Library Holdings Surname Index

The NWMGS maintains and regularly updates their database of library holdings, and their index of the surnames to be found in them. Currently, this database contains a listing of 1,638 items in the library collection, 63,835 names, and was last updated on Wednesday, 16 May 2018. This work is done by volunteers. If you would like to help, contact Kelly.

For copies or additional information about the items in which these names appear, please contact our research librarian. Be sure to mention that the entry you're interested in is in the Holdings database and include the identification numbers.

Name Name ID# Holding Type Pub Year Holding ID#
B, D G 66600Map681
B, J 66601Map681
Babb, Tucker 18369Index235
Babb, William 18370Index235
Babb, William 18371Index235
Babb, William 18372Index235
Babb, Wm 18373Index235
Babb, Wm 18374Index235
Babb, (m) 719Index250
Babb, Ethel F 720Index250
Babb, Frederick H 721Index250
Babb, William J 32835Index363
Babb, William Jason 40327Index365
Babb, James 41479Index366
Babb, James Albert 41516Index366
Babb, Belanna Alexandrea 56527File Card1080
Babb, Kurt Alexander 56528File Card1080
Babb, Lydia Michelle 56529File Card1080
Babb, John 57303Index1100
Babb, Ellen 60343Index1101
Babb, Mary E 61407Index1101
Babbit, T D 53774Index324
Babbitt, J E 18375Index235
Babbitt, J. E 722Index250
Babbs, Levi F 59598Index1101
Babcock, Angeline 723Index250
Babcock, C E 43465Index2000368
Babcock, V L 46347Index1998369
Babcock, Roy D 49889Index1994371
Babcock, Alfred 16615Index926
Babcock, Kiziah (Wood)16616Index926
Babcock, Devin LeRoy 56530File Card1080
Babcock, Sarah Rochelle 56531File Card1080
Babcock, Hamilton 57305Index1100
Babcock, C S 69974Abstract1233
Babcock, Addie L (Mason)69975Abstract1233
Baber, Frank H 18376Index235
Baber, James F 43238Index2000368
Baber, W C 44663Index2000368
Baber, H E 48868Index370
Baber, 55328Index1990841
Bable, Amelia 58564Index1100
Bachali, Henry 53735Index324
Bachali, Donald G 32423Index363
Bacheler, Samuel 18377Index235
Bacheler, Infant 724Index250
Bachellor, Charles F 18378Index235
Bachelman, William 18379Index235
Bachelor, Sam 18380Index235
Bachiliar, C F 18381Index235
Bachman, G W 18382Index235
Bachman, Theodore 18383Index235
Bachman, Catherine Agnes 16583Abstract236
Bachman, August 16584Abstract236
Bachman, George 16585Abstract236
Bachman, Christ 725Index250
Bachman, Lydia 726Index250
Bachman, Louis E 54501Index323
Bachman, George 53992Index324
Bachman, Francis Edward 42680Index366
Bachman, Thomas A 47879Index370
Bachman, T A 47927Index370
Bachman, Thomas 50215Index1994371
Bachman, Charles P 50501Index1994371
Bachs, Walter John 18384Index235
Backer, Christian 18385Index235
Backerman, Ann 727Index250
Backerman, Anne 728Index250
Backus, Harry 729Index250
Backus, Joe 730Index250
Backus, Annie (Bell)61788Abstract1103
Backus, Clay 61798Abstract1103
Bacon, E 18386Index235
Bacon, George 18387Index235
Bacon, James R 18388Index235
Bacon, Joseph 18389Index235
Bacon, Enos E 731Index250
Bacon, Sarah 732Index250
Bacon, George Richard 41684Index366
Bacon, George R 45335Index2000368
Bacon, D L 46076Index1998369
Bacon, G R 49237Index370
Bacon, George R 50381Index1994371
Bacon, Elias W 61921Index926
Bacon, Nancy A (Barnett)61922Index926
Bacon, Anna Marie 56532File Card1080
Bacon, Christopher Shane 56533File Card1080
Bacon, Cortney Le 56534File Card1080
Bacon, Sarah Ellen 56535File Card1080
Bacon, Ann 58638Index1100
Bacon, Isabelle M 61802Abstract1103
Bacon, R C 69976Abstract1233
Bacon, Eva H (Baker)69977Abstract1233
Bacon, Rachael 64159Index9999
Bacon, Rachael 64274Index9999
Badelor, Charles 18390Index235
Bader, John 66602Map681
Badger, E. P 733Index250
Badger, Jennie E 734Index250
Badger, Mary E 735Index250
Badger, Rachel 736Index250
Baer, Nora 61803Abstract1103
Baer, 63029Abstract1105
Baeunlein, John G 18391Index235
Baeunlein, Jerome 737Index250
Bagberg, Chas. 738Index250
Bagby, Ben 18392Index235
Bagby, L 18393Index235
Bagby, Mark 17604Abstract236
Bagby, Almina 739Index250
Bagby, America 740Index250
Bagby, Ethel 741Index250
Bagby, Lucinda 742Index250
Bagby, Madge 743Index250
Bagby, Mark L 32436Index363
Bagby, Mark L 32447Index363
Bagby, D F 33267Index363
Bagby, Charles 43178Index2000368
Bagby, C L 47381Index1998369
Bagby, Charles 51438Index1997372
Bagby, Ethel 55329Index1990841
Bagby, Megan Elizabeth 56536File Card1080
Bagby, Ryan James 56537File Card1080
Bagby, Tyler Lachlan 56538File Card1080
Bagby, Margaret Jane (Gibson)61804Abstract1103
Baggerly, Clarence Judson 38656Index365
Bagley, Lauren Elizabeth 57083File Card1080
Bagley, W L 62458Abstract1104
Bahler, Ralph 43400Index2000368
Bahler, Ralph W 51406Index1997372
Bahler, John 62459Abstract1104
Bahn, Catherine 56161Abstract1102
Bahr, Mary 63591Index9999
Bahr, Williame 63592Index9999
Baier, George W 18394Index235
Baier, George Wm 18395Index235
Bail, (m) 744Index250
Bailey, A W 18396Index235
Bailey, George 18397Index235
Bailey, M 18398Index235
Bailey, Sylvester 18399Index235
Bailey, (inf) 745Index250
Bailey, Catherine 746Index250
Bailey, Edward 747Index250
Bailey, George 748Index250
Bailey, Jessie J 749Index250
Bailey, John H 750Index250
Bailey, John Lee 751Index250
Bailey, John M 752Index250
Bailey, Blane 54117Index323
Bailey, John C 32717Index363
Bailey, James T 33316Index363
Bailey, Arnold 33357Index363
Bailey, Arnold 33415Index363
Bailey, Bernard 39401Index365
Bailey, William Bernard 39479Index365
Bailey, Irwin Lowell 39702Index365
Bailey, Robert 39961Index365
Bailey, Bernard 41728Index366
Bailey, R R 42904Index2000368
Bailey, J O 45434Index1998369
Bailey, William 47840Index370
Bailey, W A 48221Index370
Bailey, Robert 49129Index370
Bailey, Irwin 49671Index370
Bailey, A H 66603Map681
Bailey, Delia 66604Map681
Bailey, J C 66605Map681
Bailey, John 66606Map681
Bailey, H H 66608Map681
Bailey, M 66609Map681
Bailey, T M 66610Map681
Bailey, John 66772Map681
Bailey, 65383Abstract682
Bailey, Harrison 65384Abstract682
Bailey, Capt 65385Abstract682
Bailey, Dora 65386Abstract682
Bailey, S P 65387Abstract682
Bailey, Ezekiel K 65389Abstract682
Bailey, Caden James 56539File Card1080
Bailey, Jacob Daniel 56540File Card1080
Bailey, Martha A 57279Index1100
Bailey, Hunly P 57307Index1100
Bailey, Jesse 57309Index1100
Bailey, William 57311Index1100
Bailey, Sarah Jane 58115Index1100
Bailey, Matilda 58167Index1100
Bailey, J G 59600Index1101
Bailey, William 59602Index1101
Bailey, Fannie M 60010Index1101
Bailey, Georgie E 60333Index1101
Bailey, Nancy Jane (Motterhead)56162Abstract1102
Bailey, Sarah H 56163Abstract1102
Bailey, William 61805Abstract1103
Bailey, Elizabeth (Brown)64820Abstract1106
Bailey, Bennett A 69978Abstract1233
Bailey, M Margaret (Horne)69979Abstract1233
Bailey, Howard J 69980Abstract1233
Bailey, Carrie (Sharrard)69981Abstract1233
Bailey, Oscar 69982Abstract1233
Bailey, Katie Susan (Stimmerman)69983Abstract1233
Bailey, Thomas J 69984Abstract1233
Bailey, Sallie (Fallis)69985Abstract1233
Bailey, William Preston 69986Abstract1233
Bailey, Myra L (Wallace)69987Abstract1233
Bailey, Nancy 68433Book18711253
Bailey, Nancy 68657Book18711253
Bailey, Marie P 64467Index9999
Baily, (f) 753Index250
Baily, (inf) 754Index250
Baily, Jesse J 755Index250
Baily, John 756Index250
Baily, James C 33380Index363
Baily, Nancy 68179Book18711253
Bain, C A 18400Index235
Bain, Martha 757Index250
Bain, C M 46896Index1998369
Bain, Gina Marie 56541File Card1080
Bainbridge, Tanner Brett 56542File Card1080
Baine, Charles 65248Abstract248
Baine, Robert 758Index250
Baines, Charles I 18401Index235
Baines, Owen 759Index250
Bainter, D G 18402Index235
Bainter, L F 18403Index235
Bainter, James F 760Index250
Bainter, Leonard Frederick 40875Index366
Bair, Jenny Alexandra 56543File Card1080
Bair, Rachael Jordan 56544File Card1080
Baird, E C 18404Index235
Baird, Sam 18405Index235
Baird, Wm 18406Index235
Baird, Luella M 761Index250
Baird, H D 44195Index2000368
Baird, 65392Abstract682
Baird, G S 65393Abstract682
Baird, George S 65394Abstract682
Baird, 65514Abstract682
Baird, John W 57313Index1100
Baird, Ermine (Young)63030Abstract1105
Baird, Cloyd L 69988Abstract1233
Baird, Antonelle (Stendel)69989Abstract1233
Baird, James 69990Abstract1233
Baird, Emma (Roston)69991Abstract1233
Bakay, Frank 18407Index235
Bake, J D 45977Index1998369
Baker, O M 18408Index235
Baker, A 18409Index235
Baker, Adelbert 18410Index235
Baker, Chas 18411Index235
Baker, Christ 18412Index235
Baker, E V 18413Index235
Baker, E V 18414Index235
Baker, Edward 18415Index235
Baker, Emmett 18416Index235
Baker, Emmett 18417Index235
Baker, Emmett 18418Index235
Baker, George 18419Index235
Baker, George 18420Index235
Baker, George 18421Index235
Baker, Harry 18422Index235
Baker, Jesse 18423Index235
Baker, Jesse E 18424Index235
Baker, John 18425Index235
Baker, M P 18426Index235
Baker, Obijah 18427Index235
Baker, Peter 18428Index235
Baker, W M 18429Index235
Baker, J F (Martin)65249Abstract248
Baker, (inf) 762Index250
Baker, (inf) 763Index250
Baker, (m) 764Index250
Baker, A. 765Index250
Baker, Abraham 766Index250
Baker, Carrie 767Index250
Baker, Cora 768Index250
Baker, Ellsworth 769Index250
Baker, Esther 770Index250
Baker, Gordon 771Index250
Baker, Ida 772Index250
Baker, Ida M 773Index250
Baker, J. L 774Index250
Baker, John P 775Index250
Baker, John Wesley 776Index250
Baker, Jonathan 777Index250
Baker, Margaret 778Index250
Baker, Margaret 779Index250
Baker, Mary 780Index250
Baker, Mary 781Index250
Baker, Mary O 782Index250
Baker, Myrtle 783Index250
Baker, Nancy L 784Index250
Baker, Stella 785Index250
Baker, Susan M 786Index250
Baker, William 787Index250
Baker, William 788Index250
Baker, William 789Index250
Baker, William F 790Index250
Baker, Robert E 54432Index323
Baker, Charles 53419Index324
Baker, Wesley 53451Index324
Baker, Chester E 32301Index363
Baker, Richard C 32604Index363
Baker, Fred W 32615Index363
Baker, Richard C 32620Index363
Baker, Harlod Edward 38772Index365
Baker, Virgil Ray 39893Index365
Baker, William James 40099Index365
Baker, Ray Jensen 41079Index366
Baker, John Vernon 42804Index366
Baker, M J 42889Index2000368
Baker, J F 43280Index2000368
Baker, R F 45200Index2000368
Baker, Ray J 45328Index2000368
Baker, C C 47079Index1998369
Baker, A D 48451Index370
Baker, M J 48757Index370
Baker, Ray 48759Index370
Baker, R J 48806Index370
Baker, J M 49033Index370
Baker, John 49186Index370
Baker, Warren C 49769Index370
Baker, Wesley 49877Index1994371
Baker, Robert 50197Index1994371
Baker, Foster 50264Index1994371
Baker, Harold 51452Index1997372
Baker, Alice N 66611Map681
Baker, D A 66612Map681
Baker, W F 66613Map681
Baker, W G 66614Map681
Baker, R T 66615Map681
Baker, W T 66616Map681
Baker, Charles 66529Abstract682
Baker, Milton Devore 16520Index920
Baker, Female 16521Index920
Baker, Jacob 38356Index926
Baker, Jane (Miller)38357Index926
Baker, Avery Anne 56545File Card1080
Baker, Barrett Andrew 56546File Card1080
Baker, Brittney Nicole 56547File Card1080
Baker, Brycen Cheyne 56548File Card1080
Baker, Garric Drew 56549File Card1080
Baker, Jessica Rose 56550File Card1080
Baker, Jill Renee 56551File Card1080
Baker, Jonathan Marc 56552File Card1080
Baker, Keevan Ray 56553File Card1080
Baker, Kelton Jake 56554File Card1080
Baker, Lauren Ashley 56555File Card1080
Baker, Lauren Bailey 56556File Card1080
Baker, Madison Camille 56557File Card1080
Baker, Paige Leigh 56558File Card1080
Baker, Patrick Woodrow 56559File Card1080
Baker, Rhonda Kay 56560File Card1080
Baker, Samantha Marie 56561File Card1080
Baker, Alex Steven 56562File Card1080
Baker, Stephanie Ann 56563File Card1080
Baker, Napolean B 57315Index1100
Baker, Samuel 57317Index1100
Baker, Lucy Ann 58327Index1100
Baker, Elizabeth J 59013Index1100
Baker, Cornelius 59604Index1101
Baker, Maggie 59980Index1101
Baker, Alice 60534Index1101
Baker, Harriett 60893Index1101
Baker, Elflora 61094Index1101
Baker, (Day)56165Abstract1102
Baker, Adelphia Ellworth 62460Abstract1104
Baker, William 62461Abstract1104
Baker, Martha 63032Abstract1105
Baker, Nancy J 63033Abstract1105
Baker, Peter 64821Abstract1106
Baker, Charles G 69992Abstract1233
Baker, Anna May (Grubbs)69993Abstract1233
Baker, David H 69994Abstract1233
Baker, Lena (Meier)69995Abstract1233
Baker, E W 69996Abstract1233
BAKER, MINA (WILLIAMS)69997Abstract1233
BAKER, FRANCIS M 69998Abstract1233
BAKER, HATIE M (CROWELL)69999Abstract1233
BAKER, L B 70000Abstract1233
BAKER, LIZZIE (HUESS)70001Abstract1233
BAKER, RICHARD 70002Abstract1233
BAKER, VESTA U (ENNIS)70003Abstract1233
Baker, Annie 68419Book18711253
Baker, Mary Ellen 68420Book18711253
Baker, William Rufus 70398Newsletter19341325
Baker, John 63526Index9999
Baker, Charles 63527Index9999
Baker, Cora 63670Index9999
Bakko, Blaire Kathleen 56564File Card1080
Balard, Rachel 60164Index1101
Balason, George 53534Index324
Balch, (f) 791Index250
Balcketer, James 49585Index370
Balcom, Wm H 18430Index235
Baldeck, Rebeca 18431Index235
Baldeck, Minnie 792Index250
Balderson, James H 18432Index235
Baldwin, B B 18433Index235
Baldwin, Benj 18434Index235
Baldwin, Benjamin 18435Index235
Baldwin, Charles 18436Index235
Baldwin, Howard 18437Index235
Baldwin, Howard W 18438Index235
Baldwin, Jacob 18439Index235
Baldwin, Jacob 18440Index235
Baldwin, Weber E 18441Index235
Baldwin, A. F 793Index250
Baldwin, Adeline 794Index250
Baldwin, Amos 795Index250
Baldwin, E. T 796Index250
Baldwin, Fannie E 797Index250
Baldwin, Lemuel 798Index250
Baldwin, Martin 799Index250
Baldwin, R. C 800Index250
Baldwin, Donald 54235Index323
Baldwin, Lester H 32612Index363
Baldwin, Elmer F 38566Index365
Baldwin, Elmer Floyd 38622Index365
Baldwin, William 38747Index365
Baldwin, William Calvin 38773Index365
Baldwin, Laban 51390Index1997372
Baldwin, Benjamin 62952Index926
Baldwin, Bret Ryan 56572File Card1080
Baldwin, Derek Charles 56573File Card1080
Baldwin, Emma Leah 56574File Card1080
Baldwin, Joel Levi 56575File Card1080
Baldwin, Justin Lee 56576File Card1080
Baldwin, Kyle Douglas 56577File Card1080
Baldwin, Lacey Marie 56578File Card1080
Baldwin, Lyndi Turner 56579File Card1080
Baldwin, Tiffany Nicole 56580File Card1080
Baldwin, Effie 57306Index1100
Baldwin, Eli 57319Index1100
Baldwin, Narthy 57715Index1100
Baldwin, Mary E 57753Index1100
Baldwin, Sarah 59091Index1100
Baldwin, Daniel B 59608Index1101
Baldwin, Daniel L 59610Index1101
Baldwin, James W 59612Index1101
Baldwin, James W 59614Index1101
Baldwin, William 59616Index1101
Baldwin, Martha 60618Index1101
Baldwin, John A 56166Abstract1102
Baldwin, Daniel L 61806Abstract1103
Baldwin, George 63034Abstract1105
Baldwin, Daniel P 64822Abstract1106
Baldwin, Eliza 68466Book18711253
Baldwin, Margaret Ann 68467Book18711253
Baldwin, William 68468Book18711253
Baldwin, Fannie Elizabeth 63170Index9999
Baler, (inf) 801Index250
Bales, John M 18442Index235
Bales, Charles E 32084Index363
Bales, Keith 32923Index363
Bales, Charles E 33452Index363
Bales, William 39537Index365
Bales, William Arthur 39556Index365
Bales, Sylvan B 45731Index1998369
Bales, 61807Abstract1103
Balesanski, (inf) 802Index250
Baley, Ann 60504Index1101
Baley, 68428Book18711253
Baley, Nancy 68744Book18711253
Balfrey, John 56167Abstract1102
Balfry, John W 57360Index1100
BALGUM, JOHNIE C 70004Abstract1233
BALGUM, MINNIE (MCQUEEN)70005Abstract1233
Balke, Dorothy 803Index250
Ball, Charles Edwin 18443Index235
Ball, Elmer E 18444Index235
Ball, Elmer E 18445Index235
Ball, (inf) 804Index250
Ball, (m) 805Index250
Ball, George W 806Index250
Ball, Lester 807Index250
Ball, Robert K 53577Index324
Ball, Darrell William 38525Index365
Ball, Robert K 43349Index2000368
Ball, R K 43393Index2000368
Ball, Burley 47470Index1998369
Ball, B C 47480Index1998369
Ball, I J 48484Index370
Ball, Burley C 50680Index1997372
Ball, Darrell 51294Index1997372
Ball, E P 66617Map681
Ball, U G 66618Map681
Ball, H E 66619Map681
Ball, Hannah E 66620Map681
Ball, J L 66621Map681
Ball, J W 66622Map681
Ball, William 65679Abstract682
Ball, John Carter 55330Index1990841
Ball, Wert C 55331Index1990841
Ball, Aleesha Mae 56581File Card1080
Ball, Garrett James Joseph 56582File Card1080
Ball, Joseph Reed 56583File Card1080
Ball, Kaylee Ann 56584File Card1080
Ball, Mark Coleman 56585File Card1080
Ball, James H 57362Index1100
Ball, America 57507Index1100
Ball, William 56168Abstract1102
Ball, Martha Elizabeth (Powe)61808Abstract1103
Ball, 61809Abstract1103
Ball, James Henry 63035Abstract1105
BALL, FRED 70006Abstract1233
BALL, BELLE (DENT)70007Abstract1233
BALL, JAMES H 70008Abstract1233
BALL, FLORENCE M (COX)70009Abstract1233
Ball, John A 70010Abstract1233
Ball, Mary A (Marshall)70011Abstract1233
Ballamn, Louisa 808Index250
Ballanger, Albert L 18446Index235
Ballard, Clarence 18447Index235
Ballard, E S 18448Index235
Ballard, Emmett S 18449Index235
Ballard, L E 18450Index235
Ballard, Tommy 65250Abstract248
Ballard, B. C 809Index250
Ballard, Lulu 810Index250
Ballard, Nancy 811Index250
Ballard, Sallie 812Index250
Ballard, Silvie 813Index250
Ballard, Norman 54713Index323
Ballard, Dilly 53729Index324
Ballard, Norman 53962Index324
Ballard, Edward 33020Index363
Ballard, James R 41026Index366
Ballard, William F 43838Index2000368
Ballard, W F 43871Index2000368
Ballard, N C 49222Index370
Ballard, John 57364Index1100
Ballard, William 57366Index1100
Ballard, William D 57368Index1100
Ballard, Eliza 58421Index1100
Ballard, Charles B 56169Abstract1102
Ballard, Mattie 56170Abstract1102
Ballard, John Thomas 62462Abstract1104
Ballard, John C 63036Abstract1105
BALLARD, RICHARD F 70012Abstract1233
BALLARD, FANNIE (WADDELL)70013Abstract1233
BALLARD, WALTER H 70014Abstract1233
BALLARD, MALINDA (LEWIS)70015Abstract1233
Ballard, Mae P 64465Index9999
Ballard, John 64466Index9999
Ballengee, 61810Abstract1103
Ballenger, E J (Brazelton)55332Index1990841
Ballenger, Elizabeth 60020Index1101
Ballenger, Mary 70288Newsletter19341322
Ballentine, Isaac S 65395Abstract682
Balling, Charles T 18451Index235
Balling, Adam Harris 814Index250
Ballinger, Elizabeth 815Index250
Ballinger, L F 44693Index2000368
Ballman, August 18452Index235
Ballou, Rayn Bradley 56586File Card1080
Ballow, Addie 63632Index9999
Bally, Chris 18453Index235
Bally, Mont 18454Index235
Bally, Harry 816Index250
Bally, Maria Ann 817Index250
Bally, Martha A 818Index250
Bally, Norman 41534Index366
Bally, N L 45440Index1998369
Balmat, Joe 18455Index235
Balmat, Joseph 18456Index235
Balsager, Anna M 16692Abstract242
Balsager, Sada 819Index250
Balsamo, S 18457Index235
Balsamo, Sahada 18458Index235
Balsamo, Mariana Onorato 16589Abstract236
Balsamo, Salvatore 16590Abstract236
Balsamo, Salvador 820Index250
Balsanno, S 18459Index235
BALSE, JOSEPH 70016Abstract1233
Balsiger, Bertha 821Index250
Balsinger, John 18460Index235
BALSINGER, BENTON 70020Abstract1233
Balster, Jerome 59606Index1101
Balten, E P 47771Index1998369
Balz, A W 18461Index235
Bamks, Finest 54407Index323
Bammer, Sandra Dayle 56588File Card1080
Bammer Jr, Jerry Allen 56587File Card1080
Banberger, Frank 822Index250
Bancroft, George 18462Index235
Bancroft, Presley 823Index250
Bancroft, Presley 68878Book18711253
BANDAY, GEORGE 70022Abstract1233
BANDAY, CLARA (HORNER)70023Abstract1233
Bandel, Frederick 824Index250
Bandry, Walter R 18463Index235
Bane, Joseph 18464Index235
Bane, Joseph 18465Index235
Bane, N H 18466Index235
Bane, Robert W 825Index250
Banehart, A G 18467Index235
Banerlein, Helen 826Index250
Banes, Elizabeth Davis 827Index250
Banes, Walter E 828Index250
Bangator, Frederick 18468Index235
Bangerter, Josephine 829Index250
Bangerter, Frederick 40375Index365
Bangerter, Frederick Stanley 40493Index366
Banghman, Minnie 830Index250
Bangs, B. 831Index250
Bangs, Beule 832Index250
Bangs, Anna S 57891Index1100
Bani, Mary G 833Index250
Banister, Samuel 59624Index1101
Banister, Margaret Ann 60880Index1101
Bank, Conrad 68193Book18711253
Bankak, Ladeston 834Index250
Banker, Daisy V 835Index250
Banker, Evangeline 836Index250
Banker, Louisa 837Index250
Banker, George W 57370Index1100
Banker, Adelaide 57595Index1100
Banker, Martha 59111Index1100
Banker, Sarah 59225Index1100
Banker, John 59618Index1101
Banker, Fred 70024Abstract1233
Banker, Daisy (Roundy)70025Abstract1233
Bankoff, J 66623Map681
Banks, Harry 184List103
Banks, A J 18469Index235
Banks, Ida 18470Index235
Banks, Jeff 18471Index235
Banks, Jefferson 18472Index235
Banks, May 18473Index235
Banks, Rhoda 18474Index235
Banks, Riley 18475Index235
Banks, (inf) 838Index250
Banks, (inf) 839Index250
Banks, (m) 840Index250
Banks, Anna 841Index250
Banks, Freddie 842Index250
Banks, Howard 843Index250
Banks, I. 844Index250
Banks, Laura 845Index250
Banks, Leona 846Index250
Banks, Lucy 847Index250
Banks, Martin K 848Index250
Banks, R. 849Index250
Banks, Rachel 850Index250
Banks, Rhoda 851Index250
Banks, Riley 852Index250
Banks, Tommie 853Index250
Banks, John 38911Index365
Banks, John Charles 42530Index366
Banks, N R 45067Index2000368
Banks, F L 45225Index2000368
Banks, F L 47460Index1998369
Banks, Alfred 66624Map681
Banks, Charles 66625Map681
Banks, Joseph 59620Index1101
Banks, William 59622Index1101
Banks, 62463Abstract1104
Banks, Alfred 70026Abstract1233
Banks, Lullu (Bird)70027Abstract1233
Banks, William 63325Index9999
Banks, John 63610Index9999
Bannig, Richard 854Index250
Banning, L 18476Index235
Banning, Anna M 855Index250
Banning, Emily 856Index250
Banning, Mary 857Index250
Banning, Myrtle 858Index250
Banning, Anna M (Brockus)63037Abstract1105
Banning, H P 64823Abstract1106
Bannister, John T 859Index250
Bannister, Viola 860Index250
Bannister, Sarah E 59963Index1101
Bannon, Wm J 18477Index235
Banoski, V 18478Index235
Bans, Clyde 861Index250
Bansbach, A H 18479Index235
Bansbach, A H 18480Index235
Bansbach, Arthur H 18481Index235
Bansbach, Otto 862Index250
Banson, John 68648Book18711253
Banting, Sarah E 60106Index1101
Bantley, Chaz Lyle 59536File Card1080
Bantus, Nancy 863Index250
Bapst, O A 66626Map681
Bar, Arley 18504Index235
Barada, William 64249Index9999
Baragur, William G 63655Index9999
Baranowski, Va 18482Index235
Barbaro, Felix 16591Abstract236
Barbee, E. E 864Index250
Barbee, Owen A 53954Index324
Barbee, J W 31898Index363
Barbee, Ted 33101Index363
Barbee, Frank Alexander 40671Index366
Barber, Ban J 18483Index235
Barber, Benj W 18484Index235
Barber, Edward 18485Index235
Barber, R S 18486Index235
Barber, W E 18487Index235
Barber, Anna 865Index250
Barber, Ellen 866Index250
Barber, George A 867Index250
Barber, Johanna 868Index250
Barber, John 869Index250
Barber, Sarah 870Index250
Barber, Frank 40638Index366
Barber, W E 42992Index2000368
Barber, J H 44674Index2000368
Barber, G O 46238Index1998369
Barber, William 46404Index1998369
Barber, W W 46467Index1998369
Barber, 65396Abstract682
Barber, 65397Abstract682
Barber, David A 57372Index1100
BARBER, J M 70028Abstract1233
BARBER, MAY (KEIFNER)70029Abstract1233
BARBER, WALLACE J 70030Abstract1233
Barbosa, Merced 42503Index366
Barbosa, Merced P 42626Index366
Barbosa, Espiridon 43724Index2000368
Barbosa, E C 43784Index2000368
Barbosa, Merced 49672Index370
Barbour, Anna M (Pollock)56171Abstract1102
Barchalow, J M 18488Index235
Barchers, John 59626Index1101
Barclay, (m) 871Index250
Barclay, Kenneth Abraham 56589File Card1080
Barcliff, Charles Wesley 39827Index365
Barclift, Charles W 39784Index365
Barcus, James 18489Index235
Barczak, M 18490Index235
Bare, Enos 872Index250
Bare, Jered Michael 56590File Card1080
Barendt, Andrew 18491Index235
Barfoot, Millard 38960Index365
Barg, N S 18492Index235
Barg, Pete 18493Index235
Barge, Eva E 57992Index1100
Barger, George W 873Index250
Barger, Nathaniel 874Index250
Barger, Louis C 54442Index323
Barger, Wallace 39694Index365
Barger, H B 66627Map681
Barger, I 66628Map681
Barger, M 66629Map681
Barger, Hawley 65399Abstract682
Barger, Johnny 65400Abstract682
Barger , Emmett Allen 16522Index920
Barger , Orlean 16523Index920
Barger, Abby Kaye 56591File Card1080
Barger, Claire Elizabeth 56592File Card1080
Barger, Claire Elizabeth 56593File Card1080
Barger, Jayme Marie 56594File Card1080
Barger, Katie Marcella 56595File Card1080
Barger, Maggie Ann 56706File Card1080
Barhlett, Jeff 18494Index235
Baright., Fannie 875Index250
Barker, C 18495Index235
Barker, D E 18496Index235
Barker, Jacob 18497Index235
Barker, Joseph 18498Index235
Barker, L 18499Index235
Barker, Anna 876Index250
Barker, Louisa 877Index250
Barker, William G 878Index250
Barker, Maurice 48325Index370
Barker, Allen J 51391Index1997372
Barker, Allen J 51395Index1997372
Barker, Melissa DeeAnn 56705File Card1080
BARKER, JAMES O 70032Abstract1233
BARKER, LENA (TRIMBLE)70033Abstract1233
Barker, Albert A 68571Book18711253
Barker, Albert A 68577Book18711253
Barker, Albert A 68626Book18711253
Barkley, J O 88Book1
Barkley, john 18500Index235
Barkley, John 18501Index235
Barkley, N J A 18502Index235
Barkley, John 50360Index1994371
Barkley, Mary E 66630Map681
Barkman, Martin 63708Index9999
Barlett, Emma L 62464Abstract1104
Barlow, (m) 879Index250
Barlow, Patrick 880Index250
Barlow, H B 66631Map681
Barlow, L 66632Map681
BARLOW, GEORGE 70034Abstract1233
BARLOW, MIRTLE (ADAMS)70035Abstract1233
Barman, Margaret 881Index250
Barman, Eugene 39356Index365
Barman, Francis Lee 40942Index366
Barman, Joe 50150Index1994371
Barmann, Charles 16592Abstract236
Barmann, Paul 16593Abstract236
Barmann, George 16594Abstract236
Barmann, Charles 16595Abstract236
Barmann, Lawrence 16596Abstract236
Barmann, Joseph 53617Index324
Barmann, James R 32277Index363
Barmann, Joseph L 32380Index363
Barmann, Joseph 42691Index366
Barmann, Joseph Lawrence 42713Index366
Barmann, Gerald Jerome 42830Index366
Barmann, G J 46705Index1998369
Barmann, Francis 50928Index1997372
Barmann, Austin Joseph 56707File Card1080
Barmann, Dexter John 56708File Card1080
Barmann, Eric Michael 56709File Card1080
Barmann, Janessa Diane 56710File Card1080
Barmann, Jason Scott 56711File Card1080
Barmann, Jessica Ann 56712File Card1080
Barmann, Joshua Christopher 56713File Card1080
Barmann, Kent Thomas 56714File Card1080
Barmann, Matthew Joseph 56715File Card1080
Barmann, Ryan Anthony 56716File Card1080
Barmann, Tara Renee 56717File Card1080
Barmettler, Otto 18503Index235
Barnaby, Hazel 882Index250
Barnaby, Lina 58532Index1100
Barnard, Charles 883Index250
Barnard, C L 39422Index365
Barnard, G 66633Map681
Barnard, Tagan Layne 56754File Card1080
Barnard, Tarik William 56755File Card1080
Barnawoshia, Bertha 884Index250
Barnes, M J (Bowen)17421Abstract236
Barnes, (inf) 885Index250
Barnes, (inf) 886Index250
Barnes, A. V 887Index250
