Library Holdings Surname Index

The NWMGS maintains and regularly updates their database of library holdings, and their index of the surnames to be found in them. Currently, this database contains a listing of 1,638 items in the library collection, 63,835 names, and was last updated on Wednesday, 16 May 2018. This work is done by volunteers. If you would like to help, contact Kelly.

For copies or additional information about the items in which these names appear, please contact our research librarian. Be sure to mention that the entry you're interested in is in the Holdings database and include the identification numbers.

Name Name ID# Holding Type Pub Year Holding ID#
Eader, Nellie O'brien (O\'brien)17711Abstract242
Eader, Al E 4291Index250
Eader, Charles 4292Index250
Eader, William 4293Index250
Eadns, Margaret 4294Index250
Eads, William D 21381Index235
Eads, Maria F 4295Index250
Eads, Robert W 4296Index250
Eads, Lloyd 50909Index1997372
Eagan, John 21382Index235
Eagan, John 17713Abstract242
Eage, George 21383Index235
Eagen, James F 4297Index250
Eagleson, T W 47814Index1998369
Eagleston, T W 44905Index2000368
Eahart, Roy 21384Index235
Eakin, R S 55567Index1990841
Eames, Robert E 40583Index366
Eames, Robert Evans 40649Index366
Eames, R F 48958Index370
Earhart, Roy 21385Index235
Earies, George 21388Index235
Earixon, W P 21386Index235
Earixson, Thos 21387Index235
Earixson, Mary 4298Index250
Earixson, W. P 4299Index250
Earixson, Nancy J 57621Index1100
Earl, George 4300Index250
Earl, Edna 65662Abstract682
Earl, Frank 65663Abstract682
Earl, Bruce 60089Index1101
Earl, Fred 63689Index9999
Earle, Archibald 4301Index250
Earle, Isaac S 4302Index250
Earles, A F 57802Index1100
Earley, Addie 4303Index250
Earll, C V 21389Index235
Early, Joseph L 21390Index235
Early, Thomas 21391Index235
Earnest, G. W 4304Index250
Earnst, ?? 4305Index250
Earxon, Thos 21392Index235
Easley, E E 67165Map681
Easley, D F 57804Index1100
Easley, William K 56348Abstract1102
Eastbourn, Maurice 31841Index363
Eastbourn, Frank 47644Index1998369
Eastbourn, F M 47725Index1998369
Eastbourne, B F 21393Index235
Eastbourne, B F 21394Index235
Easter, Bert C 32830Index363
Easter, H G 44284Index2000368
Easter, J L 49804Index370
Easter, William 57806Index1100
Easter, Zacarniah 57808Index1100
Eastin, George 21395Index235
Eastin, George W 21396Index235
Eastin, Lucien 21397Index235
Eastin, Martha 4306Index250
Eastlake, Wm 21398Index235
Eastlake, W L 21399Index235
Eastman, George 57810Index1100
Eastman , George M 57812Index1100
Eastman, George M 60091Index1101
Easton, George 21400Index235
Easton, John 21401Index235
Easton, Nellie M 4307Index250
Easton, R. P 4308Index250
Easton, R D 48060Index370
Eastridge, John W 60093Index1101
Eastwood, Robert 21402Index235
Eastwood, Gene 54623Index323
Eastwood, E M 42996Index2000368
Eastwood, Emmett 49607Index370
Eastwood, Frederick 63528Index9999
Eaton, Connie 4309Index250
Eaton, Donald L 4310Index250
Eaton, Riley 4311Index250
Eaton, Victor 54429Index323
Eaton, Paul Eugene 40201Index365
Eaton, Roger L 44084Index2000368
Eaton, Eugene 46758Index1998369
Eaton, E K 46986Index1998369
Eaton, Virgil 50450Index1994371
Eaton, Arthur E 17255Index926
Eaton, Sarah (Hawk)17257Index926
Eaver, Clarence 21403Index235
Ebalson, Wm S 21404Index235
Ebberhard, Anna 4312Index250
Eberhard, Gordon 21405Index235
Eberhardt, Bertha 4313Index250
Eberhardt, Elsa 4314Index250
Eberhardt, Georgia 4315Index250
Eberhardt, Paul 4316Index250
Eberhoard, Jacob 21406Index235
Eberle, Henry 4317Index250
Eberle, Sophia 4318Index250
Ebersold, Chas 21407Index235
Ebersold, C D 46706Index1998369
Ebersold, Dale 50510Index1994371
Ebersole, (inf) 4319Index250
Ebert, Conrad 4320Index250
Ebert, Martin L 60095Index1101
Ebling, Donald L 50739Index1997372
Ebrecht, Wallace N 50292Index1994371
Echterling, Austin 50336Index1994371
Eck, William 49468Index370
Eck, William 50377Index1994371
Eckard, John 21408Index235
Eckard, John 21409Index235
Eckard, Rebecca 4321Index250
Eckard, Ivan 43234Index2000368
Eckard, I L 43253Index2000368
Eckard, Leroy 48727Index370
Eckart, Joseph 4322Index250
Eckel, Edmond J 75Book1
Eckel, Jules 4323Index250
Eckel, E J 63445Index9999
Eckel, E J 63766Index9999
Eckels, B R 45098Index2000368
Eckels, Blanche 64964Abstract1106
Eckels, Alfred 69269Book18711253
Eckenfals, Clara 4324Index250
Eckerson, Charles 4325Index250
Eckert, Ernest 21410Index235
Eckert, Phillip 55568Index1990841
Eckert, Phillip 55569Index1990841
Eckhardt, Julius 4326Index250
Eckhardt, Clemens C 32828Index363
Eckhardt, Arnell L 49516Index370
Eckhardt, A L F 49556Index370
Eckhardt, Louis 63693Index9999
Eckhart, Barbara 4327Index250
Eckle, Valerie 4328Index250
Eckler, Catherine 4329Index250
Eckles, Ralph E 31970Index363
Eckley, E R 56349Abstract1102
Eckley, Maria 56350Abstract1102
Ecks, Mary 4330Index250
Edam, Albert 21411Index235
Edardt, James 39100Index365
Eddins, ?? 21412Index235
Eddins, W A 47518Index1998369
Edds, Isaac 21413Index235
Edds, Wm E 21414Index235
Edds, Wm E 21415Index235
Edds, (inf) 4331Index250
Edds, Millard 41778Index366
Eddy, Samuel 21416Index235
Eddy, (inf) 4332Index250
Eddy, Oscar F 4333Index250
