Library Holdings Surname Index

The NWMGS maintains and regularly updates their database of library holdings, and their index of the surnames to be found in them. Currently, this database contains a listing of 1,638 items in the library collection, 63,835 names, and was last updated on Wednesday, 16 May 2018. This work is done by volunteers. If you would like to help, contact Kelly.

For copies or additional information about the items in which these names appear, please contact our research librarian. Be sure to mention that the entry you're interested in is in the Holdings database and include the identification numbers.

Name Name ID# Holding Type Pub Year Holding ID#
Fabre, Georgette Louise 21684Index235
Fabre, Jules G 21685Index235
Fabrizius, John 4642Index250
Fackler, George J 4643Index250
Fackler, Irene 4644Index250
Faddicker, E A 21686Index235
Faddis, S. K 4645Index250
Faderhart, Hugo 21687Index235
Faderhart, Edward 21688Index235
Fadley, J. 4646Index250
Fagan, Donald William 38932Index365
Fagan, E A 45054Index2000368
Fagan, D T 47243Index1998369
Fager, Gerald 39933Index365
Fager, G E 42943Index2000368
Fager, Gerald 46825Index1998369
Fagin, John 55585Index1990841
Fagon, Edward 44981Index2000368
Faherty, Frank P 41342Index366
Fahey, Bernard 21689Index235
Fahey, James 21690Index235
Fahey, John Michael 17768Abstract242
Fahey, Bernard T 4647Index250
Fahey, Jennie S 4648Index250
Fahey, Nyomia 4649Index250
Fahey, 68962Book18711253
Fahey, Isabel 64015Index9999
Fahn, Joseph 63748Index9999
Fahn, John 63817Index9999
Fahwin, Wm 69614Book19041254
Faidel, (m) 4650Index250
Fairbanks, James 21691Index235
Fairbanks, Lloyd 38363Index365
Fairbanks, Lloyd Junior 38395Index365
Fairbanks, Lloyd 43080Index2000368
Fairchild, James Elmer 65680Abstract682
Fairchild, 65681Abstract682
Fairclaugh, John 4651Index250
Fairclaugh, Louise 4652Index250
Faires, James 67007Abstract248
Fairhead, H E 70507Newsletter19481286
Fairleigh, James O'neill 110Book1
Fairleigh, James 21692Index235
Fairleigh, Wm 21693Index235
Fairley, Eugene 21694Index235
Fairlie, J B 32513Index363
Fairman, Waldo 47781Index1998369
Fairman, W R 47866Index370
Fairnan, Foster N 4653Index250
Faitak, Gertrude 4654Index250
Faland, J D 45370Index1998369
Fales, Anna 17769Abstract242
Fales, Floyd L 33199Index363
Fales, 55586Index1990841
Fales, Oscar 55587Index1990841
Falk, Frank A 17770Abstract242
Falk, Charles 4655Index250
Falk, Mary 4656Index250
Falk, Darrell Boyd 42844Index366
Falkenbach, Wm 21695Index235
Falkenbach, Wm 21696Index235
Falkenbach, Christina 4657Index250
Falkenbach, Christona 4658Index250
Falkenbach, Henry 4659Index250
Falkenbach, Herman Evans 41618Index366
Falkenbach, H K 47326Index1998369
Falkner, John 21697Index235
Falkner, John 17771Abstract242
Falkner, John 4660Index250
Falkner, William H 54340Index323
Falkner, W H 53483Index324
Faller, L H 21698Index235
Faller, Leland 4661Index250
Fallis, P M 50589Index1994371
Fallis, P M 50618Index1994371
Fallmer, Charles 21699Index235
Falsee, Chris 68271Book18711253
Falsoner, Alexander 60113Index1101
Falvey, Edward B 21700Index235
Falwell, Fred 21701Index235
Faman, Michael J 4662Index250
Fancher, Elliott S 32946Index363
Fancher, Sarah Ann 57381Index1100
Fancher, Nancy J 59043Index1100
Fange, Jas 68261Book18711253
Faning, Frank W 4663Index250
Fanke, Charles 4664Index250
Fankhauser, Robert 41103Index366
Fankhauser, Robert Leo 41139Index366
Fankhauser, Emmett A 43559Index2000368
Fankhauser, E A 43585Index2000368
Fankhauser, L E 43865Index2000368
Fankhouser, Marvin 53630Index324
Fankhouser, Harvey E 33317Index363
Fankhouser, Emmett Alfred 40719Index366
Fann, Roda 4665Index250
Fannen, Warren Weldon 38506Index365
Fanner, Edna 4666Index250
Fanning, George W 21702Index235
Fanning, Geo W 17772Abstract242
Fanning, Margaret 67008Abstract248
Fanning, Frank C 4667Index250
Fanning, Harold 4668Index250
Fanning, Marie R 4669Index250
Fanning, Norman 54433Index323
Fanning, Winfred Leroy 38583Index365
Fanning, Winford Leroy 40771Index366
Fanning, T A 44437Index2000368
Fanning, N B 45167Index2000368
Fanning, W L 45242Index2000368
Fanning, J F 45554Index1998369
Fanning, George F 45895Index1998369
Fanning, G F 45925Index1998369
Fanning, W L 49118Index370
Fanning, Charles 65682Abstract682
Fannon, Wiley 4670Index250
Fans, Charles A 21703Index235
Fansher, William F 57854Index1100
Fansher, Catherine 59887Index1101
Fansher, John 60115Index1101
Fansher, Susannah (Sipes)62547Abstract1104
Fant, W C 64432Index9999
Fantion, William 61698Index926
Fantion, Mahala M (Means)61699Index926
Faquett, Lewis 21704Index235
Farber, Wm 21705Index235
Farber, Wm M 21706Index235
Farber, Minnie 4671Index250
Farbrucho, Mabel 63287Index9999
Farger, J H 21707Index235
Faris, Fred P 21709Index235
Faris, A. Claude 4672Index250
Faris, Arthur 4673Index250
Faris, R. D 4674Index250
Faris, E E 67195Map681
Faris, Rachel J (Daley)62062Abstract1103
Farischon, Mary Victoria 17773Abstract242
Fariss, J F 21708Index235
Farleigh, William G 28Book1
Farley, George D 21710Index235
Farley, John I (Chandlee)17621Abstract236
Farley, Frances Catherine 4675Index250
Farley, Janes L 4676Index250
Farley, John 4677Index250
Farley, Margaret 4678Index250
Farley, Nancy 4679Index250
Farley, Ralph 53525Index324
Farley, John 40654Index366
Farley, L B 43068Index2000368
Farley, F C 43267Index2000368
Farley, J L 43706Index2000368
Farley, Terance 47226Index1998369
Farley, T J 47255Index1998369
Farley, D W 47851Index370
Farley, Terrance 49676Index370
Farley, John 50027Index1994371
Farley, John E 51247Index1997372
Farman, Sarah 67009Abstract248
Farmer, John M 21711Index235
Farmer, N 21712Index235
Farmer, (inf) 4680Index250
Farmer, Richard 4681Index250
Farmer, Sarah 4682Index250
Farmer, Floyd 38991Index365
Farmer, Eldon W 39090Index365
Farmer, Eldon Wayne 39121Index365
Farmer, Leroy Auburn 41546Index366
Farmer, Eldon 50916Index1997372
Farmer, John 51091Index1997372
Farmer, Elijah 57856Index1100
Farmer, Ida (Moss)70308Newsletter19351304
Farmhall, Georgia 4683Index250
Farmin, (inf) 4684Index250
Farmsworth, Earnest 4685Index250
Farnam, Christopher 4686Index250
Farney, Michael 4687Index250
Farney, Ellen 60626Index1101
Farnham, H E 21713Index235
Farnham, Robert S 31988Index363
Farnsworth, George B 21714Index235
Farnsworth, Flossie 4688Index250
Farnsworth, Billy Bayard 42368Index366
Farnsworth, B 65683Abstract682
Farnsworth, B 65684Abstract682
Farnum, L F 49973Index1994371
Farquahar, Clifton 43269Index2000368
Farr, Charles 21730Index235
Farr, Donald 54503Index323
Farr, Donald 53372Index324
Farr, William F 33428Index363
Farr, C E 49375Index370
Farr, C E 49405Index370
Farr, George 55588Index1990841
Farrar, John W 4689Index250
Farrell, Ed 21715Index235
Farrell, Edward 21716Index235
Farrell, Francis 21717Index235
Farrell, Francis 21718Index235
Farrell, John 21719Index235
Farrell, John J 21720Index235
Farrell, J H 21721Index235
Farrell, John 67010Abstract248
Farrell, Edward 4690Index250
Farrell, John 4691Index250
Farrell, John D 4692Index250
Farrell, Joseph 4693Index250
Farrell, Tom 4694Index250
Farrell, John J 33027Index363
Farrell, Merlin Thomas 40924Index366
Farrell, Phillip 51288Index1997372
Farris, Grace L 55367Index189
Farris, Charles E 21724Index235
Farris, Charles E 21725Index235
Farris, George 21726Index235
Farris, Jesse 21727Index235
Farris, Robert N 21728Index235
Farris, Wm R 21729Index235
Farris, (m) 4695Index250
Farris, Amanda 4696Index250
Farris, Edward 4697Index250
Farris, Isaac R 4698Index250
Farris, J. M 4699Index250
Farris, Mabel 4700Index250
Farris, William J 4701Index250
Farris, Billy 54036Index324
Farris, Billy 38907Index365
Farris, Billy Adams 38936Index365
Farris, Raymond Lee 40326Index365
Farris, B A 43060Index2000368
Farris, Lowell 44415Index2000368
Farris, L E 44568Index2000368
Farris, Edwain Faucett 45712Index1998369
Farris, Lowell 49721Index370
Farris, S A 67196Map681
Farris, John 17748Index926
Farris, Mary Ann (Autrey)17749Index926
Farris, William G 38322Index926
Farris, Mary E (Robinson)38323Index926
Farris, C 63892Index9999
Farrish, C B 21722Index235
Farriss, Jesse 21723Index235
Farron, Jacob 4702Index250
Farrow, Harry Maxwell 38594Index365
Farrow, Charles D 42210Index366
Farthing, Thomas 21731Index235
Farthing, T F 33202Index363
Farwater, (m) 4703Index250
Fasburg, Ogden 4704Index250
Fasching, W H 21732Index235
Fasching, C H 44330Index2000368
Fasching, Corbeth 50281Index1994371
Fasker, (inf) 4705Index250
Fassett, Charles Wood 70Book1
Fassett, H. C 4706Index250
Fassler, Mary 4707Index250
Faste, Oliver 4708Index250
Fasten, Thomas 21733Index235
Fatla, Thomas 4709Index250
Fattig, Harvey E 32290Index363
Fattig, Everett 33397Index363
Fattig, Woodrow Wilson 38686Index365
Fattig, E E 48708Index370
Fattig, Everette 50182Index1994371
Fattig, Chas 69607Book19041254
Faucett, R H 107Book1
Faucett, J Thomas 108Book1
Faucett, Robert A 4710Index250
Faudere, Martin Eugene 38670Index365
Faudree, 55589Index1990841
Faulconer, Lewis 62548Abstract1104