Barnes, Earl S 888Index250
Barnes, Emmaline 889Index250
Barnes, Henry 890Index250
Barnes, Irene 891Index250
Barnes, Mary 892Index250
Barnes, Owen 893Index250
Barnes, Phoebe 894Index250
Barnes, Spencer 895Index250
Barnes, Raymond 53494Index324
Barnes, Roy M 33133Index363
Barnes, Henry 38800Index365
Barnes, Tarzan Henry 38861Index365
Barnes, Buddy Larry 41549Index366
Barnes, Dolan Francis 42064Index366
Barnes, D F 44723Index2000368
Barnes, Roy 50448Index1994371
Barnes, J W 66634Map681
Barnes, Sophia A 66635Map681
Barnes, A M (Allen)65366Abstract682
Barnes, 55333Index1990841
Barnes, Ashley Marie 56756File Card1080
Barnes, Garrett James 56757File Card1080
Barnes, Jase Jefferson 56758File Card1080
Barnes, Matthew Robert 56759File Card1080
Barnes, Nathan Carl 56760File Card1080
Barnes, Charles 57374Index1100
Barnes, Clark Firman 59628Index1101
Barnes, William T 59630Index1101
Barnes, Nat 56172Abstract1102
BARNES, C B 70036Abstract1233
BARNES, ROSE (LAIRD)70037Abstract1233
Barnes, Isabelle 70115Newsletter19331314
Barnes, J S 63777Index9999
Barnet, Charles 59632Index1101
Barnett, E. E 896Index250
Barnett, Elizabeth 897Index250
Barnett, Garland 898Index250
Barnett, John 899Index250
Barnett, Joseph Z 900Index250
Barnett, Royal 53405Index324
Barnett, Royal M 53454Index324
Barnett, Leroy 53528Index324
Barnett, James A 33523Index363
Barnett, Billy 38805Index365
Barnett, Billy Glenn 38850Index365
Barnett, Walter C 39398Index365
Barnett, Royal 41522Index366
Barnett, Royal Melvern 41552Index366
Barnett, L F 43007Index2000368
Barnett, Leroy 45079Index2000368
Barnett, T L 45229Index2000368
Barnett, Billy 45634Index1998369
Barnett, B G 45673Index1998369
Barnett, Harold 46357Index1998369
Barnett, H B 46544Index1998369
Barnett, Robert 48371Index370
Barnett, R E 48390Index370
Barnett, Royal 49673Index370
Barnett, Jerry 49680Index370
Barnett, H B 49910Index1994371
Barnett, Thomas 50894Index1997372
Barnett, Thomas L 50899Index1997372
Barnett, William T 61668Index926
Barnett, Mary A (Cox)61669Index926
Barnett, Andrew Ray 56761File Card1080
Barnett, Benjamin Thomas 56762File Card1080
Barnett, Breanna Mae 56763File Card1080
Barnett, Brent Michael 56981File Card1080
Barnett, Chase Wyatt 56982File Card1080
Barnett, Malorie Lynn 56983File Card1080
Barnett, Matthew Bradley 57007File Card1080
Barnett, Melissa Lynn 57008File Card1080
Barnett, Randell Lee 57009File Card1080
Barnett, Bailey Jordan 57010File Card1080
Barnett, Thomas S 59634Index1101
Barnett, Margaret Ann 59637Index1101
Barnett, Patton 63650Index9999
Barnett, Patton 63810Index9999
Barnett, Patton 63862Index9999
Barnham, Ida 901Index250
Barnhart, Unknown 66636Map681
Barnhart, 66637Map681
Barnhart, W 66638Map681
Barnhart, W J 66639Map681
Barnhart, McKenna Ann 57011File Card1080
Barnhill, Donald E 50748Index1997372
Barnoski, Larry 38649Index365
Barns, William 61791Index926
Barns, Elizabeth (Shadreck)61792Index926
Barr, (inf) 902Index250
Barr, George W 903Index250
Barr, Lucinda 904Index250
Barr, Connie 54388Index323
Barr, Charles B 31938Index363
Barr, C R 33315Index363
Barr, J A 66640Map681
Barr, Chayse Martin 57012File Card1080
Barr, Eric David 57013File Card1080
Barr, Lauren Nichole 57014File Card1080
Barr, Megan Alisse 57015File Card1080
Barr, Spencer Jordan 57016File Card1080
Barr, George 68628Book18711253
Barr, Benjamin 68652Book18711253
Barr, Guy C 63184Index9999
Barrans, Jeremy James 57017File Card1080
Barret, Beth Ann 57591Index1100
Barrett, James 16693Abstract242
Barrett, J D 16849Abstract242
Barrett, Kate (Downey)16850Abstract242
Barrett, William 16851Abstract242
Barrett, (f) 905Index250
Barrett, Mary 906Index250
Barrett, Thomas M 907Index250
Barrett, Winnifred 908Index250
Barrett, William H 32929Index363
Barrett, Maurice Donald 42838Index366
Barrett, James G 55334Index1990841
Barrett, Joshua Aaron 57018File Card1080
Barrett, Sarah 58624Index1100
Barrett, Matilda M 61138Index1101
Barrie, Robert 43339Index2000368
Barrington, Frank C 116Book1
Barrington, Clarence 909Index250
Barrington, Carrie M 64166Index9999
Barron, Benjamin 45232Index2000368
Barron, B 45308Index2000368
Barron, Benjamin 48465Index370
Barron, Benjamin 50991Index1997372
Barron, Allileah Jane 57019File Card1080
Barrow, Catherine 910Index250
Barrow, John E 911Index250
Barry, George 18505Index235
Barry, Catherine 65251Abstract248
Barry, Edward 65252Abstract248
Barry, Mollie 65253Abstract248
Barry, Carrett 912Index250
Barry, Catherine 913Index250
Barry, Hattie 914Index250
Barry, John 915Index250
Barry, Mary 916Index250
Barry, Rose 917Index250
Barry, James 54543Index323
Barry, Victor 42438Index366
Barry, Victor James 42505Index366
Barry, John W 44307Index2000368
Barry, J W 44381Index2000368
Barry , John 16524Index920
Barry, Christopher Edward 57020File Card1080
Barry, Darren Lynn 57021File Card1080
Barry, Jon David 57022File Card1080
Barry, Marvin Colby 57023File Card1080
Barry, Matthew Alan 57024File Card1080
Barry, Sarah Ashley 57025File Card1080
Barry, 63205Index9999
Barsch, John 17339Abstract236
Barsch, Elizabeth 17340Abstract236
Barsch, John 17341Abstract236
Barsch, Robert 17342Abstract236
Barsch, Carl Bernard 16852Abstract242
Barsch, John R 32662Index363
Barsch, Cletus Aloysius 39010Index365
Barsch, Cletus 46111Index1998369
Barsch, C A 46188Index1998369
Barsh, J R 32649Index363
Barsh, C A 48980Index370
Barstow, Brett Murphy 57026File Card1080
Barstow, Taylor Lin 57027File Card1080
Bartel, Edmund M 33064Index363
Barter, (f) 918Index250
Barter, Julia 919Index250
Barth, Mark 32351Index363
Barth, William B 33140Index363
Barthelemy, Alowis 920Index250
Barthelemy, Emma 921Index250
Barthelmy, Alex 922Index250
Barthing, William 923Index250
Barthol, Brock Michael 57028File Card1080
Bartholemew, Harvey 16525Index920
Bartholmew, James L 64824Abstract1106
Bartholomew, Anna 924Index250
Bartholomew, Dora 925Index250
Bartholomew, 66643Map681
Bartholomew, C L 66644Map681
Bartholomew, E 66645Map681
Bartholomew, G B 66646Map681
Bartholomew, L E 66647Map681
Bartholomew, Lee 66648Map681
Bartholomew, S D 66649Map681
Bartholomew, T Y 66650Map681
Bartholomew, W O 66651Map681
Bartholomew, 65401Abstract682
Bartholomew, George 65402Abstract682
Bartholomew, T W 65403Abstract682
Bartholomew, S D 65404Abstract682
Bartholow, (inf) 926Index250
Bartholow, James 927Index250
Bartholow, W. 928Index250
Bartie, W H 63243Index9999
Bartkoski, Zachery Michael 57029File Card1080
Bartle, Agness 929Index250
Bartle, Henry B 930Index250
Bartles, W E 44432Index2000368
Bartlett, Herschel 54Book1
Bartlett, Albert L 17343Abstract236
Bartlett, Herschel 16853Abstract242
Bartlett, (f) 931Index250
Bartlett, Anna 932Index250
Bartlett, Bardett 933Index250
Bartlett, David L 934Index250
Bartlett, Gain M 935Index250
Bartlett, Harriett 936Index250
Bartlett, John 937Index250
Bartlett, Joseph 938Index250
Bartlett, Laura 939Index250
Bartlett, Lucy 940Index250
Bartlett, Robert H 941Index250
Bartlett, V. C 942Index250
Bartlett, William H 943Index250
Bartlett, Walter Comstock 39438Index365
Bartlett, Henry 69055Book18711253
Bartlett, Harry 69293Book18711253
Bartlett, Richard 64215Index9999
Bartling, William 944Index250
Bartling, (m) 945Index250
Bartly, Sarah 57383Index1100
Barton, R 18506Index235
Barton, W A 18507Index235
Barton, Anthony Gillespie 946Index250
Barton, Fannie 947Index250
Barton, George 948Index250
Barton, John 949Index250
Barton, William E 950Index250
Barton, Gerald L 54100Index323
Barton, Elmer 53409Index324
Barton, William C 32374Index363
Barton, James F 38517Index365
Barton, Marion Lee 39140Index365
Barton, Ted 39279Index365
Barton, Theodore Leo 39291Index365
Barton, R Edgar 40825Index366
Barton, Ted 43844Index2000368
Barton, Clifford 45404Index1998369
Barton, R E 47139Index1998369
Barton, J F 48625Index370
Barton, William 49586Index370
Barton, Ellis 50059Index1994371
Barton, Basil 50481Index1994371
Barton, Ellis 51174Index1997372
Barton, 55335Index1990841
Barton, Mary (Weece)61449Index926
Barton, Elliott Michael 57030File Card1080
Barton, Jacob William 57031File Card1080
Barton, Jonathan Edward 57032File Card1080
Barton, Tiffany Michelle 57033File Card1080
Barton (of Gentry CO), Soloman 61448Index926
Bartow, Chas L 18508Index235
Bartram, Porter 32028Index363
Bartrane, Alice A 60863Index1101
Barttorn, (f) 951Index250
Baruth, Andrew Wyatt 57034File Card1080
Baruth, Austin Lowell 57035File Card1080
Barwalt, Lena 58798Index1100
Basch, Elizabeth 952Index250
Bascue, J J W 33102Index363
Bascue, O L 43172Index2000368
Bascue, G M O 44551Index2000368
Basham, Lester 49674Index370
Bashaw, Daniel T 18510Index235
Bashaw, James 16526Index920
Bashaw, James 38318Index926
Bashaw, John 54991Index926
Bashaw, Thilda (Wilson)54992Index926
Bashfield, Joseph 18509Index235
Bashinski, Francis K 43057Index2000368
Bashor, E A 44902Index2000368
Bashor, Eddie 47436Index1998369
Bashor, E A 49838Index1994371
Bashor , John Schorn 16527Index920
Basinger, Anna Hoffman (Bridgeman)63031Abstract1105
Basinski, Johanna 953Index250
Basinski, John 954Index250
Basinski, Joseph 955Index250
Basinski, Pauline 956Index250
Basjor , Martin 16528Index920
Basket, Vassie R 957Index250
Baskett, Alice G 958Index250
Baskins, Thomas 57376Index1100
Baskius, Rachael J 58979Index1100
BASLIE, KARLL 70018Abstract1233
Bass, Andrew J 18511Index235
Bass, John 18512Index235
Bass, Wm F 18513Index235
Bass, Elizabeth 959Index250
Bass, L A 46468Index1998369
Bassar, Allen 185List103
Bassar, Harlan 18514Index235
Bassett, Jonathan 142Newspaper Clipping or Art2003105
Bassett, Harry 18515Index235
Bassett, Harry 18516Index235
Bassett, Henry 18517Index235
Bassett, Rex E 18518Index235
Bassett, Clifford 960Index250
Bassett, Harry D 961Index250
Bassett, Louis 962Index250
Bassett, Nannie 963Index250
Bassett, Ruth 964Index250
Bassett, William D 965Index250
Bassett, J H 55336Index1990841
Bassing, Joseph 18519Index235
Bassing, Henry 18520Index235
Bassing, Helen Catherine 65254Abstract248
Bassing, Henry 966Index250
Bassing, Louis 967Index250
Bassington, (f) 968Index250
Bassor, Noel 18521Index235
Bassor, Noel 18522Index235
Bastian, Charles 18523Index235
Bastick, Charles 57378Index1100
Bastle, Frank 969Index250
Baszta, Dmytero 46146Index1998369
Batcheler, (inf) 970Index250
Batchellor, J W 18524Index235
Batchelor, J W 18525Index235
Batchelor, Joseph 18526Index235
Batchelor, Frank 65405Abstract682
Batcher, (f) 971Index250
Bateman, Annie 972Index250
Bates, J W 18527Index235
Bates, Isaac 973Index250
Bates, Isadore 974Index250
Bates, James 975Index250
Bates, Oliver 976Index250
Bates, Sanford 977Index250
Bates, James G 43479Index2000368
Bates, E 66641Map681
Bates, E H 66642Map681
Bates, Michael Lynn 57036File Card1080
Bates, Robbie Lee 57037File Card1080
Bates, James Henry 59636Index1101
Bates, Elizabeth (Vail)61811Abstract1103
Bates, Patric 68328Book18711253
Bates, Patric 68455Book18711253
Bates, Patric 68472Book18711253
Bates, Patrick 68527Book18711253
Bates, Patrick 68653Book18711253
Bates, Patrick 68745Book18711253
Bates, Patrick 68828Book18711253
Bates, Patrick 68894Book18711253
Batiz, (inf) 978Index250
Batkins, John Wesley 59638Index1101
Batman, Lafayette 65406Abstract682
Batmer, Joseph 18528Index235
Batrile, Kenneth Merle 39462Index365
Batsee, Ralph 979Index250
Batsell, Lora 18529Index235
Batsell, Samuel 980Index250
Batson, William A 981Index250
Batteral, Charles 18530Index235
Batterall, Charles 18531Index235
Battin, F. K 982Index250
Battin, Eva M 60662Index1101
Battmer, Frederick 983Index250
Battmer, Henry 984Index250
Battmer, Theresa 985Index250
Battreal, James L 18532Index235
Battreall, James 18533Index235
Battreall, James 18534Index235
Battreall, Alice M 986Index250
Battreall, Grant 987Index250
Battreall, Marie A 988Index250
Battreall, Vincent 989Index250
Battreall, Donald Claude 40803Index366
Baty, Wm D 18535Index235
Baubie, Frank 55337Index1990841
Baubilt, C A 32432Index363
Baublit, F A 43713Index2000368
Baublit, F A 46370Index1998369
Baublit, A R 46559Index1998369
Baublite, A T 18536Index235
Baudel, Alfred 990Index250
Bauer, Charles 18537Index235
Bauer, Ed 18538Index235
Bauer, Eugene 18539Index235
Bauer, F W 18540Index235
Bauer, Wm 18541Index235
Bauer, M. 991Index250
Bauer, Margaret 992Index250
Bauer, Simon 993Index250
Bauer, William C 994Index250
Bauer, Jim 53358Index324
Bauer, Virgil 47565Index1998369
Bauer, V C 47989Index370
Bauer, Garman 16529Index920
Bauer, Bryce T 57038File Card1080
Bauer, Bernard 59640Index1101
Bauer, Franz 63142Index9999
Bauerlein, George 18542Index235
Bauerlein, J C 18543Index235
Bauerlein, J G 18544Index235
Bauerlein, J G 18545Index235
Bauerlein, John 18546Index235
Bauerlein, Helen 995Index250
Bauerlein, Mary 996Index250
Bauerli, James C 18547Index235
Bauerlin, George 997Index250
Bauerline, James 18548Index235
Bauerline, Joseph 18549Index235
Bauerline, Pat C 18550Index235
Bauers, O 18551Index235
Bauers, O 18552Index235
Bauers, Ward 18553Index235
Bauers, Charles W 998Index250
Baugh, Joseph 59642Index1101
Baughman, A B 18554Index235
Baughman, A P 18555Index235
Baughman, Agcht 999Index250
Baughman, John 1000Index250
Baum, John 18556Index235
Baum, Samuel 18557Index235
Baum, Jacob Lee 45780Index1998369
Baum, George 57380Index1100
Baum, Lucas 57382Index1100
Baum, Harriett 57433Index1100
Baum, Martin 63040Abstract1105
Bauman, Frank 18558Index235
Bauman, Frank 18559Index235
Bauman, George A 18560Index235
Bauman, H 18561Index235
Bauman, Joseph 18562Index235
Bauman, Odelia 65255Abstract248
Bauman, William 65256Abstract248
Bauman, (inf) 1001Index250
Bauman, (m) 1002Index250
Bauman, Caroline 1003Index250
Bauman, Catherine 1004Index250
Bauman, Jess 1005Index250
Bauman, Lorenzo 1006Index250
Bauman, O. 1007Index250
Bauman, R S 32248Index363
Bauman, Roman F 32276Index363
Bauman, George 41363Index366
Bauman, George Dodd 41403Index366
Bauman, Melvin 45865Index1998369
Bauman, Curtis 50444Index1994371
Baumann, Clarence E 31860Index363
Baumann, Wayne 42375Index366
Baumann, Hunter Jakob 57040File Card1080
Baumann, John 64879Index9999
Baumer, George 18563Index235
Baumer, Joseph 65257Abstract248
Baumert, Catherine 1008Index250
Baumler, John 18564Index235
Baumler, Gertrude 1009Index250
Baumli , Ethan Joseph 57042File Card1080
Baumli , Tabor Wray 57044File Card1080
Baumli Jr., Daniel Joseph 57041File Card1080
Baummer, G B 18565Index235
Baur, Alfred 18566Index235
Baur, Eugene 18567Index235
Baur, Eugene 17344Abstract236
Baur, Anna L 17345Abstract236
Baur, Paul 17346Abstract236
Baur, Clarence 17347Abstract236
Baur, Julius 17348Abstract236
Baur, Joe 17349Abstract236
Baur, Edward 17350Abstract236
Baur, Donnie Paul 51021Index1997372
Baurlein, J 18568Index235
Baurlein, James 18569Index235
Bauserman, Isaiah 61812Abstract1103
Bawdy, Archie 1010Index250
Bawdy, Bulah 1011Index250
Bawdy, Lester 1012Index250
Baxter, Morris E 18570Index235
Baxter, Wm Ralph 18571Index235
Baxter, Charley 65258Abstract248
Baxter, Charles 1013Index250
Baxter, Frank C 1014Index250
Baxter, Malinda 1015Index250
Baxter, Kaden Kyle 57045File Card1080
Baxter, Sierra Kayla Ann 57046File Card1080
Baxter, Tyler James Ray 57047File Card1080
Bay, Adam 1016Index250
Bay, Thomas 55338Index1990841
Baydston, Pearl 1017Index250
Bayer, C F 18572Index235
Bayer, William H 1018Index250
Bayer, Henry 38550Index365
Bayer, Henry Frederick 38580Index365
Bayer, H F 45107Index2000368
Bayer, Sedric 59436Index926
Bayer, Eliza Jane (Yancy)59437Index926
Bayers, Cordelia S 60548Index1101
Bayha, August 66652Map681
Bayha, Matilda 62465Abstract1104
Bayles, 66653Map681
Bayles, 66654Map681
Bayless, Nathanie 1019Index250
Bayless, Hezekiah A L 65407Abstract682
Bayley, George 57384Index1100
Baylies, Sophia 1020Index250
Bayne, William H 18573Index235
Baynus, William 65259Abstract248
Bays, William 1021Index250
Bays, Charles 56752Index926
Bays, Elizabeth (Mann)56753Index926
Bays, John 59400Index926
Bays, Rosana (Stone)59401Index926
Bazan, L A 18574Index235
Bazan, Thomas 16854Abstract242
Bazan, Charles N 32674Index363
Bazan, A P 33426Index363
Beach, C 18575Index235
Beach, Charles 18576Index235
Beach, Charles 18577Index235
Beach, Charles H 1022Index250
Beach, James F 1023Index250
Beach, Lyle 1024Index250
Beach, J P 66655Map681
Beach, Mary 69130Book18711253
Beach, S C 69172Book18711253
Beach, Mary 69526Book18711253
Beachey, William H 18578Index235
Beachtold, Rex 40785Index366
Beaderstadt Jr, David Stephen 57048File Card1080
Beadle, Frances T 1025Index250
Beagle, Alexi Ann 57049File Card1080
Beahler, Emil F 33034Index363
Beahler, R A 45516Index1998369
Beaimon, F R 18579Index235
Beal, B J 18580Index235
Beal, G M 66656Map681
Beal, May 61134Index1101
Beale, Samuel 18581Index235
Beale, Ida V 1026Index250
Beale, May C 1027Index250
Beale, Paul V 1028Index250
Beale, G M 66657Map681
Beale, Paul 55339Index1990841
Beale and Franklin, 67253Map681
Bealer, Floyd 18582Index235
Beall, John 0? 18583Index235
Beals, Sheridan 1029Index250
Beam, E J 18584Index235
Beam, Edley J 18585Index235
Beam, G. B 1030Index250
Beam, Paul E 32584Index363
Beam, Asa 57386Index1100
Beaman, Oliver F 1031Index250
Beaman, R O 44903Index2000368
Beaman, Elvin 45346Index2000368
Beaman, E J 45396Index1998369
Beamer, (f) 1032Index250
Beamon, Chas 18586Index235
Beamon, Frank M 18587Index235
Beamon, R M 18588Index235
Beamon, Louis 42314Index366
Beamon, Louis Roe 42414Index366
Beams, James C 18589Index235
Beams, James C 18590Index235
Bean, J C 18591Index235
Bean, Oliva 18592Index235
Bean, Robert 18593Index235
Bean, Miles B 1033Index250
Bean, Susan 60231Index1101
Bean, Baxter 56173Abstract1102
Beanblossom, Elizabeth 1034Index250
Beandry, Walter 18594Index235
Beans, Frank 18595Index235
Bear, Jacob 18596Index235
Bear, Jacob 18597Index235
Bear, Jacob 18598Index235
Bear, John L 18599Index235
Bear, John Claud 1035Index250
Bear, Mark 1036Index250
Bear, John L 32526Index363
Bear, J Lloyd 40633Index366
Bear, Gordon 48424Index370
Bear, M L 66658Map681
Bear, Freddie Franklin 56174Abstract1102
Beard, J W 18600Index235
Beard, Esther Kane (Kane)17353Abstract236
Beard, Frank G 17354Abstract236
Beard, Margaret 17356Abstract236
Beard, Patrick 17357Abstract236
Beard, Michael 17358Abstract236
Beard, A. 1037Index250
Beard, Buelah 1038Index250
Beard, Clarence 1039Index250
Beard, Rachel A 1040Index250
Beard, Cassandra Joy 57043File Card1080
Beardsley, Earl D 1041Index250
Beardsley, Elsie 1042Index250
Beardsley, Luetta 1043Index250
Beardsley, Clarence G 59644Index1101
Bearer, Elmer 18601Index235
Bearer, M 18602Index235
Bearlain, Michael 57390Index1100
Bears, Isaac W 59468Index926
Bears, Amanda M (Jeffries)59469Index926
Bears, Danyale Breanne 57050File Card1080
Bears, Erika Li 57051File Card1080
Bears, Margaret Ashleigh 57052File Card1080
Bears, Travis Lee 57053File Card1080
Beasley, 18603Index235
Beasley, Fred 18604Index235
Beasley, Mont Lee 18605Index235
Beasley, Verna 18606Index235
Beasley, Charles L 1044Index250
Beasley, J D 44207Index2000368
Beasley, J D 49224Index370
Beasley, Marthena 58804Index1100
Beasly, Charles 18607Index235
Beasmore, Robert g 64224Index9999
Beason, H O 18608Index235
Beason, Henry 18609Index235
Beason, (f) 1045Index250
Beason, Donald 53711Index324
Beason, Victor Leroy 39889Index365
Beason, Henry 66659Map681
Beason, Brenton Lane 57054File Card1080
Beason, Brody David 57055File Card1080
Beason, Brooke Lea 57057File Card1080
Beason, Travis Lee 57058File Card1080
Beathram, (inf) 1046Index250
Beatlie, D A 46296Index1998369
Beatly, Cad 63537Index9999
Beattie, Armstrong 145Newspaper Clipping or Art2003105
Beattie, Eliza 1047Index250
Beattie, George 1048Index250
Beattie, Georgia 1049Index250
Beattie, Lawrence J 1050Index250
Beattie, Newton E 1051Index250
Beattie, Hubert 53973Index324
Beattie, Leon 38887Index365
Beattie, John Ryburn 42211Index366
Beattie, R A 43008Index2000368
Beattie, F R 44174Index2000368
Beattie, Fred R 49196Index370
Beattie, F R 49296Index370
Beattie, Alyssa Marie 57059File Card1080
Beattie, Brayden Mikayle 57060File Card1080
Beattie, Laura Anne 57061File Card1080
Beattie, Layne April 57062File Card1080
Beattie, Lisa Aerin 57063File Card1080
Beattie, Matthew Robert Lee 57064File Card1080
Beattie, Rachelle Elaine 57065File Card1080
Beatty, J M 18610Index235
Beatty, James 18611Index235
Beatty, James 18612Index235
Beatty, James 18613Index235
Beatty, James 18614Index235
Beatty, Nicholas 18615Index235
Beatty, Robert 18616Index235
Beatty, James 65408Abstract682
Beatty, James 65409Abstract682
Beatty, Maria A (Sutherland )16530Index920
Beaty, L 18617Index235
Beaty, Nicholas 18618Index235
Beaty, Donald Baker 39803Index365
Beaty, Charles L 51015Index1997372
Beaty, William 51204Index1997372
Beaty, B 66660Map681
Beatz, Nicholas 18619Index235
Beatz, H E 48077Index370
Beaucamp, Thomas J 57388Index1100
Beauchamp, Charles 18620Index235
Beauchamp, Charles 18621Index235
Beauchamp, Charles 18622Index235
Beauchamp, (inf) 1052Index250
Beauchamp, Frances Emeline 58893Index1100
Beauchamp, P 58943Index1100
Beauchamp, Rebecca C 60082Index1101
Beauchamph, Chas 18623Index235
Beauchauft, Charles 18624Index235
Beauday, Archie E 1053Index250
Beauford, H J 46277Index1998369
Beaufort, Jule 1054Index250
Beaufort, Bill F 43054Index2000368
Beaufort, W F 43083Index2000368
Beaufort, Robert W 43938Index2000368
Beaufort, Robert W 43999Index2000368
Beaufort, Harry 46253Index1998369
Beaufort, Robert 49937Index1994371
Beaumont, George D 18625Index235
Beaumont, R L 18626Index235
Beaumont, R L 18627Index235
Beaumont, Robert 1055Index250
Beaumont, Sylbie 1056Index250
Beaumont, George 50390Index1994371
Beaumont, J A 57392Index1100
Beaumont, Minnie V 56175Abstract1102
Beaumont, Frieda 69309Book18711253
Beaupart, Joseph 1057Index250
Beaupeurt, Alfred 16855Abstract242
Beauport, Flora 69503Book18711253
Beauriry, Walter 18628Index235
Beaven, Milton H 17366Abstract236
Beaven, D F 17367Abstract236
Beaver, James 186List103
Beaver, Elmer W 18629Index235
Beaver, Harry E 18630Index235
Beaver, Nicholas 18631Index235
Beaver, Albert 1058Index250
Beaver, Celia 1059Index250
Beaver, Jacob 1060Index250
Beaver, John D 1061Index250
Beaver, J M 32903Index363
Bebean, Antone 18632Index235
Bebean, Daisy 1062Index250
Bebeau, Antoine 16856Abstract242
Bebeau, Josephine Belle (Harnois)16857Abstract242
Becerra, Pablo 39852Index365
Becerra, Pablo 49072Index370
Becerra, P O 50172Index1994371
Bechter, Harold F 55424Index189
Bechter, Harold 48127Index370
Bechter, H F 48226Index370
Bechtold, Rex Martin 40838Index366
Bechtold, L A 45610Index1998369
Bechtold, R M 47172Index1998369
Bechtold, Jack 47912Index370
Bechtold, J F 48014Index370
Beck, Charles A 18633Index235
Beck, Eimir 18634Index235
Beck, Fred A 18635Index235
Beck, Joseph 18636Index235
Beck, Michael 18637Index235
Beck, Wm H 18638Index235
Beck, Hubert H 16858Abstract242
Beck, D. 1063Index250
Beck, Ethel S 1064Index250
Beck, George 1065Index250
Beck, Harry 1066Index250
Beck, Rosina 1067Index250
Beck, Susan C 1068Index250
Beck, William D 1069Index250
Beck, Richard 53966Index324
Beck, Richard 40786Index366
Beck, Richard Howard 40841Index366
Beck, Edgar 66661Map681
Beck, H P 66662Map681
Beck, J L 66663Map681
Beck, Lewis 66664Map681
Beck, Maggie 66665Map681
Beck, Morris 66666Map681
Beck, U H 66667Map681
Beck, U H 66668Map681
Beck, W 66669Map681
Beck, W E 66670Map681
Beck, Aquilla 65410Abstract682
Beck, G G 65411Abstract682
Beck, U H 65412Abstract682
Beck, 65414Abstract682
Beck, William 65415Abstract682
Beck, Susan 65416Abstract682
Beck, W F 65479Abstract682
Beck, Charles Shawn 57066File Card1080
Beck, Jacob William 57067File Card1080
Beck, McKenzie Marie 57068File Card1080
Beck, Jepsie 57394Index1100
Beck, John 57396Index1100
Beck, William 59650Index1101
Beck, Mary E (Norton)61813Abstract1103
Beck, Mary 70373Newsletter19351304
Becker, Charles H 18639Index235
Becker, Charles H 18640Index235
Becker, Gustav 18641Index235
Becker, Jacob 18642Index235
Becker, Lewis 18643Index235
Becker, P C 18644Index235
Becker, William 18645Index235
Becker, August 1070Index250
Becker, Cora E 1071Index250
Becker, Eva K 1072Index250
Becker, John George 1073Index250
Becker, Mary 1074Index250
Becker, Albert 40148Index365
Becker, Louis Gene 41749Index366
Becker, Adam Joseph 57069File Card1080
Becker, Lauren Ruth 57070File Card1080
Becker, Tyler Wilbert 57071File Card1080
Beckett, William 53963Index324
Beckett, Fielden 16894Index926
Beckett, Eliza (Errickson)16895Index926
Beckhart, F J 18646Index235
Beckley, Emmett 18647Index235
Beckley, Emmett 18648Index235
Beckley, Sophia 1075Index250
Beckman, Joseph 18649Index235
Beckman, Joseph 18650Index235
Beckman, John 1076Index250
Beckman, Joseph 1077Index250
Beckman, Louis 1078Index250
Beckman, Minnie 1079Index250
Beckman, J F 46606Index1998369
Beckman, Nicholas 63641Index9999
Beckman, Nicholas 63821Index9999
Beckner, Newton 18651Index235
Beckner, Arthur 1080Index250
Beckner, Jemima 1081Index250
Beckner, Wayne 1082Index250
Beckner, N D 64408Index9999
Becknor, Henry 17070Index926
Becknor, Mary (Bradford)17071Index926
Becktel, Willard 1083Index250
Becktol, Emma 63327Index9999
Becktold, Andy 1084Index250
Beckwith, Arthur 18652Index235
Beckwith, John 18653Index235
Beckwith, John 18654Index235
Beckwith, Arthur 1085Index250
Bectal, Charles M 18655Index235
Bedes, Mary 1086Index250
Bedford, William 18656Index235
Bedford, William R 18657Index235
Bedford, Mary 1087Index250
Bedford, E I 66671Map681
Beebe, Ashley Lynn 57072File Card1080
Beech, Ernest 18658Index235
Beecham, W F 57398Index1100
Beechan, F F 43530Index2000368
Beedee, Frank 187List103
Beegle, Oscar 18659Index235
Beekleman, Herbert 18660Index235
Beeler, James 18661Index235
Beeler, M D 18662Index235
Beeler, O 18663Index235
Beeler, Oscar 18664Index235
Beeler, (inf) 1088Index250
Beeler, Jessie 1089Index250
Beeler, Sallie M 1090Index250
Beeler, W. P 1091Index250
Beeler, Marvin 31829Index363
Beeler, Marvin 33521Index363
Beeler, Marion Paul 39012Index365
Beeler, Marvin Paul 42346Index366
Beeler, Jerry 50288Index1994371
Beeler, Gerald 51370Index1997372
Beeler, Hilary Ann 57073File Card1080
Beeler, Bolivar 57400Index1100
Beeler, Thomas J 57402Index1100
Beeler, Charles General Jackson 56176Abstract1102
Beeler, George W 56177Abstract1102
Beeler, Isabella B (Wright)61814Abstract1103
Beem, Mollie 1092Index250
Beeman, Richard 18665Index235
Beeman, (inf) 1093Index250
Beeman, Kade Andrew 57074File Card1080
Beemer, Dakota Bryan 57075File Card1080
Beemer, Hailee Daynae 57076File Card1080
Beems, Edward O 18666Index235
Beems, James C 18667Index235
Beems, Charles B 1094Index250
Beems, E. W 1095Index250