Eddy, Mary E 60658Index1101
Edelbrock, AA 21417Index235
Edelbrock, Anthony 4334Index250
Edelbrock, Frank S 4335Index250
Edelbrock, Gerald 4336Index250
Edelbrock, Helen 4337Index250
Edelbrock, Anthony 64476Index9999
Edelman, Forrest J 50062Index1994371
Eden, August 21418Index235
Eden, Willis H 21419Index235
Eden, Eddie 4338Index250
Eden, Edward 4339Index250
Eden, Freda 4340Index250
Eden, Owen David 40936Index366
Eder, Stanley 39304Index365
Edgar, Charles E 21420Index235
Edgar, Edward J 21421Index235
Edgar, Jesse 21422Index235
Edgar, (m) 4341Index250
Edgar, Blanch L 4342Index250
Edgar, Luther 4343Index250
Edgar, Walter K 4344Index250
Edgar, Guy 32104Index363
Edgar, Helen 64664Index9999
Edge, Loren 53690Index324
Edgerton, W. D 4345Index250
Edgerton, Merle F 44825Index2000368
Edie, 55570Index1990841
Edkins, Wayne 50675Index1997372
Edleman, C. O 4346Index250
Edleman, Maggie 4347Index250
Edlund, A R 47999Index370
Edmond, Daniel 61666Index926
Edmond, Nancy Ann (Wood)61667Index926
Edmonds, India 60584Index1101
Edmondson, Charles 41729Index366
Edmondson, Clinton E 50548Index1994371
Edmons, Melinda J 59238Index1100
Edmonson, Leonea 53653Index324
Edmundson, Herman 49604Index370
Edson, Walter 21423Index235
Edson, Arthur 4348Index250
Edson, Mary H 4349Index250
Edson, J L 53925Index324
Edson, Charles H 32818Index363
Edson, Charles H 32856Index363
Edson, Vernon 38748Index365
Edson, Vernon Francis 38754Index365
Edson, Vernon Francis 38777Index365
Edson, Jerry A 49859Index1994371
Edsore, Walter A 21424Index235
Edward, Wm 21435Index235
Edward, Milta 4350Index250
Edwards, Elsie S 204List103
Edwards, Calvin 21425Index235
Edwards, C 21426Index235
Edwards, Edw C 21427Index235
Edwards, E 21428Index235
Edwards, Felix H 21429Index235
Edwards, George L 21430Index235
Edwards, John 21431Index235
Edwards, R R 21432Index235
Edwards, Willis 21433Index235
Edwards, Willis 21434Index235
Edwards, William H 66999Abstract248
Edwards, (f) 4351Index250
Edwards, (m) 4352Index250
Edwards, Annie 4353Index250
Edwards, Catherine 4354Index250
Edwards, Catherine 4355Index250
Edwards, David 4356Index250
Edwards, Elta 4357Index250
Edwards, Elta 4358Index250
Edwards, George 4359Index250
Edwards, Gernne 4360Index250
Edwards, Gertrude 4361Index250
Edwards, Gracie 4362Index250
Edwards, James 4363Index250
Edwards, Laura E 4364Index250
Edwards, Lillian 4365Index250
Edwards, Noel 4366Index250
Edwards, Sarah J 4367Index250
Edwards, Thomas 4368Index250
Edwards, Virginia 4369Index250
Edwards, Gary 54493Index323
Edwards, Samuel 53402Index324
Edwards, Frederick Lee 53443Index324
Edwards, Raymond 53548Index324
Edwards, Floyd 53879Index324
Edwards, Thomas 31930Index363
Edwards, Charles C 31997Index363
Edwards, Charles C 33131Index363
Edwards, Louis 39265Index365
Edwards, James 39292Index365
Edwards, Lewis Albert 39293Index365
Edwards, Marion Benjamin 39630Index365
Edwards, Guy Elwood 39775Index365
Edwards, Lloyd Francis 40044Index365
Edwards, Raymond 40219Index365
Edwards, John T 42687Index366
Edwards, John Torres 42738Index366
Edwards, Charles 43367Index2000368
Edwards, G E 43640Index2000368
Edwards, C W 44538Index2000368
Edwards, Dee 45236Index2000368
Edwards, D H 45309Index2000368
Edwards, V S 45898Index1998369
Edwards, C H 46908Index1998369
Edwards, B D 49686Index370
Edwards, Samuel 50072Index1994371
Edwards, Carol 50156Index1994371
Edwards, Virgil S 50547Index1994371
Edwards, Burl 51054Index1997372
Edwards, John F 51313Index1997372
Edwards, Geo W 67166Map681
Edwards, John 65664Abstract682
Edwards, Elmer 55571Index1990841
Edwards, William 17184Index926
Edwards, Christian (Laffoon)17185Index926
Edwards, Margaret 57505Index1100
Edwards, Mary W 57680Index1100
Edwards, Eli 57814Index1100
Edwards, L H 57816Index1100
Edwards, Martha 57916Index1100
Edwards, Anna Virginia 58672Index1100
Edwards, Florence 58718Index1100
Edwards, Catherine 58885Index1100
Edwards, Nancy 58965Index1100
Edwards, India 59067Index1100
Edwards, James Thomas 60097Index1101
Edwards, Mary Alice 60098Index1101
Edwards, Sarah 61029Index1101
Edwards, Jugurtha 61397Index1101
Edwards, Mary E 61435Index1101
Edwards, Nellie 56351Abstract1102
Edwards, Elisa 68183Book18711253
Edwards, Eli 68763Book18711253
Edwards, Ella 69599Book19041254
Edwards, George G E 70124Newsletter19331315
Edwards, G E 70132Newsletter19331316
Edwards, Gwendalyn 64670Index9999
Effman, Julius 4370Index250
Effner, FH 21436Index235
Effner, H 21437Index235
Efner, 62053Abstract1103
Efton, Adey 55572Index1990841
Egan, John 21438Index235
Egan, John A 17712Abstract242
Egan, Charles A 4371Index250
Egbert, G 67167Map681
Egbert, S 67168Map681
Egbert, Wm 65665Abstract682
Ege, Edward 4372Index250
Eger, Louis F 4373Index250
Egerton, A 67169Map681
Egerton, O A 67170Map681
Egetemeier, Joseph 4374Index250
Egger, E G 21441Index235
Egger, Frederick 4375Index250
Egger, Ernest G 32142Index363
Egger, Ernest 33560Index363
Egger, Ernest G 33594Index363
Egger, 63122Abstract1105
Eggers, R 55573Index1990841
Eggert, Ernest 21439Index235
Eggert, Louis 21440Index235
Eggert, Sophia 17714Abstract242
Eggert, Ernest 4376Index250
Eggleston, F M 21442Index235
Eggleston, John 21443Index235
Eggleston, John P 21444Index235