Faulconer, Lola Marie 63128Abstract1105
Fauler, Albert 21734Index235
Faulhauber, A 21735Index235
Faulkner, John 21736Index235
Faunce, Henry 4711Index250
Faunce, Nancy 4712Index250
Fauntleroy, Benjamin 21737Index235
Faustiln, F C 21739Index235
Faustlin, Fred 21738Index235
Faustlin, Henry 21740Index235
Faustlin, Joe 32671Index363
Fautz, N E 67197Map681
Fauver, James 47774Index1998369
Fauver, J H 47803Index1998369
Fauver, Jomes H 50953Index1997372
Favors, Thomas 21741Index235
Favors, Thomas E 21742Index235
Favors, Thomas F 21743Index235
Fawdere, Martin 38637Index365
Fawley, E 21744Index235
Fawlor, Mary 57365Index1100
Fawthorp, J J 21745Index235
Fay, John 21747Index235
Fay, William D 21748Index235
Fay, Sarah 4713Index250
Fay, George 57858Index1100
Fayman, Charles 21746Index235
Feagan, John 4714Index250
Fealeisen, William H 21749Index235
Feals, Raymond 53701Index324
Febeau, Alex 4715Index250
Febzner, Charles 21750Index235
Fecher, C 67198Map681
Fecher, G 67199Map681
Fecher, George 67200Map681
Fechtner, A F 21751Index235
Fechtner, A F 21752Index235
Fechtner, A F 21753Index235
Fedder, A. D 4716Index250
Federle, Augustus 21754Index235
Federle, Augustus 21755Index235
Federle, Gus 21756Index235
Federle, Gustav 21757Index235
Federle, G 21758Index235
Federle, Max 21759Index235
Federle, Bruno 4717Index250
Fedvule, F 69605Book19041254
Fee, Edward 21762Index235
Fee, Charles 4718Index250
Fee, T J 49969Index1994371
Feegarden, Russell 4719Index250
Feeney, Bernard 21760Index235
Feeney, Bernard 21761Index235
Feeney, Mary 67011Abstract248
Feeney, Winefred 4720Index250
Feeny, Charles 4721Index250
Feeny, William 62549Abstract1104
Feerer, Don F 32963Index363
Fees, Frank C 32925Index363
Fehleisen, Bohart 4722Index250
Fehrman, Lewis 67201Map681
Fehrmun, August 57860Index1100
Feidel, G. 4723Index250
Feiden, Martin 21763Index235
Feidle, Sam 21764Index235
Feidler, Effie 4724Index250
Feike, John 21765Index235
Feike, Stephen 4725Index250
Fein, Meier 21766Index235
Fein, Sarah 4726Index250
Feitenstein, Alex 21785Index235
Feitz, Christ 56392Abstract1102
FeJt, George 21792Index235
Feland, Thomas C 4727Index250
Feldt, Julius 4728Index250
Feling, Philip 69611Book19041254
Felix, Obe 205List103
Felix, (inf) 4729Index250
Felix, Gracie 4730Index250
Felix, James 17553Index926
Felix, Julia Ann (Morgan)17554Index926
Felker, Richard 4731Index250
Felker, George Edward 40153Index365
Fell, Howard 4732Index250
Fell, John 4733Index250
Fell, Dallas L 32913Index363
Feller, John 21767Index235
Fellhauer, Frank 21768Index235
Felling, A 21769Index235
Felling, A 21770Index235
Felling, Charles A 21771Index235
Felling, Charles A 21772Index235
Felling, Chas 21773Index235
Felling, Chas A 21774Index235
Felling, Edward 21775Index235
Felling, Edward 21776Index235
Felling, Erbe 21777Index235
Felling, Henry G 21778Index235
Felling, Leo G 21779Index235
Felling, Leo G 21780Index235
Felling, Theodore 21781Index235
Felling, Will 21782Index235
Felling, Wm 21783Index235
Felling, Wm 21784Index235
Felling, Henry A 17774Abstract242
Felling, Hendrina 67012Abstract248
Felling, John 67013Abstract248
Felling, Catherine 4734Index250
Felling, Emma 4735Index250
Felling, H. 4736Index250
Felling, Johanna 4737Index250
Felling, John 4738Index250
Felling, John 4739Index250
Felling, Leona 4740Index250
Felling, M. G 4741Index250
Felling, Martin 4742Index250
Felling, Mary 4743Index250
Felling, Rosa 4744Index250
Felling, William 4745Index250
Felling, Eugene Burton 53449Index324
Felling, P J 48486Index370
Felling, Charles R 49198Index370
Felling, A J 69865Book19041254
Fellingham, Jabey B 70044Newsletter19321308
Fellman, Ronald 54246Index323
Fellows, E B 67202Map681
Fellows, J H 67203Map681
Fellows, Ann 57821Index1100
Fellows, Ed 62550Abstract1104
Fels, Eugene 4746Index250
Felt, John H 76Book1
Felt, George 21793Index235
Felt, H S 21794Index235
Felt, Roscoe 21795Index235
Felt, Jack B 32697Index363
Felt, Charles Keith 38984Index365
Felt, Charles E 43368Index2000368
Feltenstein, David 21786Index235
Feltenstein, Isaac 21787Index235
Feltenstein, Jacob 21788Index235
Feltenstein, (f) 4747Index250
Feltenstein, (m) 4748Index250
Feltenstein, Nettie 4749Index250
Feltenstein, Sophia 4750Index250
Felter, Betsy 69393Book18711253
Felter, Sarah 69394Book18711253
Felthans, Frank 4751Index250
Felthouse, Rosa 4752Index250
Feltin, O E 21789Index235
Feltis, Cynthia 4753Index250
Felton, O E 21790Index235
Felton, O E 21791Index235
Felton, Eli 68246Book18711253
Felts, Moses B 4754Index250
Felts, Verne 38534Index365
Felts, Vern L 50717Index1997372
Felumb, Kenneth 48692Index370
Felumb, K E 48752Index370
Felumb, Dale 50033Index1994371
Felz, L E 48229Index370
Felzner, Maria 4755Index250
Fender, Arthur Marcella 39890Index365
Fender, J A 42931Index2000368
Fender, A M 45540Index1998369
Fenerstein, Rosy 4756Index250
Fenguay, A D 60119Index1101
Fenn, B S 21802Index235
Fenn, Franklin E 63530Index9999
Fenner, August 21796Index235
Fenner, August 21797Index235
Fenner, A H 21798Index235
Fenner, Herman 21799Index235
Fenner, Herman 21800Index235
Fenner, Herman 21801Index235
Fenner, (m) 4757Index250
Fenner, John 4758Index250
Fenner, John R 40506Index366
Fenner, J R 43323Index2000368
Fenner, August 50279Index1994371
Fenning, Eugene 53587Index324
Fenquay, Bessie 4759Index250
Fenquay, Sarah 4760Index250
Fensel, H 21803Index235
Fenstlin, Fred 21804Index235
Fenton, N L 49094Index370
Fenton, 67204Map681
Fenton, Emma Kate 56393Abstract1102
Fenwick, Clifford V 33204Index363
Fenwoode, John 21805Index235
Fenzie, M H 21806Index235
Ferbert, D W 45473Index1998369
Ferbrache, Cloyd 4761Index250
Ferbrache, Walter H 56394Abstract1102
Ferbreche, Cary F 21807Index235
Ferbrecke, Harry 21808Index235
Ferdinand, John 22110Index235
Fergison, Dean 54174Index323
Fergison, O L 43291Index2000368
Fergison, Donald 43981Index2000368
Fergison, Donald Ray 44035Index2000368
Fergison, G D 45920Index1998369
Fergison, O L 46221Index1998369
Ferguson, Emeral 206List103
Ferguson, Charles 4762Index250
Ferguson, J. C 4763Index250
Ferguson, Lee 4764Index250
Ferguson, Waldo 53635Index324
Ferguson, Robert 53864Index324
Ferguson, John 53956Index324
Ferguson, Bert C 31937Index363
Ferguson, William 38786Index365
Ferguson, William Benjamin 38799Index365
Ferguson, Robert Clayton 38893Index365
Ferguson, James 40257Index365
Ferguson, Samuel Allen 40474Index366
Ferguson, Boyd 40485Index366
Ferguson, Boyd William 40527Index366
Ferguson, Gerald 42410Index366
Ferguson, Albert 42885Index2000368
Ferguson, A E 42925Index2000368
Ferguson, Boyd W 42978Index2000368
Ferguson, Virgil 43472Index2000368
Ferguson, V L 43524Index2000368
Ferguson, J R 45189Index2000368
Ferguson, W R 47165Index1998369
Ferguson, William 47598Index1998369
Ferguson, W H 47631Index1998369
Ferguson, John T 47945Index370
Ferguson, J T 47986Index370
Ferguson, Sam 49077Index370
Ferguson, Virgil 49167Index370
Ferguson, S A 49324Index370
Ferguson, V L 49374Index370
Ferguson, Clifford 51106Index1997372
Ferguson, M A 67205Map681
Ferguson, Willam 16639Index926
Ferguson, Sarah (Gray)16640Index926
Ferguson, Thomas 54995Index926
Ferguson, Jane (Henry)54996Index926
Ferguson, Thomas 56395Abstract1102
Ferguson, Florence 69610Book19041254
Ferguson, George 63390Index9999
Ferking, George 4765Index250
Ferman, Benjamin 21809Index235
Ferman, Georgia 4766Index250
Ferman, Iona 4767Index250
Ferman, Rachel 4768Index250
Fermon, Ben 21810Index235
Fermon, Gertrude 4769Index250
Fernean, (f) 4770Index250
Fernean, Audry 4771Index250
Ferneau, Wm F 21811Index235
Ferneau, W S 21812Index235
Ferral, Hattie 64055Index9999
Ferrel, Hattie 64275Index9999
Ferrell, John 21813Index235
Ferrell, Emma 4772Index250
Ferrell, Luther 4773Index250
Ferril, Maggie 61260Index1101
Ferris, E P 21814Index235
Ferris, George 4774Index250
Ferris, J H 48706Index370
Ferris, J H 48720Index370
Ferritor, John S 32616Index363
Ferry, Edward 4775Index250
Ferry, D H 68173Book18711253
Ferry, D F 68314Book18711253
Ferry, D F 68507Book18711253
Fertig, Everett Wain 42080Index366
Fervey, Veronica 4776Index250
Fessler, Elizabeth Jackson 62063Abstract1103
Feterman, William 60121Index1101
Fette, Roland 21815Index235
Fetter, Don 45424Index1998369
Fetter, Jacob 68764Book18711253
Fetter, Georgw C 64912Index9999
Fetteroff, Missouri 57862Index1100
Fetters, R L 48011Index370
Fetty, Roland 21816Index235
Fetty, Jessie 4777Index250
Fetty, David 53670Index324
Fetty, Patrick 53697Index324
Fetty, Patrick Lee 42493Index366
Fetty, Val O 45770Index1998369
Fetty, Paul 48768Index370
Fetzner, Chas 21817Index235
Fetzner, Louis 21818Index235
Fetzner, Charles 4778Index250
Feuerbacher, Loren Shannon 39394Index365
Feuerbacher, John 62064Abstract1103
Feuerbacher, Mary (Herrman)62065Abstract1103
Feuger, James S 21819Index235
Feunde, Herman 21820Index235
Feuqua, J H 21822Index235
Feuquay, Henry 21821Index235
Feuquay, Elizabeth (Young)62551Abstract1104
Feuquay, A L 63225Index9999
Feveitt, Otto 21823Index235
Fewins, P G 48419Index370
Fezer, Christian 4779Index250
