Library Holdings Surname Index

The NWMGS maintains and regularly updates their database of library holdings, and their index of the surnames to be found in them. Currently, this database contains a listing of 1,638 items in the library collection, 63,835 names, and was last updated on Wednesday, 16 May 2018. This work is done by volunteers. If you would like to help, contact Kelly.

For copies or additional information about the items in which these names appear, please contact our research librarian. Be sure to mention that the entry you're interested in is in the Holdings database and include the identification numbers.

Name Name ID# Holding Type Pub Year Holding ID#
D'Ostroph, Robert 39786Index365
D'Stafino, Lonza 43110Index2000368
Daabrowski, S K 47551Index1998369
Dabendo, George A 3590Index250
Dabison, Donald 45941Index1998369
Dabler, Eugene 51154Index1997372
Dabler, Julia 60877Index1101
Dabrughausen, H. 3591Index250
Dabuey, Francis 3592Index250
Daehoff, Joseph 20732Index235
Daffron, Billie G 54260Index323
Daffron, Buford 39748Index365
Daffron, Billie 42814Index366
Daffron, I F 43130Index2000368
Daggett, Frank 20734Index235
Daggett, Frank 3593Index250
Daggett, Raymond 3594Index250
Daggett, Lem 64946Abstract1106
Daggette, Frank B 20733Index235
Dahlhoff, Berhard 3595Index250
Dahlman, Theodore 3596Index250
Dahlstrom, John 3597Index250
Dailey, William 201List103
Dailey, Joseph 20735Index235
Dailey, J K 20736Index235
Dailey, J R 20737Index235
Dailey, W F 20738Index235
Dailey, James 3598Index250
Dailey, William F 3599Index250
Daily, Jeremiah 20739Index235
Daily, John 20740Index235
Daily, J M 20741Index235
Daily, J M 20742Index235
Daily, J R 20743Index235
Daily, Peter 20744Index235
Daily, Thomas 20745Index235
Daily, Thomas 20746Index235
Daily, Thomas J 20747Index235
Daily, Belle 3600Index250
Daily, Ellen 3601Index250
Daily, Jermia 3602Index250
Daily, Charles 48048Index370
Daily, Richard 50996Index1997372
Daily, William M 57722Index1100
Daily, O 69582Book19041254
Daily, H S 69584Book19041254
Daily, Mary 69586Book19041254
Daird, E. 3603Index250
Dairty, William 59975Index1101
Daise, E E 45260Index2000368
Daisly, Henry C 20748Index235
Dakan, Riley 57724Index1100
Dakan, William 57726Index1100
Dake, Jno 69412Book18711253
Dakin, Thomas 20749Index235
Dakin, Paul 42264Index366
Dalaney, Mary 3604Index250
Dalbey, Ervin P 43618Index2000368
Dalbey, E P 43685Index2000368
Dalby, Larry 54046Index324
Dalby, Elmer B 32966Index363
Dalby, Henry 61793Index926
Dalby, Mary (Lee)61794Index926
Dale, Stanley I 173Newspaper Clipping or Art2003105
Dale, Martin L 3605Index250
Dale, Mrs. S 3606Index250
Dale, William R 3607Index250
Dale, John 54159Index323
Dale, Freddie 53374Index324
Dale, John 53535Index324
Dale, James 53974Index324
Dale, Frederick J 33583Index363
Dale, Stanley I 39135Index365
Dale, Stanley I 44214Index2000368
Dale, J F 46028Index1998369
Dale, John 48274Index370
Dale, J A 48348Index370
Dale, James 49847Index1994371
Dalett, Hannah 3608Index250
Daley, John 20750Index235
Daley, Peter 20751Index235
Daley, Peter 20752Index235
Daley, James 3609Index250
Daley, Job K 3610Index250
Daley, John 3611Index250
Daley, Rose 3612Index250
Daley, Peter Francis 39613Index365
Daley, Thomas Vincent 41225Index366
Dalhoff, Joseph 20753Index235
Dalhoff, J. H 3613Index250
Dalhoff, V. 3614Index250
Dallam, R C 47329Index1998369
Dallas, Mrs. H 3615Index250
Dallas, Robert 17485Index926
Dallas, Mary A (Robbins)17486Index926
Dallas, Robert 17499Index926
Dallas, Mary A (Robbins)17500Index926
Dallas, John 54904Index926
Dallas, Ellen (McDonald)54905Index926
Dalman, John A 3616Index250
Dalrymple, I 20754Index235
Dalsing, Bob 50334Index1994371
Dalsing, Fred L 51443Index1997372
Dalton, James 20755Index235
Dalton, James 20756Index235
Dalton, James 20757Index235
Dalton, James I 20758Index235
Dalton, John H 20759Index235
Dalton, John H 20760Index235
Dalton, Thomas J 20761Index235
Dalton, Thomas J 20762Index235
Dalton, Michael 66967Abstract248
Dalton, Effie Bell 3617Index250
Dalton, Ellen 3618Index250
Dalton, Joseph A 3619Index250
Dalton, Mrs. M 3620Index250
Dalton, Robert L 54490Index323
Dalton, James 49986Index1994371
Dalton, Francis P 55531Index1990841
Dalton, Frances D 16772Index926
Dalton, Marria S (Barron)16773Index926
Dalton, Richmond 17051Index926
Dalton, Crudence Ann (Morris)17052Index926
Dalton, Simeon 17173Index926
Dalton, Frances M (Todd)17174Index926
Dalton, Thomas 17272Index926
Dalton, Sarah (Osborn)17273Index926
Dalton, Joseph H 17764Index926
Dalton, Sally I (Thornton)17765Index926
Daly, John F 20763Index235
Daly, John F 20764Index235
Daly, Charles M 17512Abstract242
Daly, Sarah E 17513Abstract242
Daly, Cora 66968Abstract248
Daly, James 66969Abstract248
Daly, (inf) 3621Index250
Daly, David C 3622Index250
Daly, Joseph E 3623Index250
Daly, Maurice 3624Index250
Daly, Russell T 3625Index250
Daly, Thomas V 41204Index366
Daly, T V 46669Index1998369
Damback, Henry 3626Index250
Damel, F 66970Abstract248
Dameron, Walter 39647Index365
Dammon, H 67074Map681
Damsel, George 20765Index235
Danahaer, Leonard J 50709Index1997372
Danaher, Mary 17514Abstract242
Danaher, Edward 3627Index250
Danaher, Elizabeth 3628Index250
Danaher, Mary 3629Index250
Danaher, Mary 3630Index250
Danaher, Norme 3631Index250
Danaher, Owen 3632Index250
Danaher, Leonard J 53345Index324
Danaher, John Edward 41882Index366
Danahoo, Shelby Raymond 38894Index365
Danbach, T 20766Index235
Danbach, Maria 3633Index250
Danback, Clarence 39499Index365
Danback, Clarence Henry 39527Index365
Danberry, James 20767Index235
Danberry, Ernest 3634Index250
Danbery, James 63907Index9999
Danburg, Jerry 53652Index324
Danby, William S 20768Index235
Danby, Belle M 3635Index250
Danby, Hazel 3636Index250
Danby, Honora 3637Index250
Dance, Lou 20771Index235
Dancer, John 20769Index235
Dancer, Lou R 20770Index235
Dancer, Bernice 3638Index250
Dancer, William J 33166Index363
Dancer, William 44239Index2000368
Dancer, W C 44325Index2000368
Danchman, Adolph 20772Index235
Danckmeyer, Charles 66971Abstract248
Dandliker, Dwight B 42322Index366
Dandurant, H P 20773Index235
Dandurant, H P 20774Index235
Dandurant, L J 17515Abstract242
Dandurant, John B 66972Abstract248
Dandurant, Francis 3639Index250
Dandurant, J. B 3640Index250
Dandurant, Rosa 3641Index250
Dandurant, Francis Edward 40426Index365
Daneer, J L 47587Index1998369
Danes, Sarah 3642Index250
Danford, Etta 3643Index250
Danforth, Edwin C 3644Index250
Danforth, A H 65688Abstract682
Daniel, Charles W 3645Index250
Daniel, Wilham 3646Index250
Daniel, Howard 38636Index365
Daniel, Howard Lee 38669Index365
Daniel, R C 42116Index366
Daniel, Wm W 67075Map681
Daniel, E A 55532Index1990841
Daniel, Williard Corby 55533Index1990841
Daniel, Elvira 57415Index1100
Daniels, Allen 20775Index235
Daniels, Allen E 20776Index235
Daniels, N 20777Index235
Daniels, (m) 3647Index250
Daniels, Caraline 3648Index250
Daniels, Georgia 3649Index250
Daniels, Ida 3650Index250
Daniels, Sue 3651Index250
Daniels, W. W 3652Index250
Daniels, Wayne 53511Index324
Daniels, Morton 32262Index363
Daniels, John T 38369Index365
Daniels, Clarence 38693Index365
Daniels, George 41329Index366
Daniels, George Franklin 41375Index366
Daniels, E E 44636Index2000368
Daniels, F R 45626Index1998369
Daniels, Orville 45860Index1998369
Daniels, O L 45888Index1998369
Daniels, L M 46698Index1998369
Daniels, G F 47863Index370
Daniels, Orville L 48373Index370
Daniels, D L 48384Index370
Daniels, George W 67076Map681
Daniels, J 67077Map681
Daniels, James 67078Map681
Daniels, Elvira 57545Index1100
Daniels, John 69096Book18711253
Daniels, John 69152Book18711253
Daniels, J D 69181Book18711253
Daniels, Jeff 69194Book18711253
Daniels, J A 69215Book18711253
Daniels, J D 69301Book18711253
Daniels, John 69392Book18711253
Dankers, George 20778Index235
Dankers, Henry 20779Index235
Dankers, Henry 20780Index235
Dankers, Henry 20781Index235
Dankers, William 20782Index235
Dankers, Harry W 32982Index363
Dankers, C H 67079Map681
Dankers, Henry 65604Abstract682
Dankewycz, Ivan 42339Index366
Dankmayer, Charles 3653Index250
Dankowyes, Z 42124Index366
Danley, John H 20783Index235
Danley, J H 20784Index235
Dannal, Martha 61377Index1101
Dannehy, Honora 66973Abstract248
Danneman, Leonard 20786Index235
Dannemann, L 20785Index235
Dannemann, Leonhard 63720Index9999
Dannen, Dwight Leonard 39325Index365
Dannen, D L 49807Index370
Dannenberg, Elvira 3654Index250
Danner, A 20787Index235
Danner, J C 20788Index235
Danner, William H 17516Abstract242
Danner, Edward T 3655Index250
Danner, Richard Woodrow 39009Index365
Danner, Robert 42597Index366
Danner, R B 42621Index366
Danner, Joseph D 43204Index2000368
Danner, J D 43227Index2000368
Dante, F William L 20789Index235
Danton, W H 57728Index1100
Darby, Benjamin D 20790Index235
Darby, Benjamin D 20791Index235
Darby, Francis 45951Index1998369
Darcy, Gary 3656Index250
Dare, P A 67080Map681
Dargance, Joseph F 3657Index250
Darkest, John 64903Index9999
Darland, Jacob W 59973Index1101
Darley, Hattie A 3658Index250
Darnell, Harry 20792Index235
Darnell, H Ed 20793Index235
Darnell, Simon 3659Index250
Darnell, William 3660Index250
Darnell, David 38802Index365
Darnell, David 46616Index1998369
Darnell, D W 46716Index1998369
Darnell, M A B 65605Abstract682
Darnell, Liu 64861Index9999
Darr, Eliza A 3661Index250
Darr, Claude 32757Index363
Darr, Claud E 47604Index1998369
Darr, C E 47713Index1998369
Darrah, Philena 66974Abstract248
Darrah, Sidney J 3662Index250
Darrell, James R 20794Index235
Darril, B 20795Index235
Darrow, (inf) 3663Index250
Darrow, Dewey 3664Index250
Darrow, Clement C 33019Index363
Darwin, Josephine 60184Index1101
Dassero, Algelo F 45753Index1998369
Dassero, Angelo Francis 45778Index1998369
Datillo, T 20796Index235
Dator, Mary J 3665Index250
Dattilo, Philip Joseph 41626Index366
Dattilo, Mike 43412Index2000368
Dattilo, Michael J 50162Index1994371
Daty, Bella 3666Index250
Dauer, Harry 53489Index324
Daugherty, Bertha 3667Index250
Daugherty, Michael 3668Index250
Daugherty, Patrick 3669Index250
Daugherty, Lawrence James 40923Index366
Daugherty, L J 47293Index1998369
Daugherty, Lawrence 50338Index1994371
Daugherty, Martha 58484Index1100
Daughitt, James 3670Index250
Daught, Nellie 3671Index250
Daughters, Hazel 3672Index250
Daughters, W. 3673Index250
Daughtery, John 57730Index1100
Daughty, Charles H 57732Index1100
Daughty, Mary 58891Index1100
Daumm, Harry 3674Index250
Davenport, Joseph T 20797Index235
Davenport, Horace 3675Index250
Davenport, Robert 32283Index363
Davenport, E 67081Map681
Davenport, F 67082Map681
Davenport, H E 67083Map681
Davenport, Lydia 67084Map681
Davenport, Lydia S 67085Map681
Davenport, Margaret 67086Map681
Davenport, T J 67087Map681
Davenport, Jno 65606Abstract682
Davenport, Susan 55534Index1990841
Davenport, Elmira A 61212Index1101
Davenport, A P 63102Abstract1105
Davenport, 64947Abstract1106
Davenport, Martha Jane (King)70166Newsletter19341321
David, E A G 20808Index235
David, Amelia 3676Index250
David, Carl 3677Index250
David, Louisa O 3678Index250
David, Penelope 3679Index250
David, John 47256Index1998369
David, J W 47287Index1998369
David, Morgan G 59327Index926
David, Catharine M (Stout)59328Index926