Beems, Nancy 1096Index250
Beems, Nannie M 1097Index250
Beems, Pauline 1098Index250
Beems, E B 46848Index1998369
Been (Bean), Baxter 59646Index1101
Been (Bean), Baxter 59648Index1101
Beer, Samuel 61560Index926
Beer, Martha (Ethington)61561Index926
Beerer, William L 18668Index235
Beers, James 39096Index365
Beers, George Edward 39128Index365
Beers, Harold 39919Index365
Beers, J E 46051Index1998369
Beesley, Donald 54298Index323
Beeson, (Ready)62466Abstract1104
Beets, John 68295Book18711253
Beever, Herbert Henry 39999Index365
Beever, H H 43655Index2000368
Beever, H H 47369Index1998369
Begar, Christian 18669Index235
Begelow, Elmira 66035Abstract682
Beger, Christian 1099Index250
Beger, O F 53475Index324
Beggs, Vernon 24Book1
Beggs, Maude 1100Index250
Beggs, Maybelle 1101Index250
Beggs, Logan 50532Index1994371
Beggs, Andrew Justin 57077File Card1080
Beggs, Celine Marie 57078File Card1080
Beggs, Grant Thomas 57079File Card1080
Beggs, Jeffrey Stephen 57080File Card1080
Beggs, Kendra Michele 57081File Card1080
Beggs, William Keith 57082File Card1080
Beggs, Thomas H 62467Abstract1104
Begley, Thomas J 18670Index235
Begley, Thomas J 18671Index235
Begley, Thos J 18672Index235
Begley, Infant son 65260Abstract248
Begley, Thomas 1102Index250
Behan, Joseph 1103Index250
Behler, John 68641Book18711253
Behne, Georgiana 64007Index9999
Behner, F J 18673Index235
Behrendt, Paul W 1104Index250
Behrendt, Herman C 33358Index363
Behrendt, Herman C 33416Index363
Behrer, Chris 18674Index235
Behring, George 65417Abstract682
Beidleman, Elizabeth 1105Index250
Beierle, Wm 18675Index235
Beierle, John 1106Index250
Beigier, Christ 18676Index235
Beihl, Louis 18677Index235
Beihl, Ludwig 18678Index235
Beihl, Fredrica 1107Index250
Beihl, Ernest 32664Index363
Beihl, William H 33463Index363
Beiland, Julius 18679Index235
Beiler (Buler), B 59652Index1101
Beinder, Henry 1108Index250
Beising, Henry 57404Index1100
Bejoes, G A 47024Index1998369
Belanger, Matthew David 57102File Card1080
Belcher, Chas 18680Index235
Belcher, John 18681Index235
Belcher, I. 1109Index250
Belcher, Myrtle 1110Index250
Belcher, Billie R 53503Index324
Belcher, Forest B 32410Index363
Belcher, Bernard Branton 40636Index366
Belcher, Harold 41109Index366
Belcher, Harold Edward 41228Index366
Belcher, Billie 42156Index366
Belcher, B R 46818Index1998369
Belcher, O E 48506Index370
Belden, J A 18682Index235
Belden, May 61815Abstract1103
Belgarde, Brecken Marie 57103File Card1080
Belinger, Lloyd 43557Index2000368
Belinger, L G 43603Index2000368
Belk, James 1111Index250
Belk, James 54255Index323
Belk, James Henry 43991Index2000368
Belk, J H 49036Index370
Bell, C C 18683Index235
Bell, Emmett 18684Index235
Bell, Emmett 18685Index235
Bell, Geo 18686Index235
Bell, Geo H 18687Index235
Bell, Harry 18688Index235
Bell, Harry 18689Index235
Bell, Harry H 18690Index235
Bell, J M 18691Index235
Bell, James 18692Index235
Bell, James 18693Index235
Bell, James M 18694Index235
Bell, John 18695Index235
Bell, JOhn 18696Index235
Bell, John M 18697Index235
Bell, John R 18698Index235
Bell, Joseph 18699Index235
Bell, Joy 18700Index235
Bell, Phillip 18701Index235
Bell, T B 18702Index235
Bell, Thomas B 18703Index235
Bell, J E (Caviezel)17611Abstract236
Bell, Catherine A (Adams)16859Abstract242
Bell, George William 16860Abstract242
Bell, John 65261Abstract248
Bell, Annie 1112Index250
Bell, Annie 1113Index250
Bell, Armilda 1114Index250
Bell, Ellen L 1115Index250
Bell, Frank A 1116Index250
Bell, George 1117Index250
Bell, James 1118Index250
Bell, James 1119Index250
Bell, James 1120Index250
Bell, Jessie 1121Index250
Bell, John C 1122Index250
Bell, Joseph 1123Index250
Bell, Katie A 1124Index250
Bell, Kittie 1125Index250
Bell, Mamie 1126Index250
Bell, Martha A 1127Index250
Bell, Mary 1128Index250
Bell, Philip 1129Index250
Bell, William 1130Index250
Bell, Lester 40721Index366
Bell, Clarence David 41419Index366
Bell, Richard 42091Index366
Bell, Richard Marvin 42174Index366
Bell, V L 43422Index2000368
Bell, W H 45910Index1998369
Bell, Burley C 50674Index1997372
Bell, Charles 51400Index1997372
Bell, A B 66672Map681
Bell, Henry 66673Map681
Bell, Mary 66674Map681
Bell, Mary E 66675Map681
Bell, S F 66676Map681
Bell, 65418Abstract682
Bell, Gorge M 65419Abstract682
Bell, John 65420Abstract682
Bell, Mollie 65421Abstract682
Bell, Abraham 65422Abstract682
Bell, Florence 65423Abstract682
Bell, Myrtle Genevieve 65424Abstract682
Bell, P E 65425Abstract682
Bell, C E 65426Abstract682
Bell, James F 17857Index926
Bell, Mary Ellen (Durham)17858Index926
Bell, Austin Antonio 57104File Card1080
Bell, Erik Loyd 57105File Card1080
Bell, Ethan Nicholas 57106File Card1080
Bell, Hanna Marie 57107File Card1080
Bell, Lauren Elizabeth 57108File Card1080
Bell, Patrick David 57109File Card1080
Bell, Ross Aaron 57110File Card1080
Bell, Nicholas Pennington 57111File Card1080
Bell, Margaret 58297Index1100
Bell, Minnie 56178Abstract1102
Bell, Elizabeth 64825Abstract1106
Bell, Mary 68606Book18711253
Bell, C W 63560Index9999
Bell, S Elizabeth 64141Index9999
Bell, J M 64196Index9999
Belle, Mary 1131Index250
Belleville, Carroll 1132Index250
Bellew, William H 18704Index235
Bellingsley, James 18705Index235
Bellington, R P 44113Index2000368
Bellir, August 18706Index235
Bellomy, Alfred Lee 48466Index370
Bellop, George 18707Index235
Bellvill, William H 59654Index1101
Belsinger, J B 46900Index1998369
Belt, John S 18708Index235
Belt, Henry C 65262Abstract248
Belt, Alex Dean 57112File Card1080
Belt, Frances 59003Index1100
Beltcher, W 18709Index235
Belten, Rev William 18710Index235
Belton, G C 18711Index235
Belton, Theodore Wilbur 39578Index365
Belton, Lawrence Richard 50515Index1994371
Belts, Benj 68230Book18711253
Beltz, J R 43699Index2000368
Belutan, Tlie 1133Index250
Belville, Margaret 1134Index250
Belville, Ruth Ann 60096Index1101
Belz, Stephen 41518Index366
Belz, Stephen James 41568Index366
Bembrick , L 47177Index1998369
Bembrick, W L 47216Index1998369
Bembrick, Warren 51361Index1997372
Benden, Loren K 33545Index363
Bender, Walter 18712Index235
Bender, Henry 1135Index250
Bender, J. C 1136Index250
Bender, Samuel 57406Index1100
Bender, Philip 59656Index1101
Bender, Emma J 60921Index1101
Bender, Elias 61816Abstract1103
Bender, Al 62468Abstract1104
Bender, Phil 63038Abstract1105
Benders, Albert 1137Index250
Bendl, Ashley Elizabeth 57117File Card1080
Benedick, 65427Abstract682
Benedick, Levi 65428Abstract682
Benedict, E H 18713Index235
Benedict, Emmett 18714Index235
Benedict, Frank 18715Index235
Benedict, (f) 1138Index250
Benedict, (m) 1139Index250
Benedict, Emmet 1140Index250
Benedict, John W 1141Index250
Benedict, Myron Dwain 42588Index366
Benedict, Dickie E 45379Index1998369
Benedict, D E 45445Index1998369
Benedict, A B 66677Map681
Benedict, M 66678Map681
Benedict, T L 66679Map681
Benedict, Emmett H 63039Abstract1105
Benefiel, Geo P 18716Index235
Benefiel, Morton 18717Index235
Benefiel, Ashley Mae 57121File Card1080
Benefiel, Caitlin Nicole 57124File Card1080
Benet, Lucy 58538Index1100
Benham, L? 18718Index235
Benham, William 18719Index235
Benham, (inf) 1142Index250
Benham, G G 46776Index1998369
Benham, A Dean 50561Index1994371
Benight, S D 18720Index235
Benight, Samuel 18721Index235
Benight, Samuel B 18722Index235
Benight, Samuel 1143Index250
Benight, Gary K 50863Index1997372
Benight, Greta Kay 64001Index9999
Benitz, Max E 55427Index189
Benitz, August 1144Index250
Benitz, Kenneth 40722Index366
Benitz, Kenneth Albert 40764Index366
Benitz, B L 45533Index1998369
Benjamin, Fred H 18723Index235
Benjamin, F A 18724Index235
Benjamin, Kenneth U 32558Index363
Benkendorf, Theodore 18725Index235
Benkendorf, William F 18726Index235
Benkendorf, Caroline L 1145Index250
Benkendorf, Isabel H 1146Index250
Benner, William H 1147Index250
Benner, C R 42890Index2000368
Benner, J C 47302Index1998369
Benner, J R 47799Index1998369
Bennett, William J 177Newspaper Clipping or Art2003105
Bennett, Blanch 55393Index189
Bennett, Chas 18727Index235
Bennett, Ed Wm 18728Index235
Bennett, Frank 18729Index235
Bennett, Frank 18730Index235
Bennett, Guy C 18731Index235
Bennett, Ira 18732Index235
Bennett, John 18733Index235
Bennett, M J 18734Index235
Bennett, Mathew 18735Index235
Bennett, Thomas 18736Index235
Bennett, Thomas 18737Index235
Bennett, William 18738Index235
Bennett, Wm F 18739Index235
Bennett, Wm 18740Index235
Bennett, Adelaide Susan (Ford)16861Abstract242
Bennett, Mary A (Mcdonough)16862Abstract242
Bennett, (m) 1148Index250
Bennett, Anna E 1149Index250
Bennett, Ella 1150Index250
Bennett, George 1151Index250
Bennett, Herbert 1152Index250
Bennett, John W 1153Index250
Bennett, Joseph Hart 1154Index250
Bennett, Lizzie 1155Index250
Bennett, Mada 1156Index250
Bennett, Mary 1157Index250
Bennett, Sarah 1158Index250
Bennett, Thomas L 1159Index250
Bennett, Wilbur J 1160Index250
Bennett, Bill 54367Index323
Bennett, Charles 53410Index324
Bennett, Donald D 31890Index363
Bennett, Roy W 31999Index363
Bennett, Carroll O 32064Index363
Bennett, Charles O 32809Index363
Bennett, Donald Frederick 39992Index365
Bennett, Charles 41195Index366
Bennett, Charles Edward 41271Index366
Bennett, Virgil Robert 41750Index366
Bennett, N C 42651Index366
Bennett, William N 43344Index2000368
Bennett, W N 43376Index2000368
Bennett, D F 43586Index2000368
Bennett, J H 43976Index2000368
Bennett, Elbert 44079Index2000368
Bennett, E L 44130Index2000368
Bennett, E H 45375Index1998369
Bennett, N C 45960Index1998369
Bennett, N C 46025Index1998369
Bennett, V O 46151Index1998369
Bennett, Charles E 46823Index1998369
Bennett, Charles F 48592Index370
Bennett, N C 48731Index370
Bennett, William 49659Index370
Bennett, Elmer 50154Index1994371
Bennett, Elmer 50270Index1994371
Bennett, Virgil 50393Index1994371
Bennett, Danny 50833Index1997372
Bennett, J 66680Map681
Bennett, J S 66681Map681
Bennett, Bird 55340Index1990841
Bennett, Ollie (Jackson)55341Index1990841
Bennett, Bird 55343Index1990841
Bennett, Austin Andrew 57125File Card1080
Bennett, Breann Nicole 57129File Card1080
Bennett, Dillon Keith 57133File Card1080
Bennett, Brooklynn Grace 57137File Card1080
Bennett, Bryant Scott 57139File Card1080
Bennett, Elizabeth Michelle 57141File Card1080
Bennett, Jordan Blair 57142File Card1080
Bennett, Jozlin Caroline 57143File Card1080
Bennett, Katarina Marie 57144File Card1080
Bennett, Landon Bruce 57145File Card1080
Bennett, Raelynn Jeanette 57146File Card1080
Bennett, Savannah Rose 57147File Card1080
Bennett, Sway Launa 57148File Card1080
Bennett, Teryn Skylar 57149File Card1080
Bennett, Travis Ryan 57150File Card1080
Bennett, Moses 57408Index1100
Bennett, Michael J 59658Index1101
Bennett, Eliza Ann 60369Index1101
Bennett, Benjamin Gleason 56179Abstract1102
Bennett, Claude Clayton 56180Abstract1102
Bennett, Otho 62469Abstract1104
Bennett, Desire Ellen 63041Abstract1105
Bennett, Lucinda Stillwell 70043Newsletter19321308
Bennett, Nathan Scott 70164Newsletter19341321
Bennett, J Arnold 63230Index9999
Bennicker, John J 18741Index235
Bennin III, Roger Leonard 57151File Card1080
Benning, William McCarty 57152File Card1080
Benningfield, Clement 1161Index250
Benningfield, S. 1162Index250
Bennington, F 43268Index2000368
Bennio, Peter J 1163Index250
Bennke, Frank E 18742Index235
Benowitz, Wm 18743Index235
Bens, Matilda 66682Map681
Bensen, Claude E 18744Index235
Bensom, G E 63606Index9999
Benson, Edwin 18745Index235
Benson, George 18746Index235
Benson, John S 18747Index235
Benson, Wm F 18748Index235
Benson, Wm 18749Index235
Benson, Arthur J 1164Index250
Benson, Edward 1165Index250
Benson, Victor L 53573Index324
Benson, S C 46504Index1998369
Benson, Cale Dean 57153File Card1080
Benson, Jeremiah Douglas 57154File Card1080
Benson, Montanna Corrigan 57155File Card1080
Bentley, H 18750Index235
Bentley, Jerome 18751Index235
Bentley, Raymond 18752Index235
Bentley, Joseph N 1166Index250
Bentley, William H 41233Index366
Bentley, C D 66683Map681
Bentley, M 66684Map681
Bentley, Wm 66685Map681
Bentley, 65429Abstract682
Bentley, Wm 65430Abstract682
Bentley, Silas 16531Index920
Bentley, Permelia J 60046Index1101
Bentley, Nancy Jane 60048Index1101
Bently, Jesse B 65431Abstract682
Bently, Al 55342Index1990841
Bently, Sophia (Dawes)16532Index920
Bently, John 57410Index1100
Bently, Permelia J 57411Index1100
Bently, Spencer 57412Index1100
Bently, Catharine 60124Index1101
Benton, Charles A 1167Index250
Benton, Keith Ray 38957Index365
Benton, Warren 51076Index1997372
Benton, W B 63042Abstract1105
Bentram, Adolph 57418Index1100
Bentrup, Donald 39962Index365
Bentrup, Donald Herman 39997Index365
Bentrup, O T 47376Index1998369
Berden, Lena 59968Index1101
Berdfelder, William C 18753Index235
Berdler, Peter 18754Index235
Berdo, Felix 18755Index235
Berenberg, Henry 18756Index235
Berenberg, Bern 1168Index250
Berenberg, Bertha 1169Index250
Berenberg, Jennie 1170Index250
Berenberg, Katherine 1171Index250
Berendt, B. 1172Index250
Berendt, Frank 1173Index250
Berg, N 18757Index235
Berg, Simon 18758Index235
Berg, Paul Eugene 41673Index366
Berg, Joseph Stephen 57156File Card1080
Berger, Alfred 18759Index235
Berger, August 18760Index235
Berger, Christ 18761Index235
Berger, Fred 18762Index235
Berger, (inf) 1174Index250
Berger, Abe 1175Index250
Berger, Esther 1176Index250
Berger, Louis 1177Index250
Berger, John 54389Index323
Berger, Eugene R 32643Index363
Berger, O E 46116Index1998369
Bergfelder, C H W 18763Index235
Berggren, Adolph 18764Index235
Bergham, Bud 18765Index235
Berghoff, J T 63661Index9999
Bergkirfir, Fred C 18766Index235
Bergman, ? 18767Index235
Bergman, Frederick 1178Index250
Bergman, Frieda 1179Index250
Bergman, Mary 1180Index250
Bergman, Rosina 1181Index250
Bergman, William 1182Index250
Bergman, Bryce Taylor 57157File Card1080
Bergmann, H 66686Map681
Bergonzoni, Arthur D 45812Index1998369
Bergonzoni, A D 45849Index1998369
Bergonzoni, Arthur Dunn 49857Index1994371
Bergquist, Martin 1183Index250
Bergthold, C. A 1184Index250
Berhent, (inf) 1185Index250
Berkebile, Robert R 53815Index324
Berkeley, George A 1186Index250
Berkemeier, Albert H 1187Index250
Berkhart, James R 18768Index235
Berkhart, R L 18769Index235
Berkholder, Charles 57414Index1100
Berkley, Julius 18770Index235
Berkley, Jane E 1188Index250
Berkley, Scott 1189Index250
Berkley, Willliam 1190Index250
Berkley, Mary 55344Index1990841
Berkshire, R S 48081Index370
Berlinger, F C 18771Index235
Bermond, Dale 41817Index366
Bermond, Dale Campbell 41840Index366
Bermond, R A 48117Index370
Bernandn, William 54218Index323
Bernard, Charles 18772Index235
Bernard, Charles 18773Index235
Bernard, Charles 18774Index235
Bernard, Harry E 18775Index235
Bernard, Harry E 18776Index235
Bernard, Michael 18777Index235
Bernard, Michel 18778Index235
Bernard, Michel 18779Index235
Bernard, Annie 1191Index250
Bernard, Ella 1192Index250
Bernard, James 1193Index250
Bernard, Joseph 1194Index250
Bernard, Julia 1195Index250
Bernard, Ladeslans 1196Index250
Bernard, Lewis A 1197Index250
Bernard, Nellie 1198Index250
Bernard, William 1199Index250
Bernard, Wm. W 1200Index250
Bernard, William 53543Index324
Bernard, C 32359Index363
Bernard, C M 33608Index363
Bernard, Augustine 39695Index365
Bernard, Augustine 39730Index365
Bernard, Augustine O 44005Index2000368
Bernard, C H 47620Index1998369
Bernard, Alexander 51186Index1997372
Bernard, Jonathan Thomas 57161File Card1080
Bernard, Savannah Lee 57168File Card1080
Bernard, James A 57490Index1100
Bernaski, Felix 18780Index235
Bernbero, David 18781Index235
Berndt, Remluesz 16863Abstract242
Berndt, William F 1201Index250
Bernecker, Hugo 33255Index363
Berneking, C 18782Index235
Berner, Owen 18783Index235
Berney, Lizzie (Shaughnessy)65263Abstract248
Berney, Julius Matthew 57173File Card1080
Berning, Donald L 53430Index324
Berning, Don L 45505Index1998369
Berning, D L 45552Index1998369
Berning, D L 49798Index370
Bernstein, Fred 18784Index235
Bernstein, Louis 16864Abstract242
Berres, August 63043Abstract1105
Berres, Elizabeth (Hurst)63044Abstract1105
Berringer, Amber Kathleen 57179File Card1080
Berry, Charles R 86Book1
Berry, George Dixon 119Book1
Berry, D D 135Book1
Berry, ? 18785Index235
Berry, Oliver 18786Index235
Berry, Frank H 18787Index235
Berry, Frank H 18788Index235
Berry, George D 18789Index235
Berry, J M 18790Index235
Berry, J W 18791Index235
Berry, John A 18792Index235
Berry, John B 18793Index235
Berry, John Edw 18794Index235
Berry, Oliver W 18795Index235
Berry, R W 18796Index235
Berry, Richard 18797Index235
Berry, Robert 18798Index235
Berry, Roscoe 18799Index235
Berry, Thomas W 18800Index235
Berry, Thomas W 18801Index235
Berry, Thoms 18802Index235
Berry, Wm 18803Index235
Berry, Thomas J 65264Abstract248
Berry, (m) 1202Index250
Berry, (m) 1203Index250
Berry, Alice 1204Index250
Berry, Annie E 1205Index250
Berry, Beulah 1206Index250
Berry, Bridget F 1207Index250
Berry, Bud 1208Index250
Berry, Elizabeth C 1209Index250
Berry, Frank 1210Index250
Berry, Garrett 1211Index250
Berry, Rachel 1212Index250
Berry, Robt. 1213Index250
Berry, Thomas 1214Index250
Berry, Wilbert 1215Index250
Berry, William E 1216Index250
Berry, William F 1217Index250
Berry, Larry 54262Index323
Berry, Thomas 33287Index363
Berry, Paul 41642Index366
Berry, C L 43354Index2000368
Berry, H C 44192Index2000368
Berry, C E 44612Index2000368
Berry, Drexel 45178Index2000368
Berry, D T 45247Index2000368
Berry, D L 46007Index1998369
Berry, Otto 47037Index1998369
Berry, D L 48648Index370
Berry, E E 50166Index1994371
Berry, H 66687Map681
Berry, George W 57416Index1100
Berry, Jane 61023Index1101
Berry, Carrie (Marion)56181Abstract1102
Berry, Margaret (Cone)61817Abstract1103
Berry, William Emmet 61818Abstract1103
Berry, John 68329Book18711253
Berry, E C 63177Index9999
Berry, Lumm 63381Index9999
Berschmaugh, W H 18804Index235
Berstine, (m) 1218Index250
Bertan, Jacob 69005Book18711253
Bertch, Gallus 1219Index250
Bertham, L W 18805Index235
Bertin, Louis 41246Index366
Bertram, Andrew 1220Index250
Bertram, Henry 1221Index250
Bertram, Mary 1222Index250
Bertram, Mildred 1223Index250
Bertram, Mildred 1224Index250
Bertram, N. A 1225Index250
Bertram, William 64826Abstract1106
Bertram, 69367Book18711253
Bertram, Thomas 63622Index9999
Bertrem, Lucy 1226Index250
Bertrem, Mary 1227Index250
Bertwistle, G W 18806Index235
Besanconx, L. F 1228Index250
Beschoff, Charles F 64827Abstract1106
Beshaw, Sarah Francis (Smith)38319Index926
Besinger, Max 38790Index365
Besinger, Harold Max 38839Index365
Besinger, James Bourne 41625Index366
Beskin, Paul 1229Index250
Besnard, Chas 18807Index235
Bessie, Fleming 67877Abstract248
Bessy, Cora (Acton)63045Abstract1105
Best, Elige 18808Index235
Best, Joseph A 18809Index235
Best, Wm W 18810Index235
Best, Thomas P 65265Abstract248
Best, Albert E 1230Index250
Best, Clara Bessie 1231Index250
Best, Frank T 1232Index250
Best, John Edward 1233Index250
Best, Thomas 1234Index250
Best, Robert 54381Index323
Best, Bob 53776Index324
Best, Gardner G 32185Index363
Best, Gordon 39093Index365
Best, Gardner George 39127Index365
Best, William Jerry 41236Index366
Best, R E 43678Index2000368
Best, Loren 47671Index1998369
Best, L R 47745Index1998369
Best, Edward L 49479Index370
Best, Robert E 49612Index370
Best, R E 49625Index370
Best, George W 64893Index9999
Beston, Michael 1235Index250
Bestwick, Lazarus 57420Index1100
Bethel, Elizabeth 1236Index250
Bethel, Goldie 1237Index250
Bethel, John E 1238Index250
Bettger, Lydia Ann 57185File Card1080
Bettinger, D 66688Map681
Bettis, Abe 18811Index235
Bettis, Arthur 18812Index235
Bettis, Charles 18813Index235
Bettis, Charles 18814Index235
Bettis, Charles 18815Index235
Bettis, Charles 18816Index235
Bettis, Chas 18817Index235
Bettis, Chas L 18818Index235
Bettis, Edw 18819Index235
Bettis, Edw 18820Index235
Bettis, Harry 18821Index235
Bettis, Harry 18822Index235
Bettis, Isaac W 18823Index235
Bettis, W C 18824Index235
Bettis, W C 18825Index235
Bettis, William 18826Index235
Bettis, William 18827Index235
Bettis, William C 18828Index235
Bettis, Wm 18829Index235
Bettis, Infant son 16865Abstract242
Bettis, (inf) 1239Index250
Bettis, Charles A 1240Index250
Bettis, Genevieve 1241Index250
Bettis, Hollie 1242Index250
Bettis, Rachel 1243Index250
Bettis, Sallie 1244Index250
Bettis, William B 1245Index250
Bettles, Albert 1246Index250
Bettles, Laura L 1247Index250
Betts, O M 64272Index9999
Bettz, Herbert 48043Index370
Betz, Herbert 54385Index323
Betz, Herbert E 50344Index1994371
Betz, Herbert E 51374Index1997372
Beuport, Mary L 1248Index250
Bevan, A C 57422Index1100
Bevan, Mary A (Stuart)61819Abstract1103
Bevard, E 55411Index1990841
Bever, Aaron Matthew 57190File Card1080
Bever, Derrik Chase 57194File Card1080
Beverly, T W 18830Index235
Beverly, John 63491Index9999
Bevier, A L R 64828Abstract1106
Beyer, William H 1249Index250
Beymer, Charles D 1250Index250
Beymer, Henry C 1251Index250
Bezona, Harold 33542Index363
Bias, Hugh 18831Index235
Bias, Clara 1252Index250
Bibb, Richard 18832Index235
Bibb, William 1253Index250
Bibb, Vincent 48001Index370
Bibb, V H 48089Index370
Bibbins, A 18833Index235
Bibbins, C 18834Index235
Bibbins, Henry 18835Index235
Bibbins, Henry 18836Index235
Bibbins, L 18837Index235
Bibbins, Arthur 18838Index235
Bibbins, Henry F 1254Index250
Bibbs, Robert 18839Index235
Bibbs, Thomas 18840Index235
Bibbs, (f) 1255Index250
Bibbs, Mabel 1256Index250
Bibs, Robert 18841Index235
Bichesson, Maurice Pryor 40143Index365
Bichler, Nicholas 16866Abstract242
Bickel, M 66689Map681
Bickel, Will R 55412Index1990841
Bickel, John 62470Abstract1104
Bickel, Sabra S 63046Abstract1105
Bickett, Edmund J 65266Abstract248
Bickford, H A 18842Index235
Bickford, Nicole Amanda 57195File Card1080
Bickford, Reece Garrett 57212File Card1080
Bickham, A W 18843Index235
Bickham, George 64425Index9999
Bicklen, Jake 1257Index250
Bickley, Emmett 33671Index363
Bicknell, May 1258Index250
Bicknell, James O 33637Index363
Biddick, Mary 63791Index9999
Biddle, Georgie 1259Index250
Biddle, Julia 1260Index250
Biddle, M A 43038Index2000368
Biehl, (inf) 1261Index250
Biehle, Anthony 18844Index235
Bielby, James 1262Index250
Bielby, Albertus James 42321Index366
Bielby, Ronald 51244Index1997372
Bieman, Frank R 1263Index250
Bienbar, Arthur M 17368Abstract236
Bienbar, Marguerite (Morriman)17369Abstract236
Bierman, T 18845Index235
Biermann, Alvin 44701Index2000368
Biermann, A V 44781Index2000368
Biery, Minnie 1264Index250
Biesemeyer, Laura June 57213File Card1080
Biesemeyer, Logan William 57214File Card1080
Biester, Adolph 1265Index250
Biester, Julius 1266Index250
Bietzer, Blaine O'Neil 41949Index366
Bietzer, Henry 57424Index1100
Bieund, Adolph 18846Index235
Biewenan, D 18847Index235
Biewend, Adolph 18848Index235
Bigelow, E H 18849Index235
Bigelow, Ed B 18850Index235
Bigelow, Edward 18851Index235
Bigelow, Edward H 18852Index235
Bigelow, M. 1267Index250
Bigelow, John D 43341Index2000368
Bigelow, J D 43343Index2000368
Bigelow, D L 47330Index1998369
Bigelow, John 48880Index370
Bigelow, Donald L 49419Index370
Bigenwalt, J Z 18853Index235
Bigenwalt, J Z 18854Index235
Biggers, Charles 65432Abstract682
Biggers, Rose 65433Abstract682
Biggerstaff, ?? 18855Index235
Biggerstaff, A P 18856Index235
Biggerstaff, R G 18857Index235
Biggerstaff, R G 18858Index235
Biggerstaff, Emma 1268Index250
Biggerstaff, J. T 1269Index250
Biggerstaff, Thomas 1270Index250
Biggerstaff, John 43327Index2000368
Biggerstaff, J L 43384Index2000368
Biggerstaff, Sallie (Bedford)55413Index1990841
Biggerstaff, Robert J 17801Index926
Biggerstaff, Mary Jane (Wilson)17802Index926
Biggs, W L 18859Index235
Biggs, Belle G 60070Index1101
Biggs, Carl 61820Abstract1103
Bigham, Henry T 18860Index235
Bigham, J. W 1271Index250
Bigham, Mattie 1272Index250
Bigham, Raymond 1273Index250
Bigley, Alonzo 18861Index235
Bigley, J W 66690Map681
Bilbe, Charles 1274Index250
Bilby, John A 66691Map681
Bilby, J E 66692Map681
Bilby, J S 66693Map681
Bilby, John S 66694Map681
Bilby, John S 66695Map681
Bilby, Mary 65435Abstract682
Bilby, John S 65436Abstract682
Bildenback, E L 18862Index235
Bildenback, Edward 18863Index235
Bilderback, Laron 1275Index250
Biles, Ned D l 117Book1
Bilk, James 41555Index366
Billenbeck, M 18864Index235
Billenbeck, Ni 18865Index235
Biller, August 18866Index235
Biller, August 18867Index235
Biller, Andrew J 17370Abstract236
Biller, John Mathias 17372Abstract236
Biller, Carolyn Richter (Richter)17373Abstract236
Biller, Rosa 55025Abstract242
Biller, Mary (Struder)65267Abstract248
Biller, (inf) 1276Index250
Biller, Carolyn D 1277Index250
Biller, Dora 1278Index250
Biller, E. J 1279Index250
Biller, Hellen A 1280Index250
Biller, Andrew J 32527Index363
Billerlee, L B 69322Book18711253
Billerlee, Nancy E 69323Book18711253
Billerlee, Mary 69324Book18711253
Billerlee, Sarah 69325Book18711253
Billerlee, Rhoda 69326Book18711253
Billerlee, Cleveland 69327Book18711253
Billeter, J W 18868Index235
Billeter, J W 18869Index235
Billeter, Mary Margaret (Draut)16867Abstract242
Billeter, Andrea Nicole 57215File Card1080
Billey, Raymond R 50014Index1994371
Billinger, Frank 18870Index235
Billings, Marguerite 275List103
Billings, Benjamin 1281Index250
Billings, Kaci Lynn 57216File Card1080
Billings, Sydney Renee 57217File Card1080
Billings, Tate Eric Lee 57218File Card1080
Billings, William 57426Index1100
Billings, William A 59660Index1101
Billings, Kisine 59729Index1101
Billings(ley), James 18871Index235
Billingslea, James 1282Index250
Billingsley, D 18872Index235
Billingsley, J 18873Index235
Billingsley, James 18874Index235
Billingsley, James 18875Index235
Billingsley, James 18876Index235
Billingsley, Blanche 1283Index250
Billingsley, Gertie 1284Index250
Billiter, John 18877Index235
Billiter, John W 18878Index235
Billman, Martha Jane 1285Index250
Billman, Hailey Kay 57226File Card1080
Billman, Ida 60654Index1101
Billman, Judith A 60738Index1101
Bills, William J 1286Index250
Bills , William 16533Index920
Bills, Lewis 57428Index1100
Bilyeu, J L 42930Index2000368
Bimbie, Harry 1287Index250
Bimbie, Louis 1288Index250
Bimby, Louis 18879Index235
Bimkowski, ? 18880Index235
Bindel, Hayden Michael 57219File Card1080
Bindel, Alexander Scott 57227File Card1080
Binder, Joshua Steven 57228File Card1080
Binder, Michael Steven 57229File Card1080
Bindyk, John 1289Index250
Binford, David 63596Index9999
Bing, Benjamin 18881Index235
Bing, Edward A 18882Index235
Bing, J B 18883Index235
Bing, J B 18884Index235
Bing, Frank 1290Index250
Bing, Joseph 1291Index250
Bing, Liam Mathew 57230File Card1080
Bingeman, George H 1292Index250
Bingham, F E 18885Index235
