamann, Daryl 47566Index1998369
Glamann, D G 47629Index1998369
Glamor, (m) 5605Index250
Glancy, Anna Hanora 17897Abstract242
Glancy, Glenn 32693Index363
Glancy, G C 32719Index363
Glanville, George 22519Index235
Glanville, George F 22520Index235
Glap, Joseph R 60220Index1101
Glarion, Cecilia 5606Index250
Glasborn, Anna 5607Index250
Glascock, Mary 5608Index250
Glascock, Savailla Jane 70406Newsletter19341325
Glaser, Fred 5609Index250
Glaser, Julius A 40165Index365
Glasgon, Sarah 5610Index250
Glasgow, D C 67316Map681
Glasgow, Fay 65745Abstract682
Glasgow, D C 65746Abstract682
Glaskin, Wm 22521Index235
Glaskin, D 67317Map681
Glaskin, Sarah Catherine Halstead (Birch)55626Index1990841
Glaskins, D 67318Map681
Glaspie, Sarah 5611Index250
Glass, O. B 5612Index250
Glass, Max 51237Index1997372
Glass, William A 60222Index1101
Glass, Lewis Fleming 56469Abstract1102
Glass, Silas M 64509Abstract1105
Glassbrenner, William J 50417Index1994371
Glassburn, W H 67319Map681
Glasscock, Claude D 33253Index363
Glasscock, C D 47680Index1998369
Glauser, John 33557Index363
Glauser, Carl 49755Index370
Glavasko, Michael 22522Index235
Glawgow, D C 67315Map681
Glaze, E 22523Index235
Glaze, A S 45047Index2000368
Gleason, Dollie 280List103
Gleason, William 22524Index235
Gleason, W 22525Index235
Gleason, Wm 22526Index235
Gleason, Wm 22527Index235
Gleason, Joseph 17898Abstract242
Gleason, Mary 17899Abstract242
Gleason, George 5613Index250
Gleason, John 5614Index250
Gleason, John B 5615Index250
Gleason, Maggie E 5616Index250
Gleason, Michael 5617Index250
Gleason, Mollie 5618Index250
Gleason, P. E 5619Index250
Gleason, William 5620Index250
Gleason, Mary C 60022Index1101
Gleason, Sarah 63929Index9999
Gleeson, William P 17900Abstract242
Gleeson, Lee 5621Index250
Gleich, John H 5622Index250
Gleitz, Henry F 5623Index250
Gleitze, Henry 5624Index250
Gleitze, John C 5625Index250
Glelize, H F 63711Index9999
Glen, Thomas 5626Index250
Glen, William A 5627Index250
Glen, J W 47338Index1998369
Glen, Melvin 49589Index370
Glendenning, Victor 50716Index1997372
Glendenning, Laddy 60194Index1101
Glenn, Albert 22528Index235
Glenn, Robert 22529Index235
Glenn, Robert N 22530Index235
Glenn, Herb 5628Index250
Glenn, Margaret 5629Index250
Glenn, Mary A 5630Index250
Glenn, Mildred 5631Index250
Glenn, Stella 5632Index250
Glenn, Theophilus 5633Index250
Glenn, Leland 38914Index365
Glenn, Carroll 39845Index365
Glenn, Joseph Carroll 39875Index365
Glenn, Marvin E 43051Index2000368
Glenn, M K 43078Index2000368
Glenn, J C 45887Index1998369
Glenn, T V 47552Index1998369
Glenn, L S 48898Index370
Glenn, Carroll 49933Index1994371
Glenn, M 67320Map681
Glenn, Adelison 57975Index1100
Glenn, Perry C 57977Index1100
Glenn, Nettie 58472Index1100
Glenn, Sarah Catherine 58808Index1100
Glenn, Rebecca M 59863Index1101
Glenn, John W 60224Index1101
Glenn, Fannie 60225Index1101
Glenn, J W 60226Index1101
Glenn, Sophia 60522Index1101
Glenn, Thomas Black 56470Abstract1102
Glenn, John H 62088Abstract1103
Glenn, John 62089Abstract1103
Glenn, Addison Newell 62576Abstract1104
Glenn, M H 64997Abstract1106
Glenn, Sam Ad 64998Abstract1106
Glenpzer, Bridget 17901Abstract242
Glenski, J A 46520Index1998369
Glenski, J A 49294Index370
Glick, E H 22531Index235
Glick, (f) 5634Index250
Glick, Joel 57979Index1100
Glick, Joseph 57981Index1100
Glick, Samuel 57983Index1100
Glick, Maggie 63439Index9999
Glick, F A 63910Index9999
Glidewell, Robert 53654Index324
Glidewell, George Jackson 38420Index365
Glidewell, R W 43482Index2000368
Gligorijevich, Miodrag Peter 40986Index366
Gligorijevich, M P 45512Index1998369
Gligorizevich, Miodrag 40950Index366
Glink, (f) 5635Index250
Glinski, (inf) 5636Index250
Glise, George 22532Index235
Gloeggner, Joseph 22533Index235
Gloggner, James 5637Index250
Gloggner, Margaret 5638Index250
Gloner, J 69622Book19041254
Glorer, Albert 5639Index250
Gloshen, B D 43960Index2000368
Glover, Thomas 5640Index250
Glover, W 32401Index363
Glynn, Jessie 5641Index250
Glynn, Winifred 5642Index250
Gnagy, E E 47364Index1998369
Gnagy, Eugene 49810Index370
Gnuschke, Earl L 50765Index1997372
Gnuschke, Lloyd 50984Index1997372
Goacher, Davie I 54706Index323
Goad, Homer 50504Index1994371
Goatcher, Carl 46617Index1998369
Goatcher, C L 46671Index1998369
Goatcher, Elizabeth 56471Abstract1102
Goben, Irvin 40087Index365
Goben, Howard Irvin 40094Index365
Goben, Delbert Carlton 40581Index366
Goben, D D 47372Index1998369
Goche, Olivie V 5643Index250
Gocke, August 22534Index235
Gocke, August 5644Index250
Gocoman, Joseph 5645Index250
Godal, Oscar 5646Index250
Godard, William 22535Index235
Godbey, John H 5647Index250
Godby, ?? 22536Index235
Goddard, Mary J 5648Index250
Godfrey, William 22537Index235
Godfrey, Perle 49147Index370
Godman, Boyd C 33365Index363
Godman, Richard 43955Index2000368
Godman, Richard M 44028Index2000368
Godnell, Birdie 5649Index250
Godsey, Harold 42689Index366
Godsey, S J 67321Map681
Godsey, Edwin 65747Abstract682
Godsey, Orey 63420Index9999
Godwin, Stella M 5650Index250
Goebeker, B 22538Index235
Goebel, William 63688Index9999
Goecke, William Ed 22539Index235
Goeddel, Chas 69355Book18711253
Goedecker, Bernard 32681Index363
Goehring, Alvin 46573Index1998369
Goehring, Alvin 46642Index1998369
Goeking, Edward 22540Index235
Goeking, Charles 5651Index250
Goen, James A 17204Index926
Goen, Sydna (Geiger)17205Index926
Goens, Mary G 55627Index1990841
Goerke, Gustol 22541Index235
Goerke, (f) 5652Index250
Goerke, Clara O 5653Index250
Goerke, Jesse 5654Index250
Goerke, William 5655Index250
Goerke, George W 32984Index363
Goerke, Adolph 39532Index365
Goerke, Harry 40310Index365
Goerking, Henry C 5656Index250
Goerlitz, Julius 22542Index235
Goerlitz, Justus 22543Index235
Goesbeck, Mary Jane (Darby)64518Abstract1105
Goeteel, Chas 69278Book18711253
Goetz, F L 22544Index235
Goetz, Caroline W 5657Index250
Goetz, Emma H 5658Index250
Goetz, Michael K 5659Index250
Goetze, W F 22545Index235
Goetze, Sophia 5660Index250
Goff, James A 22546Index235
Goff, Robert H 22547Index235
Goff, Robert I 22548Index235
Goff, John 5661Index250
Goff, Milton S 5662Index250
Goff, Robert Lee 5663Index250
Goff, Susan M 5664Index250
Goff, Waldo 5665Index250
Goff, William A 5666Index250
Goff, Kenneth 45024Index2000368
Goff, William 50750Index1997372
Goff, Bedson 55628Index1990841
Goff, Peyton 55629Index1990841
Goff, Millesa 55630Index1990841
Goff, O H 55631Index1990841
Goff, Moses 57985Index1100
Goff, Zachiah 57987Index1100
Goff, Elizabeth 60375Index1101
Goffney, James 57989Index1100
Goforth, Samuel 46166Index1998369
Goggin, Thomas 55632Index1990841
Goieana, Mabel 5667Index250
Goin, Tom 39567Index365
Goin, Tommy Roger 39609Index365
Goin, Ann 59705Index1101
Goin, Carrie Ellen 56472Abstract1102
Goins, Guilford 5668Index250
Gold, Isaac 22549Index235
Goldberg, Ben 22550Index235
Goldberg, Ben 22551Index235