Fiach, George 21902Index235
Fiala, Frank 21824Index235
Fiard, Willaim 53373Index324
Fich, Julius 21825Index235
Fick, Christian F 4780Index250
Fickey, W 21826Index235
Fickle, Daniel C 60123Index1101
Ficklin, Robert E Lee 21827Index235
Ficklin, R L 21828Index235
Ficklin, Clayton 4781Index250
Fiddler, James 21829Index235
Fiddler, Asa 4782Index250
Fiddler, James A 4783Index250
Fiddner, Nancy Jane 60855Index1101
Fidler, Homer D 32974Index363
Fiechter, Ruth 4784Index250
Fieden, Richard S 33090Index363
Fieden, R W 46312Index1998369
Fieden, R W 49290Index370
Fiedenn, John 21911Index235
Fiederer, John 21912Index235
Fiederle, Gustav 21830Index235
Fiedler, Carl Williams 21831Index235
Fiedler, Thelma 4785Index250
Fiedler, Edward 50410Index1994371
Fiegenbaum, Clara 4786Index250
Fiegenbaum, Henry 4787Index250
Fiegenbaum, Caroline 61192Index1101
Fiegenbaum, William 62552Abstract1104
Field, Siegel 21832Index235
Field, S 21833Index235
Field, S 21834Index235
Field, Walter R 21835Index235
Field, Edward R 4788Index250
Field, Henry 4789Index250
Field, J. T 4790Index250
Field, Wilbur 54344Index323
Field, Lloyd Eldon 40704Index366
Field, W E 45276Index2000368
Field, L E 45908Index1998369
Field, M E 46747Index1998369
Field, John 57866Index1100
Field, William 57868Index1100
Field, Jame Y 60125Index1101
Field, Thomas C 60127Index1101
Field, Leona 56396Abstract1102
Field, Elmina 62553Abstract1104
Field, Charles Willard 64970Abstract1106
Fielder, Carl W 4791Index250
Fielding, Mary E 4792Index250
Fields, Joseph F 4793Index250
Fields, Walker 4794Index250
Fields, 67206Map681
Fields, Jacob W 57870Index1100
Fields, Margaret C 57994Index1100
Fields, Landon 60129Index1101
Fields, Stephens J 60131Index1101
Fields, Anneliza 60744Index1101
Fields, Anna (Moore)56397Abstract1102
Fields, William 63725Index9999
Fiery, Benjamin 65672Abstract682
Fieshman, Sam 21920Index235
Fife, Will 32240Index363
Fifer, Albert D 4795Index250
Fifer, Emilia 4796Index250
Figenbanni, George A 4797Index250
Fike, Earl 21836Index235
Fike, I 21837Index235
Fike, Donald 40725Index366
Fike, Donald Robert 40755Index366
Fike, Henry Sherman 62066Abstract1103
Fike, Will 63129Abstract1105
Filan, Elizabeth 4798Index250
Filbert, Charles L 21838Index235
Filbert, James 21839Index235
Filbert, W J 21840Index235
Filbert, Bessie 4799Index250
Filburt, A R 21841Index235
Filders, Chas A 21842Index235
File, Bert 207List103
Files, Nellie 4800Index250
Filipsky, John 4801Index250
Filiski, John 21843Index235
Filkovich, Alex 21844Index235
Filley, Bill 54455Index323
Filley, Lee R 32676Index363
Filley, Harold 33668Index363
Filley, William 45741Index1998369
Filley, Leroy 51465Index1997372
Filley, 55590Index1990841
Filley, William 17117Index926
Filley, Agnes (Weipend)17118Index926
Fillmore, Edward William 42403Index366
Fillmore, David M 48355Index370
Filloman, Lepold 68325Book18711253
Filly, William 38555Index365
Filmer, G Earl 33427Index363
Filmer, Glen Earl Son 42836Index366
Filnt, Ellen 70071Newsletter19321309
Filppins, Wilburn 4802Index250
Filson, Karl 21845Index235
Filson, K J 21846Index235
Filson, Roy L 33563Index363
Filson, Roy L 33568Index363
Filson, James 67207Map681
Filson, Willer 65685Abstract682
Filson, J H 65686Abstract682
Filtenstein, (f) 4803Index250
Fimeal, Susan A 61381Index1101
Fimerly, Carol E 50484Index1994371
Fimple, R I 47898Index370
Finade, Mary Melanie 57387Index1100
Finch, Charles 21848Index235
Finch, William 21849Index235
Finch, William 21850Index235
Finch, William H 21851Index235
Finch, Martha A 17775Abstract242
Finch, Bessie 4804Index250
Finch, Foster 4805Index250
Finch, Thomas N 4806Index250
Finch, William Thomas 4807Index250
Finch, Clayton 33200Index363
Finch, Wilbur 41369Index366
Finch, Wilbur Rodell 41440Index366
Finch, Rebecca 70489Newsletter19481286
Fincham, Carroll J 50825Index1997372
Finche, John 62946Index926
Finchman, Adolph 21847Index235
Finchman, Carroll 54130Index323
Fincome, Nellie 4808Index250
Findley, Charles E 21852Index235
Findley, William R 21853Index235
Findley, Wm R 21854Index235
Findley, Dora 4809Index250
Findley, James 4810Index250
Findley, James 4811Index250
Findley, William H 4812Index250
Findley, W B 44276Index2000368
Findley, Robert 48291Index370
Findley, James 51365Index1997372
Findley, Carroll B 65687Abstract682
Findley, J M 65689Abstract682
Findley, E B 65690Abstract682
Findley, Robert 65691Abstract682
Findley, Rose 65692Abstract682
Fine, Moritz 21855Index235
Fine, Morris 21856Index235
Fine, M 21857Index235
Fine, S 21858Index235
Fine, Abe 4813Index250
Fine, Blanche 4814Index250
Fine, David A 4815Index250
Fine, Lulu 4816Index250
Fine, Samuel 4817Index250
Finegan, Elizabeth 4818Index250
Fineham, C J 49527Index370
Finestein, Rose 69608Book19041254
Finey, Eldon H 39584Index365
Finfrack, Michael 4819Index250
Fink, Robert 4820Index250
Fink, Clinton L 42688Index366
Fink, Clinton Leo 42739Index366
Fink, Daniel B 60133Index1101
Fink, Henry 64972Abstract1106
Finlay, 65694Abstract682
Finlay, William 65695Abstract682
Finley, Edward 21859Index235
Finley, John 17776Abstract242
Finley, James 67014Abstract248
Finley, Russell 50139Index1994371
Finley, Joshua W 16667Index926
Finley, Elizabeth (Burge)16668Index926
Finley, 64973Abstract1106
Finly, Mary Ann 57815Index1100
Finn, Edward 4821Index250
Finn, Bartholemue 68411Book18711253
Finn, Bartholmew 68516Book18711253
Finn, Barthlolmew 68588Book18711253
Finn, Bartholomew 68600Book18711253
Finn, Bat 69280Book18711253
Finn, Bat 69316Book18711253
Finnacle, Lucy 60355Index1101
Finnacle, Rebecca 61025Index1101
Finnegan, Florence 18014Abstract242
Finnegan, Katie 67015Abstract248
Finnel, Lizzie 4822Index250
Finnell, Eli H 4823Index250
Finnell, F 67208Map681
Finnell, S 67209Map681
Finnell, Mary 65696Abstract682
Finnell, Simpson 65697Abstract682
Finney, Sadie 21860Index235
Finney, Esther Ann 4824Index250
Finney, J W 44224Index2000368
Finney, J W 48732Index370
Finney, John 51036Index1997372
Finney, P 67210Map681
Finney, W P 67211Map681
Finnical, Jacob Fredrick 63130Abstract1105
Finnical, Susan 63131Abstract1105
Finnigan, Edward 17777Abstract242
Fiquet, L A 46220Index1998369
Firestein, Frank 21861Index235
Firestein, Frank H 21862Index235
Firestein, Frank H 21863Index235
Firestine, (inf) 4825Index250
Firestine, Frank 4826Index250
Firestone, Hudson 4827Index250
Firsh, Daniel 21864Index235
First, William Louis 41259Index366
Fisch, Frank 38563Index365
Fisch, Frank Fred 38572Index365
Fischer, Edward K 21865Index235
Fischer, Anna S 4828Index250
Fischer, Frances 4829Index250
Fischer, Frederick 4830Index250
Fischer, Louise 4831Index250
Fischer, W. F 4832Index250
Fischer, Martin 53931Index324
Fischer, Max M 32306Index363
Fischer, Raymond 40261Index365
Fischer, Raymond Frederick 40291Index365
Fischer, C M 67212Map681
Fischer, Cath 67213Map681
Fischer, Clara M 67214Map681
Fischer, J 67215Map681
Fischer, V T 67216Map681
Fischer, Mary 58229Index1100
Fish, Samuel 208List103
Fish, E 21889Index235
Fish, E D 21890Index235
Fish, 21891Index235
Fish, L. 4833Index250
Fish, Melvin Roy 39667Index365
Fish, M R 47727Index1998369
Fish, Truman 49039Index370
Fish, T D 49090Index370
Fish, Melvin 50575Index1994371
Fish, Timothy 56398Abstract1102
Fish, T B 64975Abstract1106
Fishbaugh, Ross 67016Abstract248
Fishbon, David 21866Index235
Fishen, Earl O 21868Index235
Fishenor, Jack 21867Index235
Fisher, A C 21869Index235
Fisher, Daniel 21870Index235
Fisher, Edward C 21871Index235
Fisher, E P 21872Index235
Fisher, Floyd 21873Index235
Fisher, F 21874Index235
Fisher, George 21875Index235
Fisher, Herman 21876Index235
Fisher, H H 21877Index235
Fisher, Jacob 21878Index235
Fisher, James 21879Index235
Fisher, Joseph 21880Index235
Fisher, Joseph 21881Index235
Fisher, Joseph 21882Index235
Fisher, J J 21883Index235
Fisher, Thomas 21884Index235
Fisher, Thomas 21885Index235
Fisher, Thomas 21886Index235
Fisher, Walter 21887Index235
Fisher, Mary Louisa 17778Abstract242
Fisher, Mary 17779Abstract242
Fisher, (f) 4834Index250
Fisher, (f) 4835Index250
Fisher, Alesa 4836Index250
Fisher, Amelia 4837Index250
Fisher, Dora 4838Index250
Fisher, Edward 4839Index250
Fisher, F. E 4840Index250
Fisher, Floyd F 4841Index250
Fisher, Fred 4842Index250
Fisher, Frederick 4843Index250
Fisher, Gen. A 4844Index250
Fisher, Gus E 4845Index250
Fisher, James F 4846Index250
Fisher, James W 4847Index250
Fisher, Joseph 4848Index250
Fisher, Joseph 4849Index250
Fisher, Josephine 4850Index250
Fisher, Martha 4851Index250
Fisher, Mary 4852Index250
Fisher, Nancy 4853Index250
Fisher, Nellie 4854Index250
Fisher, Ollie F 4855Index250
Fisher, Sarepta Jane 4856Index250
Fisher, Sophia 4857Index250
Fisher, William 4858Index250
Fisher, Orlan 54256Index323
Fisher, Bernard L 32042Index363
Fisher, James E 33175Index363
Fisher, Jacob 33669Index363
Fisher, William 38403Index365
Fisher, Vincent Martin 38589Index365
Fisher, Jacob 38941Index365
Fisher, Marvin 39651Index365
Fisher, Vincent 40724Index366
Fisher, Vincent Martin 40754Index366
Fisher, William 41178Index366