Eggleston, John P 21445Index235
Eggleston, L 21447Index235
Eggleston, Cora 4377Index250
Eggleston, E R 47011Index1998369
Eggleston, Paul 51084Index1997372
Eggliston, Lewis 21446Index235
Eggliston, Louis 21448Index235
Eggon, Peter 21449Index235
Eggston, Lewis 21450Index235
Eglesteen, (inf) 4378Index250
Egley, Henry 4379Index250
Egli, John 21451Index235
Egli, Peter 21452Index235
Egli, Peter 21453Index235
Egli, Peter 21454Index235
Egli, (inf) 4380Index250
Egli, Gert F 4381Index250
Egli, William J 4382Index250
Egli, J F 47214Index1998369
Egli, J F 49555Index370
Egner, Mary 4383Index250
Egnes, W F 21455Index235
Ehler, William G 4384Index250
Ehlers, Doretha 4385Index250
Ehlert, Gordon P 44653Index2000368
Ehlert, G P 44771Index2000368
Ehredt, James Albert 39245Index365
Ehrenreich, Carl 69459Book18711253
Ehret, Q E 43949Index2000368
Ehrilich, Harold 53765Index324
Ehrlich, H 21456Index235
Ehrlich, Sara 4386Index250
Eib, D. S 4387Index250
Eib, Frank 4388Index250
Eiberger, Balthas F 51025Index1997372
Eichenbaugh, E. 4389Index250
Eichenbaule, Martin 21457Index235
Eichenlaub, Martin 21458Index235
Eichenlaub, Frank 4390Index250
Eichenlaub, William E 4391Index250
Eichols, Bernard 4392Index250
Eichols, Gertrude 4393Index250
Eicholt, B 17715Abstract242
Eicholz, Bernard 21459Index235
Eicholz, B J 21460Index235
Eighmy, Caroll 4394Index250
Eighmy, Ed 32553Index363
Eihstadt, E 21461Index235
Eihstadt, (f) 4395Index250
Eiler, Louis 4396Index250
Eiler, John 60099Index1101
Eiler, Louis 56352Abstract1102
Eilers, H H 67171Map681
Eiman, Christian 21462Index235
Eiman, Glenn 41310Index366
Eiman, Glenn Frederick 41345Index366
Eiman, G F 47410Index1998369
Eiman, Marvin Lee 47962Index370
Eiman, M L 48110Index370
Eiman, Dale E 48910Index370
Eiman, D E 48953Index370
Eiman, Glen F 49618Index370
Einbender, Dave 21463Index235
Einbender, Edwin 54375Index323
Einbender, E I 45417Index1998369
Einbender, E I 49808Index370
Einbender, Edwin 51118Index1997372
Einhaus, G 21464Index235
Einman, C A 21465Index235
Einstein, Herman 21466Index235
Eirls, L D 44845Index2000368
Eisberg, Harry 21467Index235
Eisberg, Harry 21468Index235
Eisberg, Meyer 21470Index235
Eisberg, Simon 21471Index235
Eisberg, S I 21472Index235
Eisberg, (f) 4397Index250
Eisburg, Isidore 4398Index250
Eisel, Claude 46676Index1998369
Eisel, C W 46799Index1998369
Eisen, Jacob 21473Index235
Eisen, M 21474Index235
Eisen, Nathan 21475Index235
Eisen, Ethel 4399Index250
Eisenbarger, Ore 40405Index365
Eisenbarger, Ora Gene 40464Index366
Eisenberg, R C 53507Index324
Eisenkohn, Frank 4400Index250
Eisenkohn, M. 4401Index250
Eishberg, Meyer 21476Index235
Eisiminger, B C 46313Index1998369
Eius, Joseph 57818Index1100
Ejercito, Elmo 49551Index370
Eklund, Melvin 50050Index1994371
Elam, A G 21477Index235
Elam, James William 21478Index235
Elam, James W 21479Index235
Elam, John W 21480Index235
Elam, J W 21481Index235
Elam, William M 17716Abstract242
Elam, Richard 4402Index250
Elam, Sarah F 4403Index250
Elam, William 39648Index365
Elam, Roy C 39664Index365
Elam, William John 39675Index365
Elam, Roy Charles 39684Index365
Elam, R C 43442Index2000368
Elam, Earl E 49696Index370
Elam, Harvey 64201Index9999
Elane, J W 21482Index235
Elardo, Carl 39932Index365
Elb, Abe 64004Index9999
Elbert, Vincent L 17717Abstract242
Elbert, Henry L 4404Index250
Elbert, Donald S 49054Index370
Elbert, D S 49125Index370
Elbert, Donald 50267Index1994371
Elbert, Charles David 62054Abstract1103
Eld, George W 21491Index235
Elder, Edward 21483Index235
Elder, Edward 21484Index235
Elder, John M 21485Index235
Elder, Joshua 21486Index235
Elder, Wm H 21487Index235
Elder, Jennie 4405Index250
Elder, Joseph E 4406Index250
Elder, Joseph J 4407Index250
Elder, Loren 4408Index250
Elder, Russell R 33472Index363
Elder, David Merrill 39657Index365
Elder, Wayne 41121Index366
Elder, Bert M 43202Index2000368
Elder, B M 43259Index2000368
Elder, D R 43311Index2000368
Elder, I W 46143Index1998369
Elder, Robert 47837Index370
Elder, R I 47897Index370
Elder, Bobbie 50274Index1994371
Elder, James 57820Index1100
Elder, William J 57822Index1100
Elder, Roda J 58024Index1100
Elder, Sarah D 58049Index1100
Elder, John R 60101Index1101
Elder, Delilah 60321Index1101
Elder, Belle S (Pollock)62055Abstract1103
Elder, Pearl Estella 62056Abstract1103
Elder, Sallie 62057Abstract1103
Elder, John Levi 62540Abstract1104
Elder, 63123Abstract1105
Elder, Neckitie (Newman)63124Abstract1105
Elders, Joseph 4409Index250
Elders, Ivan 46091Index1998369
Eldred, S A 21488Index235
Eldred, Stephen 4410Index250
Eldred, Walter E 4411Index250
Eldridge, Bette 21489Index235
Eldridge, Charles 21490Index235
Eldridge, Charles H 4412Index250
Eldridge, Maggie 4413Index250
Eldrige, Marg J 59171Index1100
Ele, Dora B 4414Index250
Elechler, August 63784Index9999
Eler, William 21492Index235
Eleringer, Catherine 4415Index250
Elford, Ernest G 32755Index363
Elford, Edward 51163Index1997372
Elfred, Thomas H 4416Index250
Elfred, Florence 64130Index9999
Elifrits, John L 33170Index363
Elinor, Mary 66461Abstract682
Elkins, Gene 54395Index323
Elkins, Dale W 53730Index324
Ellbrock, Anthony 21493Index235
Eller, Ronald 55386Index189