Goldberg, I 22552Index235
Goldberg, Isadore 22553Index235
Goldberg, Levi 22554Index235
Goldberg, Louis 22555Index235
Goldberg, Selma 22556Index235
Goldberg, (m) 5669Index250
Goldberg, Moses 5670Index250
Goldberg, Sarah 5671Index250
Goldberry, Joseph 57991Index1100
Goldberry, Louisa J 58873Index1100
Golden, William 22557Index235
Golden, Ernst 22558Index235
Golden, Mollie 22559Index235
Golden, T E 22560Index235
Golden, Alma 5672Index250
Golden, Anna 5673Index250
Golden, Thomas 5674Index250
Golden, Gene 54307Index323
Golden, Clifton 44391Index2000368
Golden, C G 44455Index2000368
Golden, D K 46443Index1998369
Golden, Mitchell 46940Index1998369
Golden, M P 47034Index1998369
Golden, C B 67322Map681
Golden, Green R 65748Abstract682
Golden, Missouri 60997Index1101
Golden, Ida 61071Index1101
Golden, 56473Abstract1102
Golden, Ester 64999Abstract1106
Golden, Patrick 68574Book18711253
Golden, Patrick 68595Book18711253
Golden, Albert 63745Index9999
Golden, Sarah 64037Index9999
Goldesberry, David Jennings 39313Index365
Goldfan, Felix 22561Index235
Goldflam, Samuel 22562Index235
Goldizen, G E 32470Index363
Goldizen, William Edward 39559Index365
Goldizen, John C 40335Index365
Goldizen, W E 46198Index1998369
Goldizen, William E 49133Index370
Goldizen, Bob 49354Index370
Goldizen, B E 49403Index370
Goldizer, J C 45914Index1998369
Goldman, A 22563Index235
Goldman, Abe 22564Index235
Goldman, J 22565Index235
Goldman, R 22566Index235
Goldman, (inf) 5675Index250
Goldman, C K 63506Index9999
Goldsberry, Charles 42073Index366
Goldsberry, Monroe 60228Index1101
Goldsberry, Elizabeth (Miller)56474Abstract1102
Goldsberry, Monroe 62577Abstract1104
Goldsberry, George 64510Abstract1105
Goldsburg, Mary C 61441Index1101
Goldsmith, Pauline (Buddy)17443Abstract236
Goldsmith, E. 5676Index250
Goldsmith, Oliver 68881Book18711253
Goldstein, D J 22567Index235
Goldstein, Joseph 22568Index235
Goldstein, Joseph 22569Index235
Goldstein, Julius 22570Index235
Goldstein, David 64873Index9999
Goldsten, A 22571Index235
Goldsten, J 22572Index235
Golf, Callie 22573Index235
Goling, H. L 5677Index250
Goll, F G 22574Index235
Goll, Fred G 22575Index235
Goll, Fred G 22576Index235
Goll, Frederick 5678Index250
Gollege, Joseph 22577Index235
Golliday, A M 64511Abstract1105
Gomeck, Joseph 42306Index366
Gomez, John 54312Index323
Gondering, William H 31868Index363
Gonkel, Eugene 22578Index235
Gonnerson, Louis 22579Index235
Gonoghan, John 22580Index235
Gonzales, John 43098Index2000368
Gonzales, John F 49068Index370
Gonzales, J E 49221Index370
Good, C M 22581Index235
Good, Clarence A 22582Index235
Good, (m) 5679Index250
Good, J. B 5680Index250
Good, Louis 5681Index250
Good, Daniel S 32943Index363
Good, Frederick John 40177Index365
Good, R D 44204Index2000368
Good, F J 48982Index370
Good, Ronald 51007Index1997372
Good, A H 67323Map681
Good, A J 67324Map681
Good, C A 67325Map681
Good, C M 67326Map681
Good, Elbert 67327Map681
Good, M M 67328Map681
Good, M M 67329Map681
Good, W H 67330Map681
Good, W 67331Map681
Good, John 69625Book19041254
Good, Wesley 63186Index9999
Goodale, Henry Oscar 5682Index250
Goodale, John S 40060Index365
Goodale, J S 47350Index1998369
Goodale, Stephen 60230Index1101
Goodale, Louisa 64924Index9999
Goodall, W C 44687Index2000368
Goodart, Andrew 57993Index1100
Goodding, W H 43488Index2000368
Goodding, J D 43878Index2000368
Goode, Marshall 17902Abstract242
Goode, M M 63171Index9999
Goodell, Nova 5683Index250
Goodell, S. A 5684Index250
Goodflam, (f) 5685Index250
Goodie, Stewart 22583Index235
Goodin, John O 22584Index235
Goodin, (inf) 5686Index250
Goodin, Carrie A 5687Index250
Goodin, Leonora 5688Index250
Goodin, Clarence 50645Index1994371
Gooding, Fannie 5689Index250
Gooding, John 5690Index250
Gooding, Juliet 5691Index250
Gooding, William H 43461Index2000368
Gooding, Dan 58005Index1100
Goodkneckt, Jacob 60232Index1101
Goodlett, B H 41716Index366
Goodlin, E E 22585Index235
Goodlive, Jacob 5692Index250
Goodlive, Jacob 5693Index250
Goodlive, Mary E 5694Index250
Goodloe, Elizabeth 57449Index1100
Goodlove, Donald 46217Index1998369
Goodlove, D W 46239Index1998369
Goodlove, James 56475Abstract1102
Goodlow, George 5695Index250
Goodlow, John B 58007Index1100
Goodman, Lee 22586Index235
Goodman, Lee 22587Index235
Goodman, Thomas 22588Index235
Goodman, (f) 5696Index250
Goodman, (m) 5697Index250
Goodman, Johanna 5698Index250
Goodman, Julia 5699Index250
Goodman, Kate 5700Index250
Goodman, Mary 5701Index250
Goodman, Theresa 5702Index250
Goodman, Allen 33658Index363
Goodman, G C 42949Index2000368
Goodman, D 67332Map681
Goodman, Charles 63398Index9999
Goodnight, Clarence Junior 42421Index366
Goodpasture, Edwin N 39687Index365
Goodpasture, J Dillard 62578Abstract1104
Goodrich, Fred 5703Index250
Goodrich, Lillian 5704Index250
Goodson, Laura 62579Abstract1104
Goodwin, Harry 22589Index235
Goodwin, Fred 22590Index235
Goodwin, G W 22591Index235
Goodwin, George W 22592Index235
Goodwin, (inf) 5705Index250
Goodwin, Gus 5706Index250
Goodwin, Martha 5707Index250
Goodwin, Samuel F 5708Index250
Goodwin, James 33376Index363
Goodwin, William H 33429Index363
Goodwin, Dwight Wilson 38876Index365
Goodwin, Owen William 39051Index365
Goodwin, Owen 42266Index366
Goodwin, Owen W 42344Index366
Goodwin, Ralph Raymond 42703Index366
Goodwin, Gwen 46694Index1998369
Goodwin, O W 46730Index1998369
Goodwin, L S 47581Index1998369
Goodwin, Frank 50008Index1994371
Goodwin, Nancy Bigbee 56476Abstract1102
Goodwin, Jerry 63599Index9999
Goodwine, John 5709Index250
Gooham, Pat 69166Book18711253
Gookins, (Noles)62090Abstract1103
Gootzmann, Joseph 5710Index250
Gordan, Italia 64073Index9999
Gorddunt, Rudolph 69370Book18711253
Gordon, Thomas P 43Book1
Gordon, ? 22593Index235
Gordon, A C 22594Index235
Gordon, A J 22595Index235
Gordon, Alfred 22596Index235
Gordon, C C 22597Index235
Gordon, Charles E 22598Index235
Gordon, D E 22599Index235
Gordon, D E 22600Index235
Gordon, F 22601Index235
Gordon, F A 22602Index235
Gordon, Frank 22603Index235
Gordon, H G? 22604Index235
Gordon, Isaac 22605Index235
Gordon, John 22606Index235
Gordon, John 22607Index235
Gordon, Lon 22608Index235
Gordon, N 22609Index235
Gordon, N 22610Index235
Gordon, Nathan 22611Index235
Gordon, Orlando H 22612Index235
Gordon, Roy 22613Index235
Gordon, Roy 22614Index235
Gordon, Rudolph 22615Index235
Gordon, William 22616Index235
Gordon, William 22617Index235
Gordon, William 22618Index235
Gordon, William L 22619Index235
Gordon, William L 22620Index235
Gordon, William L 22621Index235
Gordon, James 17903Abstract242
Gordon, (inf) 5711Index250
Gordon, (inf) 5712Index250
Gordon, Adelia 5713Index250
Gordon, C. C 5714Index250
Gordon, Catherine 5715Index250
Gordon, Charles H 5716Index250
Gordon, David M 5717Index250
Gordon, Donnie 5718Index250
Gordon, Ernst 5719Index250
Gordon, G. 5720Index250
Gordon, Hannah 5721Index250