Fisher, Charles Straton 42011Index366
Fisher, Marvin 42935Index2000368
Fisher, Michael 43002Index2000368
Fisher, Bernard 43515Index2000368
Fisher, Herman A 43730Index2000368
Fisher, H A 43792Index2000368
Fisher, F L 44628Index2000368
Fisher, P F 44867Index2000368
Fisher, C J 46290Index1998369
Fisher, A D 46305Index1998369
Fisher, C W 47316Index1998369
Fisher, Michael R 47739Index1998369
Fisher, M J 47923Index370
Fisher, M R 47943Index370
Fisher, H A 47952Index370
Fisher, Elwood 50576Index1994371
Fisher, Roger 50912Index1997372
Fisher, A J 67217Map681
Fisher, C 67218Map681
Fisher, C B 67219Map681
Fisher, Cath 67220Map681
Fisher, Clara 67221Map681
Fisher, John 67222Map681
Fisher, Lulu (Dodds)65698Abstract682
Fisher, George L 62874Index926
Fisher, Benjamin 57864Index1100
Fisher, Rebecca 59749Index1101
Fisher, James 60135Index1101
Fisher, John 60137Index1101
Fisher, Hester 60714Index1101
Fisher, Sarah M 61166Index1101
Fisher, Paul 69206Book18711253
Fishing, Ignat 21888Index235
Fishman, Louis 31884Index363
Fishman, Louis 33270Index363
Fishman, Louis 33283Index363
Fishman, Stanley 38736Index365
Fishman, Stanley Robert 38768Index365
Fitch, Ella Mae 21893Index235
Fitch, Ella A 4859Index250
Fitch, Maurice 41311Index366
Fitch, Maurice Robert 41412Index366
Fitch, 55591Index1990841
Fitchian, Harry 21892Index235
Fite, Kenneth 38429Index365
Fite, Kenneth 50956Index1997372
Fitten, Fannie L 4860Index250
Fitten, William 4861Index250
Fitton, Florence L 64069Index9999
Fitton, Florence 64281Index9999
Fitts, Gene Russell 56399Abstract1102
Fitus, Elizabeth 58241Index1100
Fitzgerald, John 21894Index235
Fitzgerald, M 21895Index235
Fitzgerald, Wm 21896Index235
Fitzgerald, Isabelle 67017Abstract248
Fitzgerald, James 67018Abstract248
Fitzgerald, Kate M 67019Abstract248
Fitzgerald, Michael 67020Abstract248
Fitzgerald, Ellen 4862Index250
Fitzgerald, James F 4863Index250
Fitzgerald, John 4864Index250
Fitzgerald, Martin 4865Index250
Fitzgerald, Nora 4866Index250
Fitzgerald, Thomas 4867Index250
Fitzgerald, William L 4868Index250
Fitzgerald, James F 53727Index324
Fitzgerald, Margaret 55592Index1990841
Fitzgerald, Tillie 62067Abstract1103
Fitzgerald, John 68370Book18711253
Fitzgerald, C 68429Book18711253
Fitzgerald, Margaret 69077Book18711253
Fitzgerald, Margaret 69451Book18711253
Fitzgerald, Mary 69510Book18711253
Fitzgerald, 69541Book18711253
Fitzjohn, John 4869Index250
Fitzmaurice, M J 39445Index365
Fitzmaurice, Michael Joseph 39491Index365
Fitzmaurice, Michael J 50877Index1997372
Fitzmaurice, Walter 60139Index1101
Fitzmaurice, Delia (Scahel)56400Abstract1102
Fitzmaurice, Michael Austin 62554Abstract1104
Fitzmaurice, Thomas 62555Abstract1104
Fitzmaurice, Patrick 63132Abstract1105
Fitzmaurice, Emma Idonia (Hatfield)64976Abstract1106
Fitzmoris, Ann 69468Book18711253
Fitzmorris, Celia 68412Book18711253
Fitzner, (inf) 4870Index250
Fitzoatrick, M F 21901Index235
Fitzpatrick, J 21897Index235
Fitzpatrick, Mathew 21898Index235
Fitzpatrick, M 21899Index235
Fitzpatrick, M 21900Index235
Fitzpatrick, (f) 4871Index250
Fitzpatrick, (inf) 4872Index250
Fitzpatrick, (inf) 4873Index250
Fitzpatrick, John 4874Index250
Fitzpatrick, Joseph 4875Index250
Fitzpatrick, Nicolas 4876Index250
Fitzpatrick, Edward 53613Index324
Fitzpatrick, Henry 32371Index363
Fitzpatrick, Maurice Adrian 41854Index366
Fitzpatrick, Robert Joseph 42454Index366
Fitzpatrick, R J 46487Index1998369
Fitzpatrick, E L 47280Index1998369
Fitzpatrick, Edward L 49785Index370
Fitzwater, (inf) 4877Index250
Fitzwater, Sally 57519Index1100
Fitzwater, Emily 58209Index1100
Fitzwater, Mary E 58225Index1100
Fitzwater, Nancy 59767Index1101
Fitzwater, George W 69617Book19041254
Fix, Hanna 4878Index250
Fix, Julius 4879Index250
Fix, Frank 44365Index2000368
Fix, F F 44434Index2000368
Fizelle, Atherine 17859Abstract242
Flach, George 21903Index235
Flach, George N 21904Index235
Flach, (f) 4880Index250
Flach, Dollie 4881Index250
Flach, Laura J 4882Index250
Flach, Leora 4883Index250
Flack, E P 67223Map681
Flack, John H 67224Map681
Flack, D E 65699Abstract682
Flaherty, James 17860Abstract242
Flaherty, Honora 4884Index250
Flaherty, Eldon 54376Index323
Flake, Virgil 42376Index366
Flake, Virgil Charles 42468Index366
Flamery, Catherine 4885Index250
Flaming, M 21905Index235
Flanagan, Thomas 21906Index235
Flanagan, Margaret 4886Index250
Flanagan, Truman Jarrot 40829Index366
Flanagan, J L 43605Index2000368
Flanagan, Edward 44362Index2000368
Flanagan, E T 44525Index2000368
Flanagan, 67225Map681
Flanagan, J F 67226Map681
Flanders, Thomas 45427Index1998369
Flanders, T D 45477Index1998369
Flanders, Jasper 16949Index926
Flanders, Catharine (Whiteaker)16950Index926
Flanders, Jasper 17845Index926
Flanders, Lucinda E (Douglas)17846Index926
Flanders, William R 59472Index926
Flanders, Ann (Sherrard)59473Index926
Flanders, John W 60143Index1101
Flanders, W C 69606Book19041254
Flanigan, John 17861Abstract242
Flankinton, Lee 53667Index324
Flannery, J F 67021Abstract248
Flannery, John 4887Index250
Flannery, William J 4888Index250
Flannigan, Thomas J 21908Index235
Flannigan, T J 21909Index235
Flannigan, Joseph 50557Index1994371
Flarity, Pat 21910Index235
Flathers, Susan 60052Index1101
Flato, H. L 4889Index250
Flawson, Wesley 47654Index1998369
Fleck, John M 4890Index250
Fleeman, John W 17862Abstract242
Fleeman, William Ray 40901Index366
Fleener, Roger 54523Index323
Fleener, Mary 61262Index1101
Fleener, Margaret O (Gould)62556Abstract1104
Fleetman, J W 64701Index9999
Fleger, August 21913Index235
Fleischer, Harvey 4891Index250
Fleischer, Bruce 54270Index323
Fleischman, J J 44460Index2000368
Fleischman, J J 48361Index370
Fleishman, James John 40435Index365
Flelker, George 40085Index365
Fleming, John 21914Index235
Fleming, John J 21915Index235
Fleming, Mary 21916Index235
Fleming, Wm 21917Index235
Fleming, ? 21918Index235
Fleming, Hanora 17863Abstract242
Fleming, Bessie 67880Abstract248
Fleming, Rachel 67881Abstract248
Fleming, (inf) 4892Index250
Fleming, Agnes 4893Index250
Fleming, Charles S 4894Index250
Fleming, Henry B 4895Index250
Fleming, James R 4896Index250
Fleming, John 4897Index250
Fleming, Louis 4898Index250
Fleming, Martha 4899Index250
Fleming, Minnie C 4900Index250
Fleming, Rachel 4901Index250
Fleming, Richard 4902Index250
Fleming, W. J 4903Index250
Fleming, Charles 39214Index365
Fleming, Charles 47782Index1998369
Fleming, C L 47939Index370
Fleming, Carrie 67227Map681
Fleming, D 67228Map681
Fleming, L D 67229Map681
Fleming, J R 55593Index1990841
Fleming, Benjamin T 60145Index1101
Fleming, Mary 61148Index1101
Fleming, S C 63800Index9999
Fleming, Alex 63926Index9999
Flemming, John 4904Index250
Flemming, John 54634Index323
Flemming, Charles L 43050Index2000368
Flemming, C L 43077Index2000368
Flemming, Ann Eliza 61120Index1101
Flenning, John J 4905Index250
Flesher, Emiline 55594Index1990841
Fleshman, L 21919Index235
Fleshman, Addie 4906Index250
Fleshman, H. A 4907Index250
Fleshman, J. T 4908Index250
Fleshman, Louisa 4909Index250
Fleshman, Harold L 31931Index363
Flessner, 67230Map681
Flessner, J G 67231Map681
Fletchall, Albert 21921Index235
Fletchall, John 21922Index235
Fletchall, John 21923Index235
Fletchall, J C 21924Index235
Fletchall, William 21925Index235
Fletchall, Elbert 4910Index250
Fletchall, Florence E 4911Index250
Fletchall, Jerome 4912Index250
Fletchall, Ply 4913Index250
Fletchall, William Lee 42542Index366
Fletchall, Kenneth 46185Index1998369
Fletcher, Harry 21926Index235
Fletcher, Harry 21927Index235
Fletcher, George 17864Abstract242
Fletcher, Anna 4914Index250
Fletcher, Arthur 4915Index250
Fletcher, Georgia Ann 4916Index250
Fletcher, Henry 4917Index250
Fletcher, Herbert 4918Index250
Fletcher, John W 4919Index250
Fletcher, Mary Alma 4920Index250
Fletcher, Rufus R 4921Index250
Fletcher, Winifred 4922Index250
Fletcher, Robert 53978Index324
Fletcher, Wesley R 32768Index363
Fletcher, George Wilson 41856Index366
Fletcher, Frank 42582Index366
Fletcher, Fred Pescul 42616Index366
Fletcher, Luther L 43182Index2000368
Fletcher, Robert 47204Index1998369
Fletcher, R V 47253Index1998369
Fletcher, R F 47970Index370
Fletcher, R W 51436Index1997372
Fletcher, 67232Map681
Fletcher, J H 67233Map681
Fletcher, Ellen (Anderson)65700Abstract682
Fletcher, Howard 65702Abstract682
Fletcher, 55595Index1990841
Fletcher, James 60147Index1101
Fletcher, Abraham 62557Abstract1104
Fletcher, John 68864Book18711253
Fletcher, John 68964Book18711253
Fletcher, John 69100Book18711253
Flick, O. D 16561Abstract236
Flickenger, Frank 21928Index235
Flickinger, (m) 4923Index250
Flindley, Anna 4924Index250
Fling, C J 21929Index235
Flinn, Rachel Ann 60827Index1101
Flinn, William Chapman 63133Abstract1105
Flinn, Bart 68434Book18711253
Flint, H F 21930Index235
Flint, H T 21931Index235
Flint, Leslie C 21932Index235
Flint, William M 67879Abstract248
Flint, (inf) 4925Index250
Flint, O. 4926Index250
Flint, T. T 4927Index250
Flint, William M 4928Index250
Flint, I T 70116Newsletter19331314
Floch, Josephine 4929Index250