Eller, E. 4417Index250
Ellershaw, Roger 39285Index365
Ellick, Mary 4418Index250
Ellifrit, Hume P 4419Index250
Ellin, Claude 21529Index235
Ellinger, Phillip 67000Abstract248
Ellinger, (inf) 4420Index250
Ellinger, (inf) 4421Index250
Ellinger, Annie 4422Index250
Ellinger, Mamie 4423Index250
Ellinger, Matt 4424Index250
Ellinger, Lawrence Wesley 42090Index366
Ellingsworth, James 16813Index926
Ellingsworth, Nancy (Green)16814Index926
Ellingsworth, James P 61468Index926
Ellingsworth, Mary A (Epperson)61469Index926
Ellington, Henry 21494Index235
Ellington, Lizzie 4425Index250
Ellingwood, Nannie W 4426Index250
Ellingwood, T. L 4427Index250
Ellingwood, Theodore 4428Index250
Elliot, Deva 21519Index235
Elliot, Edward 21520Index235
Elliot, G R 21521Index235
Elliot, Isaac 21522Index235
Elliot, Isaac M 21523Index235
Elliott, A 21495Index235
Elliott, A E 21496Index235
Elliott, Earnest 21497Index235
Elliott, Edward 21498Index235
Elliott, Elaine Ray 21499Index235
Elliott, Ernest 21500Index235
Elliott, George 21501Index235
Elliott, George R 21502Index235
Elliott, George W 21503Index235
Elliott, James 21504Index235
Elliott, John 21505Index235
Elliott, John 21506Index235
Elliott, Joseph 21507Index235
Elliott, J L 21508Index235
Elliott, J W 21509Index235
Elliott, S E 21510Index235
Elliott, S E 21511Index235
Elliott, Wakefile 21512Index235
Elliott, William 21513Index235
Elliott, William 21514Index235
Elliott, Wm S 21515Index235
Elliott, Wm S 21516Index235
Elliott, Wm M 21517Index235
Elliott, Wm M 21518Index235
Elliott, Agnes M 4429Index250
Elliott, Arthur William 4430Index250
Elliott, Blanche 4431Index250
Elliott, Clark 4432Index250
Elliott, E. M 4433Index250
Elliott, Eva K 4434Index250
Elliott, Fannie 4435Index250
Elliott, Floyd L 4436Index250
Elliott, Frankie 4437Index250
Elliott, Fred 4438Index250
Elliott, George W 4439Index250
Elliott, Hannah 4440Index250
Elliott, Henry 4441Index250
Elliott, James 4442Index250
Elliott, Lanelle 4443Index250
Elliott, Lucinda 4444Index250
Elliott, N. G 4445Index250
Elliott, Ruth 4446Index250
Elliott, Silas 4447Index250
Elliott, William R 4448Index250
Elliott, Melvin 54597Index323
Elliott, Melvin D 54045Index324
Elliott, William E 33430Index363
Elliott, William Glenn 38385Index365
Elliott, Wayne Nelson 39989Index365
Elliott, Leonard J 40438Index365
Elliott, Noel 41014Index366
Elliott, Ted 43027Index2000368
Elliott, Theodore 43063Index2000368
Elliott, L J 45591Index1998369
Elliott, R M 45825Index1998369
Elliott, Melvin D 49197Index370
Elliott, Elias 55574Index1990841
Elliott, W B 55575Index1990841
Elliott, James G 57824Index1100
Elliott, Katherin 58997Index1100
Elliott, Emma J 59677Index1101
Elliott, Anna 56353Abstract1102
Elliott, 62058Abstract1103
Elliott, Jonas Griffith 62541Abstract1104
Elliott, Mary Ann (Lowmen)62542Abstract1104
Elliott, Thomas 62543Abstract1104
Elliott, Vincent 63125Abstract1105
Elliott, Mary 68185Book18711253
Elliott, Katy 68205Book18711253
Elliott, Thomas 63197Index9999
Elliott, Charles 64424Index9999
Elliotte, Mary E 60083Index1101
Ellis, Louisa 55353Index189
Ellis, A 21524Index235
Ellis, Ben 21525Index235
Ellis, B H 21526Index235
Ellis, Charles B 21527Index235
Ellis, Chas B 21528Index235
Ellis, Claude 21530Index235
Ellis, C B 21531Index235
Ellis, David C 21532Index235
Ellis, George 21533Index235
Ellis, George 21534Index235
Ellis, G N 21535Index235
Ellis, Harry N 21536Index235
Ellis, Harry N 21537Index235
Ellis, Wm A 21538Index235
Ellis, W H 21539Index235
Ellis, (f) 4449Index250
Ellis, Annie 4450Index250
Ellis, Clark 4451Index250
Ellis, Claude H 4452Index250
Ellis, David C 4453Index250
Ellis, Earl 4454Index250
Ellis, Henry C 4455Index250
Ellis, John 4456Index250
Ellis, Mortimer 4457Index250
Ellis, Nannie F 4458Index250
Ellis, Nennie 4459Index250
Ellis, Nora 4460Index250
Ellis, Oral 4461Index250
Ellis, Richard 4462Index250
Ellis, Ruth 4463Index250
Ellis, Stephen 4464Index250
Ellis, Thomas 4465Index250
Ellis, William 53378Index324
Ellis, John 53819Index324
Ellis, Edgar J 32272Index363
Ellis, Harry B 32475Index363
Ellis, Harry B 32505Index363
Ellis, Millard H 33209Index363
Ellis, Charles 33261Index363
Ellis, Charles E 33299Index363
Ellis, C E 42939Index2000368
Ellis, Charles 42955Index2000368
Ellis, Elwood 44424Index2000368
Ellis, Charles 45295Index2000368
Ellis, Charles 45386Index1998369
Ellis, T F 46002Index1998369
Ellis, Leslie 46262Index1998369
Ellis, M L A 46303Index1998369
Ellis, George 46939Index1998369
Ellis, G F 46999Index1998369
Ellis, W L 48074Index370
Ellis, Maurice D 48521Index370
Ellis, M D 48636Index370
Ellis, Wilbur 48656Index370
Ellis, W H 48666Index370
Ellis, Wilbur 50503Index1994371
Ellis, Theodore 50885Index1997372
Ellis, M 67172Map681
Ellis, Ernest 55576Index1990841
Ellis, Robert H 55577Index1990841
Ellis, Fountain 17175Index926
Ellis, Dorcas (Atteberry)17177Index926
Ellis, William 54955Index926
Ellis, Lucy Reilly (Burnside)54956Index926
Ellis, Robert 54977Index926
Ellis, Rosannah (Ogle)54978Index926
Ellis, Marion 61635Index926
Ellis, Diana (Mann)61636Index926
Ellis, Thomas 61919Index926
Ellis, Susan R (Johnson)61920Index926
Ellis, J W 57830Index1100
Ellis, Louisa 58530Index1100