Bingham, Frank 18886Index235
Bingham, T V 33071Index363
Bingham, Theodore V 33094Index363
Bingham, James 40280Index365
Bingham, Robert 42596Index366
Bingham, Robert Eldon 42652Index366
Bingham, David L 57430Index1100
Bink, George 61704Index926
Bink, Nancy (Wood)61705Index926
Binkley, Chris 18887Index235
Binkley, Caroline 1293Index250
Binkley, Mrs. 1294Index250
Binney, John 38840Index365
Binney, John Lincoln 38921Index365
Binnicker, J T 18888Index235
Binnicker, Oscar 18889Index235
Binnicker, John G 1295Index250
Binnicker, M. J 1296Index250
Binnicker, Rose 1297Index250
Binniker, Harry 1298Index250
Bins, Charles L 18890Index235
Binstead, Georgia Lee 55414Index1990841
Binswanger, B. F 1299Index250
Birbeck, Robert L 54477Index323
Birch, Vincent E 18891Index235
Birch, (m) 1300Index250
Birch, Mary 1301Index250
Birch, Elizabeth Carter 55415Index1990841
Bircham, K 18892Index235
Birchenall, Muriel 1302Index250
Birchenaugh, Wallace 1303Index250
Birchfield, William P 65556Abstract682
Birchmier, Joel Wesley 57220File Card1080
Bird, C F 18893Index235
Bird, H J 18894Index235
Bird, Herbert 18895Index235
Bird, Herbert 18896Index235
Bird, John 18897Index235
Bird, (inf) 1304Index250
Bird, Catherine 1305Index250
Bird, Hazel K 1306Index250
Bird, Herbert J 1307Index250
Bird, Mary E 1308Index250
Bird, William A 1309Index250
Bird, Lloyd 54525Index323
Bird, Byron 38713Index365
Bird, Byron Erman 38721Index365
Bird, Billie L 40328Index365
Bird, James Lawson 40333Index365
Bird, James L 43180Index2000368
Bird, J L 43646Index2000368
Bird, D E 43777Index2000368
Bird, Billie 48518Index370
Bird, B L 48542Index370
Bird, James 49437Index370
Bird, James 50509Index1994371
Bird, Billie 50973Index1997372
Bird, R E 66696Map681
Bird, John Y 65437Abstract682
Bird, Albertine 65439Abstract682
Bird, Robert E 65441Abstract682
Bird, John L 65442Abstract682
Bird, E O 65443Abstract682
Bird, George 65444Abstract682
Bird, Jacob 65445Abstract682
Bird, 66087Abstract682
Bird, Sarah 66088Abstract682
Bird, Catherine J 55416Index1990841
Bird, Willis 55417Index1990841
Bird, John 17790Index926
Bird, Rachael (Pritchard)17791Index926
Bird, Austin Joseph 57221File Card1080
Bird, Andrew G 57432Index1100
Bird, Mary 60829Index1101
Bird, James 56182Abstract1102
Bird, William 64829Abstract1106
Bird, Thos 68252Book18711253
Bird, Thos 68270Book18711253
Birdsell, Kevin Jackson 57231File Card1080
Birge, Harry 18898Index235
Birgoff, Dr. J 1310Index250
Birk, William H 59662Index1101
Birkby, Jack Taylor 57222File Card1080
Birke, Martha Estella 61821Abstract1103
Birkeness, A M 38482Index365
Birkeness, A M 47533Index1998369
Birkenholz, Leslie Ann 57223File Card1080
Birkenholz, Jesse Lee 57284File Card1080
Birkle, Mary (Siskey)17375Abstract236
Birkness, Arne 47482Index1998369
Birmingham, J W 18899Index235
Birmingham, Joseph 18900Index235
Birmingham, William 18901Index235
Birmingham, Maud 1311Index250
Birmingham, R C 44625Index2000368
Birtch, Herbert 18902Index235
Bisby, B F 49292Index370
Bischof, G L 66697Map681
Bischoff, Fred 18903Index235
Bisciuce, Salvatore 18904Index235
Biseri, G. 1312Index250
Biseri, Savtore 1313Index250
Bisessi, G. 1314Index250
Bish, Charles Warren 45715Index1998369
Bish, Alongo 59664Index1101
Bishoff, Harry Frank 65268Abstract248
Bishop, William T 18905Index235
Bishop, Caroline 1315Index250
Bishop, Galen 1316Index250
Bishop, Olivia 1317Index250
Bishop, Theodore J 1318Index250
Bishop, William T 32070Index363
Bishop, L W 32114Index363
Bishop, Albert B 32171Index363
Bishop, Robert 43532Index2000368
Bishop, R D 43591Index2000368
Bishop, J E 48952Index370
Bishop, 65447Abstract682
Bishop, Henry 65448Abstract682
Bishop, Harriett 65449Abstract682
Bishop, A D (Moorhead)66094Abstract682
Bishop, John 17212Index926
Bishop, John (Haptonstall)17213Index926
Bishop, Susannah 58821Index1100
Bishop, John 59666Index1101
Bishop, John 56183Abstract1102
Bishop, Hattie (Tucker)62471Abstract1104
Bishop, Jessie M 63934Index9999
Bishopp, Anna 1319Index250
Bisig, Robert 43117Index2000368
Bisig, D L 46726Index1998369
Biskey, Marie 1320Index250
Bisnett, James A 18906Index235
Bissell, Cody Dalton 57285File Card1080
Bissell, William 56184Abstract1102
Bisset, Olive B (Gillis)64830Abstract1106
Bissinger, Chris 18907Index235
Biswanger, I J 18908Index235
Bitteker, Larry 54153Index323
Bittick, James W 1321Index250
Bittick, Mary 1322Index250
Bittick, William Wallace 40634Index366
Bittick, Rebecca 69438Book18711253
Bitticks, Rebecca 69465Book18711253
Bittiker, W L 49322Index370
Bittiker, Larry 51032Index1997372
Bittman, Richard 49754Index370
Bittner, Robert 1323Index250
Bittsker, Larry B 53788Index324
Bitzer, Stella (Freed)61822Abstract1103
Biugne, Victor 18909Index235
Biveler, O. O 16902Index926
Biveler, Amand (Carroll)16903Index926
Bivens, Ann 1324Index250
Bivens, Flora 69311Book18711253
Bix, Brittany Jade 57224File Card1080
Bix, Joshua Edward 57225File Card1080
Bix, Brittany Renae 57286File Card1080
Bix, Cody Wayne 57287File Card1080
Bix, Tyler Nicholas 57288File Card1080
Bixby, Elizabeth Ellen 56185Abstract1102
Blacet, Lillian S (Streuber)17382Abstract236
Blacet, John E 17383Abstract236
Blacet, Jeanne Marie 17385Abstract236
Blacet, Mary Jane 17386Abstract236
Blacet, Margie 17387Abstract236
Blacet, Elizabeth 17388Abstract236
Blacet, John E 17389Abstract236
Blacet, William Joseph 17390Abstract236
Blacet, Louis 17404Abstract236
Blacet, Helen (Blacet)16868Abstract242
Blachart, Cyrus 59668Index1101
Blachly, D M 45902Index1998369
Blachly, Harlan 55418Index1990841
Black, Charles W 18910Index235
Black, Charles W 18911Index235
Black, Charles W 18912Index235
Black, Charles W 18913Index235
Black, George 18914Index235
Black, M 18915Index235
Black, Anna 1325Index250
Black, Frederick 1326Index250
Black, Jere S 1327Index250
Black, Joseph C 1328Index250
Black, Sarah E 1329Index250
Black, J M 32956Index363
Black, William 33192Index363
Black, Clarence William 38647Index365
Black, Wilbert 39345Index365
Black, Wilbert Wayne 39373Index365
Black, Harold 39819Index365
Black, Harold Thomas 39858Index365
Black, Harold 42304Index366
Black, Harold T 42361Index366
Black, Robert Earl 42463Index366
Black, William Kermit 45798Index1998369
Black, W K 45846Index1998369
Black, James 47841Index370
Black, Clem 49720Index370
Black, Melvin 51251Index1997372
Black, S 66698Map681
Black, W L 66699Map681
Black, Harry D 65450Abstract682
Black, Thompson 65451Abstract682
Black, Grizzella 65452Abstract682
Black, Thompson 65720Abstract682
Black, Reuben 55419Index1990841
Black, William 17678Index926
Black, Martha F (Bunton)17679Index926
Black, Chelsea Nicole 57289File Card1080
Black, Jadyn Nicole 57290File Card1080
Black, Ryan Nicholas 57291File Card1080
Black, Shelbie Lakay 57292File Card1080
Black, William Palmer 62472Abstract1104
Black, Isaac 64831Abstract1106
Black, Alex 68221Book18711253
Black, Mary 69256Book18711253
Blackamore, John 57434Index1100
Blackater, Maude 1330Index250
Blackburn, Herschel 38473Index365
Blackburn, Ray Ivan 42798Index366
Blackburn, H E 43065Index2000368
Blackburn, Frank O 43097Index2000368
Blackburn, R I 46392Index1998369
Blackburn, Frank O 51348Index1997372
Blackburn, Mollie 55420Index1990841
Blackburn, Ina 56186Abstract1102
Blackburn, William 56187Abstract1102
Blackburn, Susan 61823Abstract1103
Blacke, Perry 18916Index235
Blackely, Thomas 59672Index1101
Blackerby, Thomas 1331Index250
Blacketer, Oscar 18917Index235
Blacketter, Mary 1332Index250
Blackety, Thomas 57436Index1100
Blackford, J T 18918Index235
Blackford, John F 18919Index235
Blackford, Helena 16869Abstract242
Blackford, Albert 1333Index250
Blackford, Gladys 1334Index250
Blackford, Hugh 1335Index250
Blackford, John 1336Index250
Blackford, Joseph 1337Index250
Blackford, M. 1338Index250
Blackford, M. H 1339Index250
Blackford, Nettie 1340Index250
Blackford, Andrew David 57293File Card1080
Blackford, Brady Alan 57294File Card1080
Blackford, Joshua Dean 57295File Card1080
Blackford, Miranda Christine 57296File Card1080
Blackford, Natasha Nicole 57297File Card1080
Blackford, Quentin Scott 57298File Card1080
Blackford, Samantha Lynnea 57299File Card1080
Blackford, J T 63290Index9999
Blackley, John 18920Index235
Blackly, Don M 45862Index1998369
Blackly, Charly L 59670Index1101
Blackman, John W 18921Index235
Blackman, William 1341Index250
Blackmore, Henry 18922Index235
Blackmore, Julia Ann 57899Index1100
Blackney, Edward C 1342Index250
Blackney, Matthew Edward 57300File Card1080
Blackney, Mary A 59687Index1101
Blackney, E C 62473Abstract1104
Blackston, Roy 51319Index1997372
Blackwell, Walter 18923Index235
Blackwell, Bertha 1343Index250
Blackwell, Charley 1344Index250
Blackwell, Henry S 1345Index250
Blackwell, John S 1346Index250
Blackwell, Mary 1347Index250
Blackwell, Melvin 1348Index250
Blackwell, Otis 1349Index250
Blackwell, Louisa 58053Index1100
Blackwell, C 69161Book18711253
Blackwell, Barbara 64305Index9999
Blacock, Elizabeth 1350Index250
Blade, Eliza 57859Index1100
Blades, 66700Map681
Blades, William 65453Abstract682
Bladock, Sam 18924Index235
Bladsoe, Gordon 18925Index235
Blagg, John H 18926Index235
Blain, Nettie 1351Index250
Blair, William 18927Index235
Blair, Jane 1352Index250
Blair, Matilda 1353Index250
Blair, John 39298Index365
Blair, J W 45317Index2000368
Blair, William E 51175Index1997372
Blair, Mary M 66701Map681
Blair, Catalliena Roze 57301File Card1080
Blair, Garin Michael 57302File Card1080
Blair, Garrett Craig 57321File Card1080
Blair, Kasie Sue 57322File Card1080
Blair, George 57438Index1100
Blair, 57440Index1100
Blair, James 57442Index1100
Blair, Sarah Marget 58494Index1100
Blair, Eugene 58690Index1100
Blair, Eliza 58933Index1100
Blair, Lucy 59161Index1100
Blair, Belle 60235Index1101
Blair, James 56188Abstract1102
Blair, Rebecca L (Powe)61824Abstract1103
Blair, Sarah M 61825Abstract1103
Blair, Alfred J 63047Abstract1105
Blair, Montgomery 63048Abstract1105
Blair, Uriah 63049Abstract1105
Blair, Andrew 68795Book18711253
Blair, Andrew 68811Book18711253
Blair, Andrew 68872Book18711253
Blair, Charles 64313Index9999
Blaise, Peter 1354Index250
Blake, B A 18928Index235
Blake, John 65269Abstract248
Blake, C. D 1355Index250
Blake, Charles 1356Index250
Blake, Eva G 1357Index250
Blake, Everett 1358Index250
Blake, Iris May 1359Index250
Blake, James 1360Index250
Blake, James Franklin 1361Index250
Blake, L. W 1362Index250
Blake, Mabel 1363Index250
Blake, Robert 1364Index250
Blake, Dwight F 54377Index323
Blake, Wayman 38561Index365
Blake, Wayman Walter 38581Index365
Blake, Dwight F 43188Index2000368
Blake, D F 43242Index2000368
Blake, D F 47700Index1998369
Blake, Buell F 49924Index1994371
Blake, B E 49960Index1994371
Blake, 66702Map681
Blake, J P 66703Map681
Blake, Daniel M 65455Abstract682
Blake, Mabel 65457Abstract682
Blake, Eugene 65458Abstract682
Blake, Aurora Jasmin 57323File Card1080
Blakeford, Joseph 18929Index235
Blakeley, ? 18930Index235
Blakeley, John 18931Index235
Blakeley, John 18932Index235
Blakeley, Marcus L 18933Index235
Blakeley, W R 18934Index235
Blakeley, J D 45101Index2000368
Blakeley, Ed 69128Book18711253
Blakely, Gertrude 65270Abstract248
Blakely, (f) 1365Index250
Blakely, (m) 1366Index250
Blakely, Alice 1367Index250
Blakely, George 1368Index250
Blakely, David 54215Index323
Blakely, George H 54673Index323
Blakely, Edward Oscar 39801Index365
Blakely, David 41469Index366
Blakely, David William 41487Index366
Blakely, D W 44833Index2000368
Blakely, E O 45701Index1998369
Blakely, David 48174Index370
Blakely, D W 48339Index370
Blakely, Dianne Marie 57324File Card1080
Blakely, Matthew Edward 57325File Card1080
Blakely, Felix 57444Index1100
Blakely, Elizabeth 69009Book18711253
Blakely, Elizabeth 69060Book18711253
Blakely, Ed 69101Book18711253
Blakes, Lizzie 1369Index250
Blakes, P. E 1370Index250
Blakey, Cecil 1371Index250
Blakey, Edna 1372Index250
Blakley, Chas 18935Index235
Blakley, J A 18936Index235
Blakley, John 18937Index235
Blakley, John 18938Index235
Blakley, Anna P 1373Index250
Blakley, Mrs. 1374Index250
Blakley, Patsey 1375Index250
Blakley, Julia 60925Index1101
Blalock, Sam C 18939Index235
Blanchard, L 18940Index235
Blanchard, Lute 18941Index235
Blanchard, Lute 18942Index235
Blanchard, Craig 41508Index366
Blanchard, Kenneth Charles 45793Index1998369
Blanchard, K C 48422Index370
Blanchard, Ashley Nicole 57326File Card1080
Blanchard, Nathaniel Ryan 57327File Card1080
Blanchard, Shelby Jordan 57328File Card1080
Blanchard, Franklin 57446Index1100
Blanchard, Stephen 56189Abstract1102
Blanchard, Hannah Putnam 63050Abstract1105
Blanchard, James 68203Book18711253
Blanchard, James 68204Book18711253
Blanchard, Jas 68273Book18711253
Blanchard, J 68292Book18711253
Blanchard, James 68331Book18711253
Blanchard, James 68573Book18711253
Blanchard, James 68586Book18711253
Blanche, John 66704Map681
Blanche, Hunter 66705Map681
Blanche, Martha J 66706Map681
Blanck, Gershe 1376Index250
Bland, Mary E 1377Index250
Bland, Donald 53365Index324
Bland, Cora (Fry)55421Index1990841
Bland, Hedgeman A 55428Index1990841
Bland, W W 55429Index1990841
Blane, Barbara 1378Index250
Blaney, Aaron 18943Index235
Blaney, Matthew Joseph 57329File Card1080
Blank, John 1379Index250
Blank, George 68919Book18711253
Blank, Harriet 68920Book18711253
Blank, Andrew 68921Book18711253
Blank, Edward 68922Book18711253
Blank, May 69028Book18711253
Blank, May 69059Book18711253
Blanken, D. (m) 1380Index250
Blankenship, J 18944Index235
Blankenship, Benjamin 16870Abstract242
Blankenship, H. 1381Index250
Blankenship, Priscilla 1382Index250
Blankenship, Thompson 1383Index250
Blankenship, William C 1384Index250
Blankenship, Homer 31897Index363
Blankenship, Robert 39309Index365
Blankenship, Leonard 40309Index365
Blankenship, Leonard Ferdinand 40330Index365
Blankenship, Eugene 41247Index366
Blankenship, Eugene Brandon 41277Index366
Blankenship, E B 45071Index2000368
Blankenship, Elmer 50651Index1994371
Blankenship, Nathan 17260Index926
Blankenship, Sarah (Kerns)17261Index926
Blankenship, Alexander 38344Index926
Blankenship, Jane (Goen)38345Index926
Blankenship, John 59398Index926
Blankenship, Serilda (Antle)59399Index926
Blankenship, James Joseph 57330File Card1080
Blankensmith, James 63365Index9999
Blanton, Anna 1385Index250
Blanton, Franklin 40035Index365
Blanton, Lloyd 40459Index366
Blanton, Louis Clifton 40475Index366
Blanton, Edgar Arthur 40483Index366
Blanton, Lloyd Thomas 40524Index366
Blanton, Franklin Anderson 42833Index366
Blanton, Kenneth Lee 44060Index2000368
Blanton, F A 47091Index1998369
Blanton, W H 48067Index370
Blanton, W H 48109Index370
Blanton, Raymond 49752Index370
Blanton, Herbert 50365Index1994371
Blanton, Mary M 58498Index1100
Blany, Charles 59674Index1101
Blast, C L 46806Index1998369
Blatter, R 18945Index235
Blatter, Emma R 1386Index250
Blatter, Emmett 1387Index250
Blatters, Emma 1388Index250
Blattes, Rudolph 18946Index235
Blauvelt, Jeffrey Christopher 57331File Card1080
Blazer, (m) 1389Index250
Blazer, Louis 1390Index250
Blazer, George W 59676Index1101
Blazer, Maggie Susan 60453Index1101
Blazer, Camuless 69282Book18711253
Blazer, Cornelius 69335Book18711253
Bleazard, Dora 1391Index250
Bleazard, H H 46912Index1998369
Bledsan, C 18947Index235
Bledsau, Henry 18948Index235
Bledso, Clarinda 58939Index1100
Bledsoe, Carl A 18949Index235
Bledsoe, Carroll 18950Index235
Bledsoe, G W 18951Index235
Bledsoe, George W 18952Index235
Bledsoe, George W 18953Index235
Bledsoe, Henry 18954Index235
Bledsoe, (m) 1392Index250
Bledsoe, (m) 1393Index250
Bledsoe, Annie 1394Index250
Bledsoe, Ducy 1395Index250
Bledsoe, Peter V 1396Index250
Bledsoe, S. P 1397Index250
Bledsoe, Wilbur L 1398Index250
Bledsoe, Jay 32308Index363
Bledsoe, Gordon U 32473Index363
Bledsoe, William 38989Index365
Bledsoe, H A 46499Index1998369
Bledsoe, Peter 59361Index926
Bledsoe, Emily (Bots)59362Index926
Bledsoe, Hannah Leigh 57332File Card1080
Bledsoe, Isaac Gene 57333File Card1080
Bledsoe, Jeremiah James 57334File Card1080
Bledsoe, Jessica Leigh 57335File Card1080
Bledsoe, Abraham 57448Index1100
Bledsoe, Bethina Angelina 57587Index1100
Bledsoe, Alexander 59678Index1101
Bledsoe, Willard Newton 70410Newsletter19351303
Bledsoe, Natan C 70380Newsletter19341323
Bleeker, Evelyn 1399Index250
Bleich, A C 18955Index235
Bleich, August 18956Index235
Bleich, R D 45954Index1998369
Blevin, Bernard 42115Index366
Blevin, Roy Bernard 42177Index366
Blevins, Chas 18957Index235
Blevins, Donald 54011Index324
Blevins, R B 46861Index1998369
Blevins, Donald 47944Index370
Blevins, D L 48018Index370
Blevins, George 48372Index370
Blevins, Don L 51022Index1997372
Blevins, Joseph 66003Abstract682
Blick, Mathew 18958Index235
Bliley, Barbara 16871Abstract242
Bliley, Joseph Edmund 40155Index365
Bliley, Edmund J 44093Index2000368
Bliley, E J 44146Index2000368
Bliley, E J 47736Index1998369
Bliley, Edmund J 50527Index1994371
Bliley, DaKota James 57336File Card1080
Bliley, Jackie Danielle 57337File Card1080
Bliley, Kristina Rachelle 57338File Card1080
Bliley, Sarah Sharee 57339File Card1080
Bliley, Tiffany Ann 57340File Card1080
Blinde, Ralph 53995Index324
Blinn, D P 18959Index235
Blinn, Mary E 1400Index250
Bliss, Helen M 1401Index250
Bliss, Marion E 1402Index250
Bliss, Mary Jane (McCann)70357Newsletter19351304
Bliss, Charles 70358Newsletter19351304
Bliss, J L 64436Index9999
Blizard, Harry 18960Index235
Blizzard, Louis 18961Index235
Blizzard, B B 47242Index1998369
Blocher, David Bernard 57341File Card1080
Block, Benjamin 18962Index235
Block, Samuel 18963Index235
Block, (inf) 1403Index250
Block, Jacob 1404Index250
Block, Vernon Edward 42615Index366
Block, Theodore H 44027Index2000368
Block, P L 47994Index370
Block, Paul 51023Index1997372
Block, John 66707Map681
Blocker, John 55430Index1990841
Blockford, Jessie 1405Index250
Blockston, Mary A 1406Index250
Blockwell, Levi 1407Index250
Blodig, J L 47390Index1998369
Bloghbaum, Joseph 1408Index250
Blohm, William 32059Index363
Blohm, Walter 49727Index370
Blohn, Walter P 49711Index370
Blomberg, M. 1409Index250
Blondeau, L. 1410Index250
Blondeau, Kenneth D 42976Index2000368
Blondon, John 1411Index250
Bloom, Albert H 18964Index235
Bloom, Robert B 18965Index235
Bloom, William 43928Index2000368
Bloom, William W 44025Index2000368
Bloom, 66708Map681
Bloom, Derek James 57342File Card1080
Bloom, Nicholas Jerome 57343File Card1080
Bloom, Thomas Jefferson 57344File Card1080
Bloomberg, David 43072Index2000368
Bloomer, Infant 65271Abstract248
Bloomer, Michael 65273Abstract248
Bloomer, John 1412Index250
Bloomer, G T 33412Index363
Bloomer, G T 33433Index363
Bloomer, Rebecca 60508Index1101
Bloomer, William J 61826Abstract1103
Bloomfield, David Scott 57345File Card1080
Bloomfield, Tabitha Merlene 57346File Card1080
Bloomington, A Lee 53933Index324
Bloomquist, Brenden Darrel 57347File Card1080
Blose, L. 1413Index250
Bloss, Ernest 18966Index235
Bloss, Rosabelle 1414Index250
Blosser, Bill Gibson 38866Index365
Blosser, B G 46667Index1998369
Blossom, (inf) 1415Index250
Blossom, Sylvia W 1416Index250
Blue, Claude 188List103
Blue, Clyde 1417Index250
Blue, George 1418Index250
Blue, Parmelia 1419Index250
Blue, Maurice R 32122Index363
Blue, T M 47819Index370
Blue, Thomas 55795Index926
Blue, Manerva (Bag?)55796Index926
Blues, Charles W 18967Index235
Bluford, Lucy 1420Index250
Blum, Frank 18968Index235
Blum, Harvey 18969Index235
Blum, R B 18970Index235
Blum, Robert 18971Index235
Blum, Robert 18972Index235
Blum, Robert R 18973Index235
Blum, Roy 18974Index235
Blum, Clara 1421Index250
Blum, Damin 1422Index250
Blum, Edward 1423Index250
Blum, Henry 1424Index250
Blum, Mary 1425Index250
Blum, Rachel 1426Index250
Blum, Theresa 1427Index250
Blum, MaKensie Paige 57348File Card1080
Blum, Henry 61827Abstract1103
Blumenstein, Lena 1428Index250
Blumm, Damiam 18975Index235
Blumm, Henry 1429Index250
Blunk, J I 66709Map681
Blunt, A A 18976Index235
Blunt, Albert 18977Index235
Blunt, Albert A 18978Index235
Blunt, Mont 18979Index235
Blunt, W F 18980Index235
Blunt, Mont 1430Index250
Blunt, Dewey D 33562Index363
Blurton, Marshal 1431Index250
Blurton, William 1432Index250
Bly, Chas W 18981Index235
Bly, Rhoda 1433Index250
Bly, Peleania 58925Index1100
Bly, Temperance T 60405Index1101
Blythe, Clarcy E 1434Index250
Blythe, Edward 1435Index250
Blythe, Paige Elizabeth 57349File Card1080
Blythe, Torri Alicia 57350File Card1080
Board, S T 18982Index235
Boat, Margaret 59063Index1100
Boatman, Henry C 18983Index235
Boatman, William 18984Index235
Boatman, Paul 1436Index250
Boatright, S 18985Index235
Boatright, Joseph Edgar 41591Index366
Boatright, J E 46944Index1998369
Boatright, D S 48891Index370
Boatwright, Dayun Paul James 57351File Card1080
Boatwright, Dustin Richard Allen 57352File Card1080
Boaz, James 18986Index235
Boaz, Gladys 1437Index250
Boaz, Theodore 1438Index250
Boaz, Noah 59343Index926
Boaz, Sarah M (Anderson)59344Index926
Bobb, Mary L 1439Index250
Bobbitt, Joseph 18987Index235
Bobbitt, Thomas Darrell 50668Index1994371
Bobst, Alfred L 1440Index250
Bocchino, Jacob Rhys 57353File Card1080
Bocchino, Nicholas Martin 57354File Card1080
Boch, C L 46935Index1998369
Bocher, Samuel 61888Index926
Bocher, Janitha (Stafford)61889Index926
Bock, Samuel 18988Index235
Bock, J R 66710Map681
Bock, Rudolph H 61828Abstract1103
Bocka, Peter 18989Index235
Bockelman, Otto 1441Index250
Bockelman, Albert Eugene 42219Index366
Bockelman, Albert E 48632Index370
Bockelman, A E 48687Index370
Bockerman, August 1442Index250
Bockerman, Marie 1443Index250
Bockham, Albert 18990Index235
Bockleman, William H 18991Index235
Bodart, Francis 65274Abstract248
Bodde, Gerald Joesph 40574Index366
Bodde, G J 44442Index2000368
Bodde, Gerald J 49759Index370
Bode, I 18992Index235
Bode, William 18993Index235
Bode, Gertrude (Haight)16912Abstract242
Bode, Arthur W 1444Index250
Bode, Henry 1445Index250
Bode, Regina E 1446Index250
Bode, Harry 54054Index323
Bode, William Francis 40880Index366
Bode, M W 43423Index2000368
Bode, W F 43785Index2000368
Bode, William F 64475Index9999
Bodeau, Julius 18994Index235
Boden, Jesse H 18995Index235
Boden, Anna Rebecca 60941Index1101
Bodenhausen, A F 18996Index235
Bodenhausen, August 18997Index235
Bodenhausen, Fredrecka 1447Index250
Bodenhausen, William 1448Index250
Bodenhausen, Marvin 39677Index365
Bodenhausen, Marvin 43929Index2000368
Bodenhausen, Marvin Erich 44026Index2000368
Bodenshalz, Pauline 16556Abstract236
Boder, Fannie M 16913Abstract242
Boder, Angelique 1449Index250
Boder, Louis 1450Index250
Bodine, Raymond 40460Index366
Bodine, Joseph Eli 40515Index366
Bodine, R E 46131Index1998369
Bodle, Mary 1451Index250
Bodle, Anthony Colburn 57355File Card1080
Bodtke, Dorothea 1452Index250
Boedeker, Tonya Ann 57356File Card1080
Boegh, Henry C 31863Index363
Boegle, G W 18998Index235
Boegle, (inf) 1453Index250
Boegle, Donat 1454Index250
Boeh, Andrew 16914Abstract242
Boeh, Henry 54203Index323
Boeh, Norbert W 32332Index363
Boeh, Robert K 40186Index365
Boeh, Robert Kenneth 40264Index365
Boeh, Charles L 44414Index2000368
Boeh, A L 44469Index2000368
Boeh, V L 44659Index2000368
Boeh, Adrian 46946Index1998369
Boeh, A L 47016Index1998369
Boeh, R K 47800Index1998369
Boeh, Adrein 49513Index370
Boeh, A L 49544Index370
Boeh, Henry D 50376Index1994371
Boeh, Charles L 50854Index1997372
Boehm, Allison Christina 57357File Card1080
Boeler, John 59680Index1101
Boerner, Kenneth 54474Index323
Boes, R L 51157Index1997372
Boesch, Claradine 1455Index250
Boess, Eva S 18999Index235
Boetteher, John R 19000Index235
Boettner, Henry 66711Map681
Boettner, J J 66712Map681
Boettner, John 66713Map681
Boettner, W 66714Map681
Boettner, Wm 66715Map681
Boffman, Roy Lee 40830Index366
Boffman, Roy L 43679Index2000368
Boffman, R L 43753Index2000368
Boford, Alfred 19001Index235
Bogar, Martin 65459Abstract682
Bogdanoff, Abraham J 32915Index363
Boggs, M. 1456Index250
Boggs, Mabelle 1457Index250
Bogle, Henry O 19002Index235
Bogles, Leona B 1458Index250
Bohannon, Emma Marie 57358File Card1080
Bohannon, Macie Lynn 57359File Card1080
Bohart, Elizabeth 57249Index1100
Bohart, Jacob 57450Index1100
Bohart, Richard 56190Abstract1102
Bohart, 61829Abstract1103
Bohater, Emma 1459Index250
Bohatka, Joseph 19003Index235
Boher, John 1460Index250
Boherer, Edward 1461Index250
Bohlken, Faith Rose 57689File Card1080
Bohlken, Alex Jocob 57690File Card1080
Bohm, G. W 1462Index250
Bohman, Carl F 19004Index235
Bohmer, George 19005Index235
Bohn, Herman 1463Index250
Bohn, Theo 66716Map681
Bohn, Anna Margaret 16534Index920
Bohnd, Fred 19006Index235
Bohnd, Oscar 1464Index250
Bohner, (inf) 1465Index250
Bohner, C R 43796Index2000368
Bohner, Clifton 50788Index1997372
Bohnstedt, Max Ray 54644Index323
Bohr, Louise Ida 17407Abstract236
Bohren, Chris. 1466Index250
Bohrer, Fred 19007Index235
Bohrer, Fred 19008Index235
Bohrer, Fred 19009Index235
Bohrer, Harry 1467Index250
Bohrer, Lizzie 1468Index250
Boice, William 1469Index250
Boid, S D 19010Index235
Boiles, Lewis 57452Index1100
Boiles, Jinney 59021Index1100
Boiles, Eliza Ann 59059Index1100
Boils, Lewis 59682Index1101
Boils, Elizabeth 60580Index1101
Boine, William 55431Index1990841
Boisen, Emmerson Grace 57691File Card1080
Bojay, J E 45613Index1998369
Bok, Ed 65275Abstract248
Bok, Fred 1470Index250
Bokay, Frank 19011Index235
Bokay, I E 43135Index2000368
Bokay, F S 43656Index2000368
Bokay, John 45572Index1998369
Bokay, J E 48138Index370
Bokay, John E 50020Index1994371
Bolan, John 19012Index235
Boland, John (Streuber)17395Abstract236
Boland, J. 1471Index250
Boland, Patrick P 1472Index250
Bolar, (f) 1473Index250
Bolar, Jacob Daniel L 57917File Card1080
Boldock, Anna (son) 1474Index250
Bole, Emma F 60496Index1101
Bolen, John H 19013Index235
Bolen, Frank 65284Abstract248
Bolen, Morten 1475Index250
Bolen, Robert 39299Index365
Bolen, Wm 68446Book18711253
Bolen, Andrew 68447Book18711253
Bolen, Henry 69015Book18711253
Bolen, Dick 63409Index9999
Boles, Susan 1476Index250
Boles, Louis V 53796Index324
Boles, Hollea J Danielle 57918File Card1080
Boleski, Anton 16915Abstract242
Bolewski, Joseph 1477Index250
Boley, Clifford 45380Index1998369
Boley, C M 45468Index1998369
Bolger, Edward A 16916Abstract242
Bolin, Edwin Anderson 57919File Card1080
Boling, George B 1478Index250
Boling, Pleasant 1479Index250
Boling, Thomas 1480Index250
Boling, Marvin E 32239Index363
Bolinger, Elizabeth 1481Index250
Bolinger, Lloyd 49919Index1994371
Bolinger, K J 49950Index1994371
Bollantyne, Nancy 1482Index250
Bollen, Alvina 63654Index9999
Boller, Dave 19014Index235
Boller, Harry Ear 19015Index235
Boller, O C 19016Index235