Flock, George 21933Index235
Flock, Kate 4930Index250
Flood, Infant 55347Index189
Flood, Hugh 55596Index1990841
Flora, W A 48395Index370
Florence, Alice 4931Index250
Flores, V J 48305Index370
Florin, George 21935Index235
Florin, Antone 4932Index250
Florin, Lucy 4933Index250
Florine, George 21934Index235
Flory, Henry 62558Abstract1104
Flory, Joseph 63377Index9999
Flory, Joseph 63648Index9999
Flory, Joseph 63802Index9999
Flourey, ? 21936Index235
Flournoy, Clifford 50864Index1997372
Flower, Wm 67234Map681
Flowers, Raymond Dean 55401Index189
Flowers, Gordon 21937Index235
Flowers, James A 21938Index235
Flowers, James A 21939Index235
Flowers, (f) 4934Index250
Flowers, Louisa 4935Index250
Flowers, Mary 4936Index250
Flowers, Milton 4937Index250
Flowers, Mrs. 4938Index250
Flowers, Samuel 4939Index250
Flowers, Thomas A 4940Index250
Flowers, Wendell Albert 38758Index365
Flowers, Jerry 41688Index366
Flowers, Wm 67235Map681
Flowers, Jennette C 55597Index1990841
Floyd, Charles 21940Index235
Floyd, Chas N? 21941Index235
Floyd, F 21942Index235
Floyd, Sarah E C 67882Abstract248
Floyd, James F 4941Index250
Floyd, Leda M 4942Index250
Floyd, Sarah E 4943Index250
Floyd, Walter J 4944Index250
Floyd, William S 4945Index250
Floyd, Edwin 57872Index1100
Fluchige, J F 21943Index235
Fluck, George 4946Index250
Flugrad, Richard 53778Index324
Fluhart, Carl 41307Index366
Fluhart, Karl Leroy 41411Index366
Fluher, Philip J 21944Index235
Fluhrer, Mary 4947Index250
Flumas, John 60149Index1101
Flummer, Jerome 65703Abstract682
Flush, 69375Book18711253
Flushman, Bruno 21945Index235
Flyn, Frank 17477Abstract236
Flynn, Frank R 21946Index235
Flynn, John 21947Index235
Flynn, John 21948Index235
Flynn, John F 21949Index235
Flynn, J J 21950Index235
Flynn, Patrick J 21951Index235
Flynn, William C 21952Index235
Flynn, William C 21953Index235
Flynn, Alice 17865Abstract242
Flynn, Harriet 17866Abstract242
Flynn, James 17867Abstract242
Flynn, Agnes 67883Abstract248
Flynn, Bridget 67884Abstract248
Flynn, (f) 4948Index250
Flynn, (inf) 4949Index250
Flynn, Agnes 4950Index250
Flynn, James 4951Index250
Flynn, Katherine 4952Index250
Flynn, Mary E 4953Index250
Flynn, Paulin 4954Index250
Flynn, Sarah 4955Index250
Flynn, Stewart 4956Index250
Flynn, Thomas W 4957Index250
Flynn, William 4958Index250
Flynn, Eugene 54452Index323
Flynn, Thomas 53381Index324
Flynn, Eugene 40883Index366
Flynn, E T 48095Index370
Foddy, Frank 4959Index250
Foell, Johanna 62559Abstract1104
Foerstein, Ww. 4960Index250
Fogarity, J 21954Index235
Fogarty, Anna 4961Index250
Fogarty, John William 40026Index365
Fogarty, Michael 68177Book18711253
Fogel, Mait 21956Index235
Fogelman, Marie 4962Index250
Fogelman, Patrick 4963Index250
Fogelson, Daniel 21955Index235
Fogent, Lewis 21957Index235
Fogerty, James 21958Index235
Fogerty, James 67885Abstract248
Fogerty, William J 4964Index250
Fogerty, Michael 68351Book18711253
Foitik, Anton 21959Index235
Foitik, Dadi 21960Index235
Foland, Ross E 55348Index189
Foland, J D 45432Index1998369
Foland, Jerry D 49176Index370
Folchie, Conrad 4965Index250
Foley, C W 21961Index235
Foley, C W 21962Index235
Foley, Walter 21963Index235
Foley, Walter 21964Index235
Foley, Walter 21965Index235
Foley, Walter B 21966Index235
Foley, William 21967Index235
Foley, Infant 67886Abstract248
Foley, Augustine 67887Abstract248
Foley, John D 67888Abstract248
Foley, Michael 67889Abstract248
Foley, (inf) 4966Index250
Foley, L. F 4967Index250
Foley, Patrick 4968Index250
Foley, Thomas 4969Index250
Foley, James 53835Index324
Foley, Ralph O 32731Index363
Foley, Elmer Louis 39190Index365
Foley, James 39319Index365
Foley, William F 39433Index365
Foley, William Francis 39484Index365
Foley, H R 43088Index2000368
Foley, George 67236Map681
Foley, May 65705Abstract682
Foley, Walter 64977Abstract1106
Foley, William 63776Index9999
Folgate, Edward 41957Index366
Folks, Gertrude 4970Index250
Follett, Ralph 21970Index235
Follett, Jack 53865Index324
Follett, Richrd L 50301Index1994371
Follett, Norman 55599Index1990841
Follette, Ralph 21968Index235
Follette, Ralph 21969Index235
Folmsbee, William H 55598Index1990841
Folson, Felix 21971Index235
Fonderman, Peter 21972Index235
Fonderman, Peter 4971Index250
Fontaine, Wm 21973Index235
Fontik, V V 21974Index235
Fontz, Claud 209List103
Fontz, Mattie 4972Index250
Fontz, D W 67237Map681
Foos, Elizabeth W 56401Abstract1102
Foot, Lizzie 59953Index1101
Foote, Mary A 4973Index250
Foote, V. 4974Index250
Foote, Harry Raymond 38504Index365
Forbearer, Frankie 4975Index250
Forbes, Ira 21975Index235
Forbes, Ira 21976Index235
Forbes, John 21977Index235
Forbes, John S 21978Index235
Forbes, Moses 21979Index235
Forbes, Clerance 4976Index250
Forbes, John 4977Index250
Forbes, Luther C 60117Index1101
Forbes, Harry 63816Index9999
Forbes, Harry 63863Index9999
Forbes, George S 64316Index9999
Forbis, Mecca 4978Index250
Forbis, Ruben F 4979Index250
Forcade, Alva 62560Abstract1104
Force, Daniel M 4980Index250
Force, Lottie M 4981Index250
Force, Mary B 4982Index250
Force, C.c.f. 16749Index926
Force, Sarah E (Hall)16750Index926
Force, Phoebe 64124Index9999
Ford, J M 13Book1
Ford, Bert 21981Index235
Ford, Clyde 21982Index235
Ford, John William 21983Index235
Ford, J W 21984Index235
Ford, P 21985Index235
Ford, Bridget 17868Abstract242
Ford, Erastus D 67890Abstract248
Ford, Abby Cargill 4983Index250
Ford, Albert T 4984Index250
Ford, Bessie 4985Index250
Ford, Bridget 4986Index250
Ford, Elizabaeth 4987Index250
Ford, John 4988Index250
Ford, Myrtle 4989Index250
Ford, Myrtle A 4990Index250
Ford, Patrick 4991Index250
Ford, Robert L 4992Index250
Ford, Viola 4993Index250
Ford, Raymond 54463Index323
Ford, Leon 43235Index2000368
Ford, John Robert 45057Index2000368
Ford, J R 45138Index2000368
Ford, J E 46270Index1998369
Ford, F L 47197Index1998369
Ford, J M 47414Index1998369
Ford, J E 48847Index370
Ford, Garland 50693Index1997372
Ford, Claude 51206Index1997372
Ford, David L 51232Index1997372
Ford, Bell 67238Map681
Ford, John 55600Index1990841
Ford, James 57874Index1100
Ford, Armilda 58780Index1100
Ford, Magare P 60068Index1101
Ford, William 56402Abstract1102
Ford, 62068Abstract1103
Ford, Jennie 62193Abstract1103
Ford, James 63134Abstract1105
Ford, Litsy 64978Abstract1106
Ford, Stephen 69488Book18711253
Ford, Anna 69609Book19041254
Ford, Anna 69618Book19041254
Ford, Lulu 63890Index9999
Ford, Julie 64054Index9999
Ford, Agnes M 64100Index9999
Fordle, 6eorge 21980Index235
Fore, Hattie 4994Index250
Foree, Mary 55601Index1990841
Foree, William H 55602Index1990841
Forefelt, Fred 4995Index250
Foreman, Clyde 21986Index235
Foreman, Wm 21987Index235
Foreman, Wm 21988Index235
Foreman, Wm S 21989Index235
Foresman, William A 21990Index235
Foresman, Fisher 4996Index250
Forest, Lemanco 61484Index926
Forest, Susan (Shokeley)61485Index926
Forest, James A 60151Index1101
Forester, Stephen D 4997Index250
Forester, A L 46763Index1998369
Forgave, Harry S 64453Index9999
Forger, John 21991Index235
Forger, John A 21992Index235
Forgrave, Harrison S 61Book1
Forgrave, Harry S 21993Index235
Forgrave, Nancy Ann 4998Index250
Forgrave, Lyman 63451Index9999
Forks, William E 21994Index235
Formals, Otto H 21995Index235
Forman, Richard 21996Index235
Forman, A 67239Map681
Forman, C 67240Map681
Formhals, Otto H 21997Index235
Forney, Richard 47029Index1998369
Forney, R E 47069Index1998369
Forney, Richard 50254Index1994371
Forney, Philip S 57876Index1100
Forney, Mary Ann 58205Index1100
Forney, Elizabeth Frances 60423Index1101
Forney, Frank Hinton 56403Abstract1102
Forney, Barbara 62069Abstract1103
Forney, William W 62070Abstract1103
Forney, A P 64979Abstract1106
Forny, William 60153Index1101
Forrest, John T 21998Index235
Forrester, Frank A 33360Index363
Forrester, Frank A 33418Index363
Forsee, Edward Dr 4999Index250
Forsee, James N 55603Index1990841
Forseman, Corrine 5000Index250
Forss, Charles 5001Index250
Fort, Frank 21999Index235
Fort, Frank 22000Index235
Fort, Frank 22001Index235
Fort, P J 64268Index9999
Forten, F 69601Book19041254
Fortner, Watson 39341Index365
Fortner, Watson Walter 42212Index366
Fortney, W w 70397Newsletter19341325
Fortune, James 67891Abstract248
Fortune, James 5002Index250
Fortune, Maggie 5003Index250
Fortune, Thomas 5004Index250
Fortune, Mike 69369Book18711253
Fos, John C 70455Newsletter19491285
Fosburg, May 63470Index9999
Fosburg, R L 63471Index9999
Fosburg, E F 63472Index9999
Fosket, F F 67241Map681
Fosket, L H 67242Map681
Fosket, O D 67243Map681
Foss, Agnes Bell 59877Index1101
Fossard, Jessie B 45372Index1998369
Fossard, J B 48559Index370
Fossati, Louisa 5005Index250
Foster, Albert 22002Index235
Foster, Charles 22003Index235
Foster, Charles 22004Index235
Foster, Charles E 22005Index235
Foster, Crawford 22006Index235
Foster, Crawford 22007Index235
Foster, Henry C 22008Index235
Foster, Henry D 22009Index235
Foster, James H 22010Index235
Foster, J W 22011Index235
Foster, Ned W 22012Index235
Foster, Peter 22013Index235
Foster, Sam T 22014Index235
Foster, S 22015Index235