Gordon, Harden 5722Index250
Gordon, Josephine 5723Index250
Gordon, Lee 5724Index250
Gordon, Lee 5725Index250
Gordon, Mary L 5726Index250
Gordon, Mattie 5727Index250
Gordon, Murry 5728Index250
Gordon, Polly A 5729Index250
Gordon, Ralph 5730Index250
Gordon, Rebekah T 5731Index250
Gordon, Robert 5732Index250
Gordon, Roy 5733Index250
Gordon, Violet 5734Index250
Gordon, William Thomas 5735Index250
Gordon, Willie 5736Index250
Gordon, Albert Kempton 41942Index366
Gordon, J L 45454Index1998369
Gordon, H E 46457Index1998369
Gordon, M C 49361Index370
Gordon, A B 67333Map681
Gordon, David 67334Map681
Gordon, George D 67335Map681
Gordon, Benjamin 60234Index1101
Gordon, Frank 60236Index1101
Gordon, Marion C 60238Index1101
Gordon, 62091Abstract1103
Gordon, Zilpha A (Philpott)62580Abstract1104
Gordon, Benjamin Franklin 64512Abstract1105
Gordon, Thomas W 65000Abstract1106
Gordon, Lucy J. (Lucy Philpot)70076Newsletter19331311
Gore, George O 22622Index235
Gore, W O 22623Index235
Gore, Minnie 5737Index250
Gore, L V 33639Index363
Gore, L M 45246Index2000368
Gore, 67336Map681
Gore, F F 67337Map681
Gore, W T 67338Map681
Gore, Wm 65751Abstract682
Gore, Emmet 69630Book19041254
Gore, J A 63601Index9999
Gore, Walter 63604Index9999
Gore, George 63968Index9999
Gorgon, W L 22624Index235
Gorham, V. N 5738Index250
Goring, ? 22625Index235
Gorlisch, Fred 22626Index235
Gorman, T 22627Index235
Gorman, William 22628Index235
Gorman, Margaret 17904Abstract242
Gorman, Eileen 5739Index250
Gorman, James 5740Index250
Gorman, James F 5741Index250
Gorman, M. J 5742Index250
Gorman, Melvin 54121Index323
Gorman, James 54253Index323
Gorman, James T 32115Index363
Gorman, Daniel Francis 39069Index365
Gorman, D F 43089Index2000368
Gorman, H P 67339Map681
Gorman, R P 67340Map681
Gorman, Reuben P 60240Index1101
Gorman, Pat 69214Book18711253
Gorman, W H 69629Book19041254
Gorman, W H 69632Book19041254
Gormley, Thomas Leo 42190Index366
Gormley, T L 45061Index2000368
Gormley, James 38316Index926
Gormley, Mrs Elisabeth (Allen)38317Index926
Gortom, Forest G 5743Index250
Gorton, A C 22629Index235
Gorton, S G 22630Index235
Gorton, W E 22631Index235
Gorton, Wm E 22632Index235
Gorton, Angel A 5744Index250
Gorton, William W 5745Index250
Goshon, Ellsworth 210List103
Goslin, David 22633Index235
Goslin, Asher 56477Abstract1102
Gosnell, Daniel 22634Index235
Gosnell, David 22635Index235
Gosnell, David 22636Index235
Gosnell, Ed 22637Index235
Gosnell, F 22638Index235
Gosnell, Edward 5746Index250
Gosnell, Harry 5747Index250
Gosnell, Josephine 5748Index250
Goss, Frank 213List103
Goss, D L 40445Index366
Gossen, William 41482Index366
Gosser, Joseph H 32581Index363
Gossett, E E 45475Index1998369
Gossett, E E 48815Index370
Gossett, S C 69633Book19041254
Gossis, Katherine Frances 22639Index235
Gossmyer, Richard 55633Index1990841
Gotcher, Jane 60337Index1101
Gotler, Mat 22640Index235
Gotner, J S 22641Index235
Gott, Frank P 5749Index250
Gottall, Charles 5750Index250
Gottfried, Carl 5751Index250
Gottschall, Donnie 39894Index365
Gottschall, D V 46334Index1998369
Gottscke, John 67341Map681
Gouge, Elizabeth 68310Book18711253
Gouge, John 68311Book18711253
Gough, John 68305Book18711253
Gough, Elizabeth 68313Book18711253
Gould, Hugh 22642Index235
Gould, W S 22643Index235
Gould, Walter 22644Index235
Gould, Walter E 22645Index235
Gould, Ray 53708Index324
Gould, Virgil Lester 38864Index365
Gould, Bernard 40903Index366
Gould, Bernard Stanford 40975Index366
Gould, George 42364Index366
Gould, Virgil L 45459Index1998369
Gould, V F 45509Index1998369
Gould, A W 45852Index1998369
Gould, R D 47777Index1998369
Gould, Hattie E 60172Index1101
Gould, Albert Eugene 60242Index1101
Gould, Ebenezer D 60244Index1101
Gould, Maggie 60403Index1101
Gould, Lloyd 65001Abstract1106
Gould, Samuel 63189Index9999
Gould, Howard 63259Index9999
Gould, Charley 63295Index9999
Gould, Charles Allen 63886Index9999
Goule, Virgil 38841Index365
Goun, A W 22646Index235
Gove, Truman D 5752Index250
Gove, Robert Leroy 40481Index366
Gow, W C 22647Index235
Gow, William C 22648Index235
Gow, Arthur 55634Index1990841
Gow, Peggie M 55635Index1990841
Gow, W C 64377Index9999
Gowdy, Malvern 22649Index235
Gowdy, D A 67342Map681
Gowdy, R E 67343Map681
Gowdy, 65752Abstract682
Gowdy, Lola Alice 65754Abstract682
Gower, Arthur 5753Index250
Gower, George L 5754Index250
Goyn, Margaret 57972Index1100
Goyn, Susan E 58269Index1100
Grabe, Mary 61222Index1101
Grabel, W O 22650Index235
Grabet, French 22651Index235
Grable, (inf) 5755Index250
Grable, E. 5756Index250
Grable, Marietta 5757Index250
Grable, O. D 5758Index250
Grable, Norman 54447Index323
Grable, Albert L 54599Index323
Grable, Jesse L 33385Index363
Grable, Hubert S 44485Index2000368
Grable, H S 44541Index2000368
Grable, E E 47103Index1998369
Grable, George L 47549Index1998369
Grable, G L 47628Index1998369
Grable, J E 48476Index370
Grable, Joseph 49722Index370
Grable, Garold Lee 51168Index1997372
Grable, Eugene 51408Index1997372
Grable, Manerva 69131Book18711253
Grable, Annie 69132Book18711253
Grable, Steve 69864Book19041254
Grabmiller, Herald 5759Index250
Graborn, August 22652Index235
Grabowski, Frank 5760Index250
Grace, C T 22653Index235
Grace, George 22654Index235
Grace, John F 22655Index235
Grace, William 22656Index235
Grace, Wm H 22657Index235
Grace, Alfred 5761Index250
Grace, Alvin 5762Index250
Grace, Elizabeth 5763Index250
Grace, Elmer 5764Index250
Grace, George A 5765Index250
Grace, Hulda 5766Index250
Grace, Maud R 5767Index250
Grace, Maurice C 5768Index250
Grace, Nannie J 5769Index250
Grace, Velta 5770Index250
Grace, Conan T 53664Index324
Grace, Everett G 32788Index363
Grace, Jess 33611Index363
Grace, Eugene Ray 38614Index365
Grace, Max Elliott 40243Index365
Grace, C A 43440Index2000368
Grace, Everett 44339Index2000368
Grace, E G 44385Index2000368
Grace, E L 49088Index370
Grace, C S 49331Index370
Grace, Carl 51192Index1997372
Grace, Luvica 58185Index1100
Grace, Ed 69631Book19041254
Gracen, Maude 5771Index250
Gractia, Francis 22658Index235
Grader, J W 22659Index235
Grader, John 22660Index235
Grader, Wilhelm 22661Index235
Gradert, Bernice Mildred 5772Index250
Grady, Edward 17884Abstract242
Grady, Gertrude 17905Abstract242
Grady, James O 5773Index250
Grady, Mary 5774Index250
Grady, Theodore 5775Index250
Grady, John Ellis 38410Index365
Grady, Gene 42199Index366
Grady, James 61882Index926
Grady, Sarah F (Griffin)61883Index926
Grady, Jas 68413Book18711253
Grady, James 68565Book18711253
Graeff, R L 47415Index1998369
Graeff, Donald E 50228Index1994371
Graf, Gotleib 5776Index250
Graff, (inf) 5777Index250
Graff, James 5778Index250
Graff, E E 39082Index365
Graff, Erle Edwin 39105Index365
Graff, Cassandre 55636Index1990841
Grafton, Donald 54458Index323
Grafton, Rex 39826Index365
Graham, James Kyle 65Book1
Graham, A C 22662Index235
Graham, Charles 22663Index235
Graham, Denton 22664Index235