Boller, Christian 1483Index250
Boller, Lawrence E 33382Index363
Boller, James 43873Index2000368
Boller, F E 45006Index2000368
Boller, James 48044Index370
Boller, J C 48078Index370
Bolles, J C 43908Index2000368
Bollinger, Lloyd 39646Index365
Bollman, August 19017Index235
Bollman, August 19018Index235
Bollman, Mildred 1484Index250
Bollman, Philip 1485Index250
Bollman, Walter William 38479Index365
Bollman, Walter 41176Index366
Bollman, Walter William 41337Index366
Bollyell, (inf) 1486Index250
Bolon, Bettie 64102Index9999
Bolsford, James L 19019Index235
Bolt, William 50071Index1994371
Bolten, Earl 53785Index324
Bolten, Earl Pete 41446Index366
Bolten, Earl 50143Index1994371
Bolton, Ted 39432Index365
Bolton, J Dean 39912Index365
Bolton, Earl 41393Index366
Bolton, E C 45618Index1998369
Bolton, Edward Carl 45711Index1998369
Bolton, Earl 47738Index1998369
Bolton, Richard 50061Index1994371
Bolts, Wm 19020Index235
Boly, Adolph 19021Index235
Bolyard, Jennie Sue 57920File Card1080
Bomar, DaKota Allen 57921File Card1080
Bomar, Falicia Dianne 57922File Card1080
Bomar, Hailey Nicole 57923File Card1080
Bomar, Kaitlan Desirae 57924File Card1080
Bombacher, josebh 19022Index235
Bombeck, (inf) 1487Index250
Bombeck, Cornelia Eliz 1488Index250
Bombeck, Daniel F 1489Index250
Bomen, Gilbert 54042Index324
Bonaphan, Sarah W 1490Index250
Bonar, William 40453Index366
Bonbrowski, Joseph 19023Index235
Bond, Ben j 19024Index235
Bond, Ben J 19025Index235
Bond, Ellis 19026Index235
Bond, George W 19027Index235
Bond, George W 19028Index235
Bond, H E 19029Index235
Bond, Homer 19030Index235
Bond, Dr. Benson 1491Index250
Bond, John William 1492Index250
Bond, Mrs. N 1493Index250
Bond, Rosa E 1494Index250
Bond, Ruben O 32486Index363
Bond, D G 46914Index1998369
Bond, Benson 65460Abstract682
Bond, Benson 65461Abstract682
Bond, David S 55432Index1990841
Bond, Shalori Nichole 57925File Card1080
Bond, B P 57454Index1100
Bond, George 57456Index1100
Bond, Stephen 57458Index1100
Bond, John 59684Index1101
Bond, William T 59686Index1101
Bond, Sarah M 60118Index1101
Bond, Andrew 56191Abstract1102
Bond, Benson 61830Abstract1103
Bond, Ada Bell (West)61831Abstract1103
Bond, James 62475Abstract1104
Bonde, Alexander Nicole 57926File Card1080
Bonde, Callyn Faye 57927File Card1080
Bonde, Cole James 57928File Card1080
Bonebrake, Cullen Grace 42214Index366
Bonebrake, Cullen 45739Index1998369
Bonen, John 19031Index235
Boner, C C 44940Index2000368
Boner, C C 45013Index2000368
Boner, Cassandra Marie 57929File Card1080
Boness, Bernard 1495Index250
Boness, E. 1496Index250
Bongher, Doherty 1497Index250
Bonham, Arthur 19032Index235
Bonham, Arthur 19033Index235
Bonham, C M 19034Index235
Bonham, Charles 19035Index235
Bonham, Charles M 19036Index235
Bonham, (inf) 1498Index250
Bonham, (tripletts) 1499Index250
Bonham, Arthur 1500Index250
Bonham, Raymond J 32791Index363
Bonham, Ovid 39950Index365
Bonham, Ovid Claire 40009Index365
Bonham, C E 45534Index1998369
Bonham, O C 46242Index1998369
Bonham, Ovid C 50198Index1994371
Bonham, George G 65462Abstract682
Bonham, David 62474Abstract1104
Bonhams, Ovid C 46211Index1998369
Bonhans, F. A 1501Index250
Bonhans, Katie 1502Index250
Bonhans, Louisa 1503Index250
Bonholder, Charles 1504Index250
Bonich, Leona (Liberty)17409Abstract236
Bonich, Michael Paul 17411Abstract236
Bonich, Raymond Patrick 17412Abstract236
Bonlson, Jennie 1505Index250
Bonnel, Adalena 1506Index250
Bonnell, Ida 1507Index250
Bonner, Mar 19037Index235
Bonner, Wm S 19038Index235
Bonner, Grant 1508Index250
Bonner, Louise 1509Index250
Bonner, Donald J 53789Index324
Bonner, Robert E 32826Index363
Bonner, Chris M 39052Index365
Bonner, D J 45420Index1998369
Bonner, William Warren 45794Index1998369
Bonner, C R 48947Index370
Bonner, Martha Jane 60365Index1101
Bonnet, Orbie 38912Index365
Bonnett, Charles 19039Index235
Bonnett, Leonard 39619Index365
Bonnett, Leonard Wiliam 39643Index365
Bonnett, A 42157Index366
Bonnett, Orbie 42215Index366
bonnett, orbie 70509Index366
Bonnett, Leonard W 43437Index2000368
Bonnett, L W 43460Index2000368
Bonney, Justice 16536Index920
Bonoth, Josephine 1510Index250
Bonotti, John 1511Index250
Bonskie, Joseph 68940Book18711253
Bonta, Rosalie 55425Index189
Bonteaux, Lewis 1512Index250
Boock, Kaydence Brian 57930File Card1080
Booher, Charles F 16917Abstract242
Booher, Elijah Drake 57931File Card1080
Booher, Shelley Dawn 57932File Card1080
Book, Guy 42236Index366
Book, D 43572Index2000368
Book, G R 46069Index1998369
Book, Jacob 59688Index1101
Book, Mary 60879Index1101
Booker, J. H 1513Index250
Booker, Y O 66717Map681
Booker, Cornelia (Graves)65761Abstract682
Booker, Eb 65762Abstract682
Bookout, H. G 1514Index250
Bookout, Martha 1515Index250
Booms, Gracie 68942Book18711253
Boon, Clarence 19040Index235
Boon, (inf) 1516Index250
Boon, Julia Ann 1517Index250
Boon, James 53465Index324
Boone, Hiram 19041Index235
Boone, Albert 1518Index250
Boone, Flora 1519Index250
Boone, L. 1520Index250
Boone, Luella E 1521Index250
Boone, Arthur 66718Map681
Boone, Elizabeth (Pannell)16535Index920
Boone, Nathen Scott 57933File Card1080
Boone, Nancy 68856Book18711253
Boone, Ella 68857Book18711253
Boone, 68861Book18711253
Boone, Nancy 68888Book18711253
Boor, Clarence 19042Index235
Boor, Clarence 19043Index235
Boor, Clarence 19044Index235
Boor, Eli 1522Index250
Boor, C L 46080Index1998369
Boore, Paul Melvin 39809Index365
Booreem, Henry S 63653Index9999
Boos, Albert 53662Index324
Boos, Edward 40737Index366
Boos, Edward 40796Index366
Boos, Clarence Nicholas 42032Index366
Boos, Bernard Eugent 42673Index366
Boos, Edward O 44088Index2000368
Boos, C N 47075Index1998369
Boos, Don J 48700Index370
Boos, D J 48764Index370
Boose, John A 19045Index235
Boose, Lewis 1523Index250
Boose, Edward 50107Index1994371
Booth, C P 19046Index235
Booth, Charles 19047Index235
Booth, Louis 19048Index235
Booth, Littleton 1524Index250
Booth, Lucius 1525Index250
Booth, Pearl 1526Index250
Booth, Alfred D 32637Index363
Booth, Winfred 42092Index366
Booth, Winfred Richard 42133Index366
Booth, Jennie 66719Map681
Booth, Horace 66435Abstract682
Booth, Amber Alexis 57934File Card1080
Booth, Kasey Wyant 57935File Card1080
Booth, Timothy Grant 57936File Card1080
Booth, D F 68220Book18711253
Booth, Ed 64890Index9999
Bootman, Mrs. 1527Index250
Bootman, Charles F 33342Index363
Bootman, M F 42923Index2000368
Bootman, H L 47374Index1998369
Bootman, H L 49795Index370
Bophan, Clayton 49708Index370
Borchardt, Charles 19049Index235
Borchardt, Annie 1528Index250
Borchardt, Charles 54551Index323
Borchardt, Henry 64881Index9999
Borchart, Carl 19050Index235
Borchers, John R 50271Index1994371
Borchers, August 65463Abstract682
Borchers, Katherina Adelhird 60538Index1101
Borchers, Louise Friedericke Rosamond 61074Index1101
Borchers, John 64832Abstract1106
Borcuski, William 19051Index235
Bordeau, Charles 19052Index235
Bordeau, Irene 1529Index250
Bordeau, James O 1530Index250
Bordeaux, Emily 1531Index250
Borden, Charles J 29Book1
Borden, C J 162Newspaper Clipping or Art2003105
Borden, Alfredd 1532Index250
Borden, Brett Jay 57937File Card1080
Borden, Caleb Floyd 57938File Card1080
Borden, Garrett Thomas 57939File Card1080
Borden, Charles L 63249Index9999
Bordenhausen, L. A 1533Index250
Borders, Newton Oscar 1534Index250
Borges, Dora 1535Index250
Borges, George Frederick 1536Index250
Borggren, Charles 1537Index250
Borghoff, Floyd E 45409Index1998369
Borghoff, F E 45472Index1998369
Borhan, Charles 19053Index235
Boright, Austin 1538Index250
Boright, O 63562Index9999
Boring, Nettie (McNeal)61832Abstract1103
Borklowski, Stanlaus 19054Index235
Borklowski, William 19055Index235
Borkoski, John 19056Index235
Borkoski, John 19057Index235
Borkowski, Joseph 19058Index235
Borkowski, Frank 16918Abstract242
Borkowski, Rosina 16919Abstract242
Borkowski, Anna 1539Index250
Borkowski, Antoine 1540Index250
Borkowski, Catherine 1541Index250
Borkowski, Francis May 1542Index250
Borkowski, Jacob 1543Index250
Borkowski, John F 1544Index250
Borkowski, Katherine 1545Index250
Borkowski, Lucile 1546Index250
Borkowski, Maggie 1547Index250
Borkowski, Peter P 1548Index250
Borkowski, Sophia 1549Index250
Borkowski, Antone J 32498Index363
Borkowski, John 33411Index363
Borkowski, John V 33464Index363
Borkowski, Walter 38708Index365
Borkowski, Martin Stanley 39742Index365
Borkowski, Joe 39785Index365
Borkowski, C C 43876Index2000368
Borkowski, Clarence 50610Index1994371
Borman, Lewis 1550Index250
Bornbatcher, Joseph 19059Index235
Borner, Edward 1551Index250
Bornese, ? 19060Index235
Borngesser, A 19061Index235
Borngesser, Andy 19062Index235
Borngesser, Oscar 19063Index235
Borngesser, Oscar 19064Index235
Borngesser, Lena 16920Abstract242
Borngesser, Theo H 65276Abstract248
Borngesser, Donald 1552Index250
Borngesser, Eliza 1553Index250
Borngesser, Mary T 1554Index250
Bornstein, Louis 19065Index235
Bornstein, (f) 1555Index250
Boroderick, John (Quell)17416Abstract236
Borraela, John 19066Index235
Borrick, Charles 19067Index235
Borrkowski, Joseph 1556Index250
Borsler, Catherine 1557Index250
Borslouski, ? 19068Index235
Borst, George 19069Index235
Borst, George A 19070Index235
Borst, Jennie 1558Index250
Borst, Lydia 1559Index250
Bort, William A 19071Index235
Bortel, Katherine 1560Index250
Bortrich, George W 19072Index235
Bosch, John 19073Index235
Bosch, Donald 38605Index365
Bosch, Donald Rex 38660Index365
Bosch, Donald Rex 41406Index366
Bosch, Eugene W 47049Index1998369
Bosch, E W 47062Index1998369
Bosch, D R 47961Index370
Bosch, D R 49954Index1994371
Bosch, Donald R 51096Index1997372
Bose, A. P 1561Index250
Bosell, Milan Eugene 38379Index365
Boses, Fred 1562Index250
Boseward, Alfred 1563Index250
Boskey, John 1564Index250
Bosler, George 1565Index250
Bosley, George 1566Index250
Boslick, A W 69141Book18711253
Bossemeyer, H 19074Index235
Bossemeyer, Harry L 19075Index235
Bossemeyer, Henry 19076Index235
Bossemeyer, Henry 19077Index235
Bosser, David 53615Index324
Bossing, Sophia 1567Index250
Bossom, Sarah E (Logan)55433Index1990841
Bostie, Gideon 59690Index1101
Bostock, Mary M 61361Index1101
Boston, Charles W 19078Index235
Boston, Harriet 1568Index250
Boston, H B 31847Index363
Boston, G T 65464Abstract682
Boston, Kaylee Brooke 57940File Card1080
Boston, Helen 58506Index1100
Bostwick, Frederick 1569Index250
Bostwick, Sara O 1570Index250
Bostwick, Alice C (Chrisman)63051Abstract1105
Bostwick, John H 63492Index9999
Boswell, Frank 19079Index235
Boswell, Frank 1571Index250
Boswell, Norman Lee 38627Index365
Boswell, Robert 39592Index365
Boswell, Robert James 39622Index365
Boswell, Wayne 42555Index366
Boswell, Dwight L 47113Index1998369
Boswell, D L 47158Index1998369
Boswell, Benjamin Wayne 57941File Card1080
Boswell, William Leo 57942File Card1080
Bosworth, S B 62880Index926
Botcher, (inf) 1572Index250
Botee, W G 19080Index235
Boteler, William E 65277Abstract248
Bothner, F. R 1573Index250
Bothwell, James 65465Abstract682
Bothwell, Dillon James Aaron 57943File Card1080
Botkin, Henry 19081Index235
Botkin, J L 39936Index365
Botkin, Jeremiah Leonard 39957Index365
Botkin, 66720Map681
Botkin, J C 66721Map681
Botkin, J W 66722Map681
Botkin, Ellie E 65466Abstract682
Botkin, Jeremiah 65467Abstract682
Botkin, Susannah 65468Abstract682
Botkin, Susannah 60536Index1101
Botkin, Mary Elizabeth (Meyer)56192Abstract1102
Botsfield, James L 19082Index235
Botsford, James L 19083Index235
Botsford, James L 1574Index250
Botsford, Joseph 1575Index250
Bottger, Paul 19084Index235
Bottiger, K J 45414Index1998369
Bottner, Margaret (Nothouse)16921Abstract242
Bottorf, R L 45883Index1998369
Bottorff, Gerald 54698Index323
Bottorff, G T 32163Index363
Bottorff, Dale 41409Index366
Bottorff, Dale Emerson 41467Index366
Bottorff, D C 43584Index2000368
Bottorff, Glen E 44109Index2000368
Bottorff, G E 44148Index2000368
Bottorff, Kenneth 46229Index1998369
Bottorff, K H 46275Index1998369
Bottorff, G E 48231Index370
Bottorff, Roy 48611Index370
Bottorff, R L 48663Index370
Bottorff, Kenneth 50652Index1994371
Bottorff, Gerald 50952Index1997372
Botts, Rachell 1576Index250
Botts, William 1577Index250
Botts, Willar Wilson 39231Index365
Botts, Willar Wilson 39232Index365
Botts, Willard Martin 41837Index366
Botts, Willard 45735Index1998369
Botts, Willard Martin 45803Index1998369
Botts, Hannah Chester 58817Index1100
Botts, Henry 59692Index1101
Botts, Richard 59694Index1101
Boucher, Low 19085Index235
Boucher, N 19086Index235
Boucher, Thomas Joseph 42678Index366
Boucher, Mason Lewis 57944File Card1080
Bouditch, C. 1578Index250
Bouff, Geo L 19087Index235
Bouge, Harvey L 32304Index363
Bouge, Harold L 51230Index1997372
Bougher, N 19088Index235
Bougher, Noah 19089Index235
Bougher, L O 43630Index2000368
Boughton, Fred. 1579Index250
Boukloski, Will 19090Index235
Boukra, Henry 1580Index250
Boulting, Dylan Garvin 57995File Card1080
Boulting, Levi Curtis 57996File Card1080
Boulware, I W 19091Index235
Boulware, I W 19092Index235
Bound, Susan 1581Index250
Bound, J C 56193Abstract1102
Bounds, C L 49620Index370
Bounds, Brent Lavoon 57997File Card1080
Bounds, Chaz Taylor 57998File Card1080
Bounds, Clint Taylor 57999File Card1080
Bounds, Kassie Lane 58000File Card1080
Bounds, Khol Marvin 58001File Card1080
Bourland, Martina Marie 58002File Card1080
Bourland, Lewis G 70485Newsletter19481286
Bourn, William 19093Index235
Bouson, John George 41774Index366
Bouvard, A C 19094Index235
Bouvard, Abner 19095Index235
Bova, G. 1582Index250
Bova, Joseph 1583Index250
Bovat, Frederick 19096Index235
Bowan, May A 60891Index1101
Bowbeck, Daniel 1584Index250
Bowd, Goldie 1585Index250
Bowden, H J 46785Index1998369
Bowen, Andrew C 19097Index235
Bowen, Frederick 19098Index235
Bowen, John 19099Index235
Bowen, John 19100Index235
Bowen, John F 19101Index235
Bowen, L M 19102Index235
Bowen, L N 19103Index235
Bowen, W E 19104Index235
Bowen, William 19105Index235
Bowen, Wm E 19106Index235
Bowen, Kate 17418Abstract236
Bowen, Peter 17419Abstract236
Bowen, Margaret S 16922Abstract242
Bowen, Franklin 1586Index250
Bowen, John P 1587Index250
Bowen, Johnnie 1588Index250
Bowen, Mary E 1589Index250
Bowen, William 1590Index250
Bowen, Wm E 32398Index363
Bowen, William E 32412Index363
Bowen, Lee N 33067Index363
Bowen, D L 43658Index2000368
Bowen, Earl 46947Index1998369
Bowen, E J 47017Index1998369
Bowen, Alva Manship 50362Index1994371
Bowen, Donna Jean 58003File Card1080
Bowen, Cyrus 57460Index1100
Bowen, Agnes J 60092Index1101
Bowen, Frank B 63735Index9999
Bowen, Hugh 63927Index9999
Bower, Ed 19107Index235
Bower, Edward L 19108Index235
Bower, Christiana 1591Index250
Bower, Lawrence 1592Index250
Bower, Clifford 44110Index2000368
Bower, C C 44149Index2000368
Bower, Clifford 49279Index370
Bower, Harvey S 50374Index1994371
Bower, 65469Abstract682
Bowers, E T 19109Index235
Bowers, John W 1593Index250
Bowers, Joseph 53487Index324
Bowers, Frank Lloyd 42855Index366
Bowers, J F 46918Index1998369
Bowers, M R 49352Index370
Bowers, H W 66723Map681
Bowers, Maggie 66724Map681
Bowers, N 66725Map681
Bowers, W 66726Map681
Bowers, George A 65470Abstract682
Bowers, Wallace 65471Abstract682
Bowers, C W 65472Abstract682
Bowers, A 65473Abstract682
Bowers, 55434Index1990841
Bowers, 63052Abstract1105
Bowers, Arthur 63842Index9999
Bowker, Ernest D 31920Index363
Bowland, Lowell 41196Index366
Bowland, Lowell Eugene 41237Index366
Bowland, Donald Loren 42708Index366
Bowland, Blaine 45683Index1998369
Bowland, Blaine 45738Index1998369
Bowland, D L 48330Index370
Bowland, Glenn 49448Index370
Bowland, Rebecca Layne 58004File Card1080
Bowler, W. 1594Index250
Bowles, James S 1595Index250
Bowles, Harry L 32552Index363
Bowles, C W 44098Index2000368
Bowlin, Edgar 41034Index366
Bowlin, Glenn Eugene 41217Index366
Bowling, J M 19110Index235
Bowling, W R 19111Index235
Bowling, Walter 19112Index235
Bowling, H P 47277Index1998369
Bowling, Margaret M 58851Index1100
Bowlsby, Louis 19113Index235
Bowman, E D 19114Index235
Bowman, Edw H 19115Index235
Bowman, E. H 1596Index250
Bowman, Joseph 1597Index250
Bowman, Ursula 1598Index250
Bowman, W. M 1599Index250
Bowman, Warner 54069Index323
Bowman, William A 54468Index323
Bowman, Lindsay Van Rue 39717Index365
Bowman, E L 45397Index1998369
Bowman, John 46881Index1998369
Bowman, J R 46976Index1998369
Bowman, L V 48950Index370
Bowman, Lindsey 51143Index1997372
Bowman, W K 66727Map681
Bowman, William 65474Abstract682
Bowman, Chas E 65475Abstract682
Bowman , Jesse M 16537Index920
Bowman , J.s. 16538Index920
Bowman, Reese 17726Index926
Bowman, Nancy J (Hayter)17727Index926
Bowman, Gregory Lyll 58043File Card1080
Bowman, Jackson Alexander 58044File Card1080
Bowman, James Andrew 58045File Card1080
Bowman, Justine Michael 58443File Card1080
Bowman, Kyle Edward 58444File Card1080
Bowman, Nelson H 57462Index1100
Bowman, Mary 57749Index1100
Bowman, Charles Elliot 59696Index1101
Bowman, George B 59698Index1101
Bowman, Eliza Jane 60445Index1101
Bowman, Caleb F 56194Abstract1102
Bowman, Casper 56195Abstract1102
Bowman, Joshua 56196Abstract1102
Bowman, Charles 68966Book18711253
Bowman, Nathaniel 64423Index9999
Bownes, Brandy Leah 58445File Card1080
Bownes, Dakota Craig 58446File Card1080
Bowness, William 66728Map681
Bowness, Jackson Phillip 58041File Card1080
Bowness, Daniel William 58447File Card1080
Bownlee, John 19116Index235
Bowzer, R L 48507Index370
Bowzer, Martha 57656Index1100
Boxberger, Elelia 1600Index250
Boxley, William J 59700Index1101
Boy, Adam 1601Index250
Boy, Kelsey 32023Index363
Boyce, Samuel 19117Index235
Boyce, Samuel 19118Index235
Boyce, H. M 1602Index250
Boyce, Lila 1603Index250
Boyce, Margaret 1604Index250
Boyce, B `FM 57464Index1100
Boyce, M B 57466Index1100
Boyd, Annie 19119Index235
Boyd, F R 19120Index235
Boyd, John A 19121Index235
Boyd, (inf) 1605Index250
Boyd, Agnes 1606Index250
Boyd, Alex 1607Index250
Boyd, Bertie 1608Index250
Boyd, Bertie P 1609Index250
Boyd, C. M 1610Index250
Boyd, Guilford 1611Index250
Boyd, Jennie 1612Index250
Boyd, John A 1613Index250
Boyd, Lillie 1614Index250
Boyd, Lorene 1615Index250
Boyd, Larry 54487Index323
Boyd, Clarence 54043Index324
Boyd, Clarence W 33308Index363
Boyd, Albert William 42110Index366
Boyd, R E 42897Index2000368
Boyd, B D 44122Index2000368
Boyd, Roy 45284Index2000368
Boyd, R R 45343Index2000368
Boyd, Elmer 47834Index370
Boyd, E W 47903Index370
Boyd, Arthur J 49160Index370
Boyd, 55435Index1990841
Boyd, Thomas 57468Index1100
Boyd, W F 57470Index1100
Boyd, Cynthia A 57638Index1100
Boyd, Margaret B 57841Index1100
Boyd, Sarah E 58141Index1100
Boyd, Susan C 58355Index1100
Boyd, Ann 58546Index1100
Boyd, Martha J 59566Index1101
Boyd, Joseph 59702Index1101
Boyd, J C 59704Index1101
Boyd, RObert S 59706Index1101
Boyd, William A 59708Index1101
Boyd, Mary 59721Index1101
Boyd, Martha 60502Index1101
Boyd, Lizzie M 61317Index1101
Boyd, Johnny 56197Abstract1102
Boyd, Wright 56198Abstract1102
Boyd, Hamilton 61833Abstract1103
Boyd, Martha Emily (Vanbiber)62476Abstract1104
Boyd, Henry 63053Abstract1105
Boyd, Harvey 69872Book19081255
Boyd, Ella 64650Index9999
Boyde, Sarah M 57905Index1100
Boydson, E S 19122Index235
Boydson, Thomas 19123Index235
Boydson, W W 19124Index235
Boydson, James H 55436Index1990841
Boydston, J W 19125Index235
Boydston, Ernest 41150Index366
Boydston, Ernest Raymond 41212Index366
Boydston, Ernest 45576Index1998369
Boydston, E R 45639Index1998369
Boydstun, Polly M 70144Newsletter19341318
Boyed, William T 57472Index1100
Boyer, E M 19126Index235
Boyer, Edward 19127Index235
Boyer, Edward 19128Index235
Boyer, F M 19129Index235
Boyer, John S 19130Index235
Boyer, John S 19131Index235
Boyer, Joseph H 19132Index235
Boyer, William 19133Index235
Boyer, (m) 1616Index250
Boyer, Alma 1617Index250
Boyer, Anna H 1618Index250
Boyer, Charles A 1619Index250
Boyer, Charles L 1620Index250
Boyer, Ellen 1621Index250
Boyer, Francis 1622Index250
Boyer, Mary A 1623Index250
Boyer, Joseph E 31895Index363
Boyer, Marvin 32285Index363
Boyer, Ralph C 33487Index363
Boyer, Boyd 40082Index365
Boyer, Dale 40392Index365
Boyer, Dale Eldon 40495Index366
Boyer, Herbert 41784Index366
Boyer, Carl 42643Index366
Boyer, Carl 42734Index366
Boyer, Robert J 44096Index2000368
Boyer, W E 44134Index2000368
Boyer, R J 44169Index2000368
Boyer, John 44712Index2000368
Boyer, J M 44804Index2000368
Boyer, Grant 45129Index2000368
Boyer, W H 45545Index1998369
Boyer, Carl 46589Index1998369
Boyer, D E 46640Index1998369
Boyer, Wilford 48496Index370
Boyer, W E 48500Index370
Boyer, P W 48609Index370
Boyer, R J 48733Index370
Boyer, Gerald O 49641Index370
Boyer, W H 66729Map681
Boyer, Monroe 17039Index926
Boyer, Minerva J (Sifers)17040Index926
Boyer, Jacob 17082Index926
Boyer, Mary Ann (Kerns)17083Index926
Boyer, Oliver 59408Index926
Boyer, Mary J (Kearns)59409Index926
Boyer, George M 61556Index926
Boyer, Eliza J (Johnson)61557Index926
Boyer, Chloe Ann 58448File Card1080
Boyer, Jacob Clayton 58449File Card1080
Boyer, Jared Bryan 58450File Card1080
Boyer, Shannon Renee 58451File Card1080
Boyer, John R 62477Abstract1104
Boyer, J L 63856Index9999
Boyer, W D 64450Index9999
Boyer, John S 64470Index9999
Boyes, Gilford E 51448Index1997372
Boylan, E A 19134Index235
Boylan, Elizabeth 1624Index250
Boylan, John V 1625Index250
Boylan, L. J 1626Index250
Boylan, Mary L 1627Index250
Boylan, Samuel 1628Index250
Boyle, Robey 141Newspaper Clipping or Art2003105
Boyle, Harvey J 19135Index235
Boyle, James 19136Index235
Boyle, James 19137Index235
Boyle, James P 19138Index235
Boyle, P S 19139Index235
Boyle, S 19140Index235
Boyle, Peter 65278Abstract248
Boyle, John P 1629Index250
Boyle, Sarah 1630Index250
Boyle, Kenneth T 33359Index363
Boyle, Kenneth T 33375Index363
Boyle, Robert 50731Index1997372
Boyle, James 63402Index9999
Boyles, Robert 53680Index324
Boyles, R J 48679Index370
Boyles, Clayton Lee 58452File Card1080
Boyles, Colton Lloyd 58453File Card1080
Boyles, Quinton Gregory 58454File Card1080
Boyles, George 59710Index1101
Boyles, John J R 59712Index1101
Boyles, Louis D 59714Index1101
Boyles, Rohana Jane 60162Index1101
Boyles, Nathaniel 63054Abstract1105
Boyls, George 57474Index1100
Boyls, Phina J 59823Index1101
Boyre, Gerald Obert 42163Index366
Boyse, Maggie 1631Index250
Boyse, J W 57476Index1100
Boysen, Samantha Shay 58455File Card1080
Boyston, William 55437Index1990841
Bozarth, Ernest 53515Index324
Bozarth, Wallace 53563Index324
Bozarth, James J 33364Index363
Bozarth, F G 39802Index365
Bozarth, Ernest 40694Index366
Bozarth, Ernest Franklin 40728Index366
Bozarth, Marion 42357Index366
Bozarth, W E 45467Index1998369
Bozarth, Sarah E 59783Index1101
Boze, Louise M (Meisner)16923Abstract242
Brabo, John 32287Index363
Brabo, John 33485Index363
Brace, Edwin 42285Index366
Brach, F C 19141Index235
Brach, Felix 19142Index235
Brach, (f) 1632Index250
Brach, Agnes 1633Index250
Brach, Felix 1634Index250
Brachus, Charlotte 1635Index250
Bracken, Hannah Louise 58456File Card1080
Bracken, Matthew Thomas 58457File Card1080
Brackenbury, Benjamin B 17501Index926
Brackenbury, Sarah E (Kerr)17502Index926
Brackett, Thomas 1636Index250
Bracy, John T 33339Index363
Brada, William 1637Index250
Bradborn, Stuart 1638Index250
Bradburrey, Mary E 60305Index1101
Bradbury, J Rex 19143Index235
Bradbury, Edith 1639Index250
Bradbury, Nancy 1640Index250
Bradbury, W. B 1641Index250
Bradbury, W A 47744Index1998369
Bradbury, Jacob Eugene 58458File Card1080
Bradbury, James Thomas 56199Abstract1102
Bradbury, M E 63867Index9999
Bradbury II, James David 58459File Card1080
Bradell, Brandy Nicole 58460File Card1080
Braden, H L 44451Index2000368
Braden, Harold 49747Index370
Bradey, (inf) 1642Index250
Bradey, James 1643Index250
Bradfield, Frank N 19144Index235
Bradfield, John 66730Map681
Bradford, Ben 19145Index235
Bradford, Claude 19146Index235
Bradford, Leroy 19147Index235
Bradford, P A 19148Index235
Bradford, William 19149Index235
Bradford, William 19150Index235
Bradford, (inf) 1644Index250
Bradford, (inf) 1645Index250
Bradford, ?? 1646Index250
Bradford, Albert 1647Index250
Bradford, Elizabeth 1648Index250
Bradford, Sarah 1649Index250
Bradford, Stelia 1650Index250
Bradford, William 1651Index250
Bradford, Benjamin L 31893Index363
Bradford, Roy L 32775Index363
Bradford, Hermie 43513Index2000368
Bradford, H L 43548Index2000368
Bradford, Charlie 55438Index1990841
Bradford, Della 55439Index1990841
Bradford, William 55440Index1990841
Bradford, Richard C 17076Index926
Bradford, Ellen (Berks)17077Index926
Bradford, Simpson 17547Index926
Bradford, Mary (Collin)17548Index926
Bradford, William 54868Index926
Bradford, Caroline (Gregg)54893Index926
Bradford, Jessee Nelson 61633Index926
Bradford, Phebe Catherine (Colyer)61634Index926
Bradford, John A 61654Index926
Bradford, Sarah L (Asher)61655Index926
Bradford, John 61658Index926
Bradford, Carolina (Jones)61659Index926
Bradford, Diantha 57427Index1100
Bradford, Elizabeth 58708Index1100
Bradford, Mary 59947Index1101
Bradford, Julia A 60110Index1101
Bradford, James R 61834Abstract1103
Bradford, J R 61957Abstract1103
Bradford, James A. 70070Newsletter19321309
Bradles, B C 19151Index235
Bradley, E G 19152Index235
Bradley, Ernest L 19153Index235
Bradley, Ernst 19154Index235
Bradley, Floyd 19155Index235
Bradley, Floyd 19156Index235
Bradley, G A 19157Index235
Bradley, I 19158Index235
Bradley, James A 19159Index235
Bradley, James A 19160Index235
Bradley, John 19161Index235
Bradley, Nate 19162Index235
Bradley, Roy 19163Index235
Bradley, William 19164Index235
Bradley, William S 19165Index235
Bradley, Wm G 19166Index235
Bradley, Matthew 16924Abstract242
Bradley, Ernest Virgil 16957Abstract242
Bradley, Felix 65279Abstract248
Bradley, (m) 1652Index250
Bradley, Charles 1653Index250
Bradley, Esther 1654Index250
Bradley, Ethel G 1655Index250
Bradley, George W 1656Index250
Bradley, Harry E 1657Index250
Bradley, Ida Bernice 1658Index250
Bradley, John 1659Index250
Bradley, Larry 1660Index250
Bradley, Lilly B 1661Index250
Bradley, Thomas W 1662Index250
Bradley, William 1663Index250
Bradley, Denneth K 31822Index363
Bradley, Robert Ernest 41299Index366
Bradley, Donald 44505Index2000368
Bradley, D E 44543Index2000368
Bradley, Robert Earnest 48568Index370
Bradley, Larry D 50043Index1994371
Bradley, Laverne 50665Index1994371
Bradley, B 66731Map681
Bradley, C 66732Map681
Bradley, D 66733Map681
Bradley, John 66734Map681
Bradley, Jno 66735Map681
Bradley, M M 66775Map681
Bradley, Martha 65476Abstract682
Bradley, Wm H 65481Abstract682
Bradley, Thomas 65482Abstract682
Bradley, A G 55441Index1990841
Bradley, Blake Joseph 58461File Card1080