Foster, Thomas L 22016Index235
Foster, T 22017Index235
Foster, Walter J 22018Index235
Foster, William R 22019Index235
Foster, W D 22020Index235
Foster, W F 22021Index235
Foster, W R 22022Index235
Foster, (inf) 5006Index250
Foster, Anna 5007Index250
Foster, Anna 5008Index250
Foster, Birdine 5009Index250
Foster, Charles 5010Index250
Foster, Charles 5011Index250
Foster, Chris 5012Index250
Foster, Delia 5013Index250
Foster, Edna Mae 5014Index250
Foster, Elizabeth 5015Index250
Foster, Emma 5016Index250
Foster, Frank 5017Index250
Foster, Fred O 5018Index250
Foster, Grover 5019Index250
Foster, Henrietta 5020Index250
Foster, Ida G 5021Index250
Foster, James 5022Index250
Foster, Lucy M 5023Index250
Foster, May 5024Index250
Foster, Oscar H 5025Index250
Foster, Oscar H 5026Index250
Foster, Robert M 5027Index250
Foster, Sylvester 5028Index250
Foster, Waldo B 5029Index250
Foster, Rolly 54514Index323
Foster, Robert 53512Index324
Foster, Lloyd 53549Index324
Foster, Glenn 32238Index363
Foster, Glenn R 32241Index363
Foster, Ivan V 33107Index363
Foster, Floyd Raymond 38879Index365
Foster, James H 39641Index365
Foster, Cecil Patrick 41058Index366
Foster, George 41463Index366
Foster, Frank 44466Index2000368
Foster, F H 44521Index2000368
Foster, R E 46382Index1998369
Foster, L A 47864Index370
Foster, Gallen 48128Index370
Foster, G B 48190Index370
Foster, R W 49805Index370
Foster, Richard L 50339Index1994371
Foster, A 67244Map681
Foster, Henry 65706Abstract682
Foster, F A 66495Abstract682
Foster, Mary E 57316Index1100
Foster, Rebecca 57654Index1100
Foster, Arthur 57878Index1100
Foster, John 57880Index1100
Foster, Joseph 60155Index1101
Foster, Bolser B 56404Abstract1102
Foster, Edward 56438Abstract1102
Foster, Clarissa (Kline)56439Abstract1102
Foster, Ellen 56441Abstract1102
Foster, Hannah (Thompson)56443Abstract1102
Foster, Helen M (Williams)62071Abstract1103
Foster, Jehu 62072Abstract1103
Foster, Robert M 62561Abstract1104
Foster, Sarah S (Hollowell)62562Abstract1104
Foster, Chris 63135Abstract1105
Foster, Joseph 63136Abstract1105
Foster, Geo 69603Book19041254
Foster, John 69613Book19041254
Foster, Ralph C 70451Newsletter19491285
Foster, Bert 70452Newsletter19491285
Foster, Louis 70454Newsletter19491285
Foster, John C 70456Newsletter19491285
Foster, Albert B 63640Index9999
Fostyke, Stehan 50648Index1994371
Fotherg, J. Losing 5030Index250
Fouck, Della 5031Index250
Fouk, Joseph 22023Index235
Foulk, Francis 22024Index235
Foulk, Mary A 5032Index250
Foulk, George Willis 41921Index366
Foulks, Dora 5033Index250
Foulks, Ben 39644Index365
Foulks, Benjamin Kessler 39668Index365
Foulks, Robert 68184Book18711253
Foulks, Robt 68222Book18711253
Foulks, Robert 68511Book18711253
Fount, L E 22025Index235
Fountain, Ozie 5034Index250
Fountain, George 31891Index363
Fountain, Charles 50600Index1994371
Fountain, Amanda B 60345Index1101
Fouse, Francis 5035Index250
Foust, Roscoe 22026Index235
Foustons, Anna 5036Index250
Foutch, (f) 5037Index250
Foutch, 65599Abstract682
Fowke, Nancy D 66072Abstract682
Fowler, Albert 22027Index235
Fowler, Edward 22028Index235
Fowler, Murray 22029Index235
Fowler, R J 22030Index235
Fowler, W C 22031Index235
Fowler, W E 22032Index235
Fowler, Albert M 5038Index250
Fowler, Annie 5039Index250
Fowler, Emma 5040Index250
Fowler, Fannie 5041Index250
Fowler, James W 5042Index250
Fowler, Jasper 5043Index250
Fowler, Max M 5044Index250
Fowler, P. A 5045Index250
Fowler, Pearl 5046Index250
Fowler, S. J 5047Index250
Fowler, Theodore 5048Index250
Fowler, Wesley 5049Index250
Fowler, William J 5050Index250
Fowler, Thos 67245Map681
Fowler, 65707Abstract682
Fowler, Benjamin 61541Index926
Fowler, Octave (Miller)61542Index926
Fowler, Thomas 57882Index1100
Fowles, Lizzie 64094Index9999
Fowsky, Ike 22033Index235
Fox, Aaron 22034Index235
Fox, Aaron 22035Index235
Fox, A W 22036Index235
Fox, Carl 22037Index235
Fox, Carl W 22038Index235
Fox, Dorris 22039Index235
Fox, Framl 22040Index235
Fox, Fred 22041Index235
Fox, H C 22042Index235
Fox, H C 22043Index235
Fox, Isadore 22044Index235
Fox, Leo 22045Index235
Fox, Lewis 22046Index235
Fox, Kathleen Virginia 17869Abstract242
Fox, (inf) 5051Index250
Fox, (m) 5052Index250
Fox, Charles O 5053Index250
Fox, Edna 5054Index250
Fox, Eva Mabel 5055Index250
Fox, Fannie 5056Index250
Fox, George W 5057Index250
Fox, Henry 5058Index250
Fox, Henry C 5059Index250
Fox, John 5060Index250
Fox, Laura L 5061Index250
Fox, Melvin 5062Index250
Fox, N. M 5063Index250
Fox, Orley 5064Index250
Fox, Patrick 5065Index250
Fox, Rosella 5066Index250
Fox, Sarah 5067Index250
Fox, William 5068Index250
Fox, William H 5069Index250
Fox, L H 43010Index2000368
Fox, Edmond 45104Index2000368
Fox, E R 45143Index2000368
Fox, C J 48628Index370
Fox, Andrew 67246Map681
Fox, G M 67247Map681
Fox, Geo M 67248Map681
Fox, Harry 67249Map681
Fox, Peter 57884Index1100
Fox, Mary 60540Index1101
Fox, W W 64396Index9999
Fox., W E 33632Index363
Foyman, Sidney J 22047Index235
Frady, James W 22048Index235
Fraenkel, Moses 22049Index235
Frahm, John C 22050Index235
Frahn, Christian 5070Index250
Fraker, Guy C 33026Index363
Fraker, Andy 69612Book19041254
Frakes, Millard 17870Abstract242
Frakes, Clifford 54230Index323
Frakes, Calvin 39003Index365
Frakes, Calvin Eugene 39065Index365
Frakes, Calvin Eugene 42188Index366
Frakes, Clifford 43152Index2000368
Frakes, Ben 46316Index1998369
Frakes, B A 46413Index1998369
Frakes, Robert 47227Index1998369
Frakes, R N 47342Index1998369
Frakes, Clifford 50077Index1994371
Frakes, Laborn 57886Index1100
Frakes, Rachel A 58598Index1100
Frakes, James 69037Book18711253
Frame, William 5071Index250
Frame, Laura 58085Index1100
Frame, Helena 60967Index1101
Frame, Christena (Hoblitzell)56444Abstract1102
Frampton, Mary A 65390Abstract682
Frampton, Isaac 65391Abstract682
Frampton, Robert 65708Abstract682
Frampton, Isaac 65709Abstract682
Frampton, Isaac 65750Abstract682
Frampton, Isaac 65920Abstract682
France, J M D 22051Index235
France, Robert 22052Index235
France, Robert D 22053Index235
France, Robert D 22054Index235
France, Wm 22055Index235
France, (inf) 5072Index250
France, Ada 5073Index250
France, C. B 5074Index250
France, Charles B 5075Index250
France, Elizabeth 5076Index250
France, J. M 5077Index250
France, Joshua 5078Index250
France, Robert W 57888Index1100
France, William H 60157Index1101
France, Albert 64694Index9999
Francis, Charles 22056Index235
Francis, Ed 22057Index235
Francis, Ed 22058Index235
Francis, Edward 22059Index235
Francis, Edward F 22060Index235
Francis, E 22061Index235
Francis, E G 22062Index235
Francis, Frank E 22063Index235
Francis, Wm 22064Index235
Francis, W H 22065Index235
Francis, Emmert 5079Index250
Francis, J. Lee 5080Index250
Francis, Joseph 5081Index250
Francis, Laura 5082Index250
Francis, Oscat 5083Index250
Francis, S. P 5084Index250
Francis, Sidney 5085Index250
Francis, William T 5086Index250
Francis, Harry U 41241Index366
Francis, Harry U 43537Index2000368
Francis, H U 43579Index2000368
Francis, J R 46488Index1998369
Francis, Mr 50981Index1997372
Francis, S H 67250Map681
Francis, Samuel 67251Map681
Francis, T J 68317Book18711253
Francis, Otie 63885Index9999
Franck, Mathew 5087Index250
Franck, George Allen 41166Index366
Frandike, Lettes 69197Book18711253
Franey, Johanna 5088Index250
Franey, Thomas 5089Index250
Frank, H F 22078Index235
Frank, Joseph 22079Index235
Frank, Lee 22080Index235
Frank, Lewis S 22081Index235
Frank, William C 22082Index235
Frank, William C 22083Index235
Frank, (inf) 5090Index250
Frank, Bertha 5091Index250
Frank, Brother 5092Index250
Frank, Catherine 5093Index250
Frank, Dorothea F 5094Index250
Frank, E. 5095Index250
Frank, Harold 5096Index250
Frank, John 5097Index250
Frank, Mary 5098Index250
Frank, Mary 5099Index250
Frank, Moses 5100Index250
Frank, Rosa 5101Index250
Frank, Solomon 5102Index250
Frank, William F 5103Index250
Frank, Bernard 32900Index363
Frank, Bernard W 32905Index363
Frank, Charles 40086Index365
Frank, Charles Lamont 40132Index365
Frank, John 41370Index366
Frank, John Joseph 41441Index366
Frank, Malcolm Wright 42722Index366
Frank, Augustus 43670Index2000368
Frank, A N 43741Index2000368
Frank, Harry 46122Index1998369
Frank, B F 55604Index1990841
Frank, Julius 64980Abstract1106
Frank, Adam 68719Book18711253
Frank, Marie S 69616Book19041254
Frank, Lena 63284Index9999
Franke, Robert 22066Index235
Franke, Leroy John 39518Index365
Franke, Leroy John 42470Index366
Franke, Leroy 49922Index1994371
Franken, Robert A 54712Index323
Franken, Andrew William 38400Index365
Franken, Andrew W 49820Index370
Franker, Robert 53350Index324
Franklin, G 22067Index235
Franklin, Henry 22068Index235
Franklin, Henry 22069Index235
Franklin, Henry 22070Index235
Franklin, Henry 22071Index235
Franklin, H 22072Index235
Franklin, Jonas 22073Index235
Franklin, Minnie 22074Index235
Franklin, Anna 5104Index250
Franklin, Grace 5105Index250
Franklin, Lewis 5106Index250
Franklin, Lottie 5107Index250
Franklin, May M 5108Index250
Franklin, Nellie 5109Index250