Graham, Franc:is 22665Index235
Graham, George E 22666Index235
Graham, H C 22667Index235
Graham, J K 22668Index235
Graham, James A 22669Index235
Graham, James S 22670Index235
Graham, Joseph 22671Index235
Graham, Leroy 22672Index235
Graham, Leroy 22673Index235
Graham, R H 22674Index235
Graham, W P 22675Index235
Graham, W P 22676Index235
Graham, William 22677Index235
Graham, Francis William 17906Abstract242
Graham, De sales 17907Abstract242
Graham, (inf) 5779Index250
Graham, C. C 5780Index250
Graham, Charles 5781Index250
Graham, Charlotte 5782Index250
Graham, F. W 5783Index250
Graham, Fannie 5784Index250
Graham, Francis 5785Index250
Graham, Francis W 5786Index250
Graham, George M 5787Index250
Graham, Guy D 5788Index250
Graham, Hugh 5789Index250
Graham, Jane 5790Index250
Graham, Lillian 5791Index250
Graham, Louis J 5792Index250
Graham, Margaret 5793Index250
Graham, Mary 5794Index250
Graham, Thomas P 5795Index250
Graham, Willis A 5796Index250
Graham, Robert 54425Index323
Graham, Frederick Otis 39544Index365
Graham, Ronald 40210Index365
Graham, Thomas E 43778Index2000368
Graham, T E 43830Index2000368
Graham, Robert A 44949Index2000368
Graham, R A 44985Index2000368
Graham, Bernard 45349Index1998369
Graham, Bernard 45363Index1998369
Graham, J K 45447Index1998369
Graham, Lloyd 48161Index370
Graham, L C 48269Index370
Graham, R A 48983Index370
Graham, F T 49540Index370
Graham, Hazel 55637Index1990841
Graham, Columbus 16673Index926
Graham, Mary Jane (Smith)16674Index926
Graham, Corby 54724Index926
Graham, Ann (Johnson)54725Index926
Graham, Thomas B 58009Index1100
Graham, W P 60246Index1101
Graham, Hattie 60291Index1101
Graham, Margaret Milburn 60843Index1101
Graham, Albis 56478Abstract1102
Graham, L J 62092Abstract1103
Graham, Lottie Leon 62093Abstract1103
Graham, Mary Jane 62094Abstract1103
Graham, Herbert 62581Abstract1104
Graham, Susie 69627Book19041254
Graham, 63167Index9999
Graham, J K 63253Index9999
Graham, Elmer 63905Index9999
Graham, Nellie 64167Index9999
Graham, W P 64375Index9999
Grahm, Alex P 17881Abstract242
Gram, B J 42891Index2000368
Gram, Bernard 48480Index370
Gramer, Wm M 22678Index235
Gramer, Mary (Biller)17908Abstract242
Gramer, Feidel 5797Index250
Gramer, Samuel P 5798Index250
Gramer, R D 46288Index1998369
Gramera, Thomas 5799Index250
Gramis, Harry 5800Index250
Grammish, Jacob 64206Index9999
Grandee, Bessie 62080Abstract1103
Grandert, J W 22679Index235
Grandy, Stephen 22680Index235
Granel, Mary B 5801Index250
Graner, A O 22681Index235
Graner, William N 22682Index235
Grange, Ida 63502Index9999
Grannis, Lucy 55638Index1990841
Grant, J V 22683Index235
Grant, John 22684Index235
Grant, Nich 22685Index235
Grant, S C 22686Index235
Grant, S H 22687Index235
Grant, Simon 22688Index235
Grant, Josephine 17909Abstract242
Grant, (inf) 5802Index250
Grant, Charles 5803Index250
Grant, Francis 5804Index250
Grant, George 5805Index250
Grant, Helen M 5806Index250
Grant, Nellie J 5807Index250
Grant, Claude S 32515Index363
Grant, Claude S 33454Index363
Grant, C S 38603Index365
Grant, Claude Skaggs 38628Index365
Grant, Theodore W 40262Index365
Grant, Claude S 40993Index366
Grant, Claude Skaggs 41071Index366
Grant, James R 49502Index370
Grant, Wallace 65755Abstract682
Grant, H S 55639Index1990841
Grant, Alexander 17676Index926
Grant, Catharine J (Middleton)17677Index926
Grant, Nancy 64766Abstract1105
Grantham, Robert 40543Index366
Grantham, Eugene 41972Index366
Granthan, Robert Lowery 40607Index366
Granther, Chesther Eugene 42040Index366
Grape, Walter 53972Index324
Grape, E 67344Map681
Grape, H R 67345Map681
Graroney, (m) 5808Index250
Grasloff, Bertha 5809Index250
Grasloff, Bertha 62095Abstract1103
Grason, Robert 5810Index250
Grasong, John 69621Book19041254
Grass, (m) 5811Index250
Grass, Sophia 5812Index250
Graswan, George 5813Index250
Grata, Mike 5814Index250
Graukie, Fred 22689Index235
Graux, May 5815Index250
Grave, Joseph 5816Index250
Graven, William Wallace 70408Newsletter19341325
Graves, A L 22690Index235
Graves, Burret 22691Index235
Graves, John 22692Index235
Graves, John 22693Index235
Graves, Richard 22694Index235
Graves, Samuel 22695Index235
Graves, W E 22696Index235
Graves, W E 22697Index235
Graves, William 22698Index235
Graves, William 22699Index235
Graves, William E 22700Index235
Graves, Wm 22701Index235
Graves, E O 22702Index235
Graves, (m) 5817Index250
Graves, (m) 5818Index250
Graves, Albert H 5819Index250
Graves, Clarence 5820Index250
Graves, John W 5821Index250
Graves, Josephine 5822Index250
Graves, Laura 5823Index250
Graves, Lithia 5824Index250
Graves, Opie F 5825Index250
Graves, William J 5826Index250
Graves, William L 5827Index250
Graves, James 54449Index323
Graves, James F 38447Index365
Graves, James Forest 38509Index365
Graves, George Henry 39531Index365
Graves, Jessie 40343Index365
Graves, Lee Roy 42628Index366
Graves, Richard Dalton 42793Index366
Graves, E C 43198Index2000368
Graves, J H 47241Index1998369
Graves, M M 49629Index370
Graves, Robert 50497Index1994371
Graves, Ernest 50725Index1997372
Graves, George 51423Index1997372
Graves, B 67346Map681
Graves, D 67347Map681
Graves, G 67348Map681
Graves, Henry 67349Map681
Graves, J A 67350Map681
Graves, J W 67351Map681
Graves, W J 67352Map681
Graves, Edmund H 65756Abstract682
Graves, Henry 65757Abstract682
Graves, John 65758Abstract682
Graves, Calvin Morgan 55640Index1990841
Graves, Alvey 16629Index926
Graves, Jane (Mcmahan)16630Index926
Graves, Alvay 16739Index926
Graves, Elizabeth (Cowan)16740Index926
Graves, Adaline (Graves)53334Index926
Graves, Charlotte 57283Index1100
Graves, Mary 59815Index1101
Graves, Chancy H 60248Index1101
Graves, Mary Bell 61357Index1101
Graves, Annie E 61445Index1101
Graves, Daisy 56479Abstract1102
Graves, Clyde L 62096Abstract1103
Graves, Frank 65002Abstract1106
Graves, 65003Abstract1106
Gravett, J H 22703Index235
Gravitt, (inf) 5828Index250
Gray, William 211List103
Gray, Frank 22704Index235
Gray, Fred F 22705Index235
Gray, J T 22706Index235
Gray, John 22707Index235
Gray, John W 22708Index235
Gray, Lucy 22709Index235
Gray, Thomas 22710Index235
Gray, William L 22711Index235
Gray, William L 22712Index235
Gray, Patrick Leopold 17885Abstract242
Gray, (inf) 5829Index250
Gray, C. 5830Index250
Gray, Catherine 5831Index250
Gray, Clara 5832Index250
Gray, Elizabeth 5833Index250
Gray, Emma 5834Index250
Gray, Hattie 5835Index250
Gray, Jennie 5836Index250
Gray, John W 5837Index250
Gray, Laura 5838Index250
Gray, Lovina 5839Index250
Gray, Lucinda 5840Index250
Gray, Martha 5841Index250
Gray, Mary 5842Index250
Gray, Mary Alice 5843Index250
Gray, Minerva 5844Index250
Gray, Naoma Mrs 5845Index250
Gray, Robert W 5846Index250
Gray, Rose 5847Index250
Gray, Sam 5848Index250
Gray, Sarah 5849Index250
Gray, Sarah Ann 5850Index250
Gray, Spencer 5851Index250
Gray, Theo 5852Index250
Gray, Thomas 5853Index250