David, Daniel 57734Index1100
David, Laura 59949Index1101
David, Artinsa 60269Index1101
David, Victoria L 60939Index1101
David, Charles 56318Abstract1102
Davids, William H 59977Index1101
Davidson, Bertie 202List103
Davidson, Alfred W 20798Index235
Davidson, E F 20799Index235
Davidson, E F 20800Index235
Davidson, E F 20801Index235
Davidson, E F 20802Index235
Davidson, H 20803Index235
Davidson, J A 20804Index235
Davidson, J L 20805Index235
Davidson, N 20806Index235
Davidson, R P 20807Index235
Davidson, James W 66975Abstract248
Davidson, L D 66976Abstract248
Davidson, (f) 3680Index250
Davidson, Annie 3681Index250
Davidson, Douglas 3682Index250
Davidson, Edward 3683Index250
Davidson, Edward F 3684Index250
Davidson, Edward M 3685Index250
Davidson, Frank 3686Index250
Davidson, J. 3687Index250
Davidson, L. D 3688Index250
Davidson, Mona 3689Index250
Davidson, Sam 3690Index250
Davidson, Sarah J 3691Index250
Davidson, Sophia 3692Index250
Davidson, Stella 3693Index250
Davidson, Jass 40707Index366
Davidson, Donald R 41184Index366
Davidson, Dorman 46432Index1998369
Davidson, D L 46489Index1998369
Davidson, R R 46687Index1998369
Davidson, B V 47076Index1998369
Davidson, T R 47456Index1998369
Davidson, Warner 50108Index1994371
Davidson, Daniel 57736Index1100
Davidson, Philip 57738Index1100
Davidson, J M 59989Index1101
Davidson, Shadrick C 59991Index1101
Davidson, Letha J 59992Index1101
Davidson, Hannah Ann 56321Abstract1102
Davidson, Geneva May 63106Abstract1105
Davidson, Jno 69207Book18711253
Davidson, Dave 69380Book18711253
Davidson, John 69421Book18711253
Davidson, John 69538Book18711253
Davidson, John 63490Index9999
Davidson, James M 63712Index9999
Davidson, Annie 64637Index9999
Davies, Thomas 20809Index235
Davies, W. H 3694Index250
Davies, Boyd H 40115Index365
Davies, Norman 42265Index366
Davies, Norman L 42323Index366
Davies, R A 46237Index1998369
Davies, E H 46278Index1998369
Davies, Norman 49870Index1994371
Davies, William 69035Book18711253
Daviess, William 38354Index926
Daviess, Margarett (Black )38355Index926
Davis, W Frank 39Book1
Davis, Randolph M 136Book1
Davis, Francis 149Newspaper Clipping or Art2003105
Davis, Claudia I 55364Index189
Davis, Alex 20813Index235
Davis, Aron 20814Index235
Davis, A F 20815Index235
Davis, A R 20816Index235
Davis, Charles 20817Index235
Davis, Clyde 20818Index235
Davis, David 20819Index235
Davis, DJ 20820Index235
Davis, Edward 20821Index235
Davis, E S 20823Index235
Davis, Fred 20824Index235
Davis, Fred 20825Index235
Davis, Fred 20826Index235
Davis, Fred 20827Index235
Davis, Fred 20828Index235
Davis, Fred 20829Index235
Davis, Fred 20830Index235
Davis, Fred 20831Index235
Davis, F Claude 20832Index235
Davis, F G 20833Index235
Davis, George C 20834Index235
Davis, George E 20835Index235
Davis, George R 20836Index235
Davis, Harry 20837Index235
Davis, Jacob B 20838Index235
Davis, James 20839Index235
Davis, James A 20840Index235
Davis, James A 20841Index235
Davis, James H 20842Index235
Davis, John 20843Index235
Davis, John 20844Index235
Davis, John I 20845Index235
Davis, John W 20846Index235
Davis, John W 20847Index235
Davis, Joseph 20848Index235
Davis, Joseph 20849Index235
Davis, J B 20850Index235
Davis, J D 20851Index235
Davis, Louis B 20852Index235
Davis, Mame 20853Index235
Davis, M C 20854Index235
Davis, M G 20855Index235
Davis, R E 20856Index235
Davis, R M 20857Index235
Davis, Silas 20858Index235
Davis, Silas O 20859Index235
Davis, S 20860Index235
Davis, Thomas 20861Index235
Davis, Thomas J 20862Index235
Davis, T 20863Index235
Davis, Vern 20864Index235
Davis, Walter 20865Index235
Davis, Walter 20866Index235
Davis, Warren 20867Index235
Davis, William 20868Index235
Davis, William 20869Index235
Davis, William 20870Index235
Davis, William 20871Index235
Davis, William 20872Index235
Davis, William A 20873Index235
Davis, William A 20874Index235
Davis, William G 20875Index235
Davis, William H 20876Index235
Davis, William J 20877Index235
Davis, William J 20878Index235
Davis, William L 20879Index235
Davis, William T 20880Index235
Davis, Wm 20881Index235
Davis, Wm 20882Index235
Davis, W J 20883Index235
Davis, John 17517Abstract242
Davis, Mary Boydston 17518Abstract242
Davis, Randolph M 17519Abstract242
Davis, Thomas A 17520Abstract242
Davis, (f) 3695Index250
Davis, (f) 3696Index250
Davis, (f) 3697Index250
Davis, (f) 3698Index250
Davis, (inf) 3699Index250
Davis, (inf) 3700Index250
Davis, (inf) 3701Index250
Davis, (inf) 3702Index250
Davis, (m) 3703Index250
Davis, (m) 3704Index250
Davis, A. T 3705Index250
Davis, Al 3706Index250
Davis, Alexander 3707Index250
Davis, Anna 3708Index250
Davis, Archie 3709Index250
Davis, Augustus 3710Index250
Davis, B. 3711Index250
Davis, Bernice 3712Index250
Davis, Caroline 3713Index250
Davis, Cecelia 3714Index250
Davis, Charles 3715Index250
Davis, Charles E 3716Index250
Davis, Christina 3717Index250
Davis, Dewey 3718Index250
Davis, Dorothy 3719Index250
Davis, E. D 3720Index250
Davis, Earl 3721Index250
Davis, Effie 3722Index250
Davis, Emma G 3723Index250
Davis, Eugene B 3724Index250
Davis, Forestine 3725Index250
Davis, Fred 3726Index250
Davis, Fred B 3727Index250
Davis, Freddie 3728Index250
Davis, G. M 3729Index250
Davis, George 3730Index250
Davis, Grace L 3731Index250
Davis, Harry E 3732Index250
Davis, Henry 3733Index250
Davis, Henry J 3734Index250
Davis, Hester C 3735Index250
Davis, Irie 3736Index250
Davis, Ishmael 3737Index250
Davis, James 3738Index250
Davis, James 3739Index250
Davis, L. 3740Index250
Davis, Lavina 3741Index250
Davis, Louis A 3742Index250
Davis, Mace E 3743Index250
Davis, Margaret 3744Index250
Davis, Marvin M 3745Index250
Davis, Mary 3746Index250
Davis, Mary 3747Index250
Davis, Mary 3748Index250
Davis, Mary M 3749Index250
Davis, Nora E 3750Index250
Davis, Owen B 3751Index250
Davis, Owen J 3752Index250
Davis, Paul 3753Index250
Davis, Pearl 3754Index250
Davis, Richard L 3755Index250
Davis, Rosa 3756Index250
Davis, Ruth G 3757Index250
Davis, Ruth Virginia 3758Index250
Davis, Sallie A 3759Index250
Davis, Sarah 3760Index250
Davis, Sarah 3761Index250
Davis, Sarah 3762Index250
Davis, Sarah J 3763Index250
Davis, Urmanine 3764Index250
Davis, Virginia B 3765Index250
Davis, W. A 3766Index250
Davis, W. D 3767Index250
Davis, Walter 3768Index250
Davis, William 3769Index250
Davis, William 3770Index250
Davis, William 3771Index250
Davis, William E 3772Index250
Davis, Harold D 54316Index323
Davis, James L 54518Index323
Davis, Herschel 54575Index323
Davis, Osee 54596Index323
Davis, Kenneth R 54670Index323
Davis, Hugh 54672Index323
Davis, Melvin 54699Index323
Davis, Henry 53346Index324
Davis, Harold 53870Index324
Davis, John W 53920Index324
Davis, Edmond L 32686Index363
Davis, George A 32722Index363
Davis, Lloyd 32737Index363
Davis, C H 33075Index363
Davis, Leonard V 33471Index363
Davis, John Eugene 38499Index365
Davis, Harold 39310Index365
Davis, Milton Richard 39557Index365
Davis, Richard 40149Index365
Davis, George 40247Index365
Davis, Norman 40329Index365
Davis, Charles B 40396Index365
Davis, Charles Bedford 40427Index365
Davis, Snag Alfred 40518Index366
Davis, Elfred Samuel 40541Index366
Davis, Carl 40723Index366
Davis, George Delbert 40766Index366
Davis, Earl A 40847Index366
Davis, Elmer Clarence 40900Index366
Davis, James 40955Index366
Davis, Rufus Anson 40990Index366
Davis, Francis 41524Index366
Davis, John 41531Index366
Davis, Robert Edward 41699Index366
Davis, Harold 42072Index366
Davis, Milton Richard 42295Index366
Davis, Luther 42640Index366
Davis, William True 42707Index366
Davis, R M 43613Index2000368
Davis, Sam J 43648Index2000368
Davis, S J 43693Index2000368
Davis, W J 43797Index2000368
Davis, J G 43823Index2000368
Davis, G A 43951Index2000368
Davis, E C 44191Index2000368
Davis, Harold 44240Index2000368
Davis, Charles B 44702Index2000368
Davis, C B 44759Index2000368
Davis, Roy Sanford 45790Index1998369
Davis, S B 46293Index1998369
Davis, R W 46352Index1998369
Davis, Artie 46390Index1998369
Davis, A I 46425Index1998369
Davis, D R 47022Index1998369
Davis, J L 47310Index1998369
Davis, Robert 48374Index370
Davis, R F 48432Index370
Davis, True 48660Index370
Davis, W T 48750Index370
Davis, D C 48839Index370
Davis, R F 49048Index370
Davis, Herbert 49703Index370
Davis, A L 49900Index1994371
Davis, Kenneth 50026Index1994371
Davis, Artie 50144Index1994371
Davis, Ray 50221Index1994371
Davis, John 50299Index1994371
Davis, William 50656Index1994371
Davis, Robert F 50666Index1994371
Davis, Elmer 50685Index1997372
Davis, Fred 50732Index1997372
Davis, Norman 51135Index1997372
Davis, Rex 51227Index1997372
Davis, Harold D 51258Index1997372
Davis, 67088Map681
Davis, C F 67089Map681
Davis, H I 67090Map681
Davis, H L 67091Map681
Davis, I N 67092Map681
Davis, J E 67093Map681
Davis, J F 67094Map681
Davis, J G 67095Map681
Davis, J H 67096Map681
Davis, Jessie H 67097Map681
Davis, Joseph 67098Map681
Davis, M L 67099Map681
Davis, Ruth (Alexander)65413Abstract682
Davis, Hugh 65607Abstract682
Davis, John H 65608Abstract682
Davis, Mary E (Martin)65609Abstract682
Davis, Tip 65612Abstract682
Davis, 55535Index1990841
Davis, Clara 55536Index1990841
Davis, George 55537Index1990841
Davis, George W 55538Index1990841
Davis, Milton 55539Index1990841
Davis, William 55540Index1990841
Davis, Robert W 61694Index926
Davis, Mary E (Whitchurch)61695Index926
Davis, Maggie 57377Index1100
Davis, R W 57742Index1100
Davis, Simpson 57744Index1100
Davis, T H 57746Index1100
Davis, Wells 57748Index1100
Davis, William 57750Index1100
Davis, Hulda E 58177Index1100
Davis, Lucy Jane 58660Index1100
Davis, Caroline 58776Index1100
Davis, Nancy J 59272Index1100
Davis, Agnes 59651Index1101
Davis, Mary J 59821Index1101
Davis, Ephriam T 59979Index1101
Davis, George W 59981Index1101
Davis, Thomas 59983Index1101
Davis, Martha M 60353Index1101
Davis, Elizabeth 60674Index1101
Davis, Stella L 61202Index1101
Davis, E T 56316Abstract1102
Davis, John F 56317Abstract1102
Davis, Willie 56319Abstract1102
Davis, Nancy Ann (Kunkel)56320Abstract1102
Davis, Emeline 62028Abstract1103
Davis, Ora May 62029Abstract1103
Davis, Sarah (Sheppard)62528Abstract1104
Davis, Moses W 62529Abstract1104
Davis, Meredith 62530Abstract1104
Davis, Louise (McGinnis)62531Abstract1104
Davis, Frank 63103Abstract1105
Davis, Minnie Wave 63105Abstract1105
Davis, Elliptt 64948Abstract1106
Davis, Otto 64949Abstract1106
Davis, Thomas J 64950Abstract1106
Davis, Allen 68915Book18711253
Davis, Jeff 68965Book18711253
Davis, Jane 69069Book18711253
Davis, Chas 69248Book18711253
Davis, W E 63180Index9999
Davis, Mary Jane 63346Index9999
Davis, Edward P 63728Index9999
Davis, Claude 63888Index9999
Davis, W B 63897Index9999
Davis, J P 64089Index9999
Davis, Elias 64287Index9999
Davis, Ham 64378Index9999
Davis, William 64379Index9999
Davis, E 64463Index9999
Davison, James Lester 130Book1
Davison, Clayton 20810Index235
Davison, Ed F 20811Index235
Davison, Frank 20812Index235
Davison, Francis P 3773Index250
Davison, Joseph 3774Index250
Davison, Paul 3775Index250
Davison, Rose E 3776Index250
Davison, Wanda 3777Index250
Davison, Eugene 54462Index323
Davison, Willis R 32560Index363
Davison, Willis 39520Index365
Davison, Donald Ray 40480Index366
Davison, Jesse Loyd 40761Index366
