50/50 Program for Microfilm

50/50 Program - the NWMGS apportions a certain dollar amount each year to purchase microfilm and books to increase our collection. Did you know that if there is a specific roll of microfilm that would be beneficial to your research, and we don't have it, that we will split the cost of obtaining that roll with you? You get first chance at the records, and we keep the roll at the library for future researchers - a win/win situation!

Here is the link for the records available through the State of Missouri.

County Records on Microfilm

These include school, tax, deaths, births, marriages, etc. It is organized by each county, so you can scan through what is available quite easily. These particular rolls are $15, so only $7.50 out-of-pocket expense for you. The program is not limited to ONLY these, this is just an example of some that are available. Many historic newspapers are available on microfilm as well.

The 50/50 Program is limited to the 9 counties the NWMGS serves, however, if you purchase a roll from another county, you are always welcome to view it on our microfilm machines at the library.

If you are interested in purchasing a roll of the microfilm under the 50/50 Program, please send an email to discuss the details.

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