Bradley, Caitlyn Ilene 58462File Card1080
Bradley, Christa Caroline 58463File Card1080
Bradley, Cody Michael 58464File Card1080
Bradley, Kyle Wayne 59508File Card1080
Bradley, Leslie Jay Payton 59509File Card1080
Bradley, Matthew Jay 59510File Card1080
Bradley, Martha 59290Index1100
Bradley, Nathan M 59716Index1101
Bradley, Melvena 60267Index1101
Bradley, Mary J 60634Index1101
Bradley, Susan M 61041Index1101
Bradley, Harvey 63055Abstract1105
Bradley, Nancy Jane 70320Newsletter19351304
Bradley, Roy 63534Index9999
Bradsaw, Charles 1664Index250
Bradshaw, J 19167Index235
Bradshaw, M E 19168Index235
Bradshaw, Marcy 19169Index235
Bradshaw, N 19170Index235
Bradshaw, William 19171Index235
Bradshaw, William 19172Index235
Bradshaw, Wm C 19173Index235
Bradshaw, Dora 1665Index250
Bradshaw, Violet 1666Index250
Bradshaw, Dan 46967Index1998369
Bradshaw, D E 47021Index1998369
Bradshaw, James W 49181Index370
Bradshaw, A L 55442Index1990841
Bradshaw, Dana Jo 59511File Card1080
Bradshaw, Grace Zoey 59512File Card1080
Bradshaw, Karla Mae 59513File Card1080
Bradshaw, Kelli Nichole 59514File Card1080
Bradshaw, Luke Michael 59515File Card1080
Bradshaw, Mitchell Francis 59516File Card1080
Brady, C C 19174Index235
Brady, Chas 19175Index235
Brady, Chas C 19176Index235
Brady, Isaac 19177Index235
Brady, Isaac 19178Index235
Brady, Isaac 19179Index235
Brady, Isaac 19180Index235
Brady, James 19181Index235
Brady, L B 19182Index235
Brady, L Joseph 19183Index235
Brady, N 19184Index235
Brady, Nicholas 19185Index235
Brady, Nicholas 19186Index235
Brady, Nick 19187Index235
Brady, O B 19188Index235
Brady, L. J 16575Abstract236
Brady, Delia (O\'connell)16958Abstract242
Brady, Delia 16959Abstract242
Brady, John 16960Abstract242
Brady, John 16961Abstract242
Brady, Rose (Growney)16962Abstract242
Brady, William 16964Abstract242
Brady, Michael 65280Abstract248
Brady, 65285Abstract248
Brady, (inf) 1667Index250
Brady, Anna 1668Index250
Brady, Edith 1669Index250
Brady, James 1670Index250
Brady, James O 1671Index250
Brady, Jane 1672Index250
Brady, John B 1673Index250
Brady, Matthew 1674Index250
Brady, Matthew 1675Index250
Brady, Mcverty F 1676Index250
Brady, Michael 1677Index250
Brady, Olive May 1678Index250
Brady, Patrick 1679Index250
Brady, Sarah E 1680Index250
Brady, Thomas 1681Index250
Brady, Raymond 53924Index324
Brady, Philip 32353Index363
Brady, Bernard 32363Index363
Brady, Raymond Charles 39535Index365
Brady, Raymond C 47842Index370
Brady, R C 47918Index370
Brady, Simon 61866Index926
Brady, Mary L (Gilmore)61867Index926
Brady, Catlyn Kristine 59517File Card1080
Brady, Clayton Travis 59518File Card1080
Brady, Elizabeth 58634Index1100
Brady, A D 59718Index1101
Brady, Andrew B 64833Abstract1106
Brady, Mary 68440Book18711253
Brady, Lizzie 68441Book18711253
Brady, Mary 68521Book18711253
Brady, Mary Ella 68522Book18711253
Brady, Mary 64320Index9999
Brady, Eliza 64653Index9999
Braeil, Mauda 1682Index250
Braerman, G 66776Map681
Braerman, William 66777Map681
Bragg, William E 19189Index235
Bragg, Alice 1683Index250
Bragg, Isaac 1684Index250
Bragg, Mary 1685Index250
Bragg, Salome 1686Index250
Bragg, Ethan Levi 59519File Card1080
Bragg, Jedidiah James 59520File Card1080
Bragg, Jeremiah John 59521File Card1080
Bragg, Anna Rebecca 58754Index1100
Bragg, Myrtle May 56200Abstract1102
Bragg, Zelinda A 56201Abstract1102
Bragg, Thomas Strother 61958Abstract1103
Bragg, Nellie E 64072Index9999
Bragge, Oscar 19190Index235
Brahler, Christina 1687Index250
Brahler, Martha J 1688Index250
Brahler, Walter 39546Index365
Brahler, Walter Jacob 42386Index366
Brain, O 19191Index235
Brainard, 65483Abstract682
Brainard, Alva 65484Abstract682
Brainerd, 66778Map681
Brais, Charles B 1689Index250
Braket, John 19192Index235
Brakhage, Nathaniel Kristopher Robert 59522File Card1080
Bram, Edward 19193Index235
Bram, Cletis 1690Index250
Bram, John G 33179Index363
Bram, Jackson Philip 59523File Card1080
Braman, Alfred 39368Index365
Braman, Eugene 42409Index366
Braman, Eugene Irwin 42457Index366
Braman, Eugene I 48654Index370
Braman, E I 48688Index370
Braman, Eugene 51187Index1997372
Bramel, Charles 57480Index1100
Bramer, Martin 68754Book18711253
Brammer, T C 38437Index365
Brammer, T C 46761Index1998369
Bramon, E R 44731Index2000368
Bramson, Henry 1691Index250
Branan, John 19194Index235
Branblossom, Bessie 1692Index250
Branch, Lucentia 1693Index250
Branch, Lucy 70500Newsletter19481286
Branches, George 19195Index235
Branches, R. C 1694Index250
Branchfield, J P 19196Index235
Brand, Francis 19197Index235
Brand, W H 19198Index235
Brand, William 19199Index235
Brand, Alex W 1695Index250
Brand, Edward 1696Index250
Brand, Ella O 1697Index250
Brand, Henry D 1698Index250
Brand, Robert Lee 38599Index365
Brand, Alexander Thomas 59524File Card1080
Brand, David William 59525File Card1080
Brand, Jessica Sharon 59526File Card1080
Brand, Laura Helen 59527File Card1080
Brand, Morgan Marie 59528File Card1080
Brand, Sylivia Grayce 59529File Card1080
Brand, Whitney Elaine 59530File Card1080
Brand, Zoe Ann 59531File Card1080
Brand, William 57482Index1100
Brandel, Joseph 1699Index250
Brandel, Philip 1700Index250
Brandon, C D 45210Index2000368
Brandon, R E 46709Index1998369
Brandon, C Dudley 47685Index1998369
Brandon, C D 47762Index1998369
Brandow, Edward 19200Index235
Brandow, O T 19201Index235
Brandow, Arthur 1701Index250
Brandstane, Fred 1702Index250
Brandt, Andrew 19202Index235
Brandt, Alma 1703Index250
Brandt, James R 1704Index250
Brandt, Benjamin Coolidge 38874Index365
Brandt, Louis 42198Index366
Brandt, Robert G 43615Index2000368
Brandt, R G 43659Index2000368
Brandt, Robert 49606Index370
Brandt, R G 49653Index370
Brandt, Ben 51188Index1997372
Brandt, Megan Elizabeth 59532File Card1080
Brandt, Shelby Lynn 59533File Card1080
Branford, O A 19203Index235
Branford, Josephine 1705Index250
Branham, Edna 1706Index250
Branham, Fannie 1707Index250
Branham, Horatio 1708Index250
Branham, Moray 1709Index250
Branham, Tom 53546Index324
Branhan, H S 19204Index235
Braniard, James A 59722Index1101
Brannan, Orvilie H 19205Index235
Brannen, R P 45262Index2000368
Branner, Martin 69474Book18711253
Brannon, Ernest 19206Index235
Bransfield, J 19207Index235
Branson, Charles 19208Index235
Branson, Clarence Samuel 19209Index235
Branson, T L 19210Index235
Branson, Katie 65287Abstract248
Branson, Ruth 1710Index250
Branson, David 53642Index324
Branson, Ervin 32954Index363
Branson, Ervin S 32965Index363
Branson, D N 45050Index2000368
Branson, Ervin 45114Index2000368
Branson, Welby 45873Index1998369
Branson, W M 45946Index1998369
Branson, J M 47228Index1998369
Branson, John 57478Index1100
Branson, Thomas 59720Index1101
Branspeter, Kenneth 54125Index323
Branster, John 1711Index250
Branstine, Eliza 66779Map681
Branstine, John 66780Map681
Brant, Geo 19211Index235
Brant, James 19212Index235
Brant, Elizabeth 1712Index250
Brant, India E 1713Index250
Brant, William 53755Index324
Brant, Glenn Allenee 39771Index365
Brant, L L 48413Index370
Brant, Isam 59724Index1101
Brantley, Alexis Erin 59535File Card1080
Brantley, Decymber Denese 59537File Card1080
Branyon, William L 1714Index250
Brarington, Will 19213Index235
Brarody, Emily 1715Index250
Brasfield, James M 64868Index9999
Brasi, I L 47418Index1998369
Brasier, Mollie R 1716Index250
Brasington, (f) 1717Index250
Brasington, Cordoria 1718Index250
Brasington, Edna 1719Index250
Brasington, Gladys 1720Index250
Brasington, James 1721Index250
Brasington, James W 1722Index250
Brasington, Ralph M 1723Index250
Brassel, Robert 59726Index1101
Brassfield, Charles 1724Index250
Brassfield, Walter 1725Index250
Brassfield, William H 1726Index250
Brassington, A N 19214Index235
Brassington, William 19215Index235
Brassington, (f) 1727Index250
Brassington, (m) 1728Index250
Brassington, Addie 1729Index250
Brassington, E. 1730Index250
Brassington, Louis 1731Index250
Bratck, Frank 65288Abstract248
Brateck, J 19216Index235
Brateck, John 19217Index235
Brateck, Joseph 19218Index235
Bratek, Joseph 16972Abstract242
Bratek, Amelia 1732Index250
Bratt, John 1733Index250
Bratt, Mike 1734Index250
Bratt, Wendell Richard 39513Index365
Bratt, Garrett 61959Abstract1103
Bratton, Matthew 61960Abstract1103
Braum, (inf) 1735Index250
Braun, E C 19219Index235
Braun, Harry 19220Index235
Braun, Harry E 19221Index235
Braun, Charles H 1736Index250
Braun, George W 1737Index250
Braun, Henry 1738Index250
Braun, John J 1739Index250
Braun, William A 1740Index250
Braun, William J 1741Index250
Braun, Jerome 54417Index323
Braun, Gene 32911Index363
Braun, John E 32936Index363
Braun, Jackson Alexander 59538File Card1080
Braun, Jacob Charles 59539File Card1080
Braunsbach, Johanna 1742Index250
Bravo, Jose 39469Index365
Bravo, John O 40870Index366
Bravo, Jose 43390Index2000368
Bravo, Jose 45614Index1998369
Brawdy, Ira 19222Index235
Brawley, J F 55443Index1990841
Brawner, Paul 32599Index363
Brawner, Paul K 32614Index363
Brawner, Jacob Quinn 59540File Card1080
Brawner, Joseph Bryan 59541File Card1080
Brawner, Joseph Bryan 59542File Card1080
Bray, Burton 19223Index235
Bray, Henry 19224Index235
Bray, Frank 1743Index250
Bray, Maggie 1744Index250
Bray, Fred 39159Index365
Bray, Keith 45958Index1998369
Bray, K W 46114Index1998369
Bray, F A 47790Index1998369
Bray, Donald 50553Index1994371
Bray , Malthus F 16539Index920
Bray, Eli 61535Index926
Bray, Nancy (Wood)61536Index926
Bray, Samuel 61660Index926
Bray, Melinda R (Wood)61661Index926
Bray, Rachel 68859Book18711253
Brayant, A 19225Index235
Braymen, Kenneth 45233Index2000368
Braymen, K M 45278Index2000368
Brays, W H 19226Index235
Brayton, Chas 19227Index235
Brazan, Steve 17424Abstract236
Brazeal, James 19228Index235
Brazeal, James A 19229Index235
Brazeal, Ballard 1745Index250
Brazel, Clara 60861Index1101
Brazell, George 19230Index235
Brazelton, John M 19231Index235
Brazelton, John M 19232Index235
Brazelton, Jennis E 65289Abstract248
Brazelton, Ella 1746Index250
Brazelton, John L 1747Index250
Brazelton, William Senter 42550Index366
Brazier, William F 19233Index235
Brazier, George 1748Index250
Brazol, Joseph 57484Index1100
Brazzel, John 1749Index250
Brdford, John D 70391Newsletter19341324
Breaner, John 59728Index1101
Breazeale, L 66781Map681
Breazile, Donald Frederick 45797Index1998369
Breckenridge, Kerr 19234Index235
Breckenridge, Jane E 1750Index250
Breckenridge, Myrtle 1751Index250
Breckenridge, Charles 40881Index366
Breckenridge, Charles Claude 40954Index366
Breckenridge, Charles C 47272Index1998369
Breckenridge, C C 47289Index1998369
Breckenridge, J L 66782Map681
Breckenridge, J L 66783Map681
Breckenridge, Alexander 55444Index1990841
Breckenridge, (Boone)55445Index1990841
Breckenridge, Mary E 55446Index1990841
Breckenridge, John 59730Index1101
Breckenridge, Arthur Clarence 64834Abstract1106
Breckle, William 1752Index250
Breckman, Emil 19235Index235
Breckmaster, (inf) 1753Index250
Bredensteiner, H G 66784Map681
Bredensteiner, Henry 66785Map681
Bredensteiner, J H 66786Map681
Bredensteiner, William 66787Map681
Brederman, Elizabeth 1754Index250
Bredlow, Arianne Christine 59543File Card1080
Bree, Mary 1755Index250
Breedin, Fred H 19236Index235
Breedlove, Charles 1756Index250
Breedlove, Enos 1757Index250
Breedlove, John 1758Index250
Breedlove, Mary 1759Index250
Breelage, B. A 1760Index250
Breen, Thomas D J 19237Index235
Breen, Edward J 16973Abstract242
Breen, Mary E 1761Index250
Breeze, William 19238Index235
Bregg, Melvin M 50291Index1994371
Bregger, Emil 19239Index235
Bregin, J J 44785Index2000368
Bregman, Eddy J 19240Index235
Brehler, George 1762Index250
Brehm, Theodore 19241Index235
Breidmaier, Gottlieb 19242Index235
Breidmeir, Gottlieb 19243Index235
Breier, Anna 1763Index250
Breier, Gert 1764Index250
Breit, Dahlman D 53937Index324
Breit, Conlin Eugene 42578Index366
Breit, R F 46178Index1998369
Breit, R D 47276Index1998369
Brelage, J H 19244Index235
Brelage, Joseph 19245Index235
Breman, Imogene 1765Index250
Bremen, Emily 1766Index250
Bremer, Car 19246Index235
Bremer, Ignatius 1767Index250
Bremer, Nettie 1768Index250
Bremer, Susan 1769Index250
Bremer, John 43118Index2000368
Bremer, V I 44709Index2000368
Bremer, Charles 63635Index9999
Bremes, Virgil 44690Index2000368
Bremmer, John 57486Index1100
Brenan, Thomas 19247Index235
Brendel, Henry 19248Index235
Brendel, Celeste (Beaupert)16974Abstract242
Brendel, Alfred 1770Index250
Brendel, Louise 1771Index250
Brendell, Fred 19249Index235
Brendell, John 19250Index235
Brendell, John 19251Index235
Brendenstean, E. 1772Index250
Brendle, Robert 49192Index370
Brendle, R N 49238Index370
Brenizer, Florence 1773Index250
Brenka, Peter 53450Index324
Brenkowski, Joseph 19252Index235
Brennager, Moses 59732Index1101
Brennager, Louisa 59781Index1101
Brennan, James 19253Index235
Brennan, Agnes (Brennan)16975Abstract242
Brennan, Kate 65290Abstract248
Brennan, Mary 65291Abstract248
Brennan, B. 1774Index250
Brennan, Richard A 31917Index363
Brennan, Paul Edward 43839Index2000368
Brennan, Paul 47500Index1998369
Brennan, Fannie 64032Index9999
Brennan, Nellie 64033Index9999
Brenner, George 65281Abstract248
Brenner, Jacob 65292Abstract248
Brenner, Harold 33515Index363
Brennin, C. 1775Index250
Brennin, John 1776Index250
Brennin, Mary 1777Index250
Brenninger, George 19254Index235
Brennnger, Jacob 65293Abstract248
Brent, Lucy 16976Abstract242
Brent, Samuel 1778Index250
Brenton, Ellen 1779Index250
Breshears, Ella 1780Index250
Bresnham, Dennis 69155Book18711253
Bressman, Grace 1781Index250
Bressman, Nellie 1782Index250
Bretz, (inf) 1783Index250
Bretz, (inf) 1784Index250
Bretz, Francis 1785Index250
Bretz, John 46283Index1998369
Bretz, J W 46323Index1998369
Breudel, Tillie 276List103
Breugger, Robert 19255Index235
Breuninger, Wilhelmenia 1786Index250
Brew, James T 59734Index1101
Brewer, Carl 19256Index235
Brewer, Eugene 19257Index235
Brewer, H J 19258Index235
Brewer, Joseph 19259Index235
Brewer, Arnold 1787Index250
Brewer, D. W 1788Index250
Brewer, L. G 1789Index250
Brewer, Lucia M 1790Index250
Brewer, Nettie 1791Index250
Brewer, R. E 1792Index250
Brewer, Sarah E 1793Index250
Brewer, Vera D 1794Index250
Brewer, Norman 54192Index323
Brewer, Joseph 53839Index324
Brewer, Ellis 33137Index363
Brewer, Kermit Owen 38487Index365
Brewer, Floyd 39138Index365
Brewer, Floyd Oril 41578Index366
Brewer, Henry 44826Index2000368
Brewer, H L 44917Index2000368
Brewer, Merle 49994Index1994371
Brewer, Walter 50349Index1994371
Brewerink, J C 66788Map681
Brewka, Pater 44278Index2000368
Brewster, H H 19260Index235
Brewster, Thomas C 1795Index250
Brey, Hamilton R 1796Index250
Breyman, Robert 1797Index250
Breyman, Sarah 1798Index250
Briant, Nannie 55447Index1990841
Briar, R R Geo 19261Index235
Briar, Oral Andrew 1799Index250
Brice, James 1800Index250
Brick, Theresa 17425Abstract236
Brick, Edward 17426Abstract236
Brick, Bridget 1801Index250
Brick, H 66789Map681
Brickell, Fred 53749Index324
Bricker, Fred M 40030Index365
Bricker, Fred Matt 40043Index365
Bricker, R J 47391Index1998369
Bricker, W O 66790Map681
Bridenstine, John H 32050Index363
Bridge, 56202Abstract1102
Bridgeman, John 57488Index1100
Bridgeman, Marion F 59736Index1101
Bridgeman, Grandma 56203Abstract1102
Bridgeman, Jno W 56204Abstract1102
Bridges, Albert 19262Index235
Bridges, (inf) 1802Index250
Bridges, (inf) 1803Index250
Bridges, Della 1804Index250
Bridges, John 1805Index250
Bridges, Mary E 1806Index250
Bridges, Glenn 40542Index366
Bridges, Glen 40644Index366
Bridges, Xx 43475Index2000368
Bridges , Ermel Leo 16540Index920
Bridges, Josephine 58099Index1100
Bridges, Mary Ann 59127Index1100
Bridges, Addison 61961Abstract1103
Bridgewater, A M 19263Index235
Bridgewater, A M 19264Index235
Bridgewater, Arthur 19265Index235
Bridgewater, H 19266Index235
Bridgewater, Robert 19267Index235
Bridgewater, Herbert E 1807Index250
Bridgewater, Hilda 1808Index250
Bridgewater, Mary E 1809Index250
Bridgewater, Robert 1810Index250
Bridgman, Gemima 60249Index1101
Brien, W S 19268Index235
Brier, William 19269Index235
Brierly, John William 64835Abstract1106
Briggs, Marie 55391Index189
Briggs, A W 19270Index235
Briggs, Harry 19271Index235
Briggs, William B 19272Index235
Briggs, (m) 1811Index250
Briggs, Abner 1812Index250
Briggs, Charlotte 1813Index250
Briggs, Edna 1814Index250
Briggs, Elizabeth 1815Index250
Briggs, John C 1816Index250
Briggs, William 1817Index250
Briggs, Nora 56205Abstract1102
Brigham, Bird B 19273Index235
Brigham, E 19274Index235
Brigham, K E 19275Index235
Brigham, (m) 1818Index250
Brigham, (m) 1819Index250
Brigham, Ellen E 1820Index250
Brigham, Jay 1821Index250
Brighan, E S 19276Index235
Bright, Frank 1822Index250
Bright, James G 1823Index250
Bright, W H 59738Index1101
Bright, Elizabeth 69223Book18711253
Brightman, Corrine 1824Index250
Brigman, Edw 19277Index235
Brigman, D. C 1825Index250
Brigman, Myrtle 1826Index250
Brigman, William 1827Index250
Briles, J D 69359Book18711253
Briley, N 19278Index235
Briley, Harry Menford 1828Index250
Brill, Charles F 19279Index235
Brill, Peter 65282Abstract248
Brill, Earl G 1829Index250
Brill, Peter P 1830Index250
Brillley, Hanford 19280Index235
Brim, Albert 1831Index250
Brimmit, Joseph 19281Index235
Brine, Nora 1832Index250
Brinegar, Amelia 1833Index250
Brinegar, Susan 1834Index250
Brinegar, John 57492Index1100
Brinegar, John 57494Index1100
Brinegar, Drelcena 57658Index1100
Brinegar, Susan J 58466Index1100
Brinegar, Mary E 58748Index1100
Brinegar, Thomas C 59740Index1101
Brinegar, John T 61962Abstract1103
Brineger, Julia Ann 58632Index1100
Briner, Gerald 54356Index323
Briner, Lewis 40235Index365
Bringus, George 39678Index365
Bringus, Emilio 39837Index365
Bringus, Louis 43639Index2000368
Bringus, Emilio 47826Index370
Bringus, E V 47876Index370
Brinker, Resetta 1835Index250
Brinkeshoff, Eddie 65294Abstract248
Brinnegar, Susan 63056Abstract1105
Brinnicke, William 19282Index235
Brinser, Dale H 33582Index363
Brinson, Frank 1836Index250
Brinson, Mrs. Frank 1837Index250
Brinson, Elizabeth 57459Index1100
Brinson, Marion 57496Index1100
Brinson, Matilda 58165Index1100
Brinson, James 59742Index1101
Brinson, Jonathan M 59744Index1101
Brinson, A J 62478Abstract1104
Brinton, F M 19283Index235
Brinton, George 19284Index235
Brinton, J 19285Index235
Brinton, P Y 19286Index235
Brinton, Luella 1838Index250
Brinton, Mary 1839Index250
Brinton, William 39600Index365
Brinton, William Charles 39659Index365
Brinton, Harold Finis 40966Index366
Brinton, William 41917Index366
Brinton, E L 44770Index2000368
Brinton, W H 46519Index1998369
Brinton, Robert 49740Index370
Brinton, Harold F 50333Index1994371
Brinton, Eldon 50492Index1994371
Brinton, James F 63334Index9999
Brisco, William 1840Index250
Briscoe, Vernon 54025Index324
Briscoe, Vernon A 33672Index363
Briscoe, Arthur 39685Index365
Briscoe, Vernon 41248Index366
Briscoe, Vernon Alfred 41278Index366
Brisel, Jacob 68557Book18711253
Brisendine, James H 32060Index363
Brish, N 19287Index235
Brishwood, Cecil Clyde 41296Index366
Briske, Rudolph 19288Index235
Brislin, W T 19289Index235
Brislin, Andrew 1841Index250
Bristol, Charles 19290Index235
Bristol, Chas D 19291Index235
Bristol, Lawrence 19292Index235
Bristol, Lawrence 19293Index235
Bristol, B. L 1842Index250
Bristol, Henry R 1843Index250
Bristol, Ora 1844Index250
Bristol, William H 1845Index250
Bristow, William K 41470Index366
Bristow, A L 66791Map681
Britchell, Clyde 32087Index363
Brittain, John S 5Book1
Brittain, Josephine 1846Index250
Brittain, Mary 1847Index250
Brittain, Mrs. Maniford 1848Index250
Brittain, Nellie W 1849Index250
Brittain, Robert A 1850Index250
Brittain, Susan M 1851Index250
Brittain, John S 57498Index1100
Britton, John S 69861Book19041254
Broadhead, H H 48299Index370
Broadston, (inf) 1852Index250
Broadston, Lorain 1853Index250
Broadston, Lena A 63432Index9999
Broak, William 19294Index235
Broce, James A 19295Index235
Broce, John Thomas 41867Index366
Broce, Edwin John Alfred 42330Index366
Broce, E J A S 45775Index1998369
Brocious, N A 44934Index2000368
Brock, Felix 19296Index235
Brock, Robert E 65283Abstract248
Brock, (f) 1854Index250
Brock, George G 1855Index250
Brock, James 1856Index250
Brock, Robert 1857Index250
Brock, James William 40167Index365
Brock, Francis Joseph 45764Index1998369
Brock, Loyal E 47483Index1998369
Brock, J E 47884Index370
Brock, Claud 49681Index370
Brock, Loyal E 50697Index1997372
Brock, Claude C 50764Index1997372
Brock, Gerald L 51180Index1997372
Brock, Sam 63302Index9999
Brockelman, William 1858Index250
Brockett, J F 19297Index235
Brockett, John G 53660Index324
Brockman, John S 57500Index1100
Brockman, B F 70476Newsletter19491285
Brodbeck, Amelia 57304Index1100
Brodbeck, William 57502Index1100
Brodbeck, W A 60666Index1101
Brodbeck, Margaret 56206Abstract1102
Brodbeck, Susan (Linn)56207Abstract1102
Brodbeck, William 62479Abstract1104
Brodbeck, Elvira (Philbrick)63057Abstract1105
Brodbick, Anna Rebecca 58143Index1100
Brodeck, Lewis E 1859Index250
Broderick, J. T 1860Index250
Brodigan, Thomas 1861Index250
Brodin, Arvid 19298Index235
Brodin, Fred 19299Index235
Brodin, Eugene H 1862Index250
Brodine, irah 19300Index235
Brodine, Jennie 64018Index9999
Brodrick, James 1863Index250
Brodus, Joseph 1864Index250
Brodus, Louisa 1865Index250
Brody, Nick 19301Index235
Broehman, W G 66792Map681
Broeschel, Jacob 68650Book18711253
Broiles, Alex 19302Index235
Broiles, Edward 63555Index9999
Brokamp, Joseph 1866Index250
Brokaro, Norton 1867Index250
Brokaw, Jessie 1868Index250
Brokaw, Mildred 1869Index250
Brokm, David L 19303Index235
Bromberg, Henry 19304Index235
Bromley, H F 19305Index235
Bromley, Wm P 19306Index235
Bromley, George 53967Index324
Bromley, Nora 63936Index9999
Brongon, Joseph 69489Book18711253
Bronke, Louis 19307Index235
Brons, B C 19308Index235
Bronson, Otto 19309Index235
Bronson, Mary E 1870Index250
Broohier, J. H 1871Index250
Brook, J. W 1872Index250
Brook, Shire Jane 1873Index250
Brooke, Kermit 40461Index366
Brooke, Glenn Kermit 40535Index366
Brooke, N E 45194Index2000368
Brookman, Charles D 1874Index250
Brookover, John W 17990Index926
Brookover, Sarah E (Murray)17996Index926
Brooks, Charles A 19310Index235
Brooks, Elige 19311Index235
Brooks, Fred C 19312Index235
Brooks, I M 19313Index235
Brooks, S 19314Index235
Brooks, S M 19315Index235
Brooks, Wm 19316Index235
Brooks, Gertrude 55285Abstract242
Brooks, (inf) 1875Index250
Brooks, Edward 1876Index250
Brooks, Elmer 1877Index250
Brooks, Emma 1878Index250
Brooks, Ferdy 1879Index250
Brooks, Grace 1880Index250
Brooks, Ida E 1881Index250
Brooks, Isaac 1882Index250
Brooks, J. J 1883Index250
Brooks, Mary J 1884Index250
Brooks, Sanford 1885Index250
Brooks, William 1886Index250
Brooks, William W 1887Index250
Brooks, James D 54645Index323
Brooks, Herman G 32184Index363
Brooks, Illeg 39986Index365
Brooks, James 40123Index365
Brooks, James 41084Index366
Brooks, James Donald 41135Index366
Brooks, Warren 41280Index366
Brooks, R L 45313Index2000368
Brooks, R L 48015Index370
Brooks, Frank S 50524Index1994371
Brooks, C L 66793Map681
Brooks, Mary A 66794Map681
Brooks, John A 55448Index1990841
Brooks, Margie 55449Index1990841
Brooks, John 17251Index926
Brooks, Charity L (Stone)17253Index926
Brooks, Elijah 17294Index926
Brooks, Jane M (Stone)17295Index926
Brooks, John C 17527Index926
Brooks, Margarett (Adams)17528Index926
Brooks, Frances 61913Index926
Brooks, Mary E (?)61914Index926
Brooks, D J 59746Index1101
Brooks, Edwin L 59748Index1101
Brooks, Rosa (Sallee)70327Newsletter19351304
Brooks, Mary E (Sisk)70436Newsletter19351306
Brooks, George Washington 70437Newsletter19351306
Brooks, George Washington 70438Newsletter19351306
Brookshier, Delbert 54193Index323
Broom, L C 19317Index235
Brooner, G W 19318Index235
Brorson, Charles 19319Index235
Brosius, William S 16729Index926
Brosius, Zareldy R (Osborn)16730Index926
Brostow, Wiliam Kenneth 41492Index366
Brother, Patrick 16977Abstract242
Brothers, James W 40246Index365
Brott, Charles Martin 39073Index365
Brott, Charles Martin 42407Index366
Brott, C L 42966Index2000368
Brott, C L 43009Index2000368
Brott, A C 69362Book18711253
Brott, G C 69400Book18711253
Broucker, G 19320Index235
Brougham, Hugh 59750Index1101
Broughman, Rebecca 65485Abstract682
Broughman, Nathan 65486Abstract682
Broughton, James H 50289Index1994371
Broussard, Clarence 32445Index363
Brower, A G 65487Abstract682
Browett, Howard K 49882Index1994371
Browitt, Howard 41776Index366
Browitt, Howard Kent 41792Index366
Browitt, Howard Kent 44413Index2000368
Browkaw, A. 1888Index250
Brown, Austin 189List103
Brown, Edward 190List103
Brown, Ernest 191List103
Brown, Jacob 192List103
Brown, Aaron 19321Index235
Brown, Allen 19322Index235
Brown, Allen S 19323Index235
Brown, David M 19324Index235
Brown, A J 19325Index235
Brown, Alex 19326Index235
Brown, Aley 19327Index235
Brown, Alice 19328Index235
Brown, Andrew 19329Index235
Brown, Arthur 19330Index235
Brown, Arthur 19331Index235
Brown, B W 19332Index235
Brown, C P 19333Index235
Brown, Carl 19334Index235
Brown, Charles 19335Index235
Brown, Charles 19336Index235
Brown, Charles 19337Index235
Brown, Chas 19338Index235
Brown, Chas 19339Index235
Brown, Chas 19340Index235
Brown, Chas C 19341Index235
Brown, Chas C 19342Index235
Brown, Clark 19343Index235
Brown, David L 19344Index235
Brown, Don 19345Index235
Brown, Don W 19346Index235
Brown, Don W 19347Index235
Brown, E E 19348Index235
Brown, E E 19349Index235
Brown, Earl P 19350Index235
Brown, Edw 19351Index235
Brown, Edward S 19352Index235
Brown, Esther 19353Index235
Brown, Francis 19354Index235
Brown, Frank 19355Index235
Brown, Frank 19356Index235
Brown, Frank 19357Index235
Brown, Frederick 19358Index235
Brown, G L 19359Index235
Brown, G M 19360Index235
Brown, G S 19361Index235
Brown, George 19362Index235
Brown, George 19363Index235
Brown, George 19364Index235
Brown, George W 19365Index235
Brown, H B 19366Index235
Brown, H D 19367Index235
Brown, Harry 19368Index235
Brown, Henry 19369Index235
Brown, Henry 19370Index235
Brown, Hubert 19371Index235
Brown, J 19372Index235
Brown, J H 19373Index235
Brown, J R 19374Index235
Brown, J W 19375Index235
Brown, J W 19376Index235
Brown, James 19377Index235
Brown, James 19378Index235
Brown, James 19379Index235
Brown, James 19380Index235
Brown, James 19381Index235
Brown, Jed 19382Index235
Brown, John 19383Index235
Brown, John 19384Index235
Brown, John 19385Index235
Brown, John C 19386Index235
Brown, Joseph 19387Index235
Brown, L 19388Index235
Brown, Lemuel 19389Index235
Brown, Lemuel 19390Index235
Brown, Lenard 19391Index235
Brown, Leonard 19392Index235