Davison, Ronald Ray 41194Index366
Davison, Floyd J M 41654Index366
Davison, Jesse Loyd 45721Index1998369
Davison, D R 45971Index1998369
Davison, G C 46794Index1998369
Davison, W K 48079Index370
Davison, Corvan 48375Index370
Davison, Floyd 49883Index1994371
Davison, F F 49899Index1994371
Davison, Corvan 51167Index1997372
Davison, Zackariah 57740Index1100
Davison, Goodman 59985Index1101
Davison, John 59987Index1101
Davison, John 69067Book18711253
Daviss, George 38320Index926
Daviss, Mary E (McDonald)38321Index926
Davisson, Thomas W 32229Index363
Davisson, D P 47398Index1998369
Davls, F 20822Index235
Daw, Price 20901Index235
Dawe, Arthur 20886Index235
Dawe, T J 44287Index2000368
Dawe, W H 47349Index1998369
Dawes, Sam 20884Index235
Dawes, S 20885Index235
Daws, 65613Abstract682
Dawson, Charles 20887Index235
Dawson, Charles 20888Index235
Dawson, C G 20889Index235
Dawson, Edward 20890Index235
Dawson, Edward 20891Index235
Dawson, Edwin 20892Index235
Dawson, Edwin T 20893Index235
Dawson, I 20894Index235
Dawson, Jerry 20895Index235
Dawson, T J 20896Index235
Dawson, William 20897Index235
Dawson, William 20898Index235
Dawson, William 20899Index235
Dawson, W A 20900Index235
Dawson, Frank 66977Abstract248
Dawson, (m) 3778Index250
Dawson, (m) 3779Index250
Dawson, Butler 3780Index250
Dawson, Cora 3781Index250
Dawson, E. True 3782Index250
Dawson, Edwin 3783Index250
Dawson, Gabriel 3784Index250
Dawson, Horace 3785Index250
Dawson, Jennie 3786Index250
Dawson, Jessie 3787Index250
Dawson, Nancy 3788Index250
Dawson, Priscilla 3789Index250
Dawson, Raymond 3790Index250
Dawson, Susan 3791Index250
Dawson, William C 3792Index250
Dawson, George 32394Index363
Dawson, Elma A 32406Index363
Dawson, Willis L 33074Index363
Dawson, George 33328Index363
Dawson, Dale 38720Index365
Dawson, Elmer J 40218Index365
Dawson, Thomas 41250Index366
Dawson, Thomas B 41410Index366
Dawson, E A 43647Index2000368
Dawson, Orville 44313Index2000368
Dawson, O L 44352Index2000368
Dawson, R E 44963Index2000368
Dawson, W T 47426Index1998369
Dawson, G S 48073Index370
Dawson, C C 48430Index370
Dawson, D L 48951Index370
Dawson, B F 49362Index370
Dawson, George S 49871Index1994371
Dawson, C M 67100Map681
Dawson, Lafayette 55541Index1990841
Dawson, William 57752Index1100
Dawson, Emily 57897Index1100
Dawson, Robert 59993Index1101
Dawson, Anna M 60784Index1101
Dawson, Nancy Delfina 60786Index1101
Dawson, Mary 60885Index1101
Dawson, Rebecca 60978Index1101
Dawson, Lafayette 56322Abstract1102
Dawson, Martha 56323Abstract1102
Dawson, Jacob 64951Abstract1106
Dawson, Marion 70430Newsletter19351305
Dawson, Marion 70431Newsletter19351305
Day, A H 20903Index235
Day, Erasius 20904Index235
Day, Mary A (Begley)17576Abstract242
Day, (m) 3793Index250
Day, Jennie 3794Index250
Day, Louis C 3795Index250
Day, Mrs. C 3796Index250
Day, Wilham M 3797Index250
Day, Francis 53894Index324
Day, Donald V 32440Index363
Day, Roy Claud 41694Index366
Day, R C 46259Index1998369
Day, Milton 49576Index370
Day, Fanny 58325Index1100
Day, George 68226Book18711253
Day, Frank 63173Index9999
Dayton, Henry 20902Index235
Dayton, Claude 3798Index250
Dazey, Edgar P 32670Index363
Dazey, Russell Eugene 42327Index366
DcVorss, Edward 21019Index235
De Voss, Henson 63944Index9999
Dea, Margaret 3799Index250
Deadrick, Mary 3800Index250
Deahler, E P 20905Index235
Deakens, Ruth 3801Index250
Deakin, Fred 3802Index250
Deakin, Mildred D 3803Index250
Deakins, Fred B 20906Index235
Deakins, Mattie 3804Index250
Deal, Elmer 20907Index235
Deal, Elmer 20908Index235
Deal, Marahal 3805Index250
Deal, Keith Eugene 38412Index365
Deal, Charles Allen 41254Index366
Deal, Charles 43514Index2000368
Deal, C A 43589Index2000368
Deal, R E 47260Index1998369
Deal, Charles 48993Index370
Deal, C A 49086Index370
Deal, Robert 50350Index1994371
Deal, Robert 51183Index1997372
Dean, M L 20911Index235
Dean, E. 3806Index250
Dean, Elmer 3807Index250
Dean, James 54707Index323
Dean, Clayton 54037Index324
Dean, Kenneth 42279Index366
Dean, H M 44126Index2000368
Dean, Glen 46731Index1998369
Dean, F L 47087Index1998369
Dean, Arthur 47225Index1998369
Dean, H M 49206Index370
Dean, J T 67101Map681
Dean, M 67102Map681
Dean, Rosetta (Watts)64952Abstract1106
Dean, Frank 69399Book18711253
Deane, Daisie 65614Abstract682
Deane, W H R 65615Abstract682
Deane, Elisabeth 68631Book18711253
Deane, Martha A 68632Book18711253
Deane, Marcus L 68633Book18711253
Deane, Emma C 68634Book18711253
Deane, James M 68635Book18711253
Deaner, James N 20909Index235
Deani, C G 20910Index235
Dear, Thomas 20912Index235
Dear, Twidell 20913Index235
Dear, T E 20914Index235
Dear, Rose 3808Index250
Dearing, A. J 3809Index250
DeArmond, C D 67103Map681
DeArmond, W S 67104Map681
Dearmont, Lloyd 42556Index366
Dearmont, 62030Abstract1103
Dearmont, Helen E (Piffer)62031Abstract1103
Dearmont, James Willard Lee 64953Abstract1106
Dearmont, Maud 64308Index9999
Deatherage, Walt 20915Index235
Deatherage, Leo 54402Index323
Deatherage, Delbert 54532Index323
Deatherage, O C 32068Index363
Deatherage, Robert 32880Index363
Deatherage, Donald Eugene 39188Index365
Deatherage, Robert Orville 39515Index365
Deatherage, Leo Dewayne 42699Index366
Deatherage, D P 47776Index1998369
Deatherage, Leo 50116Index1994371
Deatherage, Billy 51047Index1997372
Deatheridge, J A 20916Index235
Deatley, Elihu 55542Index1990841
Deaton, Jennie 3810Index250
Deaton, J E 43582Index2000368
Deaton, Wayne 44734Index2000368
Deaton, Robert 44872Index2000368
Deaton, R A 44911Index2000368
Deaton, Douglas 50528Index1994371
Deats, C 67110Map681
Deatz, C 67111Map681
Deatz, Evergreen Home 67112Map681
Deaver, Donald 50479Index1994371
Debende, (m) 3811Index250
Debenito, Nicholas 33540Index363
Debenito, Charles Joseph 41187Index366
Debo, Nathan 61464Index926
Debo, Sarah Jane (Hamer)61465Index926
Deboard, Mary 60431Index1101
DeBolt, James 57754Index1100
Debolt, Mary 58857Index1100
DeBolt, James 56324Abstract1102
Debord, Robert F 50749Index1997372
Debord, Sidney E 60486Index1101
DeBord, Ella 62032Abstract1103
DeBord, 63107Abstract1105
Deboy, Edna 3812Index250
DeBuhr, Ben 67105Map681
DeBuhr, Henry 67106Map681
DeBuhr, John 67107Map681
DeBuhr, R 67108Map681
DeBum, H 67109Map681
Dec, Bessie 3813Index250
Dec, Loudy 3814Index250
Deck, George 3815Index250
Decker, William 20917Index235
Decker, William 20918Index235
Decker, Wm 20919Index235
Decker, ?? 20920Index235
Decker, ?? 20921Index235
Decker, (inf) 3816Index250
Decker, (inf) 3817Index250
Decker, Edna 3818Index250
Decker, Rosie 3819Index250
Decker, Floyd E 32917Index363
Decker, Howard H 38970Index365
Decker, Howard 43043Index2000368
Decker, H H 43074Index2000368
Decker, C H 45046Index2000368
Decker, Leonard 45119Index2000368
Decker, Leonard 48776Index370
Decker, L R 48785Index370
Decker, Leonard 51440Index1997372
Decker, Mollie C 59733Index1101
Decker, David 59995Index1101
Decker, James 59997Index1101
Decker, Zachariah 59999Index1101
Decker, David Albert 63108Abstract1105
Decker, Henry Frank 63109Abstract1105
Decker, Fannie 64954Abstract1106
Decker, Helen C 63999Index9999
Deckinger, W J 40756Index366
Decline, John 3820Index250
Declue, John 3821Index250
Decon, Hoyt R 20922Index235
Decouagne, Mamie 3822Index250
Decourcy, Isaac Henry 3823Index250
DeCoursey, Cornelia 55543Index1990841
DeCraspel, E H 20923Index235
DeCurtins, William 20924Index235
Dedman, R S 45859Index1998369
Dedman, Robert S 50134Index1994371
Deeds, Mary 3824Index250
Deekin, Lizzie 3825Index250
Deel, David 67113Map681
Deem, George 40864Index366
Deem, George 49767Index370
Deem, Irvin 50451Index1994371
Deen, Charles O 20925Index235
Deen, Fitzhugh 51461Index1997372
Deener, Arthur Franklin 40816Index366
Deer, Joseph 39937Index365
Deering, Frank 20926Index235
Deering, John Jr 3826Index250
Deets, C M 43441Index2000368
Deets, Jack 47045Index1998369
Deets, Hazel 62033Abstract1103
Deferece, Porter 3827Index250
Deffenbaugh, William 60001Index1101
Deffenbaugh, Kate 60002Index1101
Deffenbaugh, George 64955Abstract1106
Deffurburgh, David 57756Index1100
Defls, Clyde Frank 45765Index1998369
DeFonds, Edward 20927Index235
DeFonds, E F 20928Index235
Defonds, Adele 3828Index250
Defonds, Edward F 3829Index250
Defonds, F. E 3830Index250
Deford, Lorenz 20929Index235
Deford, H V 46014Index1998369
DeFord, Arthur 55544Index1990841
DeForest, W H 20930Index235
DeFreas, Henry 68814Book18711253
DeFronas, Edw F 20931Index235
Degan, David 20932Index235
Degan, David 20933Index235
Degan, David 20934Index235
Degan, D 20935Index235
Degan, D W 20936Index235
Degan, Earnest 20937Index235
Degan, Lewis 20938Index235
Degan, Louis 20939Index235
Degan, L J 20940Index235
Degan, Owen W 20941Index235
Degan, Amelia 17577Abstract242
Degan, Bernard Andrew 17578Abstract242
Degan, Gertrude 17579Abstract242
Degan, Owen W 17580Abstract242
Degan, (f) 3831Index250
Degan, Joseph 3832Index250
Degan, Larry J 50486Index1994371
Dege, August Wilhelm 60003Index1101
Dege, Johann 60005Index1101
Dege, Fred W 62527Abstract1104
Degel, Christ 3833Index250
Degel, Louis 69589Book19041254
Deget, Marina 3834Index250
Degganer, Geo J 20942Index235
Degginer, Charles 39994Index365
Degginger, Charles Anthony 40024Index365
Deguire, William 68997Book18711253
Dehart, Robert 38483Index365
Dehart, Robert 44484Index2000368
Dehart, Bobby 44621Index2000368
Dehart, B R 48287Index370
DeHass, Charles M 20943Index235
Dehler, Edward 20944Index235
Dehler, (inf) 3835Index250
Deibert, George A 32549Index363
Deidrickson, Christ F 3836Index250
Deignan, Owen 3837Index250
Deinger, Emma 17581Abstract242
Deitch, Louis 20946Index235
Deitchman, Beni 20945Index235
Deitrich, Eldon 32393Index363
Deitrick, Emily 3838Index250
Dekins, James 3839Index250
DeKorse, Nic 20948Index235
Dekorse, Nicolas 3840Index250
Dekorsey, Nik 20947Index235
Del refugie, Marie 16685Abstract242
Delacoste, 64077Index9999
Delacy, George 20949Index235
Delahunety, Jene 20950Index235
Delainie, John 20951Index235
Delaney, Frank 20952Index235
Delaney, John 20953Index235
Delaney, Patrick E 17582Abstract242
Delaney, Daniel 66978Abstract248
Delaney, John 66979Abstract248
Delaney, John 66980Abstract248
Delaney, John 66981Abstract248
Delaney, (inf) 3841Index250
Delaney, Agnes 3842Index250
Delaney, Bernard 3843Index250
Delaney, Eliza 3844Index250
Delaney, Katherine 3845Index250
Delaney, Patrick 3846Index250
Delaney, William M 3847Index250
Delaney, Richard 31904Index363
Delaney, L P 33549Index363
Delaney, Norville J 33581Index363
Delaney, Leo F 33589Index363
Delaney, N D 41450Index366
Delaney, George 42076Index366
Delaney, W P 42995Index2000368
Delaney, Martin T 45463Index1998369
Delaney, William 49284Index370
Delaney, W P 49334Index370
Delaney, Martin T 50029Index1994371
Delange, William J 48008Index370
Delange, W J 48094Index370
Delanie, John 20954Index235
Delavergne, Emeline 3848Index250
Delawder, P E 48225Index370
Delay, Clifton 20955Index235
Delay, Otis 20956Index235
Delay, (m) 3849Index250
Delay, Margaret Ann 3850Index250
Delay, John 68738Book18711253
DeLay, John 68870Book18711253
Delgado, David 53955Index324
Delhoff, J H 20957Index235
Dellue, Anna B 3851Index250
Delong, Howard 53497Index324
Delong, Willis 40470Index366
Delong, William Joseph 40526Index366
Delong, Aston 57758Index1100