Franklin, Roy 5110Index250
Franklin , E 47147Index1998369
Franklin, A W 49844Index1994371
Franklin, S 67254Map681
Franklin, Benjamin 55605Index1990841
Franklin, Maggie 55606Index1990841
Franklin, Benjamin 59442Index926
Franklin, Martha (Ensworth)59443Index926
Franklin, Harris A 60159Index1101
Franklin and Beale, 67252Map681
Frankovich, Victor 47475Index1998369
Frankovich, V R 47532Index1998369
Frankovitch, Victor 32253Index363
Franks, Harry A 22075Index235
Franks, John 22076Index235
Franks, William A 22077Index235
Franks, Frederick A 17871Abstract242
Franks, Amelia 5111Index250
Franks, Mary J 5112Index250
Franks, Webster 5113Index250
Franks, Glenn M 33231Index363
Franks, Leroy 42429Index366
Franks, Alexander 64203Index9999
Frann, Wm E 69615Book19041254
Frans, Ben F 22085Index235
Frans, J T 22086Index235
Frans, J T 22087Index235
Frans, J T 22088Index235
Frans, William H 22089Index235
Frans, William H 22090Index235
Frans, William J 22091Index235
Frans, Wm H 22092Index235
Frans, Wm H 22093Index235
Frans, W H 22094Index235
Frans, Harry B 33176Index363
Frans, Kenneth 39686Index365
Frans, Kenneth Leroy 39718Index365
Frans, J B 45206Index2000368
Frans, Robert 50201Index1994371
Frans, J Broder 50208Index1994371
Frans, Richard B 50945Index1997372
Frans, 63206Index9999
Fransen, Gustave 22084Index235
Frantz, George 65710Abstract682
Frantz, W C 65711Abstract682
Frantz, Martha 65712Abstract682
Franzee, Harold Raymond 42816Index366
Franzen, Catherine 5114Index250
Fraser, C M 43016Index2000368
Frasher, (m) 5115Index250
Frasher, Harold Dean 51383Index1997372
Frasier, William 5116Index250
Frasier, Sarah 58161Index1100
Fraus, James 22095Index235
Fravis, Annie 5117Index250
Frawley, Francis 22096Index235
Frawley, M. 5118Index250
Frawley, J 64267Index9999
Fraxer, Amelia 56445Abstract1102
Frayer, (m) 5119Index250
Frayer, James M 5120Index250
Frayer, Lee A 5121Index250
Frazee, Harold 42730Index366
Frazell, Ira 22097Index235
Frazell, Lewis 22098Index235
Frazer, Robert 22099Index235
Frazer, E F 49462Index370
Frazer, Andrew J 60161Index1101
Frazer, Daniel 68891Book18711253
Frazer, Daniel 68908Book18711253
Frazier, Gibson M 17872Abstract242
Frazier, A. M 5122Index250
Frazier, Ben B 5123Index250
Frazier, J. C 5124Index250
Frazier, Martha 5125Index250
Frazier, Mildred 5126Index250
Frazier, Nannie 5127Index250
Frazier, Stella 5128Index250
Frazier, William 5129Index250
Frazier, William Samuel 38997Index365
Frazier, Mason C 16751Index926
Frazier, Malinda (Hoptonstall)16752Index926
Frazier, John M 57890Index1100
Frazier, Jennie 61353Index1101
Frazier, Mary Elizabeth 62073Abstract1103
Frazier, Delia G 62563Abstract1104
Frazier, William W 63137Abstract1105
Frazier, Annie isabel 70129Newsletter19331315
Frecken, Herman 5130Index250
Fredberg, J 22100Index235
Frede, J. B 5131Index250
Frede, 67255Map681
Frede, 67256Map681
Frede, 67257Map681
Frede, Emma 67258Map681
Frede, H 67259Map681
Frede, Henry 67260Map681
Frede, J W 67261Map681
Frede, Joseph 67262Map681
Frede, Wm 67263Map681
Frede, Annie 65713Abstract682
Frede, 65714Abstract682
Frede, J B 65715Abstract682
Frederic, F 22109Index235
Frederick, Charles F 22103Index235
Frederick, Fred 22104Index235
Frederick, Sherman 22105Index235
Frederick, Thomas 22106Index235
Frederick, Thomas 22107Index235
Frederick, T W 22108Index235
Frederick, (inf) 5132Index250
Frederick, Agusta 5133Index250
Frederick, Eugene H 5134Index250
Frederick, Maurine 5135Index250
Frederick, O. B 5136Index250
Frederick, John B 33263Index363
Frederick, John B 33282Index363
Frederick, Perry 33381Index363
Frederick, Jessie 65717Abstract682
Frederick, Conrad Ldecker 60165Index1101
Fredericks, A A 22101Index235
Fredericks, George 22102Index235
Fredericks, ?? 5137Index250
Fredericks, C. 5138Index250
Fredericks, William L 5139Index250
Fredericks, George W 64981Abstract1106
Fredrick, C 60163Index1101
Free, David 22117Index235
Free, Ida 5140Index250
Free, Maggie 5141Index250
Free, Thomas 5142Index250
Free, Walter S 5143Index250
Free, William 5144Index250
Free, Henry 55607Index1990841
Freeborg, Sarah 69604Book19041254
Freeborn, R. 5145Index250
Freed, Leon 5146Index250
Freed, Arnold 54676Index323
Freed, Levi 62564Abstract1104
Freeland, John 62074Abstract1103
Freelove, Allen Phylotus 42496Index366
Freels, Abraham 41823Index366
Freels, Abraham Lincoln 41906Index366
Freeman, Charles 22111Index235
Freeman, James 22112Index235
Freeman, Martin 22113Index235
Freeman, ? 22114Index235
Freeman, A. W 5147Index250
Freeman, Harry 5148Index250
Freeman, John A 5149Index250
Freeman, John P 5150Index250
Freeman, Mary A 5151Index250
Freeman, Mary C 5152Index250
Freeman, Larry 54504Index323
Freeman, James F 31854Index363
Freeman, Earl H 31964Index363
Freeman, Clyde L 33121Index363
Freeman, David 38961Index365
Freeman, Albert David 39021Index365
Freeman, Harley 42951Index2000368
Freeman, Warren E 43649Index2000368
Freeman, W E 43704Index2000368
Freeman, F R 44280Index2000368
Freeman, Everett 46207Index1998369
Freeman, E C 46250Index1998369
Freeman, Marion 51259Index1997372
Freeman, Helen 55608Index1990841
Freeman, Stephen 16713Index926
Freeman, Eliza (Kern)16714Index926
Freeman, Isaac 57892Index1100
Freeman, Elizabeth 60090Index1101
Freeman, Minerva Jane 60359Index1101
Freeman, Annette 60883Index1101
Freeman, Mina 61037Index1101
Freeman, Samuel F 56447Abstract1102
Freeman, Al 62075Abstract1103
Freeman, Carl 68980Book18711253
Freeman, Carl 69010Book18711253
Freeman, Lorie L 70054Newsletter19321308
Freemeyer, Hetzckiah 5153Index250
Freemyer, Andrew 57894Index1100
Freemyer, Hannah 58730Index1100
Freese, Harry 22115Index235
Freese, William 41786Index366
Freet, J 67264Map681
Freet, J O 67265Map681
Freet, J R 67266Map681
Freet, James 67267Map681
Freeze, Henry B 22116Index235
Freeze, Mary Jane (Moore)64982Abstract1106
Freidig, John 22118Index235
Frein, John 22119Index235
French, E 22120Index235
French, George 22121Index235
French, George W 22122Index235
French, John A 22123Index235
French, John A 22124Index235
French, J E 22125Index235
French, T P 22126Index235
French, John Andrew 17873Abstract242
French, (inf) 5154Index250
French, Anna M 5155Index250
French, Bessie M 5156Index250
French, Caroline 5157Index250
French, Charles F 5158Index250
French, Floyd 5159Index250
French, Gertie M 5160Index250
French, James J 5161Index250
French, M. A 5162Index250
French, Mrs. A 5163Index250
French, Rose C 5164Index250
French, Rose E 5165Index250
French, Sophia M 5166Index250
French, Sophia O 5167Index250
French, Thomas 5168Index250
French, Willie 5169Index250
French, Louis R 33051Index363
French, Louis A 33065Index363
French, Lewis William 39689Index365
French, Billie Max 42520Index366
French, Neta 57781Index1100
French, James 57896Index1100
French, Sampson 57898Index1100
French, Martilia 58973Index1100
French, Myron 62565Abstract1104
French, Bell 68974Book18711253
Frend, Carl 69074Book18711253
Frens, Orwa 22127Index235
Frenzel, Charles 64481Index9999
Frenzel, Eva 64482Index9999
Frenzel, August 64484Index9999
Frenzel, Eva 64869Index9999
Frenzel, Ida 64870Index9999
Frerking, Clara L 5170Index250
Freund, Henry 22128Index235
Freund, (inf) 5171Index250
Freund, A. 5172Index250
Freund, Caroline 5173Index250
Freund, Charles 5174Index250
Frew, Lafayette 5175Index250
Frey, C 22130Index235
Frey, Peter 22131Index235
Frey, Lillian 5176Index250
Frey, Mary 60750Index1101
Freyman, P P 22129Index235
Freyman, Paul 5177Index250
Frichman, David 5178Index250
Frick, John C 17874Abstract242
Friday, Elmer 22132Index235
Fridell, Dale 46327Index1998369
Fridell, D E 46340Index1998369
Friderich, Gustave 5179Index250
Friedberg, Isaac 22133Index235
Friedberg, I 22134Index235
Friedberg, Joseph 5180Index250
Friede, Charles 22136Index235
Friede, Frank 22137Index235
Friede, John 22138Index235
Friede, Oscar 22139Index235
Friede, Charles W 5181Index250
Friedeman, A. A 5182Index250
Friedenberg, (inf) 5183Index250
Friedenburg, M 22135Index235
Friedenburg, Charles 5184Index250
Friedler, Matilda 5185Index250
Friednauer, Fred 5186Index250
Friedson, Joel 46740Index1998369
Friedson, J S 46983Index1998369
Friedy, Hannah (Swike)55609Index1990841
Friend, Andrew 22141Index235
Friend, E 22142Index235
Friend, E E 22143Index235
Friend, Henry 22144Index235
Friend, L 22145Index235
Friend, Marguerite 5187Index250
Friend, John 39611Index365
Friend, John 43643Index2000368
Friend, Carl 69158Book18711253
Friendenberg, Morris 22140Index235
Fries, Katherine 5188Index250
Fries, George 67268Map681
Fries, Henry 67269Map681
Fries, John G 67270Map681
Fries, Joseph 67271Map681
Fries, Fred 56448Abstract1102
Fries, George F 56449Abstract1102
Fries, Katherine (Harris)62076Abstract1103
Fries, 62566Abstract1104
Fries, John George 63138Abstract1105
Fries, Wilhelmina (Buntz)64454Abstract1105
Fries, Louis Christian 64455Abstract1105
Fries, Alexander H 63980Index9999
Friess, William 50121Index1994371
Friestine, Frank 22146Index235
Frieze, G H 22147Index235
Frieze, Mary Jane 5189Index250