Brown, Lewis 19393Index235
Brown, Louis 19394Index235
Brown, M F 19395Index235
Brown, M J 19396Index235
Brown, Maurice 19397Index235
Brown, Maurice 19398Index235
Brown, Myrtle 19399Index235
Brown, N W 19400Index235
Brown, N W 19401Index235
Brown, Oscar 19402Index235
Brown, Oscar 19403Index235
Brown, P A 19404Index235
Brown, Paul 19405Index235
Brown, Paul 19406Index235
Brown, Paul 19407Index235
Brown, R A 19408Index235
Brown, R H 19409Index235
Brown, Richard A 19410Index235
Brown, Roy A 19411Index235
Brown, S 19412Index235
Brown, Sam 19413Index235
Brown, Samuel 19414Index235
Brown, T O 19415Index235
Brown, Thomas 19416Index235
Brown, Thomas 19417Index235
Brown, W H 19418Index235
Brown, W O 19419Index235
Brown, W W 19420Index235
Brown, Walter 19421Index235
Brown, Walter S 19422Index235
Brown, William 19423Index235
Brown, William 19424Index235
Brown, William 19425Index235
Brown, William C 19426Index235
Brown, William C 19427Index235
Brown, William C 19428Index235
Brown, William D 19429Index235
Brown, William J 19430Index235
Brown, William Lee 19431Index235
Brown, William R 19432Index235
Brown, William R 19433Index235
Brown, William W 19434Index235
Brown, Catherine M 17422Abstract236
Brown, James 17423Abstract236
Brown, Elizabeth 16978Abstract242
Brown, Margaret 17059Abstract242
Brown, Michael G 65295Abstract248
Brown, Pearl 65296Abstract248
Brown, T E 65297Abstract248
Brown, (f) 1889Index250
Brown, (f) 1890Index250
Brown, (f) 1891Index250
Brown, (f) 1892Index250
Brown, (inf) 1893Index250
Brown, (inf) 1894Index250
Brown, (inf) 1895Index250
Brown, (inf) 1896Index250
Brown, (m) 1897Index250
Brown, (m) 1898Index250
Brown, (m) 1899Index250
Brown, (m) 1900Index250
Brown, A. M 1901Index250
Brown, Alfred 1902Index250
Brown, Alice 1903Index250
Brown, Andrew 1904Index250
Brown, Anna 1905Index250
Brown, Archie 1906Index250
Brown, B. 1907Index250
Brown, C. F 1908Index250
Brown, Carl 1909Index250
Brown, Charles 1910Index250
Brown, Charles W 1911Index250
Brown, Charlotte 1912Index250
Brown, David 1913Index250
Brown, David L 1914Index250
Brown, Doyle 1915Index250
Brown, E. S 1916Index250
Brown, Edward W 1917Index250
Brown, Elizabeth 1918Index250
Brown, Ella 1919Index250
Brown, Ella Jeana 1920Index250
Brown, Emil 1921Index250
Brown, Ethel 1922Index250
Brown, Frances 1923Index250
Brown, Francis M 1924Index250
Brown, Frank E 1925Index250
Brown, G. H 1926Index250
Brown, G. M 1927Index250
Brown, G. M 1928Index250
Brown, George 1929Index250
Brown, Georgie 1930Index250
Brown, Grace May 1931Index250
Brown, H. R 1932Index250
Brown, Harry 1933Index250
Brown, Harry 1934Index250
Brown, Harry D 1935Index250
Brown, Herbert Joseph 1936Index250
Brown, Howard S 1937Index250
Brown, Isabell 1938Index250
Brown, Jacob 1939Index250
Brown, James 1940Index250
Brown, James 1941Index250
Brown, James 1942Index250
Brown, James M 1943Index250
Brown, Joe 1944Index250
Brown, John 1945Index250
Brown, John J 1946Index250
Brown, John S 1947Index250
Brown, John T 1948Index250
Brown, Joseph 1949Index250
Brown, Laura 1950Index250
Brown, Laveta F 1951Index250
Brown, Leroy 1952Index250
Brown, Lula 1953Index250
Brown, M. 1954Index250
Brown, Mack 1955Index250
Brown, Marie 1956Index250
Brown, Mary 1957Index250
Brown, Mary 1958Index250
Brown, Mary A 1959Index250
Brown, Mary A 1960Index250
Brown, Mary E 1961Index250
Brown, Mary E 1962Index250
Brown, Mary E 1963Index250
Brown, May 1964Index250
Brown, Michael 1965Index250
Brown, Michael J 1966Index250
Brown, Milton H 1967Index250
Brown, Mrs. William 1968Index250
Brown, Nancy 1969Index250
Brown, Nellie 1970Index250
Brown, O. 1971Index250
Brown, Ollie F 1972Index250
Brown, Patrick 1973Index250
Brown, Patrick 1974Index250
Brown, Paul C 1975Index250
Brown, Pearl 1976Index250
Brown, R. B 1977Index250
Brown, R. J 1978Index250
Brown, Rachel 1979Index250
Brown, Robert 1980Index250
Brown, Theodore 1981Index250
Brown, Thomas 1982Index250
Brown, Thomas 1983Index250
Brown, Thomas A 1984Index250
Brown, Velma 1985Index250
Brown, Victoria 1986Index250
Brown, W. A 1987Index250
Brown, Walter S 1988Index250
Brown, William 1989Index250
Brown, William 1990Index250
Brown, William 1991Index250
Brown, William B 1992Index250
Brown, William R 1993Index250
Brown, William W 1994Index250
Brown, Willie 1995Index250
Brown, Willie 1996Index250
Brown, Zelma 1997Index250
Brown, William C 54167Index323
Brown, George 54183Index323
Brown, Robert 53455Index324
Brown, H R 53527Index324
Brown, Jay 53628Index324
Brown, William 53714Index324
Brown, Aldridge 53909Index324
Brown, Leroy F 53938Index324
Brown, Melvin 54021Index324
Brown, Harold 54026Index324
Brown, Donald C 31845Index363
Brown, Donald C 31850Index363
Brown, Herbert E 31887Index363
Brown, Frank A 31925Index363
Brown, Raymond 32065Index363
Brown, Robert C 32127Index363
Brown, John W 32213Index363
Brown, Earl E 32258Index363
Brown, Orville P 32476Index363
Brown, Clarence 32611Index363
Brown, Donald E 32617Index363
Brown, Clarence A 32625Index363
Brown, Orian 32867Index363
Brown, O E 32878Index363
Brown, Vancil R 32953Index363
Brown, William W 33193Index363
Brown, Ben 33461Index363
Brown, Arthur D 33482Index363
Brown, Ben 33551Index363
Brown, Edward 33674Index363
Brown, Bernard 38438Index365
Brown, Verlin 38573Index365
Brown, Richard Louis 38631Index365
Brown, Robert Eugene 38728Index365
Brown, William Frederick 38816Index365
Brown, Curtis 38897Index365
Brown, Merlin Ray 38967Index365
Brown, William Curtis 38968Index365
Brown, James H 39272Index365
Brown, Leonard 39626Index365
Brown, Leonard Beryl 39660Index365
Brown, Wayne Free 39808Index365
Brown, Raymond 39862Index365
Brown, Edward 40187Index365
Brown, Charles Harding 40279Index365
Brown, Harold William 40538Index366
Brown, Charles 40932Index366
Brown, Charles Thomas 40959Index366
Brown, Robert 41334Index366
Brown, Donald 41777Index366
Brown, Donald Vaughn 41834Index366
Brown, Vernon 42358Index366
Brown, Ernest 42919Index2000368
Brown, D C 42937Index2000368
Brown, Donald 43233Index2000368
Brown, D B 43276Index2000368
Brown, R E 43290Index2000368
Brown, Harold W 43357Index2000368
Brown, H W 43381Index2000368
Brown, T H 43547Index2000368
Brown, H C 43763Index2000368
Brown, A E 43783Index2000368
Brown, Verlyn A 44046Index2000368
Brown, W H 44099Index2000368
Brown, E G 44121Index2000368
Brown, Lloyd 44151Index2000368
Brown, Gordon L 44197Index2000368
Brown, L L 44227Index2000368
Brown, E L 44246Index2000368
Brown, G L 44252Index2000368
Brown, A V 45096Index2000368
Brown, C T 45174Index2000368
Brown, E H 45188Index2000368
Brown, J L 45325Index2000368
Brown, Howard 45481Index1998369
Brown, H F 45537Index1998369
Brown, Clifton 45658Index1998369
Brown, R J 46291Index1998369
Brown, Aldridge 46779Index1998369
Brown, W H 46846Index1998369
Brown, A E 46862Index1998369
Brown, Harold 46888Index1998369
Brown, H W 47007Index1998369
Brown, C R 47275Index1998369
Brown, D L 47434Index1998369
Brown, B L 47459Index1998369
Brown, E G 47660Index1998369
Brown, C R 47772Index1998369
Brown, Ernest 47880Index370
Brown, E G 47907Index370
Brown, W F 47953Index370
Brown, P R 48183Index370
Brown, D B 48202Index370
Brown, Alfred V 48309Index370
Brown, A V 48331Index370
Brown, Albert R 48497Index370
Brown, A R 48516Index370
Brown, L M 48814Index370
Brown, Norman 49146Index370
Brown, Harold William 49216Index370
Brown, Samuel H 49250Index370
Brown, S H 49320Index370
Brown, Clifton 49338Index370
Brown, H K 49459Index370
Brown, Charles 49636Index370
Brown, Howard 50541Index1994371
Brown, Jean 50795Index1997372
Brown, Galen B 50868Index1997372
Brown, Gordon L 51389Index1997372
Brown, Laverne 51427Index1997372
Brown, 66795Map681
Brown, 66796Map681
Brown, Alex 66797Map681
Brown, B G 66798Map681
Brown, C 66799Map681
Brown, E W 66800Map681
Brown, Ezra 66801Map681
Brown, F 66802Map681
Brown, I 66803Map681
Brown, I D 66804Map681
Brown, J 66805Map681
Brown, J F 66806Map681
Brown, J G 66807Map681
Brown, Jacob 66808Map681
Brown, James B 66809Map681
Brown, John 66810Map681
Brown, L 66811Map681
Brown, Mary 66812Map681
Brown, W P 66813Map681
Brown, Carrie 65488Abstract682
Brown, James 65489Abstract682
Brown, Caroline 65490Abstract682
Brown, Joseph 65491Abstract682
Brown, Susie 65492Abstract682
Brown, 65493Abstract682
Brown, Sash 65494Abstract682
Brown, Jane 65495Abstract682
Brown, Crocket 65496Abstract682
Brown, W P 65497Abstract682
Brown, James 65498Abstract682
Brown, Jakey 65499Abstract682
Brown, Chrisey 65500Abstract682
Brown, Jimmie 65501Abstract682
Brown, John 65502Abstract682
Brown, E M 66403Abstract682
Brown, Colden 55450Index1990841
Brown, J D 55451Index1990841
Brown, Mary 55452Index1990841
Brown , Clara Maude 16541Index920
Brown, George W 16542Index920
Brown, James 16543Index920
Brown , L H 16544Index920
Brown, Ann Eliza (Reynolds )16545Index920
Brown, Elizabeth (Stafford )16546Index920
Brown, Hezekiah 16747Index926
Brown, Nancy (Shepperd)16748Index926
Brown, Soloman 17268Index926
Brown, Margarett (Rhoads)17269Index926
Brown, George 17666Index926
Brown, Albina ? (Titcomb)17667Index926
Brown, Ira 17847Index926
Brown, Mary A (Roberts)17848Index926
Brown, Frank A 59418Index926
Brown, Harriet J (Roberts)59419Index926
Brown, Marrion 61923Index926
Brown, Eliza (Porter)61924Index926
Brown, Marelda 57363Index1100
Brown, Comadore P 57504Index1100
Brown, John 57506Index1100
Brown, John 57508Index1100
Brown, John 57510Index1100
Brown, Thersie 58111Index1100
Brown, Clern 58117Index1100
Brown, Sarah Ann 58235Index1100
Brown, Mary Ann 58253Index1100
Brown, Ellen 58373Index1100
Brown, Samira 58999Index1100
Brown, Latitha 59207Index1100
Brown, James 59752Index1101
Brown, James R 59754Index1101
Brown, John 59756Index1101
Brown, John 59758Index1101
Brown, Oliver N 59760Index1101
Brown, Orville 59762Index1101
Brown, Perry 59764Index1101
Brown, Simmons H 59766Index1101
Brown, William G B 59768Index1101
Brown, William T 59770Index1101
Brown, S J 59943Index1101
Brown, Susan 59961Index1101
Brown, Jennetta 60223Index1101
Brown, Mary E 60373Index1101
Brown, Julia Evaline 61423Index1101
Brown, Mary Elizabeth 56208Abstract1102
Brown, Jennie H 61963Abstract1103
Brown, Martha Ann 61964Abstract1103
Brown, 61965Abstract1103
Brown, (Jones)62480Abstract1104
Brown, Edward Ambrose 62481Abstract1104
Brown, William Henry 63058Abstract1105
Brown, 64836Abstract1106
Brown, 64837Abstract1106
Brown, Roy Louie 64838Abstract1106
Brown, Alfred 68345Book18711253
Brown, Hiram 68590Book18711253
Brown, William 68721Book18711253
Brown, Eddie 68983Book18711253
Brown, William 69054Book18711253
Brown, James 69104Book18711253
Brown, Chas 69238Book18711253
Brown, Alfred 69467Book18711253
Brown, John 69524Book18711253
Brown, Henry 70483Newsletter19481286
Brown, John H 70490Newsletter19481286
Brown, Delia (Skelton)70491Newsletter19481286
Brown, Ellen (Covington)70492Newsletter19481286
Brown, William C. 70106Newsletter19331314
Brown, Julia Emerine (Stevens)70119Newsletter19331314
Brown, Salle E. 70122Newsletter19331314
Brown, John C 63452Index9999
Brown, John C 63488Index9999
Brown, Ida 63529Index9999
Brown, Arthur 63721Index9999
Brown, Franklin S 63824Index9999
Brown, Margaret M 64082Index9999
Brown, John H 64204Index9999
Brown, C S 64369Index9999
Brown, Fay 64660Index9999
Browne, T C 19435Index235
Browne, Joseph S 1998Index250
Brownell, Alb 19436Index235
Brownell, Albert 19437Index235
Brownell, Albert 19438Index235
Brownell, George 19439Index235
Brownell, George 19440Index235
Brownell, Ira H 32170Index363
Brownies, Lonnie 32474Index363
Browning, Chester 19441Index235
Browning, Frank 19442Index235
Browning, (inf) 1999Index250
Browning, (m) 2000Index250
Browning, (m) 2001Index250
Browning, Albert 2002Index250
Browning, Amanda 2003Index250
Browning, Jesse 2004Index250
Browning, William 2005Index250
Browning, Robert 54079Index323
Browning, John A 32806Index363
Browning, Clifford Allen 42660Index366
Browning, Billy 50076Index1994371
Browning, J F 66814Map681
Browning, W W (Mitchell)66071Abstract682
Browning, 55453Index1990841
Browning, Willis 61715Index926
Browning, Nancy (Palmer)61716Index926
Browning, James 57512Index1100
Browning, Alavildy 59234Index1100
Browning, Jennie 60086Index1101
Browning, Isabella 61096Index1101
Browning, 56209Abstract1102
Browning, C A 56210Abstract1102
Browning, Elizabeth 56211Abstract1102
Browning, Thompson Frazer 56247Abstract1102
Browning, Lucinda Lewis 61966Abstract1103
Browning, L D 62482Abstract1104
Browning, Ralph Marvin 63059Abstract1105
Browning, E W 64839Abstract1106
Browning, Frank W 63783Index9999
Brownlee, (inf) 2006Index250
Brownlee, (inf) 2007Index250
Brownlee, (m) 2008Index250
Brownlee, Emma 2009Index250
Brownlee, Jennie 2010Index250
Brownlee, Rachel 2011Index250
Brownlee, J M 66815Map681
Brownlee, J M 65504Abstract682
Brownlee, Eddie 65505Abstract682
Brownlee, Mary Ann 58067Index1100
Brownlee, Walter 59772Index1101
Brownlee, Mary E 59925Index1101
Brownlee, Rachel Ann 60289Index1101
Brownlee, Kansas Virginia 61184Index1101
Brownlee, 62483Abstract1104
Brownlee, Emma 63247Index9999
Brownlee, W H 63248Index9999
Brownlow, 65506Abstract682
Browring, C 19443Index235
Browring, Glen E 19444Index235
Broyles, (inf) 2012Index250
Broyles, Jannie D 2013Index250
Broyles, Laverne 2014Index250
Broyles, J M 44655Index2000368
Broyles, B D 47883Index370
Broyles, Richard 61967Abstract1103
Broyles, Katy 68953Book18711253
Broyles, Katy 68954Book18711253
Broylon, Sarah E 56248Abstract1102
Broyson, John W 19445Index235
Brozington, W 19446Index235
Broziska, Thomas 19447Index235
Brozonski, Joseph 2015Index250
Brozonski, Thomas 2016Index250
Brozowski, (inf) 2017Index250
Brubaker, John A 19448Index235
Brubaker, Elmer 70341Newsletter19351304
Brubaker, Gertrude 70342Newsletter19351304
Bruce, John W 33Book1
Bruce, Arthur 19449Index235
Bruce, Arthur 19450Index235
Bruce, Arthur A 19451Index235
Bruce, Harry 19452Index235
Bruce, J L 19453Index235
Bruce, John M 19454Index235
Bruce, John W 19455Index235
Bruce, Marshall 19456Index235
Bruce, N C 19457Index235
Bruce, Jennie 17060Abstract242
Bruce, (inf) 2018Index250
Bruce, (m) 2019Index250
Bruce, Ann Jane 2020Index250
Bruce, Harry 2021Index250
Bruce, John 2022Index250
Bruce, Lulu 2023Index250
Bruce, Margret L 2024Index250
Bruce, Mildred 2025Index250
Bruce, Thelma 2026Index250
Bruce, William 2027Index250
Bruce, William 2028Index250
Bruce, Lula 55454Index1990841
Bruce, Christopher C 57514Index1100
Bruce, Ann F 57308Index1101
Bruce, M C 63469Index9999
Bruckner, Gus 19458Index235
Bruckner, Opal R 2029Index250
Bruegoerstran, William 19459Index235
Brueka, Henry 2030Index250
Bruell, Michael Joseph 17061Abstract242
Brueshke, Herman 19460Index235
Bruffey, G W 49494Index370
Bruffey, W M 49532Index370
Brugh, J T 66816Map681
Brukinky, H 19461Index235
Brum, Lawrence 19462Index235
Brumback, Florence C (Fitzgerald)17062Abstract242
Brumback, Dot O 2031Index250
Brumback, Mabel 2032Index250
Brumback, David W 65507Abstract682
Brumbaugh, Daniel 59774Index1101
Brumbaugh, Emanuel 56249Abstract1102
Brumbaugh, Mary A (Weigel)61968Abstract1103
Brumbaugh, Eli H 61969Abstract1103
Brumbaugh, Lynn Weigle 62484Abstract1104
Brume, Grace 68730Book18711253
Brumes, Grace 68422Book18711253
Brumes, Grace 68515Book18711253
Brumes, Grace 68579Book18711253
Brumes, Grace 68603Book18711253
Brumes, Grace 68617Book18711253
Brumes, Grace 68865Book18711253
Brumfield, Effie 2033Index250
Brumitt, Homer 2034Index250
Brumley, Frank 43840Index2000368
Brumley, F W 43880Index2000368
Brumm, H J 45211Index2000368
Brummett, L M 63060Abstract1105
Brunan, Ernest 53886Index324
Brundage, Rebecca 2035Index250
Brundige, Wesley 54667Index323
Brundige, Charles 32874Index363
Brundige, W E 46236Index1998369
Brundridge, Charles 2036Index250
Brunell, Anna 2037Index250
Bruner, (m) 2038Index250
Bruner, H. C 2039Index250
Bruner, Oscar Ray 38938Index365
Bruner, O R 43140Index2000368
Bruner, Miles 45635Index1998369
Bruner, M C 45698Index1998369
Bruner, O R 46276Index1998369
Bruner, J S 48347Index370
Brunigar, Elizabeth 59683Index1101
Bruning, W C 19463Index235
Bruninger, George 2040Index250
Brunk, P E 48189Index370
Brunk, Mary J 66736Map681
Brunk, James 66817Map681
Brunk, Peter 59776Index1101
Brunk, Lester 64840Abstract1106
Brunk, George 64327Index9999
Brunke, Louis 19464Index235
Brunke, Louis H 19465Index235
Brunkuski, Thomas 19466Index235
Brunky, Louis 19467Index235
Brunner, A J 19468Index235
Brunner, Antoine 19469Index235
Brunner, Anton 19470Index235
Brunner, William S 19471Index235
Brunner, Edith 2041Index250
Brunner, E A 33327Index363
Brunner, Everett Robert 42721Index366
Brunner, E R 48495Index370
Brunner, John 57516Index1100
Bruns, Joseph Andrew 17429Abstract236
Bruns, William 17430Abstract236
Bruns, Louis 53495Index324
Bruns, F J 48724Index370
Brunsing, H. R 2042Index250
Brunsing, Hedwig 64043Index9999
Brunsing, Elisa 64045Index9999
Brunswing, Mathilde 2043Index250
Bruntley, Sam 19472Index235
Bruntmeyer, Mary Alice (Lundsord)61970Abstract1103
Brurer, J P 62948Index926
Bruse, Harold 49890Index1994371
Brush, H M 31838Index363
Brush, Stanley Paul 39995Index365
Brush, S P 42958Index2000368
Brush, Paul A 43047Index2000368
Brush, S P 48140Index370
Brushid, Orzilla 61266Index1101
Brushwood, Cecil 54674Index323
Brushwood, Cecil 53433Index324
Brushwood, C C 53477Index324
Brushwood, Clyde W 32567Index363
Brushwood, Cecil 41249Index366
Brushwood, Wallace 41535Index366
Brushwood, Minor William 42271Index366
Brushwood, Cecil 45265Index2000368
Brushwood, C C 45314Index2000368
Brushwood, R L 45498Index1998369
Brushwood, C S 47922Index370
Brushwood, W L 48262Index370
Brushwood, Cecil 48669Index370
Brushwood, Cecil 50413Index1994371
Brust, Maggie 2044Index250
Brutt, Caroll L 50249Index1994371
Bruzellie, Esther M 2045Index250
Bryan, B F 19473Index235
Bryan, C W 19474Index235
Bryan, Cary 19475Index235
Bryan, J F 19476Index235
Bryan, James 19477Index235
Bryan, Milton E 65298Abstract248
Bryan, Myrtle 2046Index250
Bryan, Robert 54184Index323
Bryan, Howard 53807Index324
Bryan, Leslie 40444Index366
Bryan, Leslie Russell 40504Index366
Bryan, 66737Map681
Bryan, W E 66738Map681
Bryan, Nannie 55455Index1990841
Bryan, Joseph B 59778Index1101
Bryant, Alma 19478Index235
Bryant, James 19479Index235
Bryant, James A 19480Index235
Bryant, M J 19481Index235
Bryant, William 19482Index235
Bryant, Edward 2047Index250
Bryant, Freddie W 2048Index250
Bryant, George W 2049Index250
Bryant, J. L 2050Index250
Bryant, James 2051Index250
Bryant, Ruth B 2052Index250
Bryant, Thomas J 2053Index250
Bryant, R R 43523Index2000368
Bryant, Robert 45103Index2000368
Bryant, R B 45172Index2000368
Bryant, Lettie 65508Abstract682
Bryant, Frank 65509Abstract682
Bryant, 65510Abstract682
Bryant, James S 17318Index926
Bryant, Sarah J (Clark)17319Index926
Bryant, William 57518Index1100
Bryant, Dicie 58243Index1100
Bryant, Adaline 58259Index1100
Bryant, Nancy 58283Index1100
Bryant, Crayton 59780Index1101
Bryant, 56250Abstract1102
Bryant, Charles 62488Abstract1104
Bryant, Lucy 68501Book18711253
Bryant, Lucy 68548Book18711253
Bryant, Edward W 70493Newsletter19481286
Bryant, Wm Wesley 70494Newsletter19481286
Bryant, Wm Wesley 70495Newsletter19481286
Bryant, Mary Elizebeth (Stringfellow)70497Newsletter19481286
Bryant, Jess 70498Newsletter19481286
Bryant, Avon 70502Newsletter19481286
Bryant, Willard 70506Newsletter19481286
Bryant, Frank 63839Index9999
Brychta, Paul J 33290Index363
Brychta, Paul John 39848Index365
Bryee, Hattie 64263Index9999
Bryen, D O 19483Index235
Bryer, George 19484Index235
Bryhan, Oscar 19485Index235
Bryne, E 19486Index235
Bryne, E 19487Index235
Bryne, Edw J 19488Index235
Bryne, H M 19489Index235
Bryne, James J 19490Index235
Bryne, John I 19491Index235
Bryne, Leo 19492Index235
Bryne, Leo 19493Index235
Bryne, T B 19494Index235
Bryne, Thomas C 19495Index235
Bryne, Lawrence Jack 45226Index2000368
Bryne, L J 48454Index370
Brynes, R E 19496Index235
Bryson, R. J 2054Index250
Bryson, William R 33512Index363
Bryson, Ronald 41873Index366
Bryson, Ronald Harold 41928Index366
Bryson, L F 44295Index2000368
Bryson, Ronald 45482Index1998369
Bryson, R H 45628Index1998369
Bryson, Jack 50124Index1994371
Bryson, William 51349Index1997372
Bubb, Anna 2055Index250
Bubke, E W 44927Index2000368
Bubs, Adolph 19497Index235
Buch, Harold 54475Index323
Buch, H E 43786Index2000368
Buch, H E 46796Index1998369
Buch, Jefrie 57520Index1100
Buchanan, Rosa J 2056Index250
Buchanan, Wm. 2057Index250
Buchanan, James 66739Map681
Buchanan, William 65512Abstract682
Buchanan, Porter B 55456Index1990841
Buchanan, John 57522Index1100
Buchanan, Mary 63638Index9999
Buchannan, William P 59782Index1101
Bucher, Xavier 19498Index235
Bucher, Joseph W 2058Index250
Bucher, Laura E 2059Index250
Bucher, J J 48435Index370
Bucher, John J 51236Index1997372
Bucher, Elica 57263Index1100
Bucher, John 59784Index1101
Bucher, Mary 59795Index1101
Bucher, Matthew 61971Abstract1103
Bucher, Earl Curtis 63061Abstract1105
Buchett, Larry 54685Index323
Buchhols, Harriett 55457Index1990841
Buchler, Charles T 19499Index235
Buchler, M 42917Index2000368
Bucholz, Bessie 2060Index250
Buck, R O 19500Index235
Buck, Artie 17431Abstract236
Buck, Virgil 17432Abstract236
Buck, Bessie 2061Index250
Buck, George L 2062Index250
Buck, Maggie 2063Index250
Buck, Orley F 2064Index250
Buck, Harold E 50844Index1997372
Buck, Johann Andrew 59786Index1101
Buck, August Johann 59788Index1101
Buckalenn, Kate 2065Index250
Buckart, James 2066Index250
Buckbey, B F 19501Index235
Buckby, Ben F 2067Index250
Bucker, Joseph W 56251Abstract1102
Buckham, Richard 65513Abstract682
Buckham, Richard 65515Abstract682
Buckham, Susan 66367Abstract682
Buckham, Richard 66368Abstract682
Buckhart, Gottlieb 2068Index250
Buckholtz, William 19502Index235
Buckingham, Henry G 51Book1
Buckingham, T H 19503Index235
Buckingham, Thomas H 2069Index250
Bucklen, Carl 19504Index235
Buckler, T L 43641Index2000368
Buckler, T L 47677Index1998369
Buckles, T A 48816Index370
Buckles, Cyntha A (Hume)56252Abstract1102
Buckles, Susan Martha 61972Abstract1103
Buckles, Winfield 61973Abstract1103
Buckley, Cornelius 2070Index250
Buckley, Eliza 2071Index250
Buckley, George W 2072Index250
Buckley, Mary 2073Index250
Buckley, Donald 38556Index365
Buckley, Walter Marvin 40556Index366
Buckley, Jerry 40656Index366
Buckley, Donald 41473Index366
Buckley, Joseph 41889Index366
Buckley, Joe William 41965Index366
Buckley, Patrick 57524Index1100
Buckman, Mary E (Shupert)17434Abstract236
Buckman, Charles W 17435Abstract236
Buckman, Charles 2074Index250
Buckman, Frank H 2075Index250
Buckman, Thomas 2076Index250
Buckman, Henry H 57526Index1100
Buckmaster, M H 19505Index235
Buckmaster, Marion 19506Index235
Buckmaster, Clara 2077Index250
Buckmaster, Marion 2078Index250
Buckmaster, Marion 63296Index9999
Buckmiller, B 66740Map681
Buckmiller, Geo 66741Map681
Buckminister, Eveline E 56253Abstract1102
Buckmore, A 19507Index235
Buckmore, A 19508Index235
Buckner, Addison 19509Index235
Buckner, Christian 19510Index235
Buckner, (m) 2079Index250
Buckner, Alfred 2080Index250
Buckner, Alonzo 2081Index250
Buckner, Frankie 2082Index250
Buckner, Henry 2083Index250
Buckner, Horace 2084Index250
Buckner, James 2085Index250
Buckner, John 2086Index250
Buckner, John 2087Index250
Buckner, Ollie 2088Index250
Buckner, Virginia 2089Index250
Buckridge, John 2090Index250
Buckslew, Amanda 2091Index250
Buckva, Herman 19511Index235
Buczek, Walter Joseph 39970Index365
Buddy, J A 19512Index235
Buddy, Joseph 19513Index235
Buddy, Joseph 19514Index235
Buddy, Phil 19515Index235
Buddy, Phillip 19516Index235
Buddy, Phillip 19517Index235
Buddy, P. P 17437Abstract236
Buddy, Lucile 17438Abstract236
Buddy, Beatrice 2092Index250
Buddy, Phillip 2093Index250
Buddy, Joseph L 32635Index363
Budenek, F 19518Index235
Budgett, Harold 40893Index366
Budgett, Harold Estel 40929Index366
Budgett, Vencil 51221Index1997372
Budine, Albert 40738Index366
Budine, Albert 40797Index366
Budneck, James J 50240Index1994371
Buduck, (inf) 2094Index250
Buechle, Christiana 2095Index250
Buechler, Samuel 2096Index250
Buehler, Charles G 19519Index235
Buehler, Charles G 19520Index235
Buehler, Charles G 19521Index235
Buehler, Charles G 19522Index235
Buehler, Chas G 19523Index235
Buehler, C. C 2097Index250
Buehler, Christ 2098Index250
Buehler, Christian 2099Index250
Buehler, Gottlieb 2100Index250
Buehler, Rosa 2101Index250
Buehler, Roy H 2102Index250
Buehler, Ruth 2103Index250
Buehler, R D 42965Index2000368
Buehler, M G 45587Index1998369
Buehler, Florence 64329Index9999
Buehler, Earnest D 64330Index9999
Buell, (inf) 2104Index250
Buell, Clara 2105Index250
Buell, G. W 2106Index250
Buell, John 2107Index250
Buell, John A 2108Index250
Buell, John O 2109Index250
Buell, Margaret E (Smith)59421Index926
Buell (of Gentry CO), Charles 59420Index926
Buetzer, Francis 38801Index365
Buetzer, Estella (Freed)61974Abstract1103
Buffey, Charles 42049Index366
Buffey, Charles Edward Hunt 42184Index366
Buffey, Charles 48379Index370
Buffey, C E H 48456Index370
Buffington, William 59790Index1101
Buffum, W S 44324Index2000368
Buford, H J 19524Index235
Buford, Joseph 19525Index235
Buford, Matthew 19526Index235
Buford, (inf) 2110Index250
Buford, Archie 2111Index250
Buford, Harry 2112Index250
Buford, Hattie 2113Index250
Buford, James 2114Index250
Buford, Marjorie 2115Index250
Buford, Minnie 2116Index250
Buford, Rosa 2117Index250
Buford, Sesama 2118Index250
Bugar, H 19527Index235
Buhl, George Dr 2119Index250
Buhlin, Herman 19528Index235
Buhlin, Herman 19529Index235
Buhman, Samuel John 17444Abstract236
Buhman, O. R 17446Abstract236
Buhman, Rudolph 17447Abstract236
Buhman, Augusta 17448Abstract236
Buhman, H O 45400Index1998369
Buhman, Earl E 47889Index370
Buholt, Charles Allen 44941Index2000368
Buholt, C A 44952Index2000368
Buhr, Raymond 49495Index370
Buhr, R F 49533Index370
Buhr, Joseph 66742Map681
Buhron, Harvey 19530Index235
Buhrow, Herman 19531Index235
Buhrow, Robert 2120Index250
Buigmer, F. 2121Index250
Buigner, V 19532Index235
Buigner, Henry 2122Index250
Buigner, Victor 2123Index250
Buircke, William 19533Index235
Buirger, Missouri Ann 58774Index1100
Buirson, Nancy 59031Index1100
Buis, C L 19534Index235
Buis, Charles L 19535Index235
Buis, Clyde 19536Index235
Buis, Cecil 2124Index250
Buis, Mary 2125Index250
Buis, Raymond Edward 40714Index366
Buis, Valdon Doyce 41706Index366
Buis, Charles K 48569Index370
Buis, C K 48684Index370
Buis, Hedwick 49927Index1994371
Buis, Irene Adel 63582Index9999
Buiswanger, Henry 2126Index250
Bulb, George 2127Index250