Ellis, Susan A (Kelly)56354Abstract1102
Ellis, Ella 69598Book19041254
Ellis, Robert 63585Index9999
Ellis, Nora 63586Index9999
Ellis, Samuel T 64402Index9999
Ellison, C M 67173Map681
Ellison, Francis M 57826Index1100
Ellison, F M 57828Index1100
Ellmore, Maggie 4466Index250
Ellmore, Daniel 61719Index926
Ellmore, Nancy Ann (Wood)61720Index926
Ellrod, G 69595Book19041254
Ellsworth, Elmer 21540Index235
Ellsworth, Edwaard J 4467Index250
Ellsworth, Frances 4468Index250
Ellsworth, Frank 4469Index250
Ellsworth, Ida E 4470Index250
Ellsworth, Riley 4471Index250
Ellsworth, Lee W 40340Index365
Ellsworth, Lee William 40352Index365
Ellsworth, Lee W 45959Index1998369
Ellsworth, L W 46008Index1998369
Ellsworth, Mr/Mrs 50287Index1994371
Ellsworth, Forrest 50452Index1994371
Elm, Wayne 38460Index365
Elmore, (m) 4472Index250
Elmore, Daniel 61681Index926
Elmore, Nancy Ann (Wood)61682Index926
Elms, Wayne Darald 38528Index365
Elo, D M 47300Index1998369
Elon, John W 21541Index235
Elpler, Margaret 4473Index250
Elringer, Andy 21542Index235
Elrod, A. T 4474Index250
Elrod, Victor James 41439Index366
Elrod, V J 46377Index1998369
Elrod, G F 47317Index1998369
Elrod, Stella 55578Index1990841
Elsberg, Louis 21469Index235
Elsey, Patrick 17262Index926
Elsey, Susan (Sneed)17263Index926
Elsinga, Albert 4475Index250
Elsinga, Udora 4476Index250
Elsinger, Mary 4477Index250
Elsner, John A 21543Index235
Elston, George H 4478Index250
Elston, Martha Carter (Jefferies)70417Newsletter19351303
Elsurch, Ellie T 59945Index1101
Elswort, K 21544Index235
Elsworth, Benjamin F 60103Index1101
Ely, Margaret Reardon grita 17718Abstract242
Ely, Louis B 4479Index250
Ely, Mary Elizabeth 4480Index250
Ely, Alex 67174Map681
Ely, Alex 67175Map681
Ely, D W 67176Map681
Ely, J R 67177Map681
Ely, Thomas S 65666Abstract682
Emberry, Jacob 21545Index235
Emberry, Jacob 21546Index235
Embery, Clarence 21547Index235
Embery, Ralph 39899Index365
Embrey, Thos 21548Index235
Embrey, Margaret (Carstensen)17599Abstract236
Embrey, Dionne 54607Index323
Embrey, James G 33219Index363
Embrey, R W 44448Index2000368
Embrey, Donald 46126Index1998369
Embrey, D R 46191Index1998369
Embrey, R W 47108Index1998369
Embrey, G R 48130Index370
Embrey, Ralph W 49517Index370
Embry, Ella 4481Index250
Emer, James 45243Index2000368
Emerler, (m) 4482Index250
Emerson, John W 17719Abstract242
Emerson, Waldo 67001Abstract248
Emerson, James K 43471Index2000368
Emerson, J K 43493Index2000368
Emerson, William S 49648Index370
Emerson, Elizabeth 59601Index1101
Emery, Charles 21549Index235
Emery, Chas 21550Index235
Emery, George 4483Index250
Emery, Joseph 4484Index250
Emery, M. W 4485Index250
Emery, G 67178Map681
Emery, W 67179Map681
Emery, John 67180Map681
Emery, H E 69277Book18711253
Emery, 69353Book18711253
Emier, George W 21551Index235
Emmelott, W H 69600Book19041254
Emmeluth, W H 69597Book19041254
Emmelweth, William 4486Index250
Emmerson, James K 53720Index324
Emmert, Valentine W 17720Abstract242
Emmert, Guy 67002Abstract248
Emmert, Guy H 4487Index250
Emmert, Hattie W 4488Index250
Emmert, Phillip 4489Index250
Emmert, Earl 65667Abstract682
Emmert, Samuel 65668Abstract682
Emmert, T J 65669Abstract682
Emmert, Mary 65670Abstract682
Emmert, Elias 65671Abstract682
Emmert, Frank 65675Abstract682
Emmert, T J 66014Abstract682
Emmet, Robert 68624Book18711253
Emmett, Janey 68625Book18711253
Emmett, Janey 68675Book18711253
Emmons, Van 21552Index235
Emory, Wm A 21553Index235
Emory, Wm A 21554Index235
Emory, Jacob 4490Index250
Empire, E S 21555Index235
Emrick, Felix 4491Index250
Enbank, Jane 4492Index250
Enbank, Sarah 4493Index250
Encheinland, L. J 4494Index250
Endebrock, F 21556Index235
Endebrock, F L 21557Index235
Endebrock, W E 21558Index235
Endebrock, E. M 4495Index250
Endebrock, Frederick 4496Index250
Endebrock, William E 4497Index250
Endicott, J A 21559Index235
Endicott, Mary J 4498Index250
Endicott, Robert D 4499Index250
Endicott, J A 64138Index9999
Endsley, Charles E 32097Index363
Endsley, William 39286Index365
Endsley, William Jackson 39323Index365
Endsley, W J 45387Index1998369
Enean, Hellen 4500Index250
Eneau, Harry 21560Index235
Enfield, John J 21561Index235
Enfield, Florence 4501Index250
Enfield, Wm 69592Book19041254
Engel, Lottie 4502Index250
Engel, John 49280Index370
Engel, J E 49358Index370
Engel, August E 57832Index1100
Engelhart, George J 157Newspaper Clipping or Art2003105
Engelman, Jacob 4503Index250
Engelmay, (inf) 4504Index250
Engelmeier, C. 4505Index250
Engels, A. G 4506Index250
Engeman, John Franklin 41517Index366
Engeman, Monte 47818Index1998369
Engeman, M D 47873Index370
Engersoll, Alice 4507Index250
England, Fred G 21562Index235
England, George 21563Index235
England, Fred jr 17721Abstract242
England, Ruth Mildred 17722Abstract242
England, Blanche 4508Index250
England, Joseph 4509Index250
England, Rena 4510Index250
England, Thomas L 4511Index250
England, William 4512Index250
England, Kenneth 45369Index1998369
Engle, A O 21573Index235
Engle, Louis 21574Index235
Engle, Hugo 4513Index250
Engle, Robert J 4514Index250
Engle, Sophronia 4515Index250
Engle, Willie 4516Index250
Engle, Walter J 40129Index365
Engle, A L 43071Index2000368