Gray, Thomas Z 5854Index250
Gray, William 5855Index250
Gray, William 5856Index250
Gray, Albert 54158Index323
Gray, Theodore Gibson 54473Index323
Gray, Joe M Toalson 31990Index363
Gray, Dorsey 32388Index363
Gray, John M 40487Index366
Gray, James Robert 40805Index366
Gray, Clarence 41291Index366
Gray, Clarence Herbert 41322Index366
Gray, Edsel Junior 41599Index366
Gray, Thomas 41681Index366
Gray, Lon 42077Index366
Gray, Lou 42107Index366
Gray, Remel 43560Index2000368
Gray, William H 43671Index2000368
Gray, W H 43740Index2000368
Gray, T A 43826Index2000368
Gray, Donald 43977Index2000368
Gray, Donald Earl 44033Index2000368
Gray, James Robert 44552Index2000368
Gray, J R 44596Index2000368
Gray, Maurice E 44696Index2000368
Gray, M E 44756Index2000368
Gray, Lon 45428Index1998369
Gray, L W 45486Index1998369
Gray, J L 47231Index1998369
Gray, Joseph 47836Index370
Gray, J L 47914Index370
Gray, C H 48350Index370
Gray, Isaac H 49139Index370
Gray, Isaac H 49182Index370
Gray, Thomas A 49469Index370
Gray, J L 49531Index370
Gray, Edsel 50702Index1997372
Gray, Joseph L 51218Index1997372
Gray, L W 67353Map681
Gray, L W 67354Map681
Gray, Flora E 65765Abstract682
Gray, J L 65766Abstract682
Gray, Martha 65767Abstract682
Gray, J L 65768Abstract682
Gray, 55641Index1990841
Gray, Angeline 57646Index1100
Gray, Franklin 60250Index1101
Gray, James B 65004Abstract1106
Gray, John 69428Book18711253
Gray, James 64706Index9999
Graybeal, David 22713Index235
Graybeal, W? 22714Index235
Graybeal, Cleo 5857Index250
Graybeal, Emma 5858Index250
Graybean, Mildred 5859Index250
Graybol, (f) 5860Index250
Grayson, Christian 212List103
Grayson, H 22715Index235
Grayson, Sarah J 5861Index250
Grayson, J F 48171Index370
Grayson, John 55642Index1990841
Grazier, Edward 22716Index235
Grazier, Harry 22717Index235
Grazier, R 22718Index235
Grazier, Charles 5862Index250
Grazier, Louisa 5863Index250
Grazier, Quadia E 5864Index250
Grazler, Alexander 5865Index250
Grear, Clara 5866Index250
Greason, Mary 5867Index250
Greathouse, Elizabeth P 5868Index250
Greaves, Lloyd B 32143Index363
Grebe, Martin 67355Map681
Grebe, S 67356Map681
Grebe, Henry 58011Index1100
Grebel, Hugo George 79Book1
Grebel, Hugo 17910Abstract242
Grebel, Ida 5869Index250
Green, Lois F 55359Index189
Green, A G 22719Index235
Green, C H 22720Index235
Green, Charles 22721Index235
Green, Charles 22722Index235
Green, Charles A 22723Index235
Green, Charles R 22724Index235
Green, Chas L 22725Index235
Green, Edward 22726Index235
Green, George 22727Index235
Green, George 22728Index235
Green, Harvey E 22729Index235
Green, J W 22730Index235
Green, John 22731Index235
Green, John E 22732Index235
Green, John W 22733Index235
Green, Joseph 22734Index235
Green, Michael 22735Index235
Green, Milton H 22736Index235
Green, Walker 22737Index235
Green, Wm I 22738Index235
Green, A C 22739Index235
Green, Alva C 22740Index235
Green, Martin 17911Abstract242
Green, (m) 5870Index250
Green, Achsah P 5871Index250
Green, Albert S 5872Index250
Green, Alexander 5873Index250
Green, Alpha P 5874Index250
Green, Anna 5875Index250
Green, Annie 5876Index250
Green, Clarence W 5877Index250
Green, E. C 5878Index250
Green, Edgar 5879Index250
Green, Edna 5880Index250
Green, Edward 5881Index250
Green, Elizabeth 5882Index250
Green, Elsie S 5883Index250
Green, H. S 5884Index250
Green, Helen 5885Index250
Green, James A 5886Index250
Green, Joseph E 5887Index250
Green, Joseph M 5888Index250
Green, Leonne 5889Index250
Green, Lottie 5890Index250
Green, M. B 5891Index250
Green, Margaret 5892Index250
Green, Matilda 5893Index250
Green, Michael 5894Index250
Green, Mildred 5895Index250
Green, Robert 5896Index250
Green, Robert 5897Index250
Green, T. J 5898Index250
Green, James 53647Index324
Green, Charles E 32367Index363
Green, Cecil M 33120Index363
Green, A L 33162Index363
Green, Robert 38513Index365
Green, Robert William 38544Index365
Green, Ivan Leon 39814Index365
Green, Donald 40611Index366
Green, Floyd 41152Index366
Green, Floyd John Thomas 41202Index366
Green, Eugene Ellsworth 41488Index366
Green, Warren Arnold 41660Index366
Green, Ivan Leon 42778Index366
Green, A L 43500Index2000368
Green, E E 44304Index2000368
Green, Gerald 45373Index1998369
Green, G D 45407Index1998369
Green, F J T 46267Index1998369
Green, Bill W 47686Index1998369
Green, B W 47733Index1998369
Green, Norman L 47890Index370
Green, N L 48066Index370
Green, Alvie 48443Index370
Green, A L 48463Index370
Green, A L 48472Index370
Green, George 49481Index370
Green, Donald 50820Index1997372
Green, A 67357Map681
Green, E A 67358Map681
Green, G W 67359Map681
Green, Geo W 67360Map681
Green, Louisa S 67361Map681
Green, S R 67362Map681
Green, T G 67363Map681
Green, W P 67364Map681
Green, Benjamin F 65769Abstract682
Green, S H 66413Abstract682
Green, 55643Index1990841
Green, Ada 55644Index1990841
Green, James B 55645Index1990841
Green, Walter B 17487Index926
Green, Amanda Jane (Porter)17488Index926
Green, Louisa 57479Index1100
Green, Asbury 58013Index1100
Green, David J 58015Index1100
Green, Lilborn B 58017Index1100
Green, Isaac 58019Index1100
Green, Ann 58020Index1100
Green, James 58021Index1100
Green, Charles 60252Index1101
Green, James 60254Index1101
Green, Jo Anna 60682Index1101
Green, William Jasper 62097Abstract1103
Green, David T 65005Abstract1106
Green, 68215Book18711253
Green, William 68690Book18711253
Green, Geo 69620Book19041254
Green, J A 63254Index9999
Green, J M 63255Index9999
Green, Willism 63508Index9999
Green, John 64348Index9999
Greenard, Lucy 5899Index250
Greenbaum, Abe 5900Index250
Greene, Charles R 22741Index235
Greene, Edward I 22742Index235
Greene, M J 22743Index235
Greene, Walter M 22744Index235
Greene, Albertina 5901Index250
Greene, Elvira 5902Index250
Greene, Sadie 5903Index250
Greene, J B 44186Index2000368
Greene, P E L 48763Index370
Greene, Gary 49815Index370
Greene, Belle C (Foster)56480Abstract1102
Greener, C R 67365Map681
Greenfield, James A 17912Abstract242
Greenlee, F R 22745Index235
Greenlee, Joseph C 22746Index235
Greenlee, Fredd 54216Index323
Greenlee, Fred C 32632Index363
Greenlee, Fred 51381Index1997372
Greenlee, Fred 67366Map681
Greenley, Harvey 22747Index235
Greenup, Campbell E 17982Index926
Greenup, Elisa (Hizer)17983Index926
Greenup, Leonard 58023Index1100
Greenwait, Andrew 16768Index926
Greenwait, Nancy (Sloan)16769Index926
Greenwald, Bernard Harry 39084Index365
Greenwald, Bernard 48633Index370
Greenwald, B H 48761Index370
Greenwell, Herbert S 50190Index1994371
Greenwold, Ella 64099Index9999
Greenwood, August 22748Index235
Greenwood, Franklin 55646Index1990841
Greer, E 22749Index235
Greer, W B 22750Index235
Greer, W M 22751Index235
Greer, David J 5904Index250
Greer, Henry 5905Index250
Greer, Joseph 5906Index250
Greer, Joseph H 5907Index250
Greer, Nellie 5908Index250
Greer, Russell R 33005Index363