Delong, Anthony 60007Index1101
Delong, Anna 61305Index1101
DeLong, Anthony 56325Abstract1102
DeLorimer, Fred 20958Index235
Delph, Ruben 3852Index250
DeLuc, Louis 66982Abstract248
DeMar, Albert H 20960Index235
DeMar, John C 20961Index235
Demar, Arthur Lee 3853Index250
Demar, Ruth E 3854Index250
Demarest, Vernon 50210Index1994371
Demarr, John 20959Index235
Dembrowe, F H 49393Index370
Demecke, Dick 20962Index235
Deming, Charles 53604Index324
Deming, Charles W 40054Index365
Demint, Henry Price 42034Index366
Demitchell, Peter J 49712Index370
Demitchell, P J 49728Index370
Demming, Thomas 20963Index235
Demond, John 3855Index250
Demond, Margaret 3856Index250
Demond, Emelia 63705Index9999
Demoss, Edward 20964Index235
Demoss, Wm 20965Index235
Demoss, John R 32266Index363
Demoss, Willis L 33012Index363
Demott, Loren 43829Index2000368
Demotte, Charles O 3857Index250
Dempsey, John M 20966Index235
Dempsey, John M 20967Index235
Dempsey, John M 20968Index235
Dempsey, John V 20969Index235
Dempsey, Clinton Edward 41286Index366
Dempster, Fred 20970Index235
Dems, Harry W 3858Index250
Demsky, Otto 3859Index250
Demuth, Joseph A 3860Index250
Dendick, Cora 3861Index250
Deneen, A W 20971Index235
DeNeen, Robert 20972Index235
Deneke, R D 20973Index235
Deney, Thomas 20974Index235
Dengelman, C 67114Map681
Dengler, Laura 3862Index250
Denham, Clarence 63373Index9999
Denicke, R 20975Index235
Dening, Charles L 60009Index1101
Denipke, A W 20976Index235
Denis, H F 20977Index235
Denis, Arthemian 16690Abstract242
Deniston, William 3863Index250
Denmark, Norma 61158Index1101
Denmark, Sidah (Withrow)62034Abstract1103
Denna, J 20978Index235
Denner, Chas E 20979Index235
Denney, Ernest E 20980Index235
Denney, Columbus C 3864Index250
Denney, Harry Coyne 39166Index365
Denney, O M 45299Index2000368
Dennie, Catherine 3865Index250
Denning, Henry 32802Index363
Dennis, A 20981Index235
Dennis, Charles 20982Index235
Dennis, John 20983Index235
Dennis, John 20984Index235
Dennis, John 3866Index250
Dennis, Thimothy 53388Index324
Dennis, Donald 38402Index365
Dennis, Donald Emmett 38435Index365
Dennis, William 39261Index365
Dennis, William Harrison 39302Index365
Dennis, Fred 42623Index366
Dennis, Fred 42665Index366
Dennis, C D 45562Index1998369
Dennis, Fred 45996Index1998369
Dennis, Rufus 46816Index1998369
Dennis, Carrie 48450Index370
Dennis, C 48505Index370
Dennis, Fred 49404Index370
Dennis, Timothy 50715Index1997372
Dennis, Jeremiah Oliver 57760Index1100
Denny, Jonas 3867Index250
Denny, Oscar Melvin 40253Index365
Denny, James B 57762Index1100
Denny, Jordon J 60011Index1101
Denny, Susan E 60383Index1101
Denny, Jane 56326Abstract1102
Denny, Jordan J 62532Abstract1104
Denny, Jonas B 63110Abstract1105
Denpry, Alfred 3868Index250
Densford, J W 20985Index235
Denson, W E 47507Index1998369
Dent, Phillip A 17984Index926
Dent, Marian G (Hewitt)17985Index926
Denton, Jacob 20986Index235
Denton, Anselm B 3869Index250
Denton, Alice A 60774Index1101
Denton, Delia E 63973Index9999
Denver, W. J 3870Index250
Denver, James W 49784Index370
Denver, Phillip 51444Index1997372
Denzel, R A 46052Index1998369
Deobler, Charles W 3871Index250
Depfine, L. A 3872Index250
Deppen, Harry W 20987Index235
Deprad, Dudley 20988Index235
DePriez, Henry 20989Index235
Depugh, Robert Bolivar 39555Index365
Derand, Joseph 57764Index1100
Derber, Thomas 20990Index235
Dereszewski, Joseph 3873Index250
Derge, F H 20991Index235
Derge, William G 3874Index250
Derhum, Barzillier 57766Index1100
Derking, Marge 3875Index250
Derks, Leo 54179Index323
Derks, John J 32918Index363
Derks, Eddie 49757Index370
Derks, Leo R 50785Index1997372
Dernis, James W 3876Index250
Dernis, Martha 3877Index250
Deroin, Kenneth 40455Index366
Deroin, K L 45351Index1998369
Derr, Ralph 20993Index235
Derr, L F 43542Index2000368
Derr, L E 45275Index2000368
Derr, R W 45546Index1998369
Derr, M C 45682Index1998369
Derr, Tommie Albert 65616Abstract682
Derr, Frank 65617Abstract682
Derr, Frances 65618Abstract682
Derr, Rebecca 58704Index1100
Derr, Esamiah Jane (Fenerbadher)56327Abstract1102
Derr, Katie (Fenerbadher)56328Abstract1102
Derringer, Frank 20992Index235
Derringer, (f) 3878Index250
Derry, Lawrence L 54682Index323
Derry, L L 47088Index1998369
Derry, Lawrence L 50979Index1997372
Dersch, William 20994Index235
Dersch, Elizabeth 3879Index250
Dersch, Helen 3880Index250
Dersch, Lloyd H 3881Index250
Dersch, William 3882Index250
Deshazer, Robert 56744Index926
Deshazer, Milley (Hines)56745Index926
Deshon, B M 20995Index235
Deshon, Jesse M 20996Index235
Deshon, John 20997Index235
Deshon, W B 20998Index235
Deshon, (f) 3883Index250
Deshon, Alice 3884Index250
Deshon, Charles 54074Index323
Deshon, Paul 39782Index365
Deshon, Paul Allen 39813Index365
Deshon, Donald 42340Index366
Deshon, Elliott 46125Index1998369
Deshon, Elliot 46157Index1998369
Deshon, C W 46722Index1998369
Deshon, D D 47159Index1998369
Deshon, Neal 48120Index370
Deshon, N K 48186Index370
Deshon, J R 48961Index370
Deshon, Elliott 50921Index1997372
Deskine, Fred 20999Index235
Deskins, Mary 3885Index250
Desmukes, J 21000Index235
Despain, Edward 21001Index235
Despain, Joseph 3886Index250
Despain, Ronnie 54365Index323
Despain, Elzy 32018Index363
Despain, David L 32886Index363
Despain, William S 33673Index363
Despain, Lloyd Alfred 40080Index365
Despain, Richard 43874Index2000368
Despain, R D 43900Index2000368
Despain, Richard 48104Index370
Despain, R D 48150Index370
Despain, Lloyd 49270Index370
Despain, L A 49303Index370
Despain, Bob 50227Index1994371
Despain, David 50840Index1997372
Detharage, William H 21002Index235
Detrich, Benjamin 21003Index235
Detrich, Daniel A 21004Index235
Detrich, Kemp 21005Index235
Detrick, Charles 21006Index235
Detrick, Daniel A 21007Index235
Detrick, Daniel A 21008Index235
Detrick, D 21009Index235
Detrick, D A 21010Index235
Detrick, D A 21011Index235
Detrick, John F 21012Index235
Detrick, Bessie 3887Index250
Detwiler, Edward Lee 39779Index365
Deuer, J H 21013Index235
Deuer, John 3888Index250
Deugler, William 3889Index250
Deuir, Susan S 3890Index250
Deutsch, Charles 21014Index235
Deutsch, Catherine 3891Index250
Deutsch, Isaac 3892Index250
Deutsch, Joseph 3893Index250
Deutsch, Julius 43287Index2000368
Deutsch, N 63341Index9999
Deutshel, Bridget 66983Abstract248
Devans, Everett 3894Index250
Devary, Maurice I 44443Index2000368
Devary, M I 44501Index2000368
Devault, J. R 3895Index250
Devault, Kenneth 54094Index323
Devehamer, C M 69588Book19041254
Deveneaux, E. 3896Index250
Deveney, James 60013Index1101
Devens, William 3897Index250
Devereau, William 3898Index250
Deveres, Levi 56329Abstract1102
Devers, Harold 50892Index1997372
Devine, E E 48257Index370
DeVoe, Raymont 21015Index235
Devoir, Solomon 3899Index250
Devons, Nett 21016Index235
Devore, Glen 38677Index365
Devore, Glen Emmerson 38702Index365
Devore, Irving Maurice 39906Index365
Devore, M F 40575Index366
Devore, D A 44230Index2000368
Devore, Irving 46628Index1998369
Devore, I M 46738Index1998369
Devore, G E 47119Index1998369
DeVore, Susan 65619Abstract682
DeVore, Fountain 65620Abstract682
Devorse, Mary E 58937Index1100
Devorses, Levi 60015Index1101
Devorses, Lukretia 60016Index1101
Devorss, Charles 21017Index235
DeVorss, C W 21018Index235
DeVorss, Edwin 21020Index235
DeVorss, Edwin 21021Index235
DeVorss, Edwin D 21022Index235
DeVorss, Ed 21023Index235
DeVorss, Joseph W 21024Index235
DeVorss, Levi 21025Index235
DeVorss, Louis 21026Index235
DeVorss, Wm J 21027Index235
Devorss, Adeline 3900Index250
Devorss, Alfred 3901Index250
Devorss, James 3902Index250
Devorss, J B 33527Index363
Devorss, John 57768Index1100
Devorss, Robert 57770Index1100
Devorss, Margaret A (McMunn)63111Abstract1105
DeVorss, Gertrude 64036Index9999
Devoss, Edwin 21028Index235
DeVriendt, Arthur 21029Index235
DeVriendt, A 21030Index235
Devrix, James 3903Index250
Dew, John N 21038Index235
Dew, Robert 21039Index235
Dewall, James 21031Index235
DeWalt, Jake S 55545Index1990841
DeWalt, William 55546Index1990841
DeWalt, William 55547Index1990841
Dewar, Harlan 39347Index365
Dewar, Harlan Edison 39381Index365
Deway, Richard 41266Index366
Dewdhey, William 3904Index250
Deweese, Charles Frederick 38827Index365
Deweese, Bethsada 57491Index1100
Dewell, Frank 3905Index250
Dewese, Ella A 69550Book18711253
Dewey, Charles W 21032Index235
Dewey, John 21033Index235
Dewey, Ray 21034Index235
Dewey, Thomas 21035Index235
Dewey, Richard Alston 41338Index366
Dewey, Leonard Forrest 41675Index366
Dewey, Jack 43033Index2000368
Dewey, H E J 43093Index2000368
Dewey, C A 44579Index2000368
Dewey, L F 46233Index1998369
Dewey, G W 47679Index1998369
Dewey, Leonard F 50592Index1994371
Dewiden, Charity 60209Index1101
DeWitt, Robert 21036Index235
Dewitt, John E 3906Index250
Dewitt, R A 64446Index9999
Dewy, Thomas 21037Index235
Dexel, H V 21040Index235
Dexter, Ellen 60104Index1101
Dey, Elmer 3907Index250
Dey, Mary 3908Index250
Dey, William 3909Index250
Deyhle, (m) 3910Index250
Dhade, C W 45547Index1998369
Dibbern, Carston 3911Index250
Dibbern, Caterina 3912Index250
Dice, Oren 3913Index250
Dice, Robert 55548Index1990841
Dice, George 59494Index926
Dice, Sarah E (Ward)59495Index926
Dice, Elizabeth 58075Index1100
Dice, Olive 58251Index1100
Dice, William A 60017Index1101
Dick, George 3914Index250
Dick, Arthur L 33276Index363
Dick, Robert 39575Index365
Dick, Raymond Everett 40937Index366
Dick, Raymond 45202Index2000368
Dick, R E 45270Index2000368
Dick, Mary E 57686Index1100
Dick, Samuel 57772Index1100
Dick, Samuel R 60019Index1101
Dick, A L 69866Book19041254
Dickenson, Lula 3915Index250
Dickenson, George H 63396Index9999
Dicker, Charles 57774Index1100
Dicker, Charles 60021Index1101
Dickerson, C. 3916Index250
Dickerson, Thomas 3917Index250
Dickerson, Robert Caldwell 41096Index366
Dickerson, William 46883Index1998369
Dickerson, W C 47048Index1998369
Dickey, Charles E 21041Index235
Dickey, L R 21042Index235
Dickey, L R 21043Index235
Dickey, L R 21044Index235
Dickey, Charles T 3918Index250
Dickey, Ezra T 3919Index250
Dickey, Lucy A 3920Index250
Dickinson, R E 21045Index235
Dickinson, Eveline S 3921Index250
Dickinson, May 3922Index250
Dickinson, W. C 3923Index250
Dickinson, Robert 41461Index366
Dickinson, Martin B 57776Index1100
Dicks, J S 21047Index235
Dicks, J S 21048Index235
Dickson, John 21046Index235
Dickson, (inf) 3924Index250
Dickson, Anna 3925Index250
Dickson, Martha 3926Index250
Dickson, Charles 39235Index365
Dickson, W N 43155Index2000368
Dickson, C A 43536Index2000368
Dickson, William N 46405Index1998369
Dickson, W H 46447Index1998369
Dickson, D E 47018Index1998369
Dickson, Clarence 48199Index370
Dickson, C A 48271Index370
Dickson, C R 49397Index370
Dickson, Charles R 49398Index370
Dickson, William 69048Book18711253
Dicky, Opal L 3927Index250
Dicus, J W 60023Index1101
Diddens, George B 3928Index250
Didlo, Harold Herman 40700Index366
Didlo, Russell 40976Index366
Didlo, Russell Theodore 41040Index366
Didlob, Pauline 3929Index250
Didrickson, C O 21049Index235
Didrickson, (m) 3930Index250
Didrickson, Charles 3931Index250
Diebolt, Warren F 45458Index1998369
Diedelbers, John 21050Index235
Diedrick, Wm 21051Index235
Diegnan, Arthur M 32691Index363
Diehring, John 3932Index250