Engle, W J 49461Index370
Engle, 63126Abstract1105
Englebrecht, Lena 4517Index250
Englehart, George John 11Book1
Engleman, John 21565Index235
Engleman, John 21566Index235
Engleman, William 21567Index235
Engleman, W 21568Index235
Engleman, Joseph 67003Abstract248
Engleman, Frank 4518Index250
Engleman, John W 4519Index250
Engleman, C D 67181Map681
Englemann, John 21564Index235
Englemann, John 17723Abstract242
Englemeyer, C J 21569Index235
Englenth, Susie 4520Index250
Engler, Fred 21571Index235
Engler, Herman 21572Index235
Engler, Herman J 4521Index250
Engler, Rudolph 4522Index250
Englert, (inf) 4523Index250
Englert, James 49984Index1994371
Englerth, Frank J 21570Index235
Englerth, John G 4524Index250
English, C 67182Map681
English, Sarah A 67183Map681
English, Margaret 55579Index1990841
Enis, Nelson 4525Index250
Enke, Geo H 21575Index235
Enke, (m) 4526Index250
Enlich, John G 4527Index250
Enma, George 4528Index250
Enmis, ?? 21576Index235
Ennis, John W 21577Index235
Ennis, Thomas 21578Index235
Ennis, Thomas 21579Index235
Ennis, Mary (Nolan)17724Abstract242
Ennis, Thomas 4529Index250
Ennis, George W 57834Index1100
Enns, George 68425Book18711253
Eno, J F 21580Index235
Enoch, Henry 67184Map681
Enochs, Alexander 4530Index250
Enos, John 4531Index250
Enos, Wilson 63504Index9999
Enos, Wilson 63772Index9999
Enos, Wilson 64856Index9999
Enright, C F 15Book1
Enright, Albert J 18Book1
Enright, Charles Frederick 21581Index235
Enright, Edward 21582Index235
Enright, Edw A 21583Index235
Enright, E A 21584Index235
Enright, E A 21585Index235
Enright, Albert J 17725Abstract242
Enright, Charles Frederick 17766Abstract242
Enright, Patrick K 17767Abstract242
Enright, M C 67004Abstract248
Enright, Annie 4532Index250
Enright, Charles F 4533Index250
Enright, James S 4534Index250
Enright, Jennie F 4535Index250
Enright, K. P 4536Index250
Enright, W. C 4537Index250
Enright, William Fairliegh 41859Index366
Enright, William Farliegh 41860Index366
Enright, W F 49799Index370
Enright, Elisabeth 69458Book18711253
Enright, Albert J 63930Index9999
Ensare, Perry B 21586Index235
Ensign, Harry N 42579Index366
Ensign, Harry N 50260Index1994371
Enslow, Ernest 21587Index235
Enslow, Ernest 21588Index235
Enslow, Robert 21589Index235
Enslow, W M 21590Index235
Enslow, (m) 4538Index250
Enslow, W H 38788Index365
Enslow, William Howard 38826Index365
Enslow, Lester 42538Index366
Enslow, David 17216Index926
Enslow, Mary E (Hawkins)17217Index926
Ensminger, Mary 67185Map681
Ensor, Margaret 4539Index250
Ensor, Joseph 56355Abstract1102
Ensor, 62544Abstract1104
Eoff, Maude 4540Index250
Eouies, 67186Map681
Eouies, 67187Map681
Eouines, 67188Map681
Ephraim, Frank 21591Index235
Ephraim, Frank 21592Index235
Ephraim, (inf) 4541Index250
Ephraim, (inf) 4542Index250
Ephraim, Frank 4543Index250
Ephraim, Margaret 4544Index250
Ephraim, P. 4545Index250
Ephram, Frank 21593Index235
Ephram, Ike 21594Index235
Epison, Elizabeth 57988Index1100
Epla, Fannie L 4546Index250
Epla, Roxana 4547Index250
Eppard, B J 44660Index2000368
Eppart, Bob J 44600Index2000368
Epperson, Wm L 21595Index235
Epperson, Charlotte 4548Index250
Epperson, Jack 50021Index1994371
Epperson, Hiram P 17819Index926
Epperson, Artemasia (Banta)17820Index926
Epperson, 56387Abstract1102
Epperson, Richard C 70168Newsletter19341322
Epperson, Simeon G 70284Newsletter19341322
Epperson, James Richard 70285Newsletter19341322
Epperson, Robert C 70286Newsletter19341322
Epperson, W S 70291Newsletter19341322
Eppler, Hanna B 4549Index250
Eppler, Edgar A 63443Index9999
Epsen, Abbie 56386Abstract1102
Epstein, Herman 21596Index235
Epstein, Homer 21597Index235
Epstein, H 21598Index235
Epstein, Jacob 21599Index235
Epstein, Jacob 21600Index235
Epstein, Jacob 21601Index235
Epstein, Jacob 21602Index235
Epstein, (f) 4550Index250
Epstein, Nathan 4551Index250
Erb, Gregory 21603Index235
Erb, Ruth Elizabeth 4552Index250
Erb, George 4553Index250
Erb, Maude 4554Index250
Erber, (inf) 4555Index250
Erd, Anna Mae 4556Index250
Erdadi, Stefan 21604Index235
Erdley, Warren 39820Index365
Erdodi, (m) 4557Index250
Erdodie, Annie 4558Index250
Erdody, Stephan 21605Index235
Erffmeyer, E 21606Index235
Erffmeyer, Milton 21607Index235
Erganian, Nick 38718Index365
Erickson, D H 21608Index235
Erickson, Louis 67005Abstract248
Erickson, John 4559Index250
Erickson, John E 4560Index250
Erickson, Mariah 4561Index250
Erickson, Leonard C 53812Index324
Erickson, John J 31983Index363
Erickson, Carl S 33023Index363
Erickson, Marious 38607Index365
Erickson, Marious Denton 38667Index365
Erickson, Paul 40074Index365
Erickson, Paul Orville 40106Index365
Erickson, Carl 50275Index1994371
Erickson, J P 67189Map681
Erickson, Henry 57836Index1100
Ericson, Rachel 58610Index1100
Erier, Willis Artillis 40275Index365
Erixon, John R 62941Index926
Erixson, Sarah 57320Index1100
Erixson, Sarena Adaline 57779Index1100
Erixson, Nancy A 58971Index1100
Erixson, Isaac S 60105Index1101
Erixson, Thomas 60107Index1101
Erixton, Edith 4562Index250
Erk, Fensans 4563Index250
Erk, Adam L 32865Index363
Erken, Eugene 21609Index235
Erken, F W 21610Index235
Erler, Herman 4564Index250
Erler, John H 4565Index250
Erler, Will A 49735Index370
