Library Holdings Surname Index

The NWMGS maintains and regularly updates their database of library holdings, and their index of the surnames to be found in them. Currently, this database contains a listing of 1,638 items in the library collection, 63,835 names, and was last updated on Wednesday, 16 May 2018. This work is done by volunteers. If you would like to help, contact Kelly.

For copies or additional information about the items in which these names appear, please contact our research librarian. Be sure to mention that the entry you're interested in is in the Holdings database and include the identification numbers.

Name Name ID# Holding Type Pub Year Holding ID#
Zabula, Adam 31751Index235
Zachary, Frank Wolford 63012Abstract1104
Zachary, Lawrence Franklin 64808Abstract1105
Zachary, Virginia 64809Abstract1105
Zachman, Martha Ann (Smith)57209Abstract1102
Zachow, A E 44878Index2000368
Zack, A J 46386Index1998369
Zackert, Anthony 31752Index235
Zackman, John Nelson 62440Abstract1103
Zackow, R E 44832Index2000368
Zackry, Mary 58552Index1100
Zagrodsky, Russell E 32037Index363
Zalasnok, Dorothea 16446Index250
Zamunsky, Mary (Carp)17595Abstract236
Zancker, (inf 16447Index250
Zancker, Roy 63813Index9999
Zanhel, Joseph 31753Index235
Zank, William 16448Index250
Zapala, Joseph 44317Index2000368
Zapala, Joseph 48872Index370
Zapola, Joseph 44203Index2000368
Zaroor, George 31754Index235
Zaroor, George 31755Index235
Zaroor, Paul 16449Index250
Zaroor, Joseph George 41737Index366
Zaroor, J G 46556Index1998369
Zarver, Chas 31756Index235
Zatorski, Fred 54031Index324
Zaugg, Charles 16450Index250
Zawodny, Emil J 39229Index365
Zawodny, Emil J 47642Index1998369
Zbirski, Andy 31757Index235
Zealke, Ernestine 16451Index250
Zeamer, Amelia 16452Index250
Zebelean, Samuel J 48705Index370
Zebrowsky, H 31758Index235
Zebrowsky, H 31759Index235
Zebrowsky, Gustav 16453Index250
Zehr, E E 47978Index370
Zeibold, Nat 31760Index235
Zeidell, Jacob 31761Index235
Zeidler, John L 50Book1
Zeigler, John 31762Index235
Zeigler, Wm Jacob 31763Index235
Zeigler, Louis 16454Index250
Zeigler, Ruth 16455Index250
Zeigler, Wm 68210Book18711253
Zeiler, Gairald 51061Index1997372
Zeller, E J W 31764Index235
Zeller, William 31765Index235
Zeller, Mattie L 60945Index1101
Zeller, Sarah Jane 70151Newsletter19341319
Zellera, Herman 31766Index235
Zellers, Guy 16456Index250
Zellner, Fred W 47902Index370
Zeltwanger, Edwin 53748Index324
Zeltwanger, William 46265Index1998369
Zeltwanger, Art 50521Index1994371
Zeman, Wm W 31767Index235
Zembles, Joseph Felix 40047Index365
Zenger, Godfred 16457Index250
Zenian, Catherine 16458Index250
Zenner, James 31768Index235
Zent, 62441Abstract1103
Zente, Robert 49873Index1994371
Zeranskis, Frank 31769Index235
Zerbst, Edward 31770Index235
Zerbst, Ferd 31771Index235
Zerbst, Ferd 31772Index235
Zerbst, William 31773Index235
Zerbst, Amelia 16459Index250
Zerbst, August 16460Index250
Zerbst, Barbara 16461Index250
Zerbst, Ida 16462Index250
Zerescu, Sara 16463Index250
Zerkel, Thomas J 31774Index235
Zerr, Margaret 16464Index250
Zerust, Barbara 63438Index9999
Zetwanger, W R 46280Index1998369
Zewlweaki, Martin 16465Index250
Zickfield, Fred 16466Index250
Zidell, Joseph Albert 31775Index235
Zidell, Joseph M 31877Index363
Zidewl, Sam 16467Index250
Zieber, V F 31776Index235
Zieber, Vernon 31777Index235
Ziegler, Arnold 16468Index250
Ziegler, F L 31837Index363
Ziekl, Maude 16469Index250
Zieler, Essie 298List103
Ziemandorff, William 31778Index235
Ziemendorff, Margaret 16470Index250
Zigler, Bertha 16471Index250
Zigler, Isaac W 59293Index1100
Zigler, Isaac 62442Abstract1103
Zimer, John L 31779Index235
Zimer, John 16472Index250
Zimmer, John L 31780Index235
Zimmer, George 63847Index9999
Zimmerly, Marie (Schnacker)65235Abstract1106