Dienger, Felix Wm 17583Abstract242
Dienning, Moesers 3933Index250
Dier, Viola 21052Index235
Dietderich, Susan 3934Index250
Dietderich, Theodore R 33377Index363
Dieter, Otto 21053Index235
Dieter, Peter 3935Index250
Dieter, Joseph 55549Index1990841
Dietes, Otto W 21054Index235
Dietiker, John 3936Index250
Dietisch, Lewis 21055Index235
Dietrich, Harry 3937Index250
Dietrich, George Albert 61072Index1101
Dietrick, Frank J 3938Index250
Dietricks, W H 21056Index235
Dietrieck, D A 21057Index235
Dietsch, Louis 21058Index235
Dietsch, Louis 21059Index235
Dietsch, Ludwig 21060Index235
Dietz, Bernhard 3939Index250
Dietz, Jacob 3940Index250
Dietz, John 3941Index250
Dietz, Mathew S 3942Index250
Difford, C H 21061Index235
Digan, Eugene 3943Index250
Digel, Joseph 21062Index235
Digel, Harry 3944Index250
Digges, J D 43967Index2000368
Diggitt, Floriam 21063Index235
Diggs, Darrell G 55406Index189
Diggs, G 21064Index235
Diggs, Emma J 3945Index250
Diggs, Theodore 3946Index250
Diggs, Jack 43919Index2000368
Diggs, Anna L 63695Index9999
Dike, Mollie 3947Index250
Dike, John 54917Index926
Dike, Mary (Smith)54918Index926
Dike, John 54947Index926
Dike, Mary (Smith)54948Index926
Dikens, Val 21065Index235
Dikes, Benjamin F 59192Index926
Dikes, Dakes J (Brooks)59193Index926
Dildine, Fred 55550Index1990841
Dill, Elizabeth Susan 17584Abstract242
Dill, P. J 3948Index250
Dilla, G W 21066Index235
Dilla, John 21067Index235
Dilla, L. Birdie 3949Index250
Dillamon, James R 33584Index363
Dillard, William S 3950Index250
Dillard, George 50423Index1994371
Dille, Jennie 3951Index250
Dilley, Willis 21068Index235
Dilley, Wm D 21069Index235
Dilley, H E 31950Index363
Dilley, Harold E 31966Index363
Dilley, Vernon 39318Index365
Dilley, Walter Lee 41344Index366
Dilley, George Henry 42436Index366
Dilley, Raymond 42692Index366
Dilley, Raymond Ross 42768Index366
Dilley, G H 47478Index1998369
Dilley, W L 47748Index1998369
Dilley, Lindley E 60025Index1101
Dillingham, Kate 3952Index250
Dillingham, J H 63465Index9999
Dillingham, Henry 63466Index9999
Dillion, Samuel 21070Index235
Dillman, (inf) 3953Index250
Dillon, Albert 21071Index235
Dillon, E B 21072Index235
Dillon, H E 21073Index235
Dillon, H E 21074Index235
Dillon, John S 21075Index235
Dillon, L L 21076Index235
Dillon, S L 21077Index235
Dillon, S L 21078Index235
Dillon, Wesley 21079Index235
Dillon, Willard 21080Index235
Dillon, William H 21081Index235
Dillon, William H 21082Index235
Dillon, Wm H 21083Index235
Dillon, W A 21084Index235
Dillon, W A 21085Index235
Dillon, (m) 3954Index250
Dillon, E. B 3955Index250
Dillon, Joseph 3956Index250
Dillon, Melina 3957Index250
Dillon, Oscar 3958Index250
Dillon, Wilma 3959Index250
Dillon, Richard 54242Index323
Dillon, Jack 48204Index370
Dillon, J B 48342Index370
Dillon, Jack 50635Index1994371
Dillon, Richard 50882Index1997372
Dillon, Irene 55551Index1990841
Dillon, Effie Ann (King)56330Abstract1102
Dillon, James 68840Book18711253
Dillon, Charles 69591Book19041254
Dillon, Theo Vera 63639Index9999
Dillore, Charles 21086Index235
Dills, R L 67115Map681
Dilts, Chas 21087Index235
Dilts, Dick 21088Index235
Dilts, Guy F 3960Index250
Dilts, Hazle P 3961Index250
Dimabeck, Charles 21089Index235
Dimmitt, Susan R 58275Index1100
Dimmitt, Miles H 60027Index1101
Din, Robert E 21092Index235
Dincon, Frank 3962Index250
Dineley, George M 60029Index1101
Dingan, R E 21090Index235
Dinkerson, G E 21091Index235
Diobeleis, John 21093Index235
Dirks, R J 67116Map681
Dischner, William 21094Index235
Dischner, Lottie 3963Index250
Dischner, Robert R 3964Index250
Dischner, Sebastian 3965Index250
Dischner, Forest A 32031Index363
Dischner, Theodore E 32780Index363
Discumbus, Henry 57778Index1100
Discus, Oscar 21095Index235
Discus, Oscar 21096Index235
Discus, Oscar R 21097Index235
Discus, Samuek J 64213Index9999
Discyner, Edward 21098Index235
Disher, Phebe 57467Index1100
Dishman, Keelan J 59492Index926
Dishman, Jespheny (Broyles)59493Index926
Dishon, D R 47731Index1998369
Diskel, John 3966Index250
Disney, Lillie A 3967Index250
Dison, Thomas 60031Index1101
Disque, Andrew 3968Index250
Diss, Catherine 3969Index250
Diss, Jacob J 3970Index250
Ditiow, Fred 21099Index235
Ditmar, R A 67117Map681
Ditmars, Cleta 55552Index1990841
Ditmars, Grace 55553Index1990841
Dittemore, Earnest 21100Index235
Dittemore, Adam 3971Index250
Dittemore, Daisy 3972Index250
Dittemore, Daniel B 3973Index250
Dittemore, John 3974Index250
Dittemore, Lilly 3975Index250
Dittemore, William T 3976Index250
Dittemore, Theodore 54371Index323
Dittemore, W T 43642Index2000368
Dittimore, Harry H 21101Index235
Dittmer, Leland 53530Index324
Ditto, Clyde 54386Index323
Ditto, C E 48712Index370
Divelbliss, Udell 55554Index1990841
Diven, Charles 39696Index365
Divers, George Baxter 70350Newsletter19351304
Divers, John 70352Newsletter19351304
Divers, Raymond 70353Newsletter19351304
Divers, Russell 70354Newsletter19351304
Divers, Minnie Helen 70355Newsletter19351304
Divers, Bonnie 70356Newsletter19351304
Divinney, B F (Jacks)55555Index1990841
Divla, Nicholas 3977Index250
Dix, George 21105Index235
Dix, Henry 21106Index235
Dix, Sherman 42059Index366
Dixon, Harold 21102Index235
Dixon, Harry 21103Index235
Dixon, Carrie 3978Index250
Dixon, Henrietta 3979Index250
Dixon, Nancy 3980Index250
Dixon, Walter 3981Index250
Dixon, Carlton 53636Index324
Dixon, Sam 38787Index365
Dixon, Richard 39124Index365
Dixon, Richard Lee 39141Index365
Dixon, Charles Hunter 39714Index365
Dixon, Sherman Freyman 42088Index366
Dixon, A C 44879Index2000368
Dixon, R L 46299Index1998369
Dixon, Henry (Ruteluware)65621Abstract682
Dixon, Silas (Ward)55556Index1990841
Dixon, J. J 59482Index926
Dixon, Martha (Duncan)59483Index926
Dixon Bros, 67118Map681
Dixson, S 21104Index235
Dixson, Samuel 56331Abstract1102
Diyson, E. F 3982Index250
Diyson, James A 3983Index250
Diyson, Mrs. George 3984Index250
Diyson, Samuel 3985Index250
Dland, W. C 3986Index250
Dlankkoff, John 67119Map681
Dleich, Ray 53629Index324
Dmytrim, Hrytz 41911Index366
Doak, Paul 3987Index250
Doan, G R 46817Index1998369
Dobbins, Jack 33432Index363
Dobbins, Maud 63598Index9999
Dobbs, Abram 3988Index250
Dobelman, Gertrude 3989Index250
Dobendo, Clara 3990Index250
Dobie, Bud 63769Index9999
Dobler, Charles 21107Index235
Dobler, (inf) 3991Index250
Dobler, Anna M 59655Index1101
Dobosh, Michael 49425Index370
Dobson, Blair 21108Index235
Dobson, Blair 21109Index235
Dobson, Charles E 21110Index235
Dobson, Catherine 3992Index250
Dobyns, William B 3Book1
Dobyns, Reb Wm 21111Index235
Dobyns, Wm R 21112Index235
Dobyns, Margaret 3993Index250
Dobyns, James R 56332Abstract1102
Dobyns, Charles Ned 62035Abstract1103
Dobyns, Clara B (McNabb)63112Abstract1105
Dobyns, W R 63172Index9999
Dochstader, George 21113Index235
Dockery, Donald 51354Index1997372
Dockery, Sarah E 55557Index1990841
Dockery, A M 63376Index9999
Dockery, H L 64464Index9999
Dockslader, George C 21114Index235
Dockstadder, George C 21115Index235
Dockstader, G C 21116Index235
Dodd, Vernon E 21118Index235
Dodd, William 21119Index235
Dodd, Wm 21120Index235
Dodd, (inf) 3994Index250
Dodd, (inf) 3995Index250
Dodd, Cleota 3996Index250
Dodd, Nellie 3997Index250
Dodd, Virginia 3998Index250
Dodd, William E 3999Index250
Dodd, Marvin 50858Index1997372
Doddridridge, Dollie 4000Index250
Dodds, Nathan 21117Index235
Dodds, H R 46454Index1998369
Dodds, Harry 49656Index370
Dodds, 67120Map681
Dodds, Thomas 60033Index1101
Dodds, Mary L 61228Index1101
Dodds, A S 63899Index9999
Dodge, Francis J 21121Index235
Dodge, Ami 4001Index250
Dodge, Thomas 4002Index250
Dodge, John 53661Index324
Dodge, Ernest Albert 41222Index366
Dodge, John 42841Index366
Dodge, Ernest 50273Index1994371
Dodge, Levi 56333Abstract1102
Dodge, Susie (Beem)64956Abstract1106
Dodson, George 21122Index235
Dodson, James L 4003Index250
Dodson, Jessie 4004Index250
Dodson, John L 4005Index250
Dodson, Garold 54127Index323
Dodson, John Franklin 41167Index366
Doe, John 21124Index235
Doebbling, Henry 62036Abstract1103
Doebbling, Johanna Sophie (Heinemann)62037Abstract1103
Doebler, Emma 4006Index250
Doerr, John 21123Index235
Doggett, David Calvin 60035Index1101
Doherty, Eugene 21125Index235
Doherty, Frank 21126Index235
Doherty, (inf) 4007Index250
Doherty, James 4008Index250
Doherty, Hamilton B 54957Index926
Doherty, Emily E (Gillmore)54958Index926
Dohrer, Joseph 4009Index250
Dohrer, H 69585Book19041254
Dohurst, Simon 21127Index235
Doisey, L. 4010Index250
Dokay, Frederick Lewis 17585Abstract242
Dolan, B M 21128Index235
Dolan, Dennis 21129Index235
Dolan, James 21130Index235
Dolan, James P 21131Index235
Dolan, James P 21132Index235
Dolan, J T 21133Index235
Dolan, Martin 21134Index235
Dolan, Joseph 66984Abstract248
Dolan, (inf) 4011Index250
Dolan, Leo Thomas 4012Index250
Dolan, Minnie 4013Index250
Dolan, William 4014Index250
Dolan, Elizabeth Jane 65622Abstract682
Dolan, Joseph 65623Abstract682
Dolan, Harley 59345Index926
Dolan, Mary (Shaw)59346Index926
Dolan, Anna 63319Index9999
Dolin, Mrs. 4015Index250
Dollie, 67121Map681
Dollin, John R 21135Index235
Dollins, (m) 4016Index250
Dollins, Ida 4017Index250
Dolman, John 21136Index235
Dolman, John 21137Index235
Dolman, Delia H 4018Index250
Dolman, Mamie B 4019Index250
Dolman, Russel 4020Index250
Dolson, E B 55558Index1990841
Dolstrem, Herbert 4021Index250
Domanska, Martha 4022Index250
Domansky, (m) 4023Index250
Dombrowski, John 4024Index250
Dombrowski, Joseph Francis 40645Index366
Dombrowski, R J 48756Index370
Dombrowski, Anthony E 49038Index370
Dombrowski, A E 49124Index370
Domgar, Arthur 50689Index1997372
Domig, Joseph F 21138Index235
Dominguez, Raymond C 53468Index324
Domini, John 49774Index370
Domino, Michael 21139Index235
Domino, Michelo 21140Index235
Dominoe, William (Arnold)16579Abstract236
Domiskey, (inf) 4025Index250
Donadio, Frank 21141Index235
Donadio, J 21142Index235
Donaher, John 21143Index235
Donaher, John 21144Index235
Donahey, George W 4026Index250
Donahoo, Shelby 38843Index365
Donahoo, Shelby 41893Index366
Donahue, William 21145Index235
Donahue, Alice 4027Index250
Donahue, Joseph 4028Index250
Donahue, Joseph 4029Index250
Donahue, William 4030Index250
Donahue, Mamie 63279Index9999
Donald, Andrew 21146Index235
Donald, (f) 4031Index250
Donald, Blanche 4032Index250
Donaldson, Clara B 4033Index250
Donaldson, Don 4034Index250
Donaldson, James 4035Index250
Donaldson, Millie 4036Index250
Donaldson, Robert 54576Index323
Donaldson, James 32095Index363
Donaldson, Lawrence Albert 41017Index366
Donaldson, Virgil 42612Index366
Donaldson, Virgil E 42633Index366
Donaldson, R F 46603Index1998369
Donalson, Raymond Joseph 48655Index370
Donan, Robert 21147Index235
Donan, H A 53756Index324
Donan, H A 45672Index1998369
Donavan, William D 42495Index366
Donegan, William 21148Index235
Donegan, Mark A 4037Index250
Donel, (f) 4038Index250
Donel, (m) 4039Index250
Donel, W. A 4040Index250
Donelly, Agnes 4041Index250
Donelson, Nelson 21149Index235
Donelson, Charles Everett 40138Index365
Donelson, R J 44777Index2000368
Donelson, R J 48689Index370
Donelson, Jack 50298Index1994371
Donevan, Michale 69063Book18711253
Dongan, Wm 21150Index235
Dongan, Michael 17586Abstract242
Donglass, Peter 4042Index250
Donigan, Michael 21151Index235