Greer, Harold 50847Index1997372
Greer, Jack 51260Index1997372
Greer, Arthur E 51316Index1997372
Greer, A 67367Map681
Greer, F A 67368Map681
Greer, Fannie E 67369Map681
Greer, Geo W 67370Map681
Greer, H 67371Map681
Greer, Joseph 67372Map681
Greer, Lydia 67373Map681
Greer, M W 67374Map681
Greer, S H 67375Map681
Greer, Bettie (Steck)66312Abstract682
Greer, Christopher C 58025Index1100
Greeson, Jessie S 5909Index250
Gregg, William 22752Index235
Gregg, Andrieme D 5910Index250
Gregg, C. 5911Index250
Gregg, Charles W 5912Index250
Gregg, Flora May 5913Index250
Gregg, Helen 5914Index250
Gregg, John H 5915Index250
Gregg, Justus C 5916Index250
Gregg, Mary 5917Index250
Gregg, Mary 5918Index250
Gregg, Robert L 54308Index323
Gregg, Bobby 54028Index324
Gregg, Mary 58215Index1100
Greggs, R. 5919Index250
Gregory, E J 22753Index235
Gregory, Frank 22754Index235
Gregory, Joseph 22755Index235
Gregory, Robert A 22756Index235
Gregory, J F 22757Index235
Gregory, (inf) 5920Index250
Gregory, Elvina 5921Index250
Gregory, Florence 5922Index250
Gregory, Mable 5923Index250
Gregory, Mary E 5924Index250
Gregory, Plume M 5925Index250
Gregory, Ray 5926Index250
Gregory, Walter M 5927Index250
Gregory, Frank A 31969Index363
Gregory, George M 32348Index363
Gregory, T V 38761Index365
Gregory, John 41162Index366
Gregory, John Dennis 41189Index366
Gregory, George Mcclellan 41736Index366
Gregory, Virgil 43594Index2000368
Gregory, V E 43627Index2000368
Gregory, J D 46363Index1998369
Gregory, John V 50148Index1994371
Gregory, T V 50726Index1997372
Gregory, William 55785Index926
Gregory, Nancy (Wills)55786Index926
Gregory, John 59426Index926
Gregory, Sarepta (Wills)59427Index926
Gregory, Isreal H 61929Index926
Gregory, Mary J (Hitchens)61930Index926
Gregory, J C 64441Index9999
Gregory, J R 64442Index9999
Greimes, Robert 39652Index365
Greiner, William 39900Index365
Greiner, Orville Edgar 40641Index366
Greiner, O E 43029Index2000368
Greiner, B D 43132Index2000368
Greiner, Adam 65006Abstract1106
Greniea, Joseph 50255Index1994371
Grenier, Nora 5928Index250
Greren, James 22758Index235
Grerenenbuhl, John 22759Index235
Gresham, John 53559Index324
Gresham, John H (Catron)64513Abstract1105
Gress, A. 5929Index250
Gress, Lester L 31975Index363
Gressly, William 54527Index323
Greston, John 22760Index235
Greud, Fred R 22761Index235
Grewell, William H 5930Index250
Grey, William 22762Index235
Grey, Nancy L 5931Index250
Greybeal, David L 22763Index235
Greyer, Elizabeth Ann 58622Index1100
Greyham, Davis 58027Index1100
Gribb, Oscar 22764Index235
Gribben, John William 22765Index235
Gribben, 63203Index9999
Gribbin, (ing) 5932Index250
Gribbin, Albert 5933Index250
Gricshaber, Felix 22766Index235
Grider, Douglas 46752Index1998369
Grider, D D 46809Index1998369
Grider, Carrell 50746Index1997372
Grie, 67376Map681
Grief, Chas 22767Index235
Grief, Joseph E 22768Index235
Grief, Charles S 5934Index250
Grief, Edgar J 5935Index250
Griehsauber, F. M 5936Index250
Grieme, Robert C 53682Index324
Grieme, R C 45541Index1998369
Grieme, R C 48091Index370
Griene, Robert 48003Index370
Grienes, S. R 5937Index250
Grieppel, A? 5938Index250
Grier, Fred 22769Index235
Grier, Jacob 22770Index235
Grier, William 22771Index235
Grier, (f) 5939Index250
Grier, Louis 38404Index365
Grier, Allen Louis 38441Index365
Grier, Ralph Eldon 41926Index366
Grier, George E 43506Index2000368
Grier, G E 43526Index2000368
Grier, A L 44900Index2000368
Grier, R E 46664Index1998369
Grier, Homer 46991Index1998369
Grier, C R 47153Index1998369
Grier, Glen 48800Index370
Grier, J L 49957Index1994371
Grier, George 50948Index1997372
Grierson, Thomas 5940Index250
Gries, Norman 42478Index366
Griesberg, Peter 5941Index250
Grieshaber, Felix August 39089Index365
Grieshaber, Felix August 42822Index366
Grieshaber, F A 46674Index1998369
Grieshaber, Felix A 51037Index1997372
Grieshauber, Felix 22772Index235
Grieve, John 66138Abstract682
Griffen, Kirt 48994Index370
Griffen, John 67377Map681
Griffen, 62583Abstract1104
Griffey, Andrew 5942Index250
Griffey, Grace 5943Index250
Griffey, Bob L 54095Index323
Griffey, James 62582Abstract1104
Griffey, Mary 68849Book18711253
Griffin, Charles H 22773Index235
Griffin, David 22774Index235
Griffin, Fred D 22775Index235
Griffin, J D 22776Index235
Griffin, John 22777Index235
Griffin, John 22778Index235
Griffin, John L 22779Index235
Griffin, L C 22780Index235
Griffin, O D 22781Index235
Griffin, O D 22782Index235
Griffin, William F 22783Index235
Griffin, David 5944Index250
Griffin, Galen 5945Index250
Griffin, John 5946Index250
Griffin, John 5947Index250
Griffin, Jack 54001Index324
Griffin, William M 32048Index363
Griffin, William M 32049Index363
Griffin, W C 32072Index363
Griffin, Clarence W 32452Index363
Griffin, William K 32820Index363
Griffin, Lewis H 33049Index363
Griffin, George 38657Index365
Griffin, Jack 40640Index366
Griffin, Jack Dean 40863Index366
Griffin, Earl Jean 41147Index366
Griffin, W K 49028Index370
Griffin, J D 49298Index370
Griffin, Theodore 51158Index1997372
Griffin, Marshall 51455Index1997372
Griffin, John 67378Map681
Griffin, Alfred 17009Index926
Griffin, Sarah (Cadell)17010Index926
Griffin, Richard 17137Index926
Griffin, Lucy (Morgan)17138Index926
Griffin, James 61772Index926
Griffin, Lucinda C (VanCleave)61774Index926
Griffin, Sarah E 61437Index1101
Griffin, Annie Elizabeth (Cook)64514Abstract1105
Griffin, Jesse 65007Abstract1106
Griffin, Lucinda 65008Abstract1106
Griffin, Nathan Vandeventer 65009Abstract1106
Griffin, W. A. 70110Newsletter19331314
Griffith, Arthur 22784Index235
Griffith, Bell 22785Index235
Griffith, Claude 22786Index235
Griffith, L E 22787Index235
Griffith, W H 22788Index235
Griffith, W H 22789Index235
Griffith, Ambrose 5948Index250
Griffith, George C 5949Index250
Griffith, H. D 5950Index250
Griffith, J. W 5951Index250
Griffith, Margaret 5952Index250
Griffith, William W 5953Index250
Griffith, Leland 32587Index363
Griffith, N D 45251Index2000368
Griffith, Vincil L 47463Index1998369
Griffith, R W 47495Index1998369
Griffith, Geo W 65770Abstract682
Griffith, Samuel 53342Index926
Griffith, Mary Ann (Kelson)53343Index926
Griffith, Martha 57640Index1100
Griffith, William 58031Index1100
Griffith, William 58033Index1100
Griffith, Cyrum 60256Index1101
Griffith, John W 60258Index1101
Griffith, Annie E 60620Index1101
Griffith, Herman 62098Abstract1103
Griffith, Henrietta 62584Abstract1104
Griffith, Mary 69308Book18711253
Griffith, J E 63780Index9999
Griffith, Uriah 64867Index9999
Griffon, Levi Jackson 58029Index1100
Grigg, L. 5954Index250
Griggs, Mrs. M 5955Index250
Griggs, James D 32609Index363
Griggs, Jerry 40894Index366
Griggs, Jerome Lee 40930Index366
Griggs, Harry Edward 42423Index366
Griggs, Dean 49428Index370
Griggs, Benjamin 62910Index926
Griggs, Benjamin 62934Index926
Grill, J H 22790Index235
Grill, John 22791Index235
Grill, John H 22792Index235