Frieze, Henry (Black)65719Abstract682
Frieze, Clarence 62567Abstract1104
Frigi, Anna 59083Index1100
Friley, J F 22148Index235
Frimore, Luella 5190Index250
Frinciel, Jacob 57900Index1100
Frind, Jno 69178Book18711253
Frink, Mabel 63349Index9999
Frint, Charles S 5191Index250
Fris, Lorene 5192Index250
Frisbie, G C 47856Index370
Frisby, Fred 22149Index235
Frisby, Fred 22150Index235
Frisby, (f) 5193Index250
Frisby, Charles 5194Index250
Frisby, Gladis M 5195Index250
Frisch, G F 42950Index2000368
Frisch, Gordon 50999Index1997372
Frishey, Donald 5196Index250
Friske, Fred 22151Index235
Fristoe, Jack 54128Index323
Fritchmon, H C 22152Index235
Fritz, Albert 22154Index235
Fritz, John 66511Abstract682
Fritzell, Jesse 22153Index235
Fritzwater, George W 57902Index1100
Fritzwater, Thomas 57904Index1100
Fritzwater, Mary E 58187Index1100
Fritzwater, Celia A 58191Index1100
Fritzwater, George W 60141Index1101
Frizell, Jess C 22155Index235
Frizell, Jess C 22156Index235
Frizell, Robert 5197Index250
Frizell, Robert L 5198Index250
Frizell, Emmett 39434Index365
Frizell, Emmett Francis 39509Index365
Frizell, J C 63564Index9999
Frizt, Herman C 5199Index250
Froeschie, S G 22157Index235
Frogg, William Newton 60167Index1101
Frogge, Charles 22158Index235
Frogge, Charles H 22159Index235
Frogge, Charles H 22160Index235
Frogge, Frank 22161Index235
Frogge, John 22162Index235
Frogge, E. 5200Index250
Frogge, Emma 5201Index250
Frogge, John W 5202Index250
Frogge, Rusel 53689Index324
Frogge, Joseph C 33338Index363
Frogge, Russell 38791Index365
Frogge, Russell Roy 38950Index365
Frogge, R L 46495Index1998369
Frohardt, F M 69602Book19041254
Frohm, Nannie B (Owen)55610Index1990841
Froman, Lucrecia Jane 55611Index1990841
Froman, William G 54732Index926
Froman, Mary (Sherard)54733Index926
Frossard, J B 45441Index1998369
Frossard, Jessie B 48522Index370
Frossard, Jessie 49988Index1994371
Frost, George W 22163Index235
Frost, John 22164Index235
Frost, Anna J 5203Index250
Frost, Antonia 5204Index250
Frost, N G 46414Index1998369
Frost, Robert 46693Index1998369
Frost, R H 46802Index1998369
Frost, Lyman 55612Index1990841
Frost, Robert 60169Index1101
Frouschle, Amelia 5205Index250
Fruend, Carl 68860Book18711253
Fruend, Carl 68892Book18711253
Fruist, Caroline 57777Index1100
Fruit, Harry 22165Index235
Fruitt, Louise E 5206Index250
Frumhoff, A 22166Index235
Frumhoff, Joshua 17875Abstract242
Frumoff, K. 5207Index250
Frump, Harry 53663Index324
Frump, Harry 41428Index366
Frump, Billie E 49563Index370
Frump, Sarah C 60088Index1101
Frumy, Patrick 57906Index1100
Frund, Carl 69089Book18711253
Frund, Carl 69134Book18711253
Frutiger, Emma 5208Index250
Fry, Amos E 22172Index235
Fry, Augustus 22173Index235
Fry, Augustus 22174Index235
Fry, Charlie 22175Index235
Fry, Robert 22176Index235
Fry, William S 22177Index235
Fry, Duke 5209Index250
Fry, Eva May 5210Index250
Fry, James H 5211Index250
Fry, Rebecca 5212Index250
Fry, William Stanley 38972Index365
Fry, Basil 42941Index2000368
Fry, W B 42989Index2000368
Fry, Marvin J 44196Index2000368
Fry, M J 44250Index2000368
Fry, Thomas L 44828Index2000368
Fry, Raleigh 45696Index1998369
Fry, Raleigh William 45783Index1998369
Fry, Marvin 46826Index1998369
Fry, Robert 46864Index1998369
Fry, E 46876Index1998369
Fry, M J 46971Index1998369
Fry, W B 49408Index370
Fry, J T 67272Map681
Fry, John T 67273Map681
Fry, Perry Herdon 55613Index1990841
Fry, George S 18003Index926
Fry, Margarett (Feasol)18005Index926
Fry, R S 64700Index9999
Fryar, Lucy 5213Index250
Frye, Frank 22167Index235
Frye, William S 22168Index235
Frye, John H 5214Index250
Frye, Louise 5215Index250
Frye, Sarah A 5216Index250
Frye, Orestes L 33194Index363
Frye, R M 46909Index1998369
Frye, Alden A 51065Index1997372
Frye, Luke 70337Newsletter19351304
Frye, Phoebe 70338Newsletter19351304
Fryling, W 22169Index235
Fryling, W 22170Index235
Fryman, Lucinda A 58923Index1100
Fryman, Sarah Ellen 60243Index1101
Fryman, Samuel 56451Abstract1102
Frymon, John 57910Index1100
Frymore, George 57911Index1100
Fryor, Adam 22171Index235
Ftoik, Florence 5217Index250
Ftull, Doyle 47638Index1998369
Fuchrer, Harry 41769Index366
Fuchs, Henry 5218Index250
Fuek, William 22178Index235
Fueling, Carl 22179Index235
Fuellgraf, Martin 22180Index235
Fuelling, Carl 5219Index250
Fuelling, Carl L 5220Index250
Fuelling, Mina 5221Index250
Fuelling, Adam 67274Map681
Fuelling, H 67275Map681
Fueston, Chester B 31941Index363
Fuger, William H 22181Index235
Fugett, Leonard 53616Index324
Fugua, Edna L 64020Index9999
Fuhner, Gus 5222Index250
Fuhrman, G D 48085Index370
Fuhrman, Elizabeth Bieberich 56452Abstract1102
Fuhrman, Lucinda B (Moody)62078Abstract1103
Fulcher, Lee Willis 42445Index366
Fulk, Frank 22183Index235
Fulk, Frank 22184Index235
Fulk, Frank 22185Index235
Fulk, James 22186Index235
Fulkerson, Levonia 5223Index250
Fulks, R D 22182Index235
Fulks, C. A 5224Index250
Fullenwilder, John C 63822Index9999
Fuller, Horace S 35Book1
Fuller, Alfred H 22188Index235
Fuller, C A 22189Index235
Fuller, Daniel 22190Index235
Fuller, Daniel B 22191Index235
Fuller, Ellis 22192Index235
Fuller, Ellis J 22193Index235
Fuller, E S 22194Index235
Fuller, John 22195Index235
Fuller, Thomas C 22196Index235
Fuller, T N 22197Index235
Fuller, William 22198Index235
Fuller, William C 22199Index235
Fuller, Elizabeth 5225Index250
Fuller, Harry L 5226Index250
Fuller, Jeannette 5227Index250
Fuller, John W 5228Index250
Fuller, Leo 5229Index250
Fuller, Nellie 5230Index250
Fuller, Sarah W 5231Index250
Fuller, Thomas C 5232Index250
Fuller, Willis N 31927Index363
Fuller, Elton E 38445Index365
Fuller, Elton Earl 38495Index365
Fuller, Elton 41161Index366
Fuller, R N 44694Index2000368
Fuller, Winslow 60171Index1101
Fullers, Laura 58040Index1100
Fullerton, Joseph A 52Book1
Fullerton, A G 22187Index235
Fullerton, David 60173Index1101
Fullerton, Calvin P 64499Abstract1105
Fullerton, Davis W 64500Abstract1105
Fulton, A J 22200Index235
Fulton, George 22201Index235
Fulton, Henry 22202Index235
Fulton, John 22203Index235
Fulton, John C 22204Index235
Fulton, John C 22205Index235
Fulton, Joseph 22206Index235
Fulton, J C 22207Index235
Fulton, S 22208Index235
Fulton, Edwin 5233Index250
Fulton, Grace 5234Index250
Fulton, James 5235Index250
Fulton, Lala 5236Index250
Fulton, Max 5237Index250
Fulton, Harry G 32235Index363
Fulton, Zell 43856Index2000368
Fulton, Z W 43905Index2000368
Fulton, Kenneth 46119Index1998369
Fulton, K L 46155Index1998369
Fulton, Z W 48286Index370
Fulton, Kenneth 50809Index1997372
Fultz, Marvin 55614Index1990841
Fultz, Thomas 55615Index1990841
Fumyer, Phebe 57259Index1100
Funderbrock, R 22209Index235
Funderburk, (f) 5238Index250
Funderburk, (m) 5239Index250
Funderbusk, John 5240Index250
Funk, John 22212Index235
Funk, Joseph 22213Index235
Funk, William H 22214Index235
Funk, (m) 5241Index250
Funk, Adam 5242Index250
Funk, Augustus 5243Index250
Funk, D. B 5244Index250
Funk, Myron A 32598Index363
Funk, William Gerald 38919Index365
Funk, Wilbur 41112Index366
Funk, Wilbur Gerald 41185Index366
Funk, John 41824Index366
Funk, W G 46009Index1998369
Funk, Bobbie W 50917Index1997372
Funkhausen, A 22210Index235
Funkhauser, Annie 5245Index250
Funkhouse, A 22211Index235
Funston, Jesse G 22215Index235
Funston, J G 22216Index235
Funston, J G 22217Index235
Fuqua, Frank 5246Index250
Fuqua, J. A 5247Index250
Fuqua, Moses 5248Index250
Fuqua, Richard 54168Index323
Fuqua, Billy G 54680Index323
Fuqua, John W 32317Index363
Furat, Rachel 63716Index9999
Furchans, J J 22218Index235
Furchowski, Stanz 22219Index235
Furgeson, S M 22220Index235
Furgeson, F. S 5249Index250
Furgison, John Thomas 40516Index366
Furgison, John 45755Index1998369
Furguson, Clarisa 5250Index250
Furguson, J H 45890Index1998369
Furguson, J T 45897Index1998369
Furguson, 64984Abstract1106
Furhman, Henry C 60175Index1101
Furhman, Christian 62077Abstract1103
Furhman, Richard S 64983Abstract1106
Furling, Margaret 64110Index9999
Furmon, Giles 57915Index1100
Furniss, W 22221Index235
Furr, Donald 33531Index363
Furr, Donald R 33546Index363
Furr, Kenneth Leroy 45733Index1998369
Furrow, Charles 5251Index250
Furst, Rosa 5252Index250
Furst, Leonard 54341Index323
Furst, Earl 41052Index366
Furst, Leonard 41151Index366
Furst, Earl 48380Index370
Furst, E W 48433Index370
Furst, G L 48853Index370
Furuson, James 57913Index1100
Fury, Patrick 5253Index250
Fuse, Alvin 5254Index250
Fuson, Louis 22222Index235
Fuson, Sylvester 22223Index235
Fuson, S J 22224Index235
Fuson, S J 22225Index235
Fuson, Daniel 5255Index250
Fuson, Lydia L 5256Index250
Fuson, Thomas 54299Index323
Fuson, Jack 53351Index324
Fuson, Thomas H 54018Index324
Fuson, William S 39500Index365
Fuson, Slyvester William 39528Index365
Fuson, S W 47360Index1998369
Fuson, Henry C 61512Index926
Fuson, Frances A (Hobson)61513Index926
Fuson, William J 61729Index926
Fuson, Caroline (Vanghnon)61730Index926
Fuson, Mathias P 60177Index1101
Fvendord, Henry 21661Index235

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