Donihoo, William 57780Index1100
Donin, W P 21152Index235
Doniphan, Anderson 4043Index250
Donk, Wm 21153Index235
Donk, William 4044Index250
Donkers, Henry A 57782Index1100
Donley, Russell 41934Index366
Donley, Russell Don 41991Index366
Donley, Olive (Wing)56334Abstract1102
Donley, James 62533Abstract1104
Donly, Olive B 4045Index250
Donnan, Winfred 63113Abstract1105
Donnell, Robert W 66985Abstract248
Donnell, Elsie 4046Index250
Donnell, Mary 4047Index250
Donnell, Robert W 4048Index250
Donnell, George 69384Book18711253
Donnelly, James P 21154Index235
Donnelly, Rigla 21155Index235
Donnelly, Carrie 4049Index250
Donnelly, Robert J 4050Index250
Donner, Frederick W 21156Index235
Donner, J B 67122Map681
Donner, J C 69583Book19041254
Donnolay, Naval 4051Index250
Donnold, Sarah 4052Index250
Donogalla, John 4053Index250
Donoghue, Daniel 4054Index250
Donoghue, John 4055Index250
Donoghue, William O 4056Index250
Donoho, L F 43884Index2000368
Donohoe, Chas 21157Index235
Donohoe, John 21158Index235
Donohue, Mary 17587Abstract242
Donohue, Thomas H 4057Index250
Donohue, Elbert 33256Index363
Donough, Margaret 59751Index1101
Donovan, John 36Book1
Donovan, E. M 4058Index250
Donovan, Edward 4059Index250
Donovan, Emma C 4060Index250
Donovan, Fannie 4061Index250
Donovan, John Sr 4062Index250
Donovan, Mary 4063Index250
Donovan, F M 31923Index363
Donovan, Mark 40124Index365
Donovan, Mark Maurice 40168Index365
Donovan, William Duke 42560Index366
Donovan, James W 57784Index1100
Donovan, John M 60037Index1101
Donovan, James 56335Abstract1102
Donovan, Mary Catherine 63114Abstract1105
Donovan, Alice 68607Book18711253
Donovan, Jr, John 64262Index9999
Donshoe, Leo T 4064Index250
Donthel, Harry H 4065Index250
Donthurt, Josie E 4066Index250
Donty, Adelaide 60865Index1101
Doolan, I 21159Index235
Doolan, James E 21160Index235
Doolan, Daniel L 32020Index363
Doolan, William 41475Index366
Doolan, William Francis 41542Index366
Dooley, Eliza 17588Abstract242
Dooley, Richard M 66986Abstract248
Dooley, Thomas 4067Index250
Dooley, William 49316Index370
Dooley, W M 49347Index370
Dooley, Samuel 60039Index1101
Dooley, Samuel P 56336Abstract1102
Dooley, Ada 62038Abstract1103
Dooley, Madison Hume 62039Abstract1103
Dooley, John 62535Abstract1104
Dooleyt, W H 46201Index1998369
Dopf, John D 65522Abstract682
Dopf, Burt 65624Abstract682
Dopf, John D 65625Abstract682
Dopf, Minttie 65626Abstract682
Dopf, Paul 65627Abstract682
Dopf, John 65628Abstract682
Dopp, Freeman 38352Index926
Dopp, Mary Jane (Kearns)38353Index926
Doran, Lawrence 21161Index235
Doran, George P 17589Abstract242
Doran, Elizabeth 4068Index250
Doran, I. 4069Index250
Doran, Leo L 4070Index250
Doran, Patrick 68743Book18711253
Doran, Patrick 68803Book18711253
Doran, Patrick 68890Book18711253
Dorch, H. 4071Index250
Dorcy, Joseph 4072Index250
Dorcy, Susan 4073Index250
Doring, Joseph 21162Index235
Doring, S F 21163Index235
Doring, Joseph 64182Index9999
Dorn, William F 21164Index235
Dorn, Christopher 4074Index250
Dornheffer, Sophia 17590Abstract242
Dornhoffer, Robert 38562Index365
Dornhoffer, Robert Francis 38593Index365
Dornhoffer, Robert 41197Index366
Dornhoffer, Robert Francis 41224Index366
Dorrel, Dayton 21165Index235
Dorrel, B. Mae 4075Index250
Dorrel, Whitfield 4076Index250
Dorrel, Ruben D 60041Index1101
Dorrell, William Carson 64957Abstract1106
Dorris, V. 4077Index250
Dorrson, A W 21166Index235
Dorsal, Henry F 21167Index235
Dorsel, (f) 4078Index250
Dorsel, Albert 4079Index250
Dorsel, Anna 4080Index250
Dorsel, William C 4081Index250
Dorsel, Frank Leroy 39139Index365
Dorsel, Robert 42729Index366
Dorsell, Theodore 21168Index235
Dorsey, Joseph 21169Index235
Dorsey, Joseph 21170Index235
Dorsey, Joseph 21171Index235
Dorsey, Rosemary 17591Abstract242
Dorsey, Andrew 4082Index250
Dorsey, Eliza 4083Index250
Dorsey, Robert 4084Index250
Dorsey, Sarah 4085Index250
Dorsey, D D 43265Index2000368
Dorsh, Will 21172Index235
Dorst, Gustav 21173Index235
Dorst, Marge 4086Index250
Dorst, Theresa 4087Index250
Dorsta, Augusta 4088Index250
Dorum, (inf) 4089Index250
Dorzweiler, George J 51252Index1997372
Doss, M D 49263Index370
Dote, (inf) 4090Index250
Dotson, Gilbert 39360Index365
Dotson, Ernest Gilbert 39387Index365
Dotson, Wilton 40658Index366
Dotson, Virgil E 44700Index2000368
Dotson, V E 44835Index2000368
Dotson, W D 48927Index370
Dotson, Martin 60043Index1101
Dotson, L M 69150Book18711253
Dotson, L M 69169Book18711253
Doty, Wm B 21174Index235
Doty, Jeff 32779Index363
Doty, Freddie B 49073Index370
Doty, Freddie B 49079Index370
Doty, Freddie J 49135Index370
Doty, Fred 50799Index1997372
Dotz, Thomas M 57786Index1100
Dougall, Alfred 53964Index324
Dougan, James O 21175Index235
Dougan, W C 21176Index235
Dougan, Cora Belle 4091Index250
Dougan, Lloyd E 33596Index363
Dougdale, M B 21177Index235
Dougherty, Wm 21178Index235
Dougherty, Wm H 21179Index235
Dougherty, Alexander M 17603Abstract242
Dougherty, A M 66987Abstract248
Dougherty, (inf) 4092Index250
Dougherty, Arthur 4093Index250
Dougherty, James R 4094Index250
Dougherty, James 38678Index365
Dougherty, James Franklin 38703Index365
Dougherty, A E 67123Map681
Dougherty, S P 67124Map681
Dougherty, Helen M 63998Index9999
Doughery, Michael 21180Index235
Doughtery, John M 62040Abstract1103
Doughty, F L 21181Index235
Doughty, Vincent 21182Index235
Doughty, William 4095Index250
Doughty, John F 65629Abstract682
Doughty, Sampson 65630Abstract682
Doughty, Harriett (Price)56337Abstract1102
Douglas, Abner 21183Index235
Douglas, A G 21184Index235
Douglas, A G 21185Index235
Douglas, Edward 21186Index235
Douglas, George 21187Index235
Douglas, George 21188Index235
Douglas, G J 21189Index235
Douglas, Henry 21190Index235
Douglas, John 21191Index235
Douglas, John 21193Index235
Douglas, John J 21194Index235
Douglas, Ralph 21195Index235
Douglas, Ralph W 21196Index235
Douglas, R W 21197Index235
Douglas, (inf) 4096Index250
Douglas, Amanda 4097Index250
Douglas, John 4098Index250
Douglas, John B 4099Index250
Douglas, John R 4100Index250
Douglas, Maria 4101Index250
Douglas, W. 4102Index250
Douglas, William 4103Index250
Douglas, Rollie Lee 32326Index363
Douglas, W R 32542Index363
Douglas, Henry C 33119Index363
Douglas, Leon Francis 40629Index366
Douglas, L Z 43691Index2000368
Douglas, C J 44706Index2000368
Douglas, Charles 51428Index1997372
Douglas, Jane Rawlins 62041Abstract1103
Douglas, A P (Smith)70133Newsletter19331316
Douglass, E B 67125Map681
Douglass, E D 67126Map681
Douglass, W L 67127Map681
Douglass, J B 55560Index1990841
Doulan, Eliza 4104Index250
Doulgas, Elizabeth 58093Index1100
Douolas, John 21192Index235
Dourka, Charles 63967Index9999
Douthert, Annie 67128Map681
Douthert, P J 67129Map681
Douthert, W S 67130Map681
Douthitt, James 55559Index1990841
Dovel, I N 67131Map681
Dovell, Joe 40003Index365
Dover, William 70319Newsletter19351304
Dowd, Franklin 43402Index2000368
Dowden, Edward 4105Index250
Dowden, F. J 4106Index250
Dowden, Lowell Dean 54263Index323
Dowden, Lloyd 42787Index366
Dowden, Lloyd 42852Index366
Dowden, A D 60045Index1101
Dowden, Edward 60047Index1101
Dowdy, E E 50170Index1994371
Dowell, Axie 4107Index250
Dowell, Ora James 4108Index250
Dowell, D E 47528Index1998369
Dowell, Dudley E 49878Index1994371
Dowell, Wilfred 50514Index1994371
Dowis, Pat 32794Index363
Dowis, Larry 46599Index1998369
Dowis, L G 46682Index1998369
Dowleby, Hada 4109Index250
Dowling, L H 21198Index235
Dowling, Wm R 21199Index235
Dowling, Francis Edward 17605Abstract242
Dowling, John F 4110Index250
Dowman, Stephen 54718Index926
Dowman, Mary Jane (Piper)54719Index926
Down, Ezra 21227Index235
Down, H S 21228Index235
Down, John 4111Index250
Downard, Jack 21200Index235
Downen, John 4112Index250
Downen, Sarah 4113Index250
Downes, John 21201Index235
Downes, John 21202Index235
Downes, Catherine (Mullen)17606Abstract242
Downes, John 66988Abstract248
Downes, Marie 4114Index250
Downes, William 4115Index250
Downey, Francis 21203Index235
Downey, Francis 21204Index235
Downey, Frank 21205Index235
Downey, Henry 21206Index235
Downey, John 21207Index235
Downey, J J 21208Index235
Downey, Michael 21209Index235
Downey, M 21210Index235
Downey, M 21211Index235
Downey, Nelson J 21212Index235
Downey, N J 21213Index235
Downey, Dennis 17609Abstract242
Downey, James 17612Abstract242
Downey, Michael 17613Abstract242
Downey, Peter T 17614Abstract242
Downey, Thomas H 17617Abstract242
Downey, Francis W 4116Index250
Downey, Lucetta 4117Index250
Downey, Veldon Lee 38634Index365
Downey, Edilee 40083Index365
Downey, Thomas J 50204Index1994371
Downey, Eva J 56338Abstract1102
Downey, Mabel Clair (Crisswell)62042Abstract1103
Downey, Phoebe Talbert 62043Abstract1103
Downey, Daniel 69457Book18711253
Downey, 63196Index9999
Downey, Michael 63889Index9999
Downhour, Warner 53797Index324
Downing, Alberta 4118Index250
Downing, Caroline 4119Index250
Downing, Charles 4120Index250
Downing, James C 33130Index363
Downing, Veldon 38606Index365
Downing, Veldon Lee 40701Index366
Downing, Charles 46246Index1998369
Downing, C W 46271Index1998369
Downing, R I 47658Index1998369
Downing, Everett 50554Index1994371
Downing, J P 50690Index1997372
Downing, A T 55561Index1990841
Downing, A. T 17015Index926
Downing, Mary Ann (Owens)17016Index926
Downing, Dennis 17214Index926
Downing, Sarah (Ellis)17215Index926
Downing, Ann Roberts (Bitkelda?)59477Index926
Downing, Virginia (Conlee)70477Newsletter19481286
Downing, Roy C 70478Newsletter19481286
Downing, Glendon 70481Newsletter19481286
Downing, Conlee 70482Newsletter19481286
Downing (of Daviess Co), William R 59476Index926
Downs, C 21214Index235
Downs, Geo Y 21215Index235
Downs, James L 21216Index235
Downs, James T 21217Index235
Downs, James T 21218Index235
Downs, James T 21219Index235
Downs, John 21220Index235
Downs, John J 21221Index235
Downs, J T 21222Index235
Downs, J T 21223Index235
Downs, J T 21224Index235
Downs, J T 21225Index235
Downs, Wesley 21226Index235
Downs, Anna Elizabeth (Connelly)17619Abstract242
Downs, Bridget 4121Index250
Downs, Catherine 4122Index250
Downs, Charles 4123Index250
Downs, Charles E 4124Index250
Downs, Eugene J 4125Index250
Downs, F. D 4126Index250
Downs, Isreal 4127Index250
Downs, Luella 4128Index250
Downs, Marie A 4129Index250
Downs, Mary 4130Index250
Downs, Maude E 4131Index250
Downs, Billy 53501Index324
Downs, George E 32803Index363
Downs, D T 40933Index366
Downs, Bill Mahlon 42408Index366
Dowsey, Chas 21229Index235
Dowsey, Max 4132Index250
Doye, H J 21230Index235
Doyle, Thomas H 60Book1
Doyle, John M 67Book1
Doyle, T H 156Newspaper Clipping or Art2003105
Doyle, E W 21231Index235
Doyle, James 21232Index235
Doyle, James 21233Index235
Doyle, James 21234Index235
Doyle, Wm 21235Index235
Doyle, James I (Ryan)17452Abstract236
Doyle, Teresa Ann 17622Abstract242
Doyle, Ellen 66989Abstract248
Doyle, Phillip 66990Abstract248
Doyle, (inf) 4133Index250
Doyle, Etta May 4134Index250
Doyle, Mary 4135Index250
Doyle, Mike 4136Index250
Doyle, Theodore 4137Index250
Doyle, Vincent 53719Index324
Doyle, Edward Frank 40476Index366
Doyle, D A 46591Index1998369
Doyle, J W 47676Index1998369
Doyle, H 67132Map681
Doyle, J 67133Map681
Doyle, W A 67134Map681
Doyle, Elisha 61610Index926
Doyle, Mary (Chinanith)61611Index926