Grill, Charles 5956Index250
Grill, William A 5957Index250
Grimes, J E 33045Index363
Grimes, W H 39408Index365
Grimes, William Harrison 39481Index365
Grimes, Chris 41371Index366
Grimes, Christopher Sylvester 41442Index366
Grimes, John 42200Index366
Grimes, Ira 43300Index2000368
Grimes, M E 45333Index2000368
Grimes, M E 45355Index1998369
Grimes, D W 45997Index1998369
Grimes, C S 46244Index1998369
Grimes, John Scott 48531Index370
Grimes, J S 48560Index370
Grimes, John Scott 50946Index1997372
Grimes , L 51366Index1997372
Grimes, Eliga 58035Index1100
Grimes, Joseph C 58037Index1100
Grimes, Stephen 58039Index1100
Grimes, Eugaitha 58301Index1100
Grimes, Elizabeth 58391Index1100
Grimes, Thomas 60260Index1101
Grimes, William 60262Index1101
Grimes, Sarah F 60694Index1101
Grimes, William 56481Abstract1102
Grimes, Daniel Lewis 64515Abstract1105
Grimes, Raymond Clark 64516Abstract1105
Grimit, Fred 22793Index235
Grimm, E 22794Index235
Grimm, Henry 22795Index235
Grimm, Louise (Eicholz)17913Abstract242
Grimm, M A 32941Index363
Grimm, Louis 51242Index1997372
Grinlinton, Arthur 43667Index2000368
Grinly, Benjamin G 60264Index1101
Grinstead, K D 43279Index2000368
Grinstead, C L 47271Index1998369
Grinstead, Paul 47684Index1998369
Grinstead, C G 47749Index1998369
Grinstead, Carl 49891Index1994371
Grinstead, Harry 64517Abstract1105
Grippando, Frank 33009Index363
Grise, Albert 5958Index250
Grissom, L E 49389Index370
Griswald, (m) 5959Index250
Griswold, Ben L 22796Index235
Griswold, Charles 22797Index235
Griswold, George W 22798Index235
Griswold, Peter 22799Index235
Griswold, Wm 22800Index235
Griswold, Benjamin 5960Index250
Griswold, Clarissa 5961Index250
Griswold, Mary 5962Index250
Griswold, Donald Henry 39027Index365
Griswold, Donald 44094Index2000368
Griswold, D H 44135Index2000368
Griswold, High 61367Index1101
Griswold, Lizzie 64038Index9999
Griswold, H Ruth 64092Index9999
Gritin, William L 64226Index9999
Gritz, Fred 5963Index250
Gritz, John (McClelland)55647Index1990841
Gritzmacher, Adolph G 32137Index363
Groat, Harry 22801Index235
Groce, Wm 22802Index235
Groce, N. E 5964Index250
Groce, C R 48264Index370
Groce, Carl S 49271Index370
Grodey, Edward J 5965Index250
Groenke, Julius 22803Index235
Groenke, Julius 22804Index235
Groenke, Julius 22805Index235
Groenke, Julius 22806Index235
Groenke, Eva 5966Index250
Groesbeck, Jacob 62585Abstract1104
Grogan, Thomas C 22807Index235
Grogan, G. Michael 5967Index250
Grogan, S. J 5968Index250
Grogery, W. A 5969Index250
Grogg, Alice 5970Index250
Grogg, Sylvester 42437Index366
Grogge, Richard Lee 42774Index366
Groh, William E 5971Index250
Groh, Daniel 65772Abstract682
Groh, Caroline 57405Index1100
Groham, J W 69626Book19041254
Grollment, Joseph 5972Index250
Grom, Joseph 22808Index235
Grom, Leo L 17914Abstract242
Grom, Mary Anna 17915Abstract242
Gromer, Teresa 5973Index250
Gromi, Jas N 22809Index235
Gromowsky, John 39914Index365
Gromowsky, John 47874Index370
Gronard, Frank 22810Index235
Gronard, Mary G 5974Index250
Groner, F 22811Index235
Gronerig, William 22812Index235
Gronewald, August 22813Index235
Groneway, (inf) 5975Index250
Groneweg, George 22814Index235
Groneweg, Will 22815Index235
Groneweg, Wm 22816Index235
Groneweg, Henry 5976Index250
Groneweg, Marie 5977Index250
Groninger, Lizzie 63887Index9999
Gronniger, Henry 39799Index365
Gronniger, Matthew 42300Index366
Gronniger, Matthew Bernard 42369Index366
Gronniger, Henry J 45975Index1998369
Gronniger, H J 46011Index1998369
Gronninger, M B 49045Index370
Gronow, Frank 22817Index235
Groom, Samuel 22818Index235
Groom, G F 55648Index1990841
Groom, Eliza Jane 60562Index1101
Groomer, Otis N 32485Index363
Groomes, Oliver 60266Index1101
Grooms, Frank S 22819Index235
Grooms, (inf) 5978Index250
Grooms, Thomas J 32324Index363
Grooms, Max 32959Index363
Grooms, Max W 32977Index363
Grooms, Claude Edward 40305Index365
Grooms, C E 43553Index2000368
Grooms, Crawford 43690Index2000368
Grooms, C E 46373Index1998369
Grooms, Robert 50661Index1994371
Grooms, Joseph 16837Index926
Grooms, Elizabeth (Barnett)16838Index926
Groon, Leonard C 5979Index250
Groon, Mary 5980Index250
Groon, Ira Olin 32007Index363
Groover, J. A 5981Index250
Groschong, Zenie 69418Book18711253
Groscup, Charles L 63393Index9999
Groshon, George 5982Index250
Groshong, Marion 53813Index324
Groshong, Edgar R 33573Index363
Groshong, George E 42204Index366
Groshong, Lewis 60268Index1101
Grosloff, Minnie 5983Index250
Grosman, Robert 63717Index9999
Gross, ? 22820Index235
Gross, Chris J 22821Index235
Gross, George 22822Index235
Gross, John Fred 22823Index235
Gross, John W 22824Index235
Gross, Louis 22825Index235
Gross, Louis 22826Index235
Gross, Lucius 22827Index235
Gross, M 22828Index235
Gross, F. J 5984Index250
Gross, Lena 5985Index250
Gross, Marie 5986Index250
Gross, Moses 5987Index250
Gross, Raleigh 5988Index250
Gross, Rosa L 5989Index250
Gross, Everett J 31996Index363
Gross, Wallace 33378Index363
Gross, Wallace O 33401Index363
Gross, K E 45068Index2000368
Gross, Herbert 46281Index1998369
Gross, Herbert 46306Index1998369
Gross, R J 67379Map681
Gross, R L 67380Map681
Gross, Tresse R 57265Index1100
Gross, Jacob 62099Abstract1103
Gross, innie Sue (Owen)70402Newsletter19341325
Grosscup, Charles L 5990Index250
Grosse, Moritz 22829Index235
Grosser, Henry E 168Newspaper Clipping or Art2003105
Grossley, J O 67381Map681
Grossman, Abe 22830Index235
Grossman, Abraham 22831Index235
Grossman, (inf) 5991Index250
Grossman, (inf) 5992Index250
Grossman, R. 5993Index250
Grossman, Charles E 32293Index363
Grossman, Virgil Emerson 42773Index366
Grossman, L E 45687Index1998369
Grossman, Virgil 48310Index370
Grossman, V E 48357Index370
Grossman, V E 48411Index370
Grote, W C 22832Index235
Grote, L D 47747Index1998369
Grote, Lloyd D 51332Index1997372
Grotheer, Carl 22833Index235
Grotheor, Carl 22834Index235
Grouard, Frank 5994Index250
Grove, Emma 5995Index250
Grove, Howard C 32250Index363
Grove, Leo F 43995Index2000368
Grove, Lee Franklin 44044Index2000368
Grove, Leo F 50052Index1994371
Grove, Francis M 58046Index1100
Grover, William 22835Index235
Grover, William J 5996Index250
Groves, Eugene 22836Index235
Groves, James 5997Index250
Groves, Julius 5998Index250
Groves, Wallace 32165Index363
Groves, Melvin 38695Index365
Groves, Delbert 41973Index366
Groves, Joseph 60271Index1101
Groves, Sylva 56482Abstract1102
Groves, Ethel 62100Abstract1103
Groves, 62586Abstract1104
Groves, Mabel 64519Abstract1105
Groves, William 64520Abstract1105
Groves, Joseph 65010Abstract1106
Groves, Sarah A 65011Abstract1106
Groves, Nathaniel 68806Book18711253
Grow, M F 67382Map681
Growney, John D 17916Abstract242
Grozinger, Emma 5999Index250
Grozinger, Ralph 6000Index250
Grub, Walter 53981Index324
Grubb, Oscar 22837Index235
Grubb, Clay F 6001Index250
Grubb, Cora Alice 6002Index250
Grubb, William H 6003Index250