Erley, J. H 4566Index250
Ernst, Arthur 21611Index235
Ernst, Arthur L 21612Index235
Ernst, Henry 21613Index235
Ernst, John M 21614Index235
Ernst, J L 21615Index235
Ernst, Charles F 67006Abstract248
Ernst, Carrie M 4567Index250
Ernst, Charles F 4568Index250
Erratt, Asa 21616Index235
Erriccon, George 68240Book18711253
Erriccon, Edward 68241Book18711253
Errickson, John 17100Index926
Errickson, Hannah (Huntsacker)17101Index926
Errott, William K 4569Index250
Ershardt, Paul 4570Index250
Ersherg, (f) 4571Index250
Erskine, Walter B 21617Index235
Erskine, W B 21618Index235
Ervatt, Asa 21619Index235
Ervin, John 21620Index235
Erwin, John E 4572Index250
Erwin, Raymond Joseph 40733Index366
Erwin, G 67190Map681
Erwin, R F 67191Map681
Esary, Joel 21621Index235
Eschen, Martin 67192Map681
Esely, John Lewis 41360Index366
Esely, Charles Dailey 42801Index366
Esely, D F 45419Index1998369
Esely, Dale 49704Index370
Esely, Charles D 50786Index1997372
Eshelman, Walter L 21622Index235
Eshelman, Walter L 21623Index235
Eshelman, Dorothy 4573Index250
Eshelman, Henry 4574Index250
Eshelman, Harold 44024Index2000368
Eshelman, H N 44124Index2000368
Eshelman, William 64965Abstract1106
Eshenour, J W 62059Abstract1103
Eshenroder, William 54190Index323
Eslinger, Arthur 38413Index365
Eslinger, Rolley 45573Index1998369
Eslinger, R H 45600Index1998369
Eslinger, George A 46602Index1998369
Eslinger, G A 46624Index1998369
Eslinger, George A 49074Index370
Eslinger, G A 49111Index370
Eslinger, George A 50475Index1994371
Esnsign, Robert Keith 38470Index365
Espey, George 50467Index1994371
Esray, John L 21624Index235
Esray, Francis L 4575Index250
Esray, Gussie 4576Index250
Essey, J W 63348Index9999
Essig, Fred 4577Index250
Essig, Van T 55580Index1990841
Essman, David 21625Index235
Essman, Dela 21626Index235
Essman, (m) 4578Index250
Essman, Louelling 4579Index250
Essman, Rebecca 4580Index250
Essman, Robert 4581Index250
Essman, Thomas R 33572Index363
Ested, T L 40376Index365
Estell, J C 44433Index2000368
Estelle, Webb 4582Index250
Estep, E L 46548Index1998369
Esterbrook, W H 69596Book19041254
Estergren, Joseph 21627Index235
Esterman, Joseph 4583Index250
Esterman, Harry 64355Index9999
Estes, Arthur R 21628Index235
Estes, A W 21629Index235
Estes, Charles E 21630Index235
Estes, Charles E 21631Index235
Estes, Chas E 21632Index235
Estes, Chas E 21633Index235
Estes, James 21634Index235
Estes, James J 21635Index235
Estes, Jefferson 21636Index235
Estes, Berry 4584Index250
Estes, Carrie 4585Index250
Estes, Charles E 4586Index250
Estes, George R 4587Index250
Estes, Hannah 4588Index250
Estes, Helen C 4589Index250
Estes, Joseph P 4590Index250
Estes, Nancy 4591Index250
Estes, W. W 4592Index250
Estes, Willis 39306Index365
Estes, Willis Rodney 39370Index365
Estes, Louis 39838Index365
Estes, William 40100Index365
Estes, William 41154Index366
Estes, William Allen 41174Index366
Estes, Vaughn D 42516Index366
Estes, David Charles 44083Index2000368
Estes, W A 44562Index2000368
Estes, J F 46105Index1998369
Estes, F 47168Index1998369
Estes, G E 47311Index1998369
Estes, E L 48539Index370
Estes, Dean 50633Index1994371
Estes, Vaughn D 51241Index1997372
Estes, Irving 55581Index1990841
Estes, Jackson 55582Index1990841
Estes, William 17072Index926
Estes, Sarah Ann (Mathews)17073Index926
Estes, John 17107Index926
Estes, Sarah (Hoptonstall)17108Index926
Estes, Hickman 17539Index926
Estes , Alta (Redman)17540Index926
Estes, Middleton 17978Index926
Estes, Christina A (DeHart )17979Index926
Estes, Middleton 61899Index926
Estridge, Caroline 61421Index1101
Etchison, Alice E 4593Index250
Etchson, Richard 4594Index250
Etheridge, Cora (Agler)64966Abstract1106
Etherridge, John 57838Index1100
Etherton, Stanley 54154Index323
Ethridge, Cora 4595Index250
Ethridge, Sherman Lee 40228Index365
Ethridge, Sherman L 44821Index2000368
Ethridge, S L 44866Index2000368
Ethridge, Fred 45565Index1998369
Ethridge, F J 45598Index1998369
Ettenson, Charles 4596Index250
Ettinger, O 21637Index235
Ettinger, (m) 4597Index250
Ettinger, Margaret 58542Index1100
Ettinger, Nancy Jane 60754Index1101
Ettinger, John W 56388Abstract1102
Ettleman, Andrew 38450Index365
Ettleman, Andrew Jackson 38537Index365
Ettleman, A J 48649Index370
Etzweiler, Esther 4598Index250
Etzweiler, Hazel 4599Index250
Etzwiler, Jacob 21638Index235
Euate, Georgie 59585Index1101
Eubanks, Joseph H 4600Index250
Euler, Wilhelm 21639Index235
Euler, Everett 53846Index324
Euler, Henry 45867Index1998369
Eulig, John H 21640Index235
Eurchlaub, Martin 21641Index235
Eustice, James H 21642Index235
Eustis, Orville B 33595Index363
Evaett, Margaret Elizabeth 60911Index1101
Evalson, John Wm 21643Index235
Evalson, John W 21644Index235
Evalson, Jane 4601Index250
Evalson, Samuel 4602Index250
Evans, Albert S 21645Index235
Evans, Arthur G 21646Index235
Evans, Carl S 21647Index235
Evans, Charles E 21648Index235
Evans, Clarence 21649Index235
Evans, Ernest 21650Index235
Evans, Ernest 21651Index235
Evans, Frank 21652Index235
Evans, George 21653Index235
Evans, Harry T 21654Index235
Evans, H T 21655Index235
Evans, Joseph B 21656Index235
Evans, Madison 21657Index235
Evans, Olen Earl 21658Index235
Evans, Raymund 21659Index235