Buler, Thomas J 57528Index1100
Buler, Livingston R 57530Index1100
Bulgack, Sophia 2128Index250
Bulger, Charles 19537Index235
Bulger, George T 2129Index250
Bulger, Rynard 2130Index250
Buljak, Joseph 19538Index235
Buljak, Joseph 19539Index235
Bull, F U 19540Index235
Bull, Sidney 16547Index920
Bull, William L 63625Index9999
Bulla, Claude T 42783Index366
Bulla, Claude Thomas 42839Index366
Bulla, C T 48090Index370
Bullard, Clarence 19541Index235
Bullard, George I 2131Index250
Bullard, Hellen 2132Index250
Bullard, Henry N 2133Index250
Bullard, M. 2134Index250
Bullard, Henry Nelson 63062Abstract1105
Bulledict, Jerry 66743Map681
Buller, Albert 19542Index235
Bulley, H. M 2135Index250
Bullia, Claude 48002Index370
Bullieg, J. G 2136Index250
Bullimore, Max J 32179Index363
Bulling, Clyde 193List103
Bulling, Louis 65299Abstract248
Bulling, (inf) 2137Index250
Bulling, (inf) 2138Index250
Bulling, A. P 2139Index250
Bulling, Henry 2140Index250
Bulling, John C 2141Index250
Bulling, Laura 2142Index250
Bulling, Lewis 2143Index250
Bulling, Robert 2144Index250
Bullman, Watler J 19543Index235
Bullmaster, J E 19544Index235
Bullmaster, Edward Joseph 39850Index365
Bullmaster, Edward J 44238Index2000368
Bullmaster, E J 44335Index2000368
Bullmaster, Edwin 49162Index370
Bullock, A S 19545Index235
Bullock, Claude 19546Index235
Bullock, Louis 19547Index235
Bullock, E. H 2145Index250
Bullock, Edna 2146Index250
Bullock, Frank W 2147Index250
Bullock, N J 46010Index1998369
Bullock, N J 49115Index370
Bullock, J T 66744Map681
Bullock, 66049Abstract682
Bulmak, Joseph 19548Index235
Bumbacher, Russell 2148Index250
Bumberg, Henry 19549Index235
Bumphrey, E 19550Index235
Bumphrey, E 19551Index235
Bumphrey, (f) 2149Index250
Bumphrey, (inf) 2150Index250
Bumphrey, Earl 2151Index250
Bumphrey, Edward B 2152Index250
Bumps, Eugene B 57532Index1100
Bumps, Priscilla L 58825Index1100
Bumps, E B 56254Abstract1102
Bums, Thos 69297Book18711253
Bunce, G. 2153Index250
Bunce, Tim 2154Index250
Bunce, Emma 69072Book18711253
Bunch, Chas 19552Index235
Bunch, Ada 2155Index250
Bunch, Elizabeth 2156Index250
Bunch, John 2157Index250
Bunch, Newton 2158Index250
Bunch, Edward Henry 39482Index365
Bunch, George 59792Index1101
Bunch, Perry Ondrus 70389Newsletter19341324
Bunche, Luther 32242Index363
Bundy, William 19553Index235
Bundy, William 19554Index235
Bundy, Ellen 2159Index250
Bundy, Harrison 2160Index250
Bundy, George T 32113Index363
Bundy, D E 46860Index1998369
Bundy, Donald 50915Index1997372
Bundy, Clyde 51153Index1997372
Bundy, William Calvin 62489Abstract1104
Bundy, Charles Raymond 62490Abstract1104
Bundy, Martha Jane 63063Abstract1105
Bungenstock, Frederick 66745Map681
Bungenstock, Henry 64841Abstract1106
Bunhill, Robert 51024Index1997372
Bunke, Louis 19555Index235
Bunker, Edward W 61874Index926
Bunker, Sarah E (Totten)61875Index926
Bunker, William 57534Index1100
Bunker, Phebe Jane 61393Index1101
Bunkowski, Antone 19556Index235
Bunkowski, J 19557Index235
Bunkowski, John E 54556Index323
Bunkowski, John 31918Index363
Bunkowsksi, Louis V 32456Index363
Bunkowsky, L 19558Index235
Bunn, Jacob K 19559Index235
Bunn, Jacob K 19560Index235
Bunn, James 19561Index235
Bunn, E R 66746Map681
Bunny, Henry 61975Abstract1103
Bunse, Donald Lee 53442Index324
Bunse, John 41770Index366
Bunse, John 45137Index2000368
Bunse, J J 45196Index2000368
Bunse, M V 48857Index370
Bunse, Wilbur V 48941Index370
Bunse, W V 48981Index370
Bunse, Jewell H 50002Index1994371
Bunshon, Maurine J 2161Index250
Bunten, James E 33010Index363
Buntin, James 32994Index363
Bunting, Nina 65516Abstract682
Bunting, W J 65517Abstract682
Bunting, James 17740Index926
Bunting, Helen (Lafavor)17741Index926
Bunton, Ralph 54236Index323
Bunton, R J 43090Index2000368
Bunton, F S 46219Index1998369
Bunton, Samuel 16910Index926
Bunton, Hester A (Parrott)16911Index926
Bunz, Augustus 59794Index1101
Burandt, R A 48896Index370
Burbank, George 19562Index235
Burbank, Bettie 2162Index250
Burbank, Catherine 2163Index250
Burberry, Claude 19563Index235
Burberry, Clinton 2164Index250
Burberry, William 2165Index250
Burch, H 19564Index235
Burch, H B 19565Index235
Burch, Marion 19566Index235
Burch, Samuel 19567Index235
Burch, Wm A 19568Index235
Burch, Beulah 2166Index250
Burch, Earl V 2167Index250
Burch, Fred 2168Index250
Burch, G H 45283Index2000368
Burch, Wyatt 51019Index1997372
Burcham, A 19569Index235
Burcham, A G 19570Index235
Burcham, Ed W 19571Index235
Burcham, Jas 19572Index235
Burcham, (m) 2169Index250
Burcham, Elizabeth G 2170Index250
Burcham, Ralph L 33617Index363
Burchant, Albert 19573Index235
Burchett, James 2171Index250
Burchett, Lucy 2172Index250
Burchett, Dallas 53857Index324
Burchett, C A 32001Index363
Burchett, R E 45818Index1998369
Burchett, Charles 46416Index1998369
Burchett, C L 46485Index1998369
Burchett, Dallas J 50286Index1994371
Burck, John William 57536Index1100
Burden, Sytha 2173Index250
Burdick, J C 19574Index235
Burdick, J C 19575Index235
Burdick, Alfred 2174Index250
Burdick, O. H 2175Index250
Burdick, W A 65518Abstract682
Burell, J W 19576Index235
Buren, Fielding 2176Index250
Burg, Albert 2177Index250
Burg, G F 66747Map681
Burg, George F 66748Map681
Burg, John G 66749Map681
Burg, J M 66750Map681
Burg, T J 66751Map681
Burg, W C 66752Map681
Burg, J G 65520Abstract682
Burg, Frank 55458Index1990841
Burge, Sam Faye 38848Index365
Burge, Stanford M 43181Index2000368
Burge, James 16811Index926
Burge, Martha Jane (Adams)16812Index926
Burge, Nancy 59079Index1100
Burge, Charissa 60706Index1101
Burge, James 56255Abstract1102
Burge, Melissa (Butler)61976Abstract1103
Burgener, David John 57538Index1100
Burger, Fred 19577Index235
Burger, Gottleib 19578Index235
Burger, Herman 19579Index235
Burger, Oottleib 19580Index235
Burger, Charles 2178Index250
Burger, Galt 2179Index250
Burger, Gertrude 2180Index250
Burger, John M 2181Index250
Burger, Fred Esher 42590Index366
Burger, John M 59796Index1101
Burger, Wrich 59798Index1101
Burger, Magdalene 60176Index1101
Burger, John M 62485Abstract1104
Burgerkownowski, (inf) 2182Index250
Burges, G E 19584Index235
Burgess, C M 19581Index235
Burgess, F J 19582Index235
Burgess, Fred E 19583Index235
Burgess, Henry 19585Index235
Burgess, John 19586Index235
Burgess, John 19587Index235
Burgess, W E 19588Index235
Burgess, Ida 2183Index250
Burgess, J. K 2184Index250
Burgess, John Lewis 2185Index250
Burgess, Martha 2186Index250
Burgess, Orville 38906Index365
Burgess, William 39954Index365
Burgess, William Frederick 39971Index365
Burgess, Dale 41564Index366
Burgess, Dale Leon 41606Index366
Burgess, Alfred James 41615Index366
Burgess, Lloyd Robert 42402Index366
Burgess, Paul 42840Index366
Burgess, W L 43019Index2000368
Burgess, P D 46289Index1998369
Burgess, Dale 47050Index1998369
Burgess, D L 47120Index1998369
Burgess, O G 47421Index1998369
Burgess, W L 48102Index370
Burgess, K A 48250Index370
Burgess, J C 56256Abstract1102
Burgess, William 56257Abstract1102
Burgess, Amelia (Kohl)62486Abstract1104
Burgess, John Louis 64842Abstract1106
Burgett, Leon 40336Index365
Burgett, Leon Henderson 40365Index365
Burgin, Julius 19589Index235
Burgis, Edward 2187Index250
Burgis, Henry 2188Index250
Burgis, William 57540Index1100
Burgiss, H. C 2189Index250
Burgiss, Stella 2190Index250
Burgiss, Thomas 2191Index250
Burgiss, Willie C 2192Index250
Burgoyne, Otis 19590Index235
Burham, Henry C 16550Index920
Burin, Mary Ellen 58758Index1100
Burk, Joseph 19591Index235
Burk, Thomas 19592Index235
Burk, (f) 2193Index250
Burk, Mary 2194Index250
Burk, Catherine (Keener)16548Index920
Burk, Franklin 16669Index926
Burk, Celia L (Mcmahon)16670Index926
Burk, Franklin 16733Index926
Burk, Sarah A (Mcmahan)16734Index926
Burk, Franklin P 16829Index926
Burk, Katharine (Keannoreth)16830Index926
Burk, Thomas 59428Index926
Burk, Margaret (Sullivan)59429Index926
Burk, George H 61488Index926
Burk, Harriet D (Wheeler)61489Index926
Burk, Jas 68257Book18711253
Burk, Nicholas 69148Book18711253
Burkart, Thomas Leroy 19593Index235
Burke, M F 1Book1
Burke, Ashby 19594Index235
Burke, Ashley 19595Index235
Burke, E K 19596Index235
Burke, H A 19597Index235
Burke, H H 19598Index235
Burke, Henry 19599Index235
Burke, Henry C 19600Index235
Burke, James W 19601Index235
Burke, M J 19602Index235
Burke, P J 19603Index235
Burke, Patrick 19604Index235
Burke, Patrick 19605Index235
Burke, Thomas 19606Index235
Burke, Thomas 19607Index235
Burke, Thomas 19608Index235
Burke, Thomas 19609Index235
Burke, Thomas James 19610Index235
Burke, Harry O 19611Index235
Burke, Birdie Elizabeth (Ryan)17449Abstract236
Burke, James 17451Abstract236
Burke, Katherine E (O\'hare)17454Abstract236
Burke, Thomas 17455Abstract236
Burke, Thomas J 17457Abstract236
Burke, Emmett 17458Abstract236
Burke, Sarah 17460Abstract236
Burke, Michael L 17461Abstract236
Burke, Mary L (Laughlin)17063Abstract242
Burke, Edward 65300Abstract248
Burke, Julia 65301Abstract248
Burke, Annie 2195Index250
Burke, Catherine 2196Index250
Burke, David D 2197Index250
Burke, Edward 2198Index250
Burke, James 2199Index250
Burke, John 2200Index250
Burke, John 2201Index250
Burke, Joseph 2202Index250
Burke, Joseph F 2203Index250
Burke, Julia 2204Index250
Burke, Katie 2205Index250
Burke, Marshall Eugene 2206Index250
Burke, Peter 2207Index250
Burke, Ruth 2208Index250
Burke, Sophia 2209Index250
Burke, Thomas E 2210Index250
Burke, William E 2211Index250
Burke, Virgil E 32346Index363
Burke, Peter Marvin Donald 40055Index365
Burke, C R 66753Map681
Burke, John 57542Index1100
Burke, Eliza (Williams)56258Abstract1102
Burke, John D 61977Abstract1103
Burke, John M 64341Index9999
Burkert, Donald 41636Index366
Burkert, Frederick William 44089Index2000368
Burkert, Fred W 46828Index1998369
Burkert, F W 46898Index1998369
Burkett, Sarah 2212Index250
Burkeybile, Gilbert L 32739Index363
Burkeybile, 43631Index2000368
Burkeybile, J W 48493Index370
Burkhalter, Don 54567Index323
Burkhalter, Don 54571Index323
Burkhardt, Cornelius 19612Index235
Burkhardt, F 19613Index235
Burkhart, H 19614Index235
Burkhart, H D 43340Index2000368
Burkhead, M E 59800Index1101
Burkholder, Charles 57544Index1100
Burkowski, (inf) 2213Index250
Burkowski, P. P 2214Index250
Burkowski, M S J 49970Index1994371
Burks, (inf) 2215Index250
Burks, Ralph 54227Index323
Burks, Earl 53555Index324
Burks, C D 46745Index1998369
Burler, Albert 62942Index926
Burley, Fred 2216Index250
Burley, Paul Francis 38715Index365
Burley, P F 46791Index1998369
Burlington, James 19615Index235
Burlington, James 19616Index235
Burlington, John 19617Index235
Burlington, John 19618Index235
Burlington, John 19619Index235
Burlington, William 19620Index235
Burlington, William 19621Index235
Burlington, William 19622Index235
Burlington, John 65302Abstract248
Burlington, Daniel 2217Index250
Burlington, George 2218Index250
Burlington, John Jr 2219Index250
Burlington, Mary 2220Index250
Burlington, S R 33666Index363
Burlington, Earl 45337Index2000368
Burlington, Earl 45436Index1998369
Burman, Mamie 2221Index250
Burman, Henry C 57546Index1100
Burman, R R 57548Index1100
Burming, Mame 2222Index250
Burn, Christian 19623Index235
Burnam, Burt 19624Index235
Burnam, E E 44677Index2000368
Burnam, J F 66754Map681
Burne, Edward D 19625Index235
Burne, John W 19626Index235
Burne, John W 19627Index235
Burne, Frank 2223Index250
Burne, Mary 2224Index250
Burner, Walter L 33156Index363
Burnes, Alonzo D 17064Abstract242
Burnes, C C 65303Abstract248
Burnes, (f) 2225Index250
Burnes, Dennis 2226Index250
Burnes, George W 2227Index250
Burnes, Kate 2228Index250
Burnes, Mary K 2229Index250
Burnes, Willis 2230Index250
Burnes, Calvin C 33169Index363
Burnes, Jerome 17017Index926
Burnes, Margarett (Cain)17018Index926
Burnes, Seymour 59802Index1101
Burneson, Lydia 2231Index250
Burnet, James Jesse 59804Index1101
Burnet, Mary 61389Index1101
Burnett, A 19628Index235
Burnett, A K 19629Index235
Burnett, A K 19630Index235
Burnett, B F 19631Index235
Burnett, Ben 19632Index235
Burnett, Charles 19633Index235
Burnett, Charles A 19634Index235
Burnett, Chas C 19635Index235
Burnett, Chas C 19636Index235
Burnett, Morris 19637Index235
Burnett, Pat C 19638Index235
Burnett, Pat C 19639Index235
Burnett, Thomas 19640Index235
Burnett, Thomas B 19641Index235
Burnett, V H 19642Index235
Burnett, Vern 19643Index235
Burnett, W E 19644Index235
Burnett, W E 19645Index235
Burnett, William J 19646Index235
Burnett, William J 19647Index235
Burnett, Alfred C 2232Index250
Burnett, Cherry 2233Index250
Burnett, David 2234Index250
Burnett, Emeline 2235Index250
Burnett, Emma 2236Index250
Burnett, I. K 2237Index250
Burnett, James 2238Index250
Burnett, Louisa 2239Index250
Burnett, Mendel 2240Index250
Burnett, Rosa 2241Index250
Burnett, Ruth 2242Index250
Burnett, Susan 2243Index250
Burnett, Sylvanie 2244Index250
Burnett, Theron 54639Index323
Burnett, Jay G 31858Index363
Burnett, Floyd W 32289Index363
Burnett, Norman 40657Index366
Burnett, Norman Allen 40713Index366
Burnett, Theron 42180Index366
Burnett, N A 44464Index2000368
Burnett, O E 46610Index1998369
Burnett, S D 47678Index1998369
Burnett, Theron 47979Index370
Burnett, Frederick 48747Index370
Burnett, F W 48805Index370
Burnett, N A 49122Index370
Burnett, Theron W 50483Index1994371
Burnett, Charles 51176Index1997372
Burnett, Dave 51181Index1997372
Burnett, J B 66755Map681
Burnett, Mary H 66756Map681
Burnett, Minnie 65521Abstract682
Burnett, Lucille E 55459Index1990841
Burnett, Evelyn Ethelyn (Shackelford)16549Index920
Burnett, Mary Jane 57379Index1100
Burnett, Roland 57556Index1100
Burnett, Elizabeth 57851Index1100
Burnett, Mary 58379Index1100
Burnett, George 59806Index1101
Burnett, Roland 56259Abstract1102
Burngesser, T. H 2245Index250
Burnham, Raymond 32457Index363
Burnham, F Gilbert 32773Index363
Burnham, Gilbert 51117Index1997372
Burnham, Jane M 60459Index1101
Burnham, W P 63943Index9999
Burnhan, B E 19648Index235
Burnhan, Bert 19649Index235
Burnight, Sarah 59599Index1101
Burns, Andrew 194List103
Burns, Gary 19650Index235
Burns, G Lee 19651Index235
Burns, J W 19652Index235
Burns, James N 19653Index235
Burns, L C 19654Index235
Burns, O 19655Index235
Burns, Roscoe 19656Index235
Burns, Roscoe 19657Index235
Burns, William R 19658Index235
Burns, Dennis 65304Abstract248
Burns, John J 65305Abstract248
Burns, (m) 2246Index250
Burns, Annie 2247Index250
Burns, Calvin C 2248Index250
Burns, Edward 2249Index250
Burns, Elizabeth 2250Index250
Burns, Esther 2251Index250
Burns, F. 2252Index250
Burns, George 2253Index250
Burns, John Lewis 2254Index250
Burns, Mary 2255Index250
Burns, Mary 2256Index250
Burns, Mary 2257Index250
Burns, Mary S 2258Index250
Burns, Menerva K 2259Index250
Burns, Pearl 2260Index250
Burns, Virginia 2261Index250
Burns, Wayman 2262Index250
Burns, Willie 2263Index250
Burns, Wood 2264Index250
Burns, Norman 54357Index323
Burns, Everett 39263Index365
Burns, William 39346Index365
Burns, Clyde 40692Index366
Burns, Quentin G 46426Index1998369
Burns, Q G 46510Index1998369
Burns, J W 47392Index1998369
Burns, William L 49932Index1994371
Burns, Byron N 50924Index1997372
Burns, I 66757Map681
Burns, Mary J 60664Index1101
Burnside, Mary 2265Index250
Burnside, Patsy 2266Index250
Burnstein, O 19659Index235
Burnstein, Fred 2267Index250
Burnstein, Leo 53666Index324
Burnstein, Leo 50235Index1994371
Burr, M 19660Index235
Burr, Maurice 19661Index235
Burr, Maurice 19662Index235
Burr, Morris 19663Index235
Burr, Morris 19664Index235
Burr, (f) 2268Index250
Burr, Joseph 2269Index250
Burr, Nina 2270Index250
Burr, Edmond P 32690Index363
Burr, R W 49229Index370
Burr, Robert 16551Index920
Burr, N E 61321Index1101
Burrell, Kenneth 2271Index250
Burrell, Ernest 33309Index363
Burrett, Ellen 61003Index1101
Burrett, Nancy Elizabeth 61178Index1101
Burri, Frank 19665Index235
Burri, Frank 19666Index235
Burri, Frank 19667Index235
Burri, Henry 19668Index235
Burri, John 19669Index235
Burri, John J 19670Index235
Burri, John J 19671Index235
Burri, Charles F 17065Abstract242
Burri, John J 17111Abstract242
Burri, Anna 2272Index250
Burri, Charles 2273Index250
Burri, Christian 2274Index250
Burri, Emma 2275Index250
Burri, Frederick 2276Index250
Burri, Josephine 2277Index250
Burri, Jeffries R 32738Index363
Burri, J Roy 45282Index2000368
Burrier, Sarah (Ridenaur)56260Abstract1102
Burrier, Jessie May 62487Abstract1104
Burries, Joseph 2278Index250
Burris, S 19672Index235
Burris, Charles 2279Index250
Burris, Edna M 2280Index250
Burris, Lilli 2281Index250
Burris, Lilly 2282Index250
Burris, Mary L 2283Index250
Burris, Nora 2284Index250
Burris, William W 2285Index250
Burris, James 54482Index323
Burris, Clifford 53863Index324
Burris, Thomas A 43466Index2000368
Burris, T A 43489Index2000368
Burris, James E 50449Index1994371
Burris, James 51464Index1997372
Burris, Walter 16637Index926
Burris, Martha (Dalton)16638Index926
Burris, Libbern W 17310Index926
Burris, Hannah Lorinda (Hall )17311Index926
Burris, Margaret 57533Index1100
Burriss, Chas 19673Index235
Burriss, Lillie 2286Index250
Burriss, Sarah M 2287Index250
Burroughs, F M 19674Index235
Burroughs, Frank 19675Index235
Burroughs, Frank M 19676Index235
Burroughs, D N Bryson 43450Index2000368
Burroughs, D N 43477Index2000368
Burrows, Belle 2288Index250
Burrows, Margaret 2289Index250
Burrows, C D 42905Index2000368
Burruss, William 2290Index250
Burry, George 19677Index235
Bursis, Joseph 19678Index235
Burskirk, S O 19679Index235
Burstein, Aran 19680Index235
Burswanger, J J 19681Index235
Burt, G H 19682Index235
Burt, Erwin L 2291Index250
Burt, Mary E 2292Index250
Burt, Moses 2293Index250
Burt, Freddie Clifton 38690Index365
Burt, F M 61978Abstract1103
Burton, A J 19683Index235
Burton, J H 19684Index235
Burton, Keith 53934Index324
Burton, Joseph C 33117Index363
Burton, Donald M 33681Index363
Burton, Burl David 42249Index366
Burton, William Arthur 44369Index2000368
Burton, W A 44406Index2000368
Burton, J K 45097Index2000368
Burton, Harold E 46598Index1998369
Burton, Robert 46627Index1998369
Burton, H G 46668Index1998369
Burton, R L 46784Index1998369
Burton, H L 47697Index1998369
Burton, Robert 48403Index370
Burton, W A 49460Index370
Burton, R L 49911Index1994371
Burton, Charley 56261Abstract1102
Burton, Elizabeth P (Wallace)56262Abstract1102
Burton, Charles 68190Book18711253
Burton, Nannie 63616Index9999
Burton, J R 63649Index9999
Burton, J Ralph 63801Index9999
Burvenich, John 19685Index235
Burvenich, Anton 17112Abstract242
Burvenich, Infant 65306Abstract248
Burvenich, Andrew 65307Abstract248
Burvenich, Helen 65308Abstract248
Burvenich, Helen 2294Index250
Burvenich, John 2295Index250
Burwell, Fred 19686Index235
Burwell, (mrs.) 2296Index250
Burwell, Friends 38735Index365
Buryojen, E 19687Index235
Busby, Elvira 17462Abstract236
Busby, Elihu 17463Abstract236
Busby, John 17464Abstract236
Busby, Mary Rita (Busby)17465Abstract236
Busby, Esther 17466Abstract236
Busby, C. 2297Index250
Busch, George W 19688Index235
Busch, Leo J 19689Index235
Busch, Louis 19690Index235
Busch, Elizabeth 2298Index250
Busch, William J 2299Index250
Busch, Donald L 32265Index363
Busch, Willis 64843Abstract1106
Buschkewitz, W. 2300Index250
Buschle, E. C 2301Index250
Buscy, G L 45829Index1998369
Busey, Fend 19691Index235
Busey, George 19692Index235
Busey, (m) 2302Index250
Busey, Pearl 2303Index250
Busey, Claude Nette 53988Index324
Busey, Gail L 48701Index370
Bush, Adaline 2304Index250
Bush, Charley S 2305Index250
Bush, Christian M 2306Index250
Bush, George 2307Index250
Bush, William L 2308Index250
Bush, Willy M 2309Index250
Bush, Ralph 31842Index363
Bush, John 40393Index365
Bush, Francis John 45801Index1998369
Bush, E D 47195Index1998369
Bush, W C 48194Index370
Bush, H M 65434Abstract682
Bush, M E 65523Abstract682
Bush, James 57558Index1100
Bush, Marthy 58895Index1100
Bush, Martha S 59643Index1101
Bush, John A 59808Index1101
Bush, Oliver H 59810Index1101
Bush, Nancy J 59909Index1101
Bush, Mary 61254Index1101
Bush, Milan 69430Book18711253
Bush, William 69542Book18711253
Busher, J E 66758Map681
Bushey, August 65309Abstract248
Bushey, Louisa 2310Index250
Bushey, John 65525Abstract682
Bushlong, C R 65526Abstract682
Bushman, Joseph R 33210Index363
Bushman, Ermit C 42685Index366
Bushman, E E 47997Index370
Bushnell, Ann 2311Index250
Bushong, Rebeca A 60656Index1101
Bushorr, J N 19693Index235
Bushyager, Charles 19694Index235
Busick, Helen R (Kobel)55361Index189
Busick, Lucinda 58492Index1100
Busk, (f) 2312Index250
Buskirk, J 19695Index235
Buskirk, Joseph 2313Index250
Buskirk, Mary 2314Index250
Busky, Mary 2315Index250
Bussagee, Charles 19696Index235
Bussell, (inf) 2316Index250
Busser, Martin 56263Abstract1102
Bussjaeger, Charles 2317Index250
Bussjaeger, Louis H 43032Index2000368
Buster, Jennie 2318Index250
Buster, T R 50845Index1997372
Butchard, George 19697Index235
Butchart, Glenn R 33046Index363
Butcher, Chas F 19698Index235
Butcher, Jasper M 19699Index235
Butcher, Catherine 2319Index250
Butcher, Helen C 2320Index250
Butcher, Stella M 2321Index250
Butcher, Kenneth 39402Index365
Butcher, Kenneth Edward 39480Index365
Butcher, Clifford 41049Index366
Butcher, Clifford D 41095Index366
Butcher, Homer Robert 42390Index366
Butcher, O L 43119Index2000368
Butcher, P M 45503Index1998369
Butcher, D G 48201Index370
Butcher, Ulrich 56264Abstract1102
Butery, Anna Ella (Butery)70125Newsletter19331315
Buther, Ernest Charles 40637Index366
Butherus, Paul 53488Index324
Buthman, Joseph B 46578Index1998369
Buthman, J W 46736Index1998369
Butler, Andy 19700Index235
Butler, Buy 19701Index235
Butler, Geo A 19702Index235
Butler, Harry 19703Index235
Butler, J 19704Index235
Butler, L R 19705Index235
Butler, Lucy 65310Abstract248
Butler, A. G 2322Index250
Butler, Benjamin 2323Index250
Butler, Benjamin 2324Index250
Butler, Bessie V 2325Index250
Butler, Charles E 2326Index250
Butler, Clarence 2327Index250
Butler, E. 2328Index250
Butler, Edward 2329Index250
Butler, Elmira 2330Index250
Butler, Emil 2331Index250
Butler, Henry 2332Index250
Butler, Louise J 2333Index250
Butler, Martha 2334Index250
Butler, Sarah J 2335Index250
Butler, Billy 53830Index324
Butler, William E 32330Index363
Butler, Elza Farrell 38380Index365
Butler, Thomas 39226Index365
Butler, Forrest 39956Index365
Butler, R G 46637Index1998369
Butler, Wesley 46882Index1998369
Butler, W E 46931Index1998369
Butler, E P 48794Index370
Butler, Robert 49709Index370
Butler, Milton 66759Map681
Butler, Nancy 55460Index1990841
Butler , Rachel M, (Mc clure )16552Index920
Butler, Z T 57550Index1100
Butler, Lucy Ann 57901Index1100
Butler, Emily 58189Index1100
Butler, Eliza Jane 58806Index1100
Butler, I V 59857Index1101
Butler, L A 60190Index1101
Butler, Eva 60650Index1101
Butler, Susa 61341Index1101
Butler, Charles Edgar 56265Abstract1102
Butler, James 56266Abstract1102
Butler, William 62491Abstract1104
Butler, G A 63494Index9999
Butler, George 64315Index9999
Butner, E C 44678Index2000368
Butner, F L 49323Index370
Butnich, Marrile 57839Index1100
Butram, Pres 61979Abstract1103
Butrick, Samuel 2336Index250
Butrick, William B 57552Index1100
Butrick, Tennise 59812Index1101
Butrick, Levi 56267Abstract1102
Butrick, William Tennis 61980Abstract1103
Butrick, William Brandon 61981Abstract1103
Butrick, Stella 62492Abstract1104
Butt, Marie Tersa 65311Abstract248
Butt, Robert Lee 40625Index366
Butt, Adam 66760Map681
Buttain, John 57554Index1100
Butter, Henry 19706Index235
Butter, John 19707Index235
Butterfield, Charles 19708Index235
Butterfield, R J 19709Index235
Butterfield, Rob 19710Index235
Butterfield, Henry 2337Index250
Butterfield, Margaret 2338Index250
Butterfield, Roy J 2339Index250
Butterfield, Edward 54093Index323
Butterfield, Walter C 32021Index363
Butterfield, George 32655Index363
Butterfield, Lawrence W 33189Index363
Butterfield, Unknown C 66761Map681
Butterfield, James 55461Index1990841
Butterfield, James 55462Index1990841
Butterick, Emma 277List103
Butterly, Bettie A 2340Index250
Butterworth, W C 48698Index370
Butterworth, William 50534Index1994371
Butts, David 19711Index235
Butts, Earnest F 19712Index235
Butts, Henry 19713Index235
Butts, Elmer 2341Index250
Butts, Joseph 2342Index250
Butts, Willie E 2343Index250
Buxbaum, David 43665Index2000368
Buxbaum, I D 43738Index2000368
Buxstitiver, Lizzie 2344Index250
Buxton, Robert O 19714Index235
Buyke, Thos 19715Index235
Buzan, Squire 2345Index250
Buzard, Frank 19716Index235
Buzard, Frank 19717Index235
Buzard, Geo M 19718Index235
Buzard, George M 19719Index235
Buzard, Homer 19720Index235
Buzard, Harry 2346Index250
Buzard, James W 2347Index250
Buzard, Minnie 2348Index250
Buzard, Oscar 2349Index250
Buzard, Eliza 60468Index1101
Buzick, H S 61982Abstract1103
Buzick, Mary (Ruchman)63064Abstract1105
Bwvwughs, Newton 195List103
Byanlay, Helen E 2350Index250
Byans, Chas T 19721Index235
Bye, Melvin R 50456Index1994371
Byers, Forest 19722Index235
Byers, Fred H 19723Index235
Byers, J W 19724Index235
Byers, S M 19725Index235
Byers, Waldo 19726Index235
Byers, Waldo 19727Index235
Byers, Waldo 19728Index235
Byers, Arthur W 2351Index250
Byers, Elma 2352Index250
Byers, Ralph R 2353Index250
Byers, Zola E 2354Index250
Byers, Louis 31932Index363
Byers, Walter Earl 42573Index366
Byers, Joseph 59814Index1101
Byford, Andrew J 44481Index2000368
Byford, A J 44605Index2000368
Byford, A J 47574Index1998369
Byler, W N 70386Newsletter19341324
Byne, George W 64219Index9999
Byrd, James 2355Index250
Byrd, Nancy 2356Index250
Byrd, Almus 48498Index370
Byrd, John S 63575Index9999
Byrne, Joseph 17469Abstract236
Byrne, Lex 17470Abstract236
Byrne, Tom 17471Abstract236
Byrne, Lex 17472Abstract236
Byrne, Hugh 17473Abstract236
Byrne, Frances 17474Abstract236
Byrne, Marian 17475Abstract236
Byrne, Marjorie 17476Abstract236
Byrne, Henry 17478Abstract236
Byrne, Leo L 17113Abstract242
Byrne, Leo Mark 17114Abstract242
Byrne, Minnie L 17116Abstract242
Byrne, Sarah (Connell)17159Abstract242
Byrne, Virginia 17160Abstract242
Byrne, Marie 65312Abstract248
Byrne, (inf) 2357Index250
Byrne, (inf) 2358Index250
Byrne, Ann 2359Index250
Byrne, Christ 2360Index250
Byrne, Elizabeth 2361Index250
Byrne, Joseph 2362Index250
Byrne, Maria 2363Index250
Byrne, Mary 2364Index250
Byrne, Mary L 2365Index250
Byrne, Rowland 2366Index250
Byrne, William 2367Index250
Byrne, William E 2368Index250
Byrne, Lawrence 40269Index365
Byrne, L J 45301Index2000368
Byrne, Clara R 64035Index9999
Byrnes, Anna C 17161Abstract242
Byrnes, Hannah 65313Abstract248
Byroze, Hannah 2369Index250
Bywaters, E E 19729Index235
Bywaters, Price S 32244Index363

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