Doyle, Edward 69164Book18711253
Doyle, T H 64195Index9999
Dozier, Douglas 48797Index370
Dozier, D F 48818Index370
Dozier, M E 49364Index370
Dozier, 65631Abstract682
Dozier, Zach 65632Abstract682
Dozier, Fannie 65633Abstract682
Dozier, Ureula 65634Abstract682
Dozier, Z T 65636Abstract682
Dozier, Z T 65716Abstract682
Dozier, Cordelia 58588Index1100
Dozier, Ninman H 62536Abstract1104
Drace, Virginia F 59579Index1101
Drace, Frank M 60049Index1101
Drach, Beatrice 4138Index250
Dracy, Ella 61443Index1101
Draeger, Freda 4139Index250
Drag, Anthony 38448Index365
Drag, Andrew John 38527Index365
Drag, Lawrence A 41013Index366
Dragisti, Rosie 17623Abstract242
Dragon, Daniel 69165Book18711253
Dragoo, Densel 4140Index250
Dragoo, John 54622Index323
Dragoo, Charles 54657Index323
Dragoo, George 44291Index2000368
Dragoo, G R 44305Index2000368
Dragoo, George 46433Index1998369
Dragoo, G B 46790Index1998369
Dragoo, 67135Map681
Dragoo, B F 67136Map681
Dragoo, C C 67137Map681
Dragoo, D C 67138Map681
Dragoo, J M 67139Map681
Dragoo, P 67140Map681
Dragoo, W S 67141Map681
Dragoo, Frank 65566Abstract682
Dragoo, Sarah J 65637Abstract682
Dragoo, Daniel 65638Abstract682
Dragoo, Thomas (Hulda Weber)65639Abstract682
Dragoo, Thomas 65641Abstract682
Dragoo, Bertie 65643Abstract682
Dragoo, Lawson (Mitchell)66070Abstract682
Dragoo, Phillip 66401Abstract682
Draher, Max 21236Index235
Drahler, Walter Jacob 39573Index365
Drain, R W 21237Index235
Drain, 55562Index1990841
Drais, China R 4141Index250
Drake, Fred A 21239Index235
Drake, Henry A 21240Index235
Drake, A. P 4142Index250
Drake, Daisy 4143Index250
Drake, Frank 4144Index250
Drake, Mrs. W 4145Index250
Drake, Melvin 53838Index324
Drake, Warren 38500Index365
Drake, Warren Arthur 38541Index365
Drake, Robert 39303Index365
Drake, Warren 42883Index2000368
Drake, Melvin 48966Index370
Drake, M E 49043Index370
Drake, George 50927Index1997372
Drake, Melvin E 51191Index1997372
Drake, F B 67142Map681
Drake, James 67143Map681
Drake, Joseph 65644Abstract682
Drake, Joel 17190Index926
Drake, Nancy (Huntsacker)17191Index926
Drake, James 60051Index1101
Drake, William F 60053Index1101
Drake, Jefferson 62044Abstract1103
Drake, 62537Abstract1104
Drake, Millie (Kreek)63115Abstract1105
Drake, Amanda Jane (Carder)64958Abstract1106
Drake, Carrie 63577Index9999
Drake, Frank 63578Index9999
Drakel, Fred 21238Index235
Draken, Frank E 4146Index250
Drannan, W T 45163Index2000368
Drannan, John 68423Book18711253
Drant, N P 21241Index235
Drant, N P 21242Index235
Drant, N P 21243Index235
Drant, Nickolas R 4147Index250
Drappeau, John 62045Abstract1103
Draut, Katherine 17630Abstract242
Draut, Beatrice Lorraine 17632Abstract242
Draut, M A 44355Index2000368
Dreben, Emil 21244Index235
Dreck, D R 43288Index2000368
Dreesmann, H 21245Index235
Dreesmann, Thekla (Klaas)17697Abstract242
Dreher, Earl Leslie 41486Index366
Dreher, E L 48319Index370
Dreher, Raymond W 48519Index370
Dreher, R W 48543Index370
Dreher, R W 50168Index1994371
Dreher, Ola 62538Abstract1104
Drehl, Luther 21246Index235
Dreier, F H 43197Index2000368
Dreier, Francis H 46184Index1998369
Dreier, F H 46240Index1998369
Dreier, R A 47185Index1998369
Dreis, Elizabeth M 4148Index250
Dreis, Peter 4149Index250
Dreismann, H J 21247Index235
Drennan, A M 33160Index363
Drennen, Merion Henry 39757Index365
Drennen, R T 46452Index1998369
Dresher, Mary 4150Index250
Dresser, Fanny 68895Book18711253
Dresser, Lula May 68904Book18711253
Dresser, Fanny 68913Book18711253
Dresser, Lula May 68914Book18711253
Dresser, Franny 69502Book18711253
Dressmann, H J 21248Index235
Dretzel, John A 21249Index235
Drevelius, Leo J (Buddy)17442Abstract236
Drever, D 64006Index9999
Drew, J G 21250Index235
Drew, (inf) 4151Index250
Drew, Catherine 4152Index250
Drew, John H 4153Index250
Drew, Oscar 4154Index250
Drew, H G 64168Index9999
Drew, Bertha E 64169Index9999
Drews, John 4155Index250
Dreyer, Raymond 46112Index1998369
Dreyer, R V 46124Index1998369
Dreyer, Dessa 64276Index9999
Dreyfus, William 63838Index9999
Dries, James 4156Index250
Dries, Joseph P 4157Index250
Dries, Mary 69144Book18711253
Dries, Joseph 69493Book18711253
Drifkell, Jack 38415Index365
Drimmel, Eugene A 48053Index370
Drimmel, E A 48181Index370
Drinkard, John J 21251Index235
Drinkard, J J 21252Index235
Drinkerd, John 4158Index250
Drinkhard, Gerald 21253Index235
Drinkwater, David 4159Index250
Drish, Wilson C 4160Index250
Dritchler, Emma 4161Index250
Driver, Ellen 4162Index250
Driver, Joseph 4163Index250
Drixell, C 21254Index235
Drownes, Philip 53514Index324
Drowns, Edward 21255Index235
Drowns, Edwin 21256Index235
Drowns, George 21257Index235
Drowns, Grover C 21258Index235
Drowns, W D 21259Index235
Drowns, William 17698Abstract242
Drowns, Phillip 32313Index363
Drowns, Alva C 33445Index363
Drowns, Alva Clayton 39723Index365
Drowns, Ronald Gene 39846Index365
Drowns, Norman Shirley 41258Index366
Drozd, Emil 21260Index235
Druckemiller, Paul 4164Index250
Druke, George W 67144Map681
Drum, Mary Susan 60457Index1101
Drumm, Margaret E 17699Abstract242
Drumm, Bertha 4165Index250
Drummond, Claude E 21261Index235
Drummond, Marie (Streuber)17392Abstract236
Drummond, (m) 4166Index250
Drummond, Fredericke 4167Index250
Drummond, Thomas 4168Index250
Drummond, Sarah (Hurst)65897Abstract682
Drummond, D 65906Abstract682
Drunn, F. N 4169Index250
Drury, Clarissa 4170Index250
Drury, Alice 60520Index1101
Drury, Mary Ann 62046Abstract1103
Drury, 63116Abstract1105
Drury, George 64959Abstract1106
Druyne, Frank 21262Index235
Drydale, Wayne 40084Index365
Drydale, Murray Raymond 43001Index2000368
Dryden, Sarah L 4171Index250
Dryden, Raligh 40729Index366
Dryden, Raleigh Dale 40794Index366
Dryden, Mary A 67145Map681
Dryden, J L 60056Index1101
Dryden, Isic 60057Index1101
Dryden, Charles 56339Abstract1102
Dryden, Grandma 56340Abstract1102
Dryden, Father 56341Abstract1102
Dryer, Alfred 54412Index323
Dryer, A J 48297Index370
Drysdale, James 21263Index235
Drysdale, John 21264Index235
Drysdale, John J 21265Index235
Drysdale, Catherine (Connor)17700Abstract242
Drysdale, Margaret Mary 17701Abstract242
Drysdale, Joseph 66991Abstract248
Drysdale, Willie 66992Abstract248
Drysdale, Francis 4172Index250
Drysdale, Leo 4173Index250
Drysdale, Margaret 4174Index250
Drysdale, William 4175Index250
Drysdale, John 32455Index363
Drysdale, John C 32466Index363
Drysdale, James 38449Index365
Drysdale, Wayne Leroy 40614Index366
Drysing, Aug 21266Index235
Du Puy, Raymond 63893Index9999
Duane, Willis 53752Index324
Duane, Celeste 68873Book18711253
Duane, David A 68874Book18711253
Duane, Albert R 68875Book18711253
Duane, Henry L 68876Book18711253
Duane, Arthur Lee 68877Book18711253
Dubach, Anna 4176Index250
Dubach, Bertha 4177Index250
Dubach, Kenneth 50525Index1994371
Dube, Chas J 21267Index235
Dubinsky, William 32012Index363
Dubke, Elmer Wilmer 44884Index2000368
Dubois, K L 21268Index235
Dubowski, L 21269Index235
Dubowski, Wm 21270Index235
Dubowsky, Frank 4178Index250
Duboy, Roy 33037Index363
Ducate, James 21271Index235
Ducate, James R 21272Index235
Ducate, Daniel 4179Index250
Ducate, Levina 4180Index250
Ducate, Mary Bell 4181Index250
Ducate, Sarah L 4182Index250
Duckworth, Blanche 4183Index250
Duckworth, Lucy B 4184Index250
Duckworth, Thomas 4185Index250
Duckworth, Lewis 33307Index363
Duckworth, Curtis 51445Index1997372
Ducoing, F 21273Index235
Ducola, Chas 21274Index235
Ducola, Chas 21275Index235
Duconing, Mattie M 64926Index9999
Ducy, Honorah 4186Index250
Dudeck, Dora 4187Index250
Dudeck, Paul 48336Index370
Dudeck, P E 48397Index370
Dudeck, Paul 50129Index1994371
Dudes, Madison 21288Index235
Dudleck, Anna 4188Index250
Dudley, Robert 39018Index365
Dudley, Robert Ellis 39037Index365
Dudley, William E 40121Index365
Dudley, H A 43464Index2000368
Dudley, H A 46907Index1998369
Dudly, Mary 58626Index1100
Duehren, John William 42450Index366
Duemcke, Emille (Woeliner)17702Abstract242
Duetsch, Chas 21276Index235
Duett, W W S 21277Index235
Duey, Belle 21278Index235
Duffet, L. W 4189Index250
Duffey, May 4190Index250
Duffy, A B 21279Index235
Duffy, Albert 17703Abstract242
Duffy, Hattie 4191Index250
Duffy, John 4192Index250
Duffy, Mary 4193Index250
Duffy, Thomas 4194Index250
Duffy, Ronald E 48266Index370
Duford, Charles 21280Index235
Dugan, James 21281Index235
Dugan, Wm 21282Index235
Dugan, (inf) 4195Index250
Dugan, (m) 4196Index250
Dugan, Mary 4197Index250
Dugdale, Mathew 21283Index235
Dugdale, Robert 4198Index250
Duggan, John L 17704Abstract242
Duggan, John 4199Index250
Duggan, John James 4200Index250
Duggan, John P 4201Index250
Duggan, Michael 4202Index250
Duggan, Michael 4203Index250
Duggan, Pauline 4204Index250
Dugger, Franklin 21284Index235
Dugger, F H 21285Index235
Dugger, John 21286Index235
Duggins, John Calvin 39057Index365
Duincke, Louisa 4205Index250
Duka, Joseph 4206Index250
Duke, George 21289Index235
Duke, Milton 42051Index366
Duke, Milton Alfred 42083Index366
Duke, John W 45322Index2000368
Duke, J W 45350Index1998369
Duke, Milton 47335Index1998369
Duke, Mary U 57469Index1100
Duke, Mary U 57473Index1100
Duke, Ann 58594Index1100
Duke, Elizabeth 59575Index1101
Duke, Margaret J 59939Index1101
Duke, Jennie 61220Index1101
Duke, L G 61311Index1101
Dukeiski, Sol 21287Index235
Dukes, (m) 4207Index250
Dulany, E E 60059Index1101
Dulcan, George 39510Index365
Duley, Ray 53602Index324
Duley, R T 43131Index2000368
Dulin, William 4208Index250
Dulin, Mary Elizabeth 58405Index1100
Dull, L J 21291Index235
Dully, Joseph F 21290Index235
Dumbell, L R 21292Index235
Dumbrowski, M. 4209Index250
Dumhiller, Evelyn 4210Index250
Dumina, Michael 21293Index235
Dumleary, Mary 4211Index250
Dumm, Mark A 4212Index250
Dumm, George 53878Index324
Dumm, George 45150Index2000368
Dumm, Carl 47340Index1998369
Dumont, Wm D 21294Index235
Dumont, Frank A 4213Index250
Dumont, Sarah 4214Index250
Dumphy, J J 21295Index235
Dumphy, Edwin 4215Index250
Dun-ford, Wm 21322Index235
Dunbar, Alex 21296Index235
Dunbar, Anna (Scotch)17705Abstract242
Dunbar, Maggie 4216Index250
Dunbar, Roger 4217Index250
Dunbar, Noah 63446Index9999
Dunbar, Edward 64366Index9999
Duncan, Albert 21297Index235
Duncan, A 21298Index235
Duncan, Chas 21299Index235
Duncan, Fred 21300Index235
Duncan, Fred 21301Index235
Duncan, Fred L 21302Index235
Duncan, F E 21303Index235
Duncan, H S 21304Index235
Duncan, John 21305Index235
Duncan, John 21306Index235
Duncan, John 21307Index235
Duncan, J 21308Index235
Duncan, J W 21309Index235
Duncan, Mark 21310Index235
Duncan, Marshall 21311Index235
Duncan, Myrtle 21312Index235
Duncan, Robert 21313Index235
Duncan, S W 21314Index235
Duncan, Thomas 21315Index235
Duncan, Thos 21316Index235
Duncan, Thos 21317Index235
Duncan, Wilber 21318Index235
Duncan, William 21319Index235
Duncan, William 21320Index235
Duncan, John Andrew 17706Abstract242
Duncan, Stella (Marsell)17707Abstract242
Duncan, M A 66993Abstract248
Duncan, (f) 4218Index250
Duncan, (inf) 4219Index250
Duncan, Amanda 4220Index250
Duncan, Chaimcey 4221Index250
Duncan, Fannie 4222Index250
Duncan, Florence 4223Index250
Duncan, George 4224Index250
Duncan, George W 4225Index250
Duncan, Grace Lee 4226Index250
Duncan, Henry 4227Index250
Duncan, Hugh 4228Index250
Duncan, John 4229Index250
Duncan, June 4230Index250