Evans, Walter 21660Index235
Evans, (inf Twins) 4603Index250
Evans, Albert H 4604Index250
Evans, Charles 4605Index250
Evans, Edward T 4606Index250
Evans, Ernst 4607Index250
Evans, Frank 4608Index250
Evans, Ima 4609Index250
Evans, Irma C 4610Index250
Evans, J. S 4611Index250
Evans, John 4612Index250
Evans, Lodie May 4613Index250
Evans, Margaret 4614Index250
Evans, Margaret 4615Index250
Evans, Mary 4616Index250
Evans, Neal 4617Index250
Evans, Vera Mrs 4618Index250
Evans, W. H 4619Index250
Evans, William 4620Index250
Evans, Robert 54339Index323
Evans, Richard E 54552Index323
Evans, Donald 54708Index323
Evans, Joseph A 53429Index324
Evans, Francis M 38519Index365
Evans, John Herbert 39543Index365
Evans, Walter Everett 39825Index365
Evans, Shannon 39972Index365
Evans, Shannon 40016Index365
Evans, Ralph 40322Index365
Evans, Oren J 40815Index366
Evans, James David 40912Index366
Evans, Vincent Thomas 41583Index366
Evans, Joseph 42391Index366
Evans, Joseph Francis 42444Index366
Evans, J H 43746Index2000368
Evans, Garcie 44515Index2000368
Evans, R E 44577Index2000368
Evans, Charles E 44885Index2000368
Evans, C E 44920Index2000368
Evans, J A 45353Index1998369
Evans, J F 46675Index1998369
Evans, John 47835Index370
Evans, J H 47877Index370
Evans, O C 48807Index370
Evans, Edward 49075Index370
Evans, Edward W 49076Index370
Evans, Howard 50346Index1994371
Evans, James 50816Index1997372
Evans, Ella 65541Abstract682
Evans, G D 65676Abstract682
Evans, 66254Abstract682
Evans, Stella May 55583Index1990841
Evans, Samuel 59424Index926
Evans, Mary J (McMillins)59425Index926
Evans, 61492Index926
Evans, Mahala Ann (Williams)61493Index926
Evans, Sarah 57393Index1100
Evans, Mary J 57481Index1100
Evans, Burrel S 57840Index1100
Evans, Joseph D 57842Index1100
Evans, Samuel C 57844Index1100
Evans, Simon 57846Index1100
Evans, Arvilla A 57976Index1100
Evans, James M 60109Index1101
Evans, Dorcas R 56389Abstract1102
Evans, Daniel W 56390Abstract1102
Evans, Frances C (Higley)56391Abstract1102
Evans, J Harry W 62060Abstract1103
Evans, Lottie Leona 62545Abstract1104
Evans, Mollie Ivanora (Ruley)62546Abstract1104
Evans, William 64967Abstract1106
Evans, Al 69593Book19041254
Evans, A B 69594Book19041254
Evans, T W 64368Index9999
Eveloff, Kismet 49776Index370
Eveloff, Phillip 49801Index370
Evendorf, (f) 4621Index250
Everest, Lewis 21662Index235
Everet, Louis 4622Index250
Everett, Harlin 21663Index235
Everett, Maze 21664Index235
Everett, Annie 4623Index250
Everett, Tina 4624Index250
Everett, Robert R 38461Index365
Everett, Robert Raymond 38511Index365
Everett, John 38951Index365
Everett, Victor Roscoe 40494Index366
Everett, Robert Raymond 40514Index366
Everett, R E 47044Index1998369
Everett, Charles 50000Index1994371
Everett, J T 67193Map681
Everett, Neva 65678Abstract682
Everett, Nancy 55584Index1990841
Everett, Joseph H 61498Index926
Everett, Eliza A (McPherson)61499Index926
Everett, Catherine 58137Index1100
Everett, Martha 59998Index1101
Everett, Fina 63127Abstract1105
Everett, Malinda 64968Abstract1106
Everett, Victor 64969Abstract1106
Everett, Stella 63742Index9999
Everetts, Robert 40456Index366
Everhard, Mary 4625Index250
Everhard, Virginia 4626Index250
Everhard, John 57848Index1100
Everhart, William E 60111Index1101
Everhart, Carrie B 61065Index1101
Everhart, Margaret E (Schooler)62061Abstract1103
Everingham, Herbert 21665Index235
Everingham, N 21666Index235
Everingham, W 21667Index235
Everingham, (m) 4627Index250
Everly, Ora 21668Index235
Everly, Nancy E 4628Index250
Everly, Erastus 57852Index1100
Evernham, F H 67194Map681
Evers, Luna Margaretta Maria 60004Index1101
Evers, Mina Elizabeth 60006Index1101
Evers, Helena 61067Index1101
Evers, M M 64234Index9999
Eversol, 69343Book18711253
Eversole, Francis M 4629Index250
Everst, (m) 4630Index250
Evert, George 4631Index250
Evinger, Iler 21669Index235
Evinger, Marvin 21670Index235
Eward, Charles 21671Index235
Ewell, Charles Richard 40684Index366
Ewield, John J 21672Index235
Ewing, Alex 21673Index235
Ewing, Alex 21674Index235
Ewing, Alexander 21675Index235
Ewing, George 21676Index235
Ewing, Hugh G 21677Index235
Ewing, John A 21678Index235
Ewing, U 21679Index235
Ewing, (m) 4632Index250
Ewing, Adolf 4633Index250
Ewing, Alick 4634Index250
Ewing, Emily 4635Index250
Ewing, J. W 4636Index250
Ewing, Jane 4637Index250
Ewing, John 4638Index250
Ewing, Mary 4639Index250
Ewing, Sally A 4640Index250
Ewing, Leroy G 32801Index363
Ewing, A V 45443Index1998369
Ewing, A V 48934Index370
Ewing, Martha (Robinson)59352Index926
Ewing, George W 61637Index926
Ewing, Mary Francis (Robinson)61638Index926
Ewing, James M 57850Index1100
Ewing (Andrew CO), John A 59351Index926
Eyre, Wm H 21680Index235
Ezell, Jack 51382Index1997372
Ezzel, Roy 4641Index250
Ezzell, Grant 21681Index235
Ezzell, Grant 21682Index235
Ezzell, Grant 21683Index235
Ezzell, Ernest W 32819Index363
Ezzell, Ernest W 32857Index363
Ezzell, R E 46057Index1998369
Ezzell, E W 46897Index1998369
Ezzell, Jack B 47451Index1998369
Ezzell, J S 47497Index1998369
Ezzell, O H 47523Index1998369
Ezzell, J W 48791Index370
Ezzell, Orville 50004Index1994371

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