Zimmerman, A W 31781Index235
Zimmerman, Albert 31782Index235
Zimmerman, Charles 31783Index235
Zimmerman, Clarence 31784Index235
Zimmerman, E 31785Index235
Zimmerman, Edward 31786Index235
Zimmerman, J L 31787Index235
Zimmerman, James 31788Index235
Zimmerman, Joseph 31789Index235
Zimmerman, N W 31790Index235
Zimmerman, W 31791Index235
Zimmerman, William 31792Index235
Zimmerman, Wm 31793Index235
Zimmerman, C. J (Busby)17467Abstract236
Zimmerman, (m) 16473Index250
Zimmerman, Bertha Isabelle 16474Index250
Zimmerman, Edith 16475Index250
Zimmerman, Ernest 16476Index250
Zimmerman, John 16477Index250
Zimmerman, Joseph 16478Index250
Zimmerman, Joseph 16479Index250
Zimmerman, Matilda 16480Index250
Zimmerman, Olivia 16481Index250
Zimmerman, Orlis 16482Index250
Zimmerman, Milton E 50431Index1994371
Zimmerman, Joseph 56145Index1990841
Zimmerman, Joseph 61725Index926
Zimmerman, Sarah (Spern (?))61726Index926
Zimmerman, Louisa 59755Index1101
ZImmerman, Edgar 61442Index1101
Zimmerman, Joseph 63148Index9999
Zimmerman, Bert 64350Index9999
Zimmermann, J A 31794Index235
Zion, Eldon 42742Index366
Zion, Harry Eldon 42835Index366
Zip, Jno 69275Book18711253
Ziph, Edward 31795Index235
Ziph, Edward Jr 31796Index235
Ziph, Edward Jr 31797Index235
Ziph, G H 31798Index235
Ziph, G H 31799Index235
Ziph, George H 31800Index235
Ziph, Albert 16483Index250
Ziph, Annie 16484Index250
Ziph, George H 16485Index250
Ziph, Julia 16486Index250
Ziph, Louisa 16487Index250
Zipp, Wilbur Eugene 44002Index2000368
Zirkie, Maude 56146Index1990841
Zirkle, Gertrude 16488Index250
Ziska, Mary Anna 55318Abstract242
Znesacz, Anna 16489Index250
Znrovsky, Joseph 31801Index235
Zoellmer, Harold Laverne 42635Index366
Zoettle, Henry A 16490Index250
Zollinger, O A 31802Index235
Zollinger, Oliver 31803Index235
Zollinger, Oliver 31804Index235
Zollner, F W 48013Index370
Zook, Eli L 16491Index250
Zook, Elizabeth 16492Index250
Zook, Maudie 16493Index250
Zook, John 53470Index324
Zook, Donald W 32444Index363
Zook, J M 44462Index2000368
Zook, John 59295Index1100
Zook, John William 59297Index1100
Zook, William 59299Index1100
Zook, Rosa B 59990Index1101
Zook, Robert P 61444Index1101
Zook, Lue Emms 57210Abstract1102
Zook, Levi 57211Abstract1102
Zook, Will L 62443Abstract1103
Zook, Elizabeth L 64810Abstract1105
Zook, George W 65236Abstract1106
Zook, J W (Billy) 65237Abstract1106
Zopperstein, H O 31805Index235
Zorb, Ed 64285Index9999
Zorgen, Jesse 31806Index235
Zorlin, Lawrence 31807Index235
Zoubek, Longin J 45761Index1998369
Zoubek, Longin Joseph 45782Index1998369
Zowalsky, Maggie 69145Book18711253
Zowalsky, John 69146Book18711253
Zrarro, (f) 16494Index250
Zrette, Anson 31808Index235
Zsunacz, Stephan 31809Index235
Zuber, Tommy Leroy 42213Index366
Zuchowski, N J 43194Index2000368
Zuchowski, J N 48491Index370
Zuchowsky, T. 16495Index250
Zuck, Thomas 59301Index1100
Zug, Emma 55319Abstract242
Zug, Harold 53397Index324
Zug, Harold David 39016Index365
Zug, H D 43911Index2000368
Zug, Harold B 49868Index1994371
Zugil, Wm 31810Index235
Zuickowski, Martin 16496Index250
Zulsky, Anna 16497Index250
Zultowski, Charles 51141Index1997372
Zumald, Carrie 16498Index250
Zumwalt, William 31811Index235
Zumwalt, William J 16499Index250
Zunkel, Carl F 31812Index235
Zunkel, Gustav 16500Index250
Zunkman, Charles 31813Index235
Zuptech, P J 46364Index1998369
Zuptich, Charles J 46227Index1998369
Zuptich, C J 46252Index1998369
Zwaduk, Mike 55317Abstract242
Zwaduk, Harry 41002Index366
Zwaduk, Harry 44589Index2000368
Zwaduk, Harry 44649Index2000368
Zwblz, George 68958Book18711253
Zweng, Joseph 16501Index250
Zwinoyeu, Charles 31814Index235
Zwonechek, J D 44558Index2000368
Zyonechek, John 44493Index2000368
Zysett, Elizabeth 61063Index1101

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