Duncan, Sarah E 4231Index250
Duncan, Thomas 4232Index250
Duncan, John T 54150Index323
Duncan, William R 53914Index324
Duncan, Warren 53980Index324
Duncan, Howard 54017Index324
Duncan, William E 32751Index363
Duncan, William S 41129Index366
Duncan, Eugene Edward 41325Index366
Duncan, D D 44614Index2000368
Duncan, W S 47511Index1998369
Duncan, Neil 48875Index370
Duncan, Johnnie 49002Index370
Duncan, Zachary 49175Index370
Duncan, Alfred 50081Index1994371
Duncan, Warren 50245Index1994371
Duncan, Zachary 50599Index1994371
Duncan, Preston 51050Index1997372
Duncan, Howard 51113Index1997372
Duncan, Harvey 55563Index1990841
Duncan, 55564Index1990841
Duncan, James 17235Index926
Duncan, Priscilla (Scammahorn)17236Index926
Duncan, Abraham 17545Index926
Duncan, Frances Adeline (Adams)17546Index926
Duncan, Samuel H 17758Index926
Duncan, Sarah Ann (Scamahorn)17759Index926
Duncan, Abijan 57788Index1100
Duncan, William R 57790Index1100
Duncan, Sarash Ann 58744Index1100
Duncan, Mary M 59811Index1101
Duncan, Elizabeth 59861Index1101
Duncan, Edward 60061Index1101
Duncan, Formtin 60063Index1101
Duncan, James 60065Index1101
Duncan, Louis W 60067Index1101
Duncan, Uriah F 60069Index1101
Duncan, William R 60071Index1101
Duncan, WIlliam R 60073Index1101
Duncan, Emily 60347Index1101
Duncan, Elizabeth Vina 61130Index1101
Duncan, Jane 61150Index1101
Duncan, Abejah 56342Abstract1102
Duncan, Franklin Edward 56343Abstract1102
Duncan, Henrietta (Vinnonhalle)56344Abstract1102
Duncan, Susan (Butler)56345Abstract1102
Duncan, James W 56346Abstract1102
Duncan, James M 62047Abstract1103
Duncan, Prater 62048Abstract1103
Duncan, Mary Ann (Sare)63117Abstract1105
Duncan, Daniel 68808Book18711253
Duncan, Martin 69407Book18711253
Duncan, Daniel 69453Book18711253
Duncan, Daniel 69461Book18711253
Duncan, John 63198Index9999
Duncan, Pearl 64080Index9999
Duncan, Maggie A 64104Index9999
Duncan, James 64230Index9999
Dundey, Donald 43058Index2000368
Dunekack, John Henry 57792Index1100
Dunford, Patrick 21321Index235
Dungan, Hanson P 60075Index1101
Dungin, Sarah Ann 16718Index926
Dungy, Albert 41462Index366
Dungy, Elbert Calvin 41510Index366
Dunham, Allen 21323Index235
Dunham, D 21324Index235
Dunham, Walter 21325Index235
Dunham, David 4233Index250
Dunham, Helen 4234Index250
Dunham, Mary 4235Index250
Dunham, Virgil 38793Index365
Dunham, Virgil Preston 38918Index365
Dunham, Harry 41051Index366
Dunham, R L 43614Index2000368
Dunham, Robert 44300Index2000368
Dunham, R W 44329Index2000368
Dunham, 67146Map681
Dunham, A J 67147Map681
Dunham, Alfred 67148Map681
Dunham, E E 67149Map681
Dunham, F 67150Map681
Dunham, H 67151Map681
Dunham, Henry 67152Map681
Dunham, J 67153Map681
Dunham, N 67154Map681
Dunham, Wm 67155Map681
Dunham, May Jane 60036Index1101
Dunham, Doruin Henry 63118Abstract1105
Dunham, Ambrose 64960Abstract1106
Dunigan, Mack 21326Index235
Dunigan, Henry 60077Index1101
Dunigan, Menro 60079Index1101
Dunivent, Edward 53621Index324
Dunken, Aubrey E 32345Index363
Dunkerson, George E 4236Index250
Dunkin, Rosco Rolla 41448Index366
Dunlackey, James 4237Index250
Dunlap, John W 4238Index250
Dunlap, Raymond Lee 54421Index323
Dunlap, Homer L 33184Index363
Dunlap, Charles W 33585Index363
Dunlap, Homer 38709Index365
Dunlap, Homer Lee 38750Index365
Dunlap, Homer Lee 41647Index366
Dunlap, J O 47804Index1998369
Dunlap, R H 48721Index370
Dunlap, Eliza A 67156Map681
Dunlap, Henry 67157Map681
Dunlap, Lena Perle 65645Abstract682
Dunlap, D R 65646Abstract682
Dunlap, S C 65647Abstract682
Dunlap, Aleck 68281Book18711253
Dunmire, John W 4239Index250
Dunn, Chas O 21328Index235
Dunn, C H 21329Index235
Dunn, Frank 21330Index235
Dunn, Fred 21331Index235
Dunn, Fred 21332Index235
Dunn, Fred A 21333Index235
Dunn, Jacob 21334Index235
Dunn, John D 21335Index235
Dunn, John E 21336Index235
Dunn, J E 21337Index235
Dunn, Cathryne 17708Abstract242
Dunn, James 66994Abstract248
Dunn, Maggie 66995Abstract248
Dunn, Charles T 4240Index250
Dunn, Emma 4241Index250
Dunn, Fenton M 4242Index250
Dunn, James 4243Index250
Dunn, L. M 4244Index250
Dunn, Lula 4245Index250
Dunn, Samuel J 4246Index250
Dunn, Sarah 4247Index250
Dunn, T. O 4248Index250
Dunn, Robert 54180Index323
Dunn, Allen 42273Index366
Dunn, Allan P 42366Index366
Dunn, W A 43689Index2000368
Dunn, L E 44115Index2000368
Dunn, George 49980Index1994371
Dunn, 67158Map681
Dunn, 65648Abstract682
Dunn, William 65649Abstract682
Dunn, William 55565Index1990841
Dunn, Susan J 57515Index1100
Dunn, James L 57794Index1100
Dunn, Samuel 57796Index1100
Dunn, Sue C 58351Index1100
Dunn, Mary 59089Index1100
Dunn, Martha Elizabeth 59725Index1101
Dunn, Williamson 60081Index1101
Dunn, Susan Frances 60395Index1101
Dunn, Cecil May 62049Abstract1103
Dunn, Mary 62050Abstract1103
Dunn, Mary 64961Abstract1106
Dunn, P R 64962Abstract1106
Dunn, Dennis 68736Book18711253
Dunn, Bridget 69431Book18711253
Dunn, W P 64353Index9999
Dunnihoo, Wm D 67159Map681
Dunnihoo, William S 62539Abstract1104
Dunning, Sidney 21327Index235
Dunning, Marvin 41525Index366
Dunning, Marvin L 41553Index366
Dunning, Marvin 49476Index370
Dunning, J M 62051Abstract1103
Dunnington, Alexander 66508Abstract682
Dunnington, A M 66513Abstract682
Dunnington, James 66514Abstract682
Dunnington, Nancy Ellen 70088Newsletter19331312
Dunsee, Orm J 21338Index235
Dunser, Lizzie 4249Index250
Dunsford, Pat 21339Index235
Dunshee, R E 48536Index370
Dunsmore, Frank 203List103
Dunsmore, Jack 66996Abstract248
Dunsmore, George 4250Index250
Dunson, James 21340Index235
Dunton, Danielf W 61506Index926
Dunton, Susannah (Baker)61507Index926
Dunton, William B 64317Index9999
Dupen, V. George 4251Index250
Dupin, Joseph 21342Index235
Dupin, Clara M 4252Index250
Dupin, George J 32160Index363
Dupine, Joseph 21341Index235
Dupler, Laviga 63522Index9999
Dupont, Frank 21343Index235
Dupont, Nettie 4253Index250
Dupont, Herbert E 32591Index363
Dupont, Jennette D (Hodgins)63119Abstract1105
Dupont, Andy 63692Index9999
Dupont, Andy 64250Index9999
Dupree, Frank 21344Index235
Dupree, Wm 21345Index235
Dupree, Alfred M 4254Index250
Dupree, Jack 4255Index250
Dupree, Raymond L 51355Index1997372
Duputy, Oral 54405Index323
Duquid, Leroy 32446Index363
Durant, Samuel 61845Index926
Durant, Mathilda (Barker)61846Index926
Durbin, Harry 38428Index365
Durbin, Harry Edward 38465Index365
Durbin, C G 46209Index1998369
Durbin, Carl 49999Index1994371
Durchler, John 4256Index250
Dure, T H 21346Index235
Durfee, 65650Abstract682
Durfee, A B 65651Abstract682
Durfee, Anna 65652Abstract682
Durfee, Aaron B 65653Abstract682
Durfee, Aaron B (Todd)65654Abstract682
Durgan, Charles 68707Book18711253
Durgin, Robert O 38953Index365
Durgin, Robert Osborne 39015Index365
Durgin, R O 45437Index1998369
Durham, Alice 21347Index235
Durham, G C 21348Index235
Durham, Neff 21349Index235
Durham, Albert 4257Index250
Durham, Alex 4258Index250
Durham, Presley 60084Index1101
Durham, Lois (Kennedy)56347Abstract1102
Durham, Al 64963Abstract1106
Durhamand, William A 18013Index926
Durhamand, Emily J (Bell)18015Index926
Durhan, Frankie 4259Index250
Durkan, Barney 21350Index235
Durke, Pat E 21351Index235
Durkee, Mary J 4260Index250
Durkert, Donald Wayne 41693Index366
Durr, Miss E 4261Index250
Durrett, Joseph 21352Index235
Durrett, J H 21353Index235
Durrett, Joseph 16989Index926
Durrett, Theny (Livingston)16990Index926
Durrett, William Thomas 62052Abstract1103
Dustin, Dora M 4262Index250
Dustin, Orel 65657Abstract682
Dustin, John N 65658Abstract682
Dustin, Sarah E 65659Abstract682
Dutch, Charles E 21355Index235
Dutcher, Robert 21354Index235
Dutcher, E. 4263Index250
Dutlon, Sarah A 4264Index250
Dutton, Charles 21356Index235
Dutton, Elmer 21357Index235
Dutton, Henry M 57798Index1100
Duty, Cleve 21358Index235
Duty, James Arthur 41333Index366
Duva, Henry 66997Abstract248
Duvall, Alvin 21359Index235
Duvall, Ellen 69073Book18711253
Duvall, Ellen 69115Book18711253
Duvall, Ann 69587Book19041254
Duve, Henry 4265Index250
Duvuse, Ella A 69475Book18711253
Duwald, James 60085Index1101
Duyer, Thomas L 4266Index250
Duysing, A F 21360Index235
Dweyer, Elas 57800Index1100
Dwinell, Milton 4267Index250
Dwinger, W C 44412Index2000368
Dwinger, W C 48461Index370
Dwornick, Margaret 17709Abstract242
Dwornick, Francis 53624Index324
Dwyer, Chas 21361Index235
Dwyer, Frank 21362Index235
Dwyer, Frank M 21363Index235
Dwyer, (inf) 4268Index250
Dwyer, Catherine 4269Index250
Dwyer, Joseph 4270Index250
Dwyer, Margaret 4271Index250
Dwyer, Mary 4272Index250
Dwyer, Michel 4273Index250
Dwyer, Edwin M 53887Index324
Dwyer, D L 45693Index1998369
Dwyer, W M 67160Map681
Dwyer, William 69040Book18711253
Dwyer, William 69066Book18711253
Dwyer, William 69094Book18711253
Dwyer, William 69143Book18711253
Dwyer, Michael 69289Book18711253
Dwyer, Bill 69364Book18711253
Dyche, Dewaine 38898Index365
Dyche, Abner Dewain 38925Index365
Dyche, A D 43086Index2000368
Dyche, L D 43588Index2000368
Dyche, A D 47437Index1998369
Dyche, 65660Abstract682
Dyche, John K 65661Abstract682
Dyche, Nancy E 57421Index1100
Dycke, B J 67161Map681
Dycke, Ida 67162Map681
Dycus, (inf) 4274Index250
Dycus, Mary 69590Book19041254
Dyczewski, John 21364Index235
Dyczewski, Paul 21365Index235
Dyczewski, Harry 4275Index250
Dydell, William 53686Index324
Dydell, W F 43948Index2000368
Dye, George 21372Index235
Dye, H N 21373Index235
Dye, Will 21374Index235
Dye, (inf) 4276Index250
Dye, Maria 4277Index250
Dye, Norman 4278Index250
Dye, William H 4279Index250
Dye, Chester 32365Index363
Dye, Charles 33268Index363
Dye, Byron 38422Index365
Dye, Elvis Raye 45769Index1998369
Dye, Roger 46990Index1998369
Dye, R O G 47054Index1998369
Dye, Roger 49493Index370
Dyens, Francis 21366Index235
Dyer, John F 21367Index235
Dyer, W H 21368Index235
Dyer, ? 21369Index235
Dyer, Lydia 4280Index250
Dyer, Harold 53883Index324
Dyer, Clark D 32044Index363
Dyer, Edward J P 32678Index363
Dyer, Clark D 33059Index363
Dyer, Robert Eugene 42033Index366
Dyer, Ellen 60987Index1101
Dyer, Pat 63925Index9999
Dyes, C H 21370Index235
Dyett, W W 21371Index235
Dyke, B J 67163Map681
Dyke, J A 67164Map681
Dyke, Missouri Alice 61351Index1101
Dykes, Lester 21375Index235
Dykes, William M 21376Index235
Dykes, James C 4281Index250
Dykes, Raymond 4282Index250
Dykes, W. R 4283Index250
Dykes, William R 4284Index250
Dykes, Bernard H 32096Index363
Dykes, Charles 41019Index366
Dykes, Charles Claire 41126Index366
Dykes, Earl 42055Index366
Dykes, E E 47594Index1998369
Dykes, Larry 49829Index1994371
Dykes, John 54985Index926
Dykes, Nancy M (Smart)54986Index926
Dyliski, John 4285Index250
Dymond, Stanley R 54660Index323
Dynes, Charles 21377Index235
Dynes, C F 21378Index235
Dynes, c F 21379Index235
Dynes, Frank Marvin 39260Index365
Dyraz, John 17710Abstract242
Dyre, John 60087Index1101
Dyrez, Anna 4286Index250
Dyros, Mreczystow 4287Index250
Dysart, Samuel 66998Abstract248
Dysart, Lotta May 4288Index250
Dysart, Louise 4289Index250
Dysart, William 38719Index365
Dysart, Billy 38781Index365
Dysart, William 40484Index366
Dysart, Selmer 63120Abstract1105
Dysart, Julia 64129Index9999
Dyson, Thomas 21380Index235
Dyson, Edwin 4290Index250
Dyson, William 55566Index1990841
Dyson, James 63121Abstract1105

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