Grubbs, Edward 22838Index235
Grubbs, Edward W 6004Index250
Grubbs, Harold 6005Index250
Grubbs, Henry C 6006Index250
Grubbs, John W 6007Index250
Grubbs, Mary J 6008Index250
Grubbs, Rolley T 33420Index363
Grube, Sophia 6009Index250
Gruber, Charles 54151Index323
Grueb, Roy F 6010Index250
Gruebe, Fred 22839Index235
Gruehers, (inf) 6011Index250
Grueshaber, N. L 6012Index250
Gruett, Albert 22840Index235
Gruett, Albert 22841Index235
Gruett, Arthur 6013Index250
Gruett, Martin 6014Index250
Grugin, Ancil 70287Newsletter19341322
Grum, (inf) 6015Index250
Grum, Charlotte 6016Index250
Grumber, Bert 22842Index235
Grumley, Julia 58051Index1100
Grumly, John 60272Index1101
Grump, William E 58048Index1100
Grump, Ann E 58055Index1100
Grumwald, August 6017Index250
Grundy, L H 22843Index235
Grundy, Logan 22844Index235
Grundy, Ralph Van 54600Index323
Grundy, W A 67383Map681
Grundy, Mary E 58179Index1100
Grunerold, Herman 6018Index250
Grunt, Ed 69619Book19041254
Grunwald, Roger 54323Index323
Grunwald, Roger 53644Index324
Grunwald, George C 32453Index363
Grupp, Jacob 22845Index235
Gruschke, Lloyd 43044Index2000368
Grush, E E 67384Map681
Grush, F E 67385Map681
Grush, J H 67386Map681
Grush, Joseph 67387Map681
Grush, Joseph 67388Map681
Gruswitz, Edwin A 6019Index250
Gry, A I 22846Index235
Grzeakowiak, William 17917Abstract242
Gtreen, Lucinda 58271Index1100
Guank, Malinda 6020Index250
Guard, Henry 22847Index235
Guard, Jerry 22848Index235
Guardado, Pedro 53750Index324
Guardado, Pedro 33167Index363
Guardado, Jesse 38372Index365
Guardado, Jessie 42392Index366
Guardado, P M 44172Index2000368
Guardado, Jesse J 44631Index2000368
Guardado, J J 44718Index2000368
Guardado, P M 46777Index1998369
Guardado, Jesse 48735Index370
Guardado, J J 48790Index370
Guardado, Jessie 51200Index1997372
Gubler, Isaac 22849Index235
Gubser, G 67389Map681
Gubser, G F 67390Map681
Gubser, H 67391Map681
Gubser, Wm 67392Map681
Gubtail, John 58050Index1100
Guck, Louisa 68938Book18711253
Gude, Clem 67393Map681
Gueisner, P J 22850Index235
Guess, Loren 51194Index1997372
Guezman, Thomas 6021Index250
Guffey, Thomas 22851Index235
Guiden, 45643Index1998369
Guiden, Fred Henry 51013Index1997372
Guider, John W 17918Abstract242
Guier, Robert L 40857Index366
Guier, Ellen 56483Abstract1102
Guiette, Truman 22852Index235
Guilany, Clark R 58058Index1100
Guilbault, Louie 17919Abstract242
Guilbert, C S 22853Index235
Guild, Mattie 64459Index9999
Guilenwaters, Benjamin F 60274Index1101
Guilliams, Tayor 58052Index1100
Guilliams, Calvin M 60276Index1101
Guilliams, Clark P 60278Index1101
Guilliams, Daniel W 60280Index1101
Guilliams, Calvin M 56484Abstract1102
Guilliams, John Henry 56526Abstract1102
Guilliams, John Henry 56596Abstract1102
Guilliams, William H 56597Abstract1102
Guilliams, B W 62101Abstract1103
Guilliams, Earnest 65012Abstract1106
Guilliand, Julia Ann 58476Index1100
Guillians, Betsy Ann 58604Index1100
Guim, William F 58054Index1100
Guinn, Walter 22854Index235
Guinn, (m) 6022Index250
Guinn, David 6023Index250
Guinn, Deborah 6024Index250
Guinn, John 6025Index250
Guinn, Missouri 6026Index250
Guinn, James Richard 38782Index365
Guinn, Ronald Dee 42231Index366
Guinpel, Sam 22855Index235
Guire, Lewis 60282Index1101
Guire, William Allen 60284Index1101
Gulick, James 6027Index250
Gulknecht, Sol 22856Index235
Gullet, Joshua 58060Index1100
Gulliams, Mary E 60740Index1101
Gullick, Russell 53790Index324
Gullick, Gene 38564Index365
Gullick, Russell Eugene 38889Index365
Gullick, R H 49765Index370
Gumbert, Charles 22857Index235
Gumby, Lillie 6028Index250
Gumer, Pauline 6029Index250
Gumet, W T 22858Index235
Gumm, William 60287Index1101
Gummig, M E 49744Index370
Gummig, Milton 50997Index1997372
Gunderson, Vera 6030Index250
Gundy, Ralph Van 49816Index370
Gunkel, John 58056Index1100
Gunkel, Katharine 59787Index1101
Gunkel, Nichilas 62587Abstract1104
Gunkle, Eve 57670Index1100
Gunkle, Elizabeth 57783Index1100
Gunley, Doris 6031Index250
Gunn, Alfred 22859Index235
Gunn, Alfred S? 22860Index235
Gunn, Fred 22861Index235
Gunn, Mollie E 6032Index250
Gunn, John 67394Map681
Gunn, W C 67395Map681
Gunn, Charles 55649Index1990841
Gunsberg, David 22862Index235
Gunselman, William 6033Index250
Gunter, Harlan F 33123Index363
Gunter, Edward 40488Index366
Gunter, Edward Doyle 40528Index366
Gunter, E D 49626Index370
Gunter, Edward 51308Index1997372
Gunthisbarger, F 22863Index235
Guntzell, Arion 22864Index235
Gunzman, Frank 6034Index250
Gunzman, Hannah 6035Index250
Gupton, William E 6036Index250
Gupton, Robert A 49714Index370
Gurge, Eleanor V 61110Index1101
Gurley, Charles 22865Index235
Gurley, Elmer A 22866Index235
Gurley, Elmer A 22867Index235
Gurmstead, John P 22868Index235
Gurney, Carl C 22869Index235
Gurney, Catherine 55650Index1990841
Gurwell, Ray 50175Index1994371
Gust, Roy P 38828Index365
Gustin, C V 43638Index2000368
Gustin, Charles 48049Index370
Gustin, C V 48308Index370
Gustweigh, Felix 22870Index235
Guthery, Albert 6037Index250
Guthery, Roy Lewis 39590Index365
Guthery, R F 43793Index2000368
Guthery, Ed 61588Index926
Guthery, Margaret (Bruce)61589Index926
Guthiry, Lewis 22871Index235
Guthrey, Wm 22872Index235
Guthrie, C B 22873Index235
Guthrie, John 22874Index235
Guthrie, Will 22875Index235
Guthrie, William F 22876Index235
Guthrie, William S 22877Index235
Guthrie, Wm 22878Index235
Guthrie, Marian 6038Index250
Guthrie, Jerry 54590Index323
Guthrie, P J 43011Index2000368
Guthrie, P J 45318Index2000368
Guthrie, 65773Abstract682
Guthrie, William B 65774Abstract682
Guthrie, James 58062Index1100
Guthrie, Martha Ann 59055Index1100
Guthrie, Alice 61226Index1101
Guthrie, Alla 61248Index1101
Guthrie, James Albert 56598Abstract1102
Guthrie, Abbarilla (Noland)62102Abstract1103
Guthrie, Charlotte E (Cooper)64521Abstract1105
Guthrie, Charles 64696Index9999
Gutteridge, Warren 46618Index1998369
Gutteridge, W F 46702Index1998369
Guy, George 214List103
Guy, Arnold 6039Index250
Guy, David 6040Index250
Guy, Faye 6041Index250
Guy, S. 6042Index250
Guy, R O 31910Index363
Guy, B L 44353Index2000368
Guy, F C 47359Index1998369
Guy, Enoch 58064Index1100
Guy, John 58066Index1100
Guy, Samuel 60288Index1101
Guyer, Adolph 22879Index235
Guyer, Charles Clifford 40380Index365
Guyer, Clifford 43956Index2000368
Guyer, Charles C 44007Index2000368
Guyer, N F 46708Index1998369
Guyer, C C 47019Index1998369
Guyer, Clifford 50087Index1994371
Guyer, Ada 55651Index1990841
Guyer, Edwin O 55652Index1990841
Guyer, Henry 55653Index1990841
Guyman, Ralph 39533Index365
Guymon, Ralph Herbert 39602Index365
Guymon, R H 46309Index1998369
Gwenke, Augusta 6043Index250
Gwin, H W 22880Index235
Gwin, W G 22881Index235
Gwin, Walter 22882Index235
Gwin, Ernest Elmer 41798Index366
Gwinn, Medona 6044Index250
Gwinn, Medora (Thrailkill)62103Abstract1103
Gyer, James 58068